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  2. VHL Portal - Team View

    I'm fairly certain the GM of Calgary is not Austin Gow.
  3. VHL Portal - Team View

    Yeah I just sent mine the old-fashioned way
  4. VHL Portal - Team View

    They should be showing all winners, I must have messed something up when I fixed the links! Will fix! You mean on the portal? That poses challenges
  5. Yesterday


    And don't throw shit on the ice.

    1. Tyler


      throw more shit on the ice*


      mad respect to philly fans for not giving two fucks about "delay of game" penalties and staying true to who they are

    2. diamond_ace


      If the Pens go on to win the cup, Gudas is the Conn Smythe.

    3. FacePuncher



  7. VHL Portal - Team View

    I did mine this AM?
  8. VHL Portal - Team View

    When are we going to be able to do our lines?
  9. Once I can get my computer to behave I’ll be going live on twitch if anyone wants to come hang out. 


  10. VHL Portal - Team View

    Awesome work! Love the award section. Although players are missing in a lot of them, but I assume they're just not on the portal.
  11. @Beaviss My defenseman Ironside is still located in Unassigned section. Never got updated in the sim. Can I get him updated in the sim? I don't want him going another sim with 0 points as a 30 TPE player. Lol.

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    2. Laflamme


      this is true im losing interest cause i dont have a home :(

    3. Banackock


      Poor little guy. You have a home @Laflamme just no goals haha:ph34r:

    4. Beaviss


      @Banackock that would be a question for @Will and or @Higgins

  12. VHL Portal - Team View

    Yes. At work so there's my excuse. Like can I look at all players who played for Seattle and see their career statistics for their time with Seattle? Career leaderboards like that would be awesome!
  13. VHL Portal - Team View

    You said ‘and individual ones for each team too’ so I was assuming you were referring to leage-wide. But I see you meant individual leaders.
  14. VHL Portal - Team View

    It does? So on the Seattle page I can see the franchises all time leaders for PT's, assists etc? Haha
  15. VHL Portal - Team View

    That already exists?
  16. @Beketov why is Practice Facility Closed already for this week? Must be a mistake lol

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    2. Beketov


      For what it’s worth @Beaviss I’m gonna have to disagree. I don’t think it’s fair at all for the few of us who saw it in an hour or so to get the point while others don’t. I shouldn’t have posted it, didn’t know. Seems to make more sense to just allow the ones posted to count for next week instead.

    3. Beaviss


      Your welcome to change my opinion. I myself was going to use it but I missed out to me that’s fair but it’s really up to you I guess

    4. Beketov


      It just doesn’t set a good precedent that’s all. Says that, as a commish, I can create something, get points for it, and then close it before anyone else has a shot. That isn’t really reasonable. Was a simple mistake, no need to make anything big out of it.

  17. VHL Portal - Team View

    Kind of cool. Career stats or an all-time leader board would be great.. and like an individual one for each team too to see who holds team records on teams. Anyway to do this?
  18. VHL Portal - Team View

    Opps I forgot there were links there Fixed!
  19. VHL Portal - Team View

    Great stuff! FYI when you click the player link from the “Awards” section on the Team Pages you get some matrix shit
  20. VHL Portal - Team View

    Another major new feature! There is now a page for each VHL team, like so: These pages display quite a lot of information about players including all attributes, TPA, stats and player info. It also displays the teams schedule (with links to each game) and all awards won by that team or a member of it. As well, all player names are clickable to take you to their player page to view their career stats and such. This makes a very convenient way to access player pages most of the time, versus the kind of clunky player list page. Overall, I think these do a nice job of tying together the index/stats aspect of the Portal as you now have a super convenient way of accessing most of the info you would normally go to the index for. The team pages can be accessed through the logo images above the menu bar similar to the links on the forum. On mobile, these can be accessed under the TEAMS menu. Note: If the logo images are displaying all fucky, you just need to clear your browser cache. Things to add to this soon: - Display lines - Display team stats (i.e. special teams, ect) But I need to figure out a good way to do those and right now I need to fix up the VHLM support now so I'm going to put those two off for a little bit. Also: I uncovered a mistake I made that was causing really excessive load times on areas of the site that have a lot of links to player pages, like Team Scoring and Individual Leaders. The fix cut the amount of database hits by about 95% so you'll likely see a noticeable load improvement in those areas.
  21. Last week
  22. Can someone clarify VHLM rules? Can I claim the initial 40 TPE I wasn’t allowed to at the start of player creation now?

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    2. Will


      I see. I'm assuming nobody thought of it at the time but I'd just say that recreates can go up to 200 TPE before they have to start banking. But keep the 200 hard cap the same. 

    3. diamond_ace


      I still want to say I think you can go over the 200 total during the season, you just have to be under it at the beginning, which would solve the issue with carryover being more than the 25 difference between the two caps. The 175 applied though, that cap is throughout.

    4. DollarAndADream


      Yeah, you just have to be under it before the season starts. If you pass it during the season, then you can't be back in the VHLM again the next season, but you can still finish the season.

  23. From now on if you guys cant do basic addition you're not being updated. 

    1. Bushito


      Being an updater is annoying but a lot of the guys you are updating are newer to the league as well.

    2. DollarAndADream


      Hey, my player and update thread need to be moved to Ottawa. Sebastian Ironside. I was still a 30 TPE player for tonight's sim. :(

  24. Gucci

    Register to the forum Teeeegz
  25. Gucci

    I think he’s gucci
  26. Gucci

    Hey welcome to the VHL if you need help with anything let me know!
  27. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Basically, in my mind, vhlm stars would have 2 indicators. The first would be their thread title would need to indicate that it’s a vhlm star and not a regular player, so that updates always know the rules with them. The second indicator would be the draft season in their player thread. Before they become vhl players, their season would have an “m” next to it until they hit 200 tpe. For example: (S60m) C - Joe Schmoe (VHLM Star), TPE: 45 Lets day they don’t hit 200 TPE until mid S64. They’d become part of the S65 Draft, then their player title would read: (S65) C - Joe Schmoe (VHLM Star), TPE: 200 That way everyone knows what rules the player has to follow (attribute max, tpe max, etc.) and what seasons that player is eligible for. If they never hit 200 tpe, they are retired after 8 vhlm seasons. Yeah, the cap to stay in the minors would still be 200, so once a player hits that they can keep earning because they’d be a part of the next draft. IMO, if you have the rules in place for the second player, I don’t think it’s a problem to have both in the VHL at the same time. The second player cannot become anything other than depth anyways, so there’s no real issue to me. To combat the new update scale. If you take out 24-30 tpe each season, it’s gonna be a lot harder to make a good player in your prime
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