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  2. G - Roger Sterling

    #17 for a goalie? You sick fuck
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  4. G - Roger Sterling

    Player Information Username: @Will Full Name: Roger Sterling Position: G Age: 26 Handedness: Left Recruited By: Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 73 (43 Banked) SK = Skating: 50 SZ = Size: 50 AG = Agility: 35 RB = Rebound Control: 35 SC = Style Control: 35 HS = Hand Speed: 35 RT = Reaction Time: 35 PS = Penalty Shot: 35 EX = Experience: 35 LD = Leadership: 35 Other Jersey Number: 17 Height (inches): 6' 0" (72) Weight (lbs.): 200 lbs Birthplace: Halifax, Canada Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players (S38) D/C - Don Draper, TPE: 1,011 (S45) C - Aleksi Koponen, TPE: 1103 (S53) LW - John Locke, TPE: 907
  5. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    How did you know?
  6. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Sergei Kovalev? That's the opposite of Bana's defenseman Alexei Federov, except he spelled it Aleksei instead. I guess you guys are fans of Alexei Kovalev and Sergei Federov.
  7. Already almost twice Hrdina and more than half Hyvarinen, and I'm just going into my 2nd post-draft season. I think I'm back even more than I had intended in the first place :)

    1. DollarAndADream


      Twice Hrdina, more than half Hyvarinen...but what's the ratio to Brookside?

    2. diamond_ace


      A little over a quarter - although that's where you start getting into how little is a little. I'm also a little over a quarter to Intranquilo, who was about 50 more than Brookside.


      244 currently for Lawson. 422 for Hyvarinen, 908 for Brookside, 922 for Marcellin, 956 for Intranquilo. (Marcellin retired a year early, would have been the highest, but GMs do what we must). 244 x4 is 976, so I'm more than a quarter of any of the 900s, but 244 x3 is only 732, so definitely not a third yet.


      I came into this expecting 700 or so for Lawson. I figured I'd be a Sandro. Yet I'm definitely less than a third into the career

  8. RW - Sergei Kovalev

  9. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Anal rings.
  10. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    My rings>
  11. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    "You joke"? Lol. Luckily, my shorty players still top most of yours because they never make it into their primes. And no. I don't like you that much so it wouldn't happen.
  12. C - Erik Johannsen

    God no, wish I had his subs haha.
  13. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Or maybe it's time for you to create a new excuse of a player you joke. Or maybe my new player can be BanacockWrites MyPT's
  14. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    What can I say i get a little excited
  15. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Pre-ejaculation..I mean posting
  16. Yesterday
  17. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    I deleted the other 4 haha
  18. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    I did
  19. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Can only create one player
  20. C - Erik Johannsen

    Its a Youtuber with a big following
  21. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Komarov family inspiring others now?
  22. C - Erik Johannsen

    Whos Tactixhd? Thats not Beks is it?
  23. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Maybe they're gay step brothers? You should recreate as Slava Komarov - because, well.. it's almost time for you to recreate as your new player is almost a few seasons old.
  24. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Very close to Sergei Komarov eh? @Gooningitup
  25. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    @Laflamme Very excited to see you recreating, man. One of my favourite Bears and someone who was with me for the entire ride this 2nd go around. Good luck and we hope to catch you in a Bears jersey once again.
  26. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Player InformationUsername: LaFlammeFull Name: Sergei KovalevPosition: RWAge: 18Handedness: RRecruited By/From: n/aWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? banaPlayer AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30 (carry over = 440 x 0.08 = 35.2 - 5 BANKED TPE, total 35 TPE)CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 40ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 70DF = Defense: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 17Height (inches): 6'2Weight (lbs.): 203Birthplace: Moscow, RussiaAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players
  27. The Jays game is ONLY on Facebook lmao

    1. Tyler


      mickey mouse organization 

    2. Higgins
  28. C - Erik Johannsen

    You aren’t alone there, a lot of new guys came from it, welcome That 30 starting TPE can be applied however you like by the way.
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