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    LW- Xavier Laflamme

    Player Information Username: Escabar Full Name: Xavier Laflamme Position: LW Age: 18 Handedness: R Recruited By/From: Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? sure Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 30 CK = Checking: 40 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 40 SK = Skating: 55 ST = Strength: 40 PH = Puck Handling: 40 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 40 SC = Scoring: 55 DF = Defense: 40 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 40 LD = Leadership: 40 Other Jersey Number: 17 Height (inches): 6' Weight (lbs.): 175 Birthplace: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players
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    Update Scale + TPE Re-Rolls

    Thanks for the effort, @Will. This was no small undertaking, I'm sure.
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    Update Scale + TPE Re-Rolls

    New Update Scale Now in Effect Hello all, I've been busy last night/today getting everyone depreciated and moved over to the new update scale and I'm happy to report that the rest of the off-season will be spent gaining TPE instead of losing it. Just to be clear, every active players attributes were converted to conform with the new update scale according to how much TPE you had applied to each attribute (including any decimals you had on attributes). Keep in mind there's no change until 85+, so many of you are largely unaffected. I processed any updates that added to attributes 85+, so all new updates posted should now follow the new scale: 40 -> 70 ---- 1 TPE per point* 70 -> 80 ---- 2 TPE per point 80 -> 85 ---- 3 TPE per point 85 -> 90 ---- 4 TPE per point 90 -> 95 ---- 5 TPE per point 95 -> 99 ---- 6 TPE per point *Note for goalies: 35 -> 70 --- 1 per point TPE Re-Rolls As promised in the original announcement, we're giving everyone the opportunity to completely re-roll their TPE in light of these update scale changes. A TPE re-roll means that you can totally re-distribute your TPE in any way that you want. The re-rolls must be done prior to the start of S54. The instructions for this are slightly different depending on how old you are so please read carefully: If you are an S47, S48, or S49 player....... You have been depreciated at least once before, therefore the TPE total listed on your player page is not accurate. To get your actual number you need to do two things: 1. Find your name on this list (goalies at the bottom) and your corresponding TPA (Total Points Applied). This number represents the actual amount of TPE you have applied to your attributes post-depreciation. 2. Add any banked TPE you have to that number. That total is the amount of TPE you can re-distribute with your re-roll. You can claim your re-roll by posting the following template in your update thread: If you are from any other season....... You can simply use the TPE number on your player page. Note that any banked TPE you have IS included in the total number on your player page. Post the following template in your update thread to claim your re-roll:
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    LW- Xavier Laflamme

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    LW- Xavier Laflamme

    Reppin the P dot
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    G - Phukin Pucked

    Oh, didnt see this, sure why not
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    Official definition required

    bush did 9/11
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    S54 New York Americans Captains

    For another year the leadership core of the New York Americans will remain the same. This group has lead up through rebuild, and two back to back Continental Cups. I can't say enough about the combined success of this team and how much this core has had a pivotal impact in that. I'd also like to take a second and wish well wishes the lone member we lose this season. @gregreg Best wishes with your future players sir, and happy to have won a Cup with you! I'd also like to give a warm welcome to the two newest members to this bus.... @JardyB10 and @Beketov Looking forward to a fun season with Jardy for the first time in my VHL career, as well as giving Holik a chance at finally winning a damn Cup already. Without further adieu.... Captain - Bobby "The Cleaner' Digital! @gorlab Assistant Captain - Diana "Swift" Maxwell @Street x Lite Assistant Captain - Essian "Give Me A Most Sportsmanlike Trophy Already Tom Lincoln" Ravenwing @der meister
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    Update Scale + TPE Re-Rolls

    Went you go from Labatte contender to a god damn joke in one day. I look forward to the new lower attribute VHL.
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