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  1. The Jays game is ONLY on Facebook lmao

    1. Tyler


      mickey mouse organization 

    2. Higgins
    3. Quik


      honestly had no clue the game had even started yesterday until I got the notification that the Jays won lol

  2. God bless crypto

  3. S59 Playoffs

    Yeah the microwave trick would have saved you 16 minutes
  4. S59 Playoffs

    I simmer sitting on the floor of my basement with an Ethernet cord to the laptop
  5. S59 Playoffs

    i just did this. had to stop it at 4 minutes in though because i almost went blind due to the light radiating out of the microwave. still the wifi won't work :/
  6. S59 Playoffs

    My laptop is refusing to find any wifi networks so I can't connect to the internet. I tried removing the wireless card in the device managed and restarting the laptop but it just reinstalled and didn't work still. ???
  7. All-Star Public Defence Vote

    i wish that was my player
  8. All-Star Public Defence Vote

    Imagine not voting Ay Ay Rod
  9. The Bouigglien team is the greatest of ALL TIME

  10. All Star GM Selection

    I got you @Beaviss you can add Jack Shephard for Helsinki.
  11. VHL History

    30 minutes passed Anyway yeah we can have an article on Black Velvet fur sure
  12. S59 Official Award Changes

    Strange times in that defensive ?
  13. Imagine snoring

    1. Spade18


      we talking loud continuous snoring? or sharp surprise snoring?