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  1. Shorter Seasons?

    Trimming the season by a week could be okay, but as someone who has GM experience in other leagues, that one week can really make a difference for the worse. Shorter seasons means faster turnarounds on free agency, contract extensions, trades, drafts, finance sheets, the whole nine yards. It can make it grueling. If the concern is "not enough sims each day" you could always combat that by simming 3 days a week instead of 5-6. Each sim would have 4 games, assuming a 6 week regular season. But, I assume people would rather have more sims with fewer games than the other way around.
  2. S58 All-Star Game(Live Version)

    Forward: Fredinamjis Krigars Defenceman: Pablo Goalie: Apollo Skye
  3. VHL Portal!

    This is really awesome! Great work Also, just as an fyi, there appears to be a bug in the standings page, as the W-L-OTL values aren't matching up with the index
  4. 2017 Holiday Payout

    Well damn. That was awesome.
  5. Happy Holidays!

    Player Name: Marc-Alexandre Leblanc Gift #: 4 Favorite gift received: Watching my 2 year old open her gifts.
  6. Permissions

    Need Toronto LR, please and thank you!
  7. Point Task Changes

    Thoughts about making it work retroactively as well? E.g. I can't do a pt this week, can I do 2 next week and claim one against this week's cap?
  8. NHL 18 Sim Signup

    Sure, I'll toss MAL in
  9. VHL Easter Egg Hunt Rewards

    Reward: Free Week Eggs Cost: 2 Eggs For Player: M.A.Leblanc
  10. New Skin Available

    Well this is sexy af
  11. S54 Riga Reign Captains

    Thanks, Hedge! Feels weird being a C as a rookie, but I'm hoping to live up to it!
  12. whats wrong with the EURO?

    Aw, look at you hyping me like that
  13. Christmas Giveaway

    I mean, if you consider that you'd "normally" have to pay $10 for a doubles week, then it is free...