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  1. D - Lew Bronstein

    So no Points is off the draft board now
  2. VHL Poker Tournament

    I’m in
  3. D - Jacob Smith

  4. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    Come back please
  5. S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    Wooooo fuck yessss
  6. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    My third year goaltender will be making max next season, lol
  7. All Star GM Selection

    D Michael Kinkaid @Symmetrik
  8. All Star General Manager Vote

    Vote me in this bitch, most active GM ftw (fuck the what)
  9. Fantasy Zone Tagging

    So I started tagging all the VHLM players wherever these extra TPE opportunities come up so they are sure to be on the ball earning that TPE. I was thinking of this for a while but just never got around to posting it. If anyone in the league wants to be added to the tag just post here and I'll add you, make sure you don't miss anything again.
  10. Moving the Forum

  11. Moving the Forum

    Nice, can’t wait to have chat back
  12. S59 Official Award Changes

    Awards should be named after great players not who did the most for the site
  13. Calgary sits 4th in the league. Canmore and Kinkaid tied for 6th in points, Kinkaid leading all defenders in points, Morozov leads all rookies in points, Motherfucker Sharpe leads the league in hits. I'd say we are exceeding expectations

    1. boubabi


      Werent you tanking

    2. STZ


      Trust the process

  14. Draft pick tracker updated