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  1. Gucci

    Hey welcome to the VHL if you need help with anything let me know!
  2. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    thats a good question....
  3. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Another plus side to them capping at 300 TPE is it makes free agency and trade deadline more exciting more players moving
  4. Vitaly Vasiliev

    Welcome to the league make sure to sign up
  5. All this time I thought Meute was French for wolves..... but it’s french for pack.🤔

  6. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I’m thinking they start at the 30 but have all TPE applied to that character get cut into half. Four season career. If enough people do it sure let’s add teams.... The positives. VHLM gets more attention More activity Get player two back 1/2 People won’t be pressured to have two players Negitives. Over saturation of the VHLM for a season or two? Until we hammer it out?
  7. G - Victor Ball

    @jcfbey01 Welcome! If you need anything please let me know!
  8. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Soooooo thread got derailed good idea or?
  9. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    But the people that would would make the VHLM more interesting. It would have a bigger FA. Maybe make all TPE earnings cut in half?
  10. We all know the 2nd player was abolished but I was talking on PS4 with @Laflamme and @Bring Back Player 2 (Tri) and another guy I cannot remember. They brought up the fact that on another league (I also cannot remember) you can have a 2nd player but they only play in the minors. This would help liven up the VHLM aswell as make people happy they can have two players again. Rules: 1. After 200 TPE is applied you can not bank TPE. 2. This player can never play in the VHL as long as you have a player in the VHL 3. This Player needs to be claimed as a “VHLM Star” when created. What do people think? Discuss!
  11. Just so everyone knows my activity might be taking a hit..... my phones on its way out and I’m not up for a free update.

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    2. Banackock


      I'm late to the party.. but never.. ever buy anything RCA.. there's a reason the price is cheap. So is the product and customer service. 


      I have one tv that's last years from them.. but I had a hell of a run around this past Boxing Day with them and their amazing products and company.. 


      stay away! 

    3. Exlaxchronicles


      Too late as I've bought it. I knew what I was getting into.

      Right now the chip inside has a virus so eventually I'll be flash driving this bitch. Other than this, the phone has been great.

      RCA back in the 70's was a great product but has since turned for the worse.

    4. Banackock


      Yeah it was huge back in the day.


      I bought a 65” 4K TV on Boxing Day. Returned it 13 days in as the back light went on it.. swapped it for the exact same TV. Undorthntely, this one last over the 30 days for Walmart’s return policy.. so I was in a war over the phone and email with RCA for weeks saying there’s nothing they could do and that is not their problem, it’s Walmart’s.. pretty sure it = manufacturers warranty for a year.. especially considering it was in the first year - let alone second tv with the same issues within like.. 50 days. 


      Id call and call and you could never talk to warranty people. Just customer service who would “escalate” your complaint and yet it still took 3-4 weeks in which they said it wasn’t their problem. 


      Luckily, I went back to walmart and they said they didn’t want to sell someone a shit product and rca is one of the biggest returned items they get back. 

  12. C - Mikka Pajari

    @Devise you can only apply 30 TPE and you bank the rest till the VHL
  13. RW - Vitaly Abramov

    @Vitaly Abramov welcome! If you need help let me know! Also don’t forget to apply your 30 free stat points!
  14. Swede demon

    Welcome! Unfortunately you can only apply to TPE to start with but if you want a character like that it will take some work
  15. C - Erik Johannsen

    Welcome! How did you hear about us? @Erik Johannsen