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  1. S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    Nothing to worry about man!
  2. S59 All Star Game = TPE Earned?

    It wasn't set in stone Bek, just a random number I threw out there. It could be any amount of TPE. The monthly amount could be in place instead of doing the weekly TPE if one chooses so. This would also save time for the updaters only having to update members pages once, instead of every week. So one of these could be worth a months work of capped TPE. Doesn't have to be every month, it could be a couple times a season. This is all open to discussion ideas.
  3. S59 All Star Game = TPE Earned?

    Yeah, either or edition would be great. I know from experience by just the setup of adding players/attributes to my ps3 that it takes time. Never mind getting it to stream. As an example, TPE payout could be lets say 50 + for the month in lieu of regular PT's, if so chosen or 50 uncapped plus your regular 12 capped TPE each week as usual. Those that contribute to the process could also earn TPE, a free week etc. Or some kind of stipend.
  4. I actually enjoyed what Beave did setting up and running the live stream. It takes some work to do that and so I was thinking, why don't we have it where this can be say a monthly event? Or just when ever any member has the time to do this? They could earn some TPE compensation for running it and players picked for a game could win TPE for achievements in the game. It might add more spice to the game. It could include both the VHL/VHLM.
  5. Since. I won 2 s58 VHLM awards,do I get to claim 2TPE each?

    1. Beaviss


      Yes you can link the awards thread for clarity in your update thread

    2. Exlaxchronicles
  6. S59 All-Star Teams and Game Thread

    I didn't do too bad in the game with 2A, +1 +/- and a fighting major win. Think I recall someone here laughing @ your selection of me for the game. I won't mention who he is though outta respect!
  7. Did I win the rookie scoring title this year?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Beaviss


      @STZ isn’t this Canmore’s first season?

    3. Exlaxchronicles


      Just checked..all the guys' above me in rookie scoring are 2nd year players.

    4. Beaviss


      Then you won! Congrats dude the one good thing to come out of this season! Louth never won rookie of the year...

  8. All-Star Public Forward Vote

    Thanks for voting for me Beave!
  9. Recruitment Podcast Questions

    Ive had players from another game tell me tell they would like to join bit they found the sight way too confusing to figure out so it deterred them. Do you think a video tutorial on the sight would help alleviate some of the confusion? With the changes that have been implemented to the game so far, has the game attracted more players, and do you think these game additions have made a positive impact?
  10. Shorter Seasons?

    Make it so number 1
  11. Recruitment Advertising Graphic

    Aww man, I feel bad because it was just a ruff draft that I sent ya.I was still planning g on trying g to get it done but my plate is full.So sorry! I'll still try and complete it tho as I think it cld be a winning ad
  12. Major Off-Season Changes

    I like the press conference idea, but it makes doing the graphic reviews not seem worth the effort of having to do eight reviews for just two tpe when all you have to do is answer six questions or ask ten.
  13. Quebec City Meute GM Change

    Well, I'm happy ya did Beave!
  14. Quebec City Meute GM Change

    Aww man, not you again! I can't get rid of ya.
  15. S58 All-Star Game(Live Version)

    Haha,that's OK I'll let my picks stand.