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  1. VHL Portal - Team View

    Awesome work! Love the award section. Although players are missing in a lot of them, but I assume they're just not on the portal.
  2. @Beaviss My defenseman Ironside is still located in Unassigned section. Never got updated in the sim. Can I get him updated in the sim? I don't want him going another sim with 0 points as a 30 TPE player. Lol.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laflamme


      this is true im losing interest cause i dont have a home :(

    3. Banackock


      Poor little guy. You have a home @Laflamme just no goals haha:ph34r:

    4. Beaviss


      @Banackock that would be a question for @Will and or @Higgins

  3. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Then we reduce the cap . It doesn't have to be 300-400, I was just going off of what someone else threw out there.
  4. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Well, they'd be in the VHLM as regular players until their VHL player retires. When their VHL player retires, they'd declare for the next draft, and that would be the career ticker. I guess say, you'd be able to start banking TPE from the deadline when your VHL guy retires. Kind of like we already do now to get the most TPE before the draft. We'd have more guys starting their VHL careers with 400+ TPE, but I guess that would be the benefit of having a VHL player ready and waiting in the VHLM for multiple seasons. I suppose that would be its own reward. At the same time, this is assuming the average person would reach that 300 or whatever TPE cap, but I can only assume not everyone will. I'm just spitballing here, so add some ideas if you want as well.
  5. Vitaly Vasiliev

    Welcome to the VHL! Like Beaviss said, make sure to sign up! Also, make sure to apply your free 30 points to start!
  6. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Yeah, I'm all on board with that kind of system. Basically, if we go off that 300 TPE idea from above, you'd just have your VHLM guy capped at 300 TPE until your VHL guy retires. No banking either. Then once you retire your VHL guy, you can start earning as much TPE as possible before you enter the VHL, banking it until then. Or something like that. There'd be no real hurry either to earn TPE, since you'd be capped you wouldn't drain yourself out with 2 PTs per week like some people have felt with the recent 2 player system. It would make the VHLM a lot more interesting, and you wouldn't have to flip your team around and rebuild so often, since you could carry some of those 200-300 TPE guys and contend for a bit. I mean, we see it in the AHL with guys who spend a lot of time there. THen eventually they can move up to the NHL, if even at all. Obviously with those capped VHLM guys they'd eventually have to move to the VHL though.
  7. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    7 TPE per PT. 6 regular +1 for PT Upgrade.
  8. G - Victor Ball

    Welcome to the V!
  9. G - Roger Sterling

    This guy makes good players. I am excite.
  10. Permissions

    Dat moment when I forgot about Ironside..... Davos permissions please.
  11. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    For what it's worth, I purchase the PT Upgrade for $2M every season because of this. That way I get 7 TPE.
  12. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I don't mind the idea. I know it's the SBA that does this, because I've brought it up in the BoG here in the VHL before. Those guys are capped in the NCAA too, they can't earn as much as guys who will be in the next SBA draft. Basically, you just have capped guys in the minors helping fill out those teams, while at the same time making it not take as long for you to reach the VHL once you recreate. Once you retire your VHL guy, you just uncap your VHLM guy and earn as much as you can in that final season before going to the VHL.
  13. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Sergei Kovalev? That's the opposite of Bana's defenseman Alexei Federov, except he spelled it Aleksei instead. I guess you guys are fans of Alexei Kovalev and Sergei Federov.
  14. New player

    Welcome to the VHL! Everything there is filled out right. Where did you find the VHL from? So, what you'll want to do first is make an account, so you don't stay as a "guest".
  15. Permissions

    QuIcK WoRk, HoMiE.