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  1. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Sergei Kovalev? That's the opposite of Bana's defenseman Alexei Federov, except he spelled it Aleksei instead. I guess you guys are fans of Alexei Kovalev and Sergei Federov.
  2. New player

    Welcome to the VHL! Everything there is filled out right. Where did you find the VHL from? So, what you'll want to do first is make an account, so you don't stay as a "guest".
  3. Permissions

    QuIcK WoRk, HoMiE.
  4. Permissions

    New York LR (Boeser) and Ottawa Lynx LR (D - Ironside) please.
  5. C - Mikka Pajari

    Welcome back to player creating.
  6. D - Sebastian Ironside

    Player InformationUsername: DollarAndADreamFull Name: Sebastian IronsidePosition: DAge: 18Handedness: RRecruited By/From: KendrickWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? maybePlayer AttributesTotal Points Earned: 70 (Boeser's Carryover [870 x 0.08 = 69.6]) So 40 Banked Until VHLCK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 60ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 40DF = Defense: 50PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 88Height (inches): 6'2"Weight (lbs.): 225lbsBirthplace: Norkkoping, SwedenAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players Travis Boychuk P1 Zach Parechkin P1 Torstein Ironside P2 Bo Boeser P1
  7. Swede demon

    Yeah, you'll only get 30 TPE to start. That end build is definitely achievable though.
  8. Somebody should offer Ironside. His TPA is only 615 so he only costs $4M. Otherwise he will be playing on the Legion! :P

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    2. DollarAndADream


      Hahaha. We can share the crease. 

    3. Quik


      Sign both, play DAV G every game!

    4. STZ


      Why not re-sign in TO and diminish the pick Riga has? (Or is it Seattle?)

  9. Can we get a list of inactive FAs?

  10. D - Lew Bronstein

    Welcome back, @stevo@troy.
  11. LW-Ryan Skinner

    Welcome to the VHL!
  12. LW - Beau Louth

    Welcome to th- ..... Nice player.
  13. New Player - Ryan Cooper (C)

    Welcome to the VHL!
  14. RW Hadz

  15. D - Tobias Sunnqvist

    Welcome to the league! Don't worry about making some mistakes. We were all beginners at one point, and all of us needed a little help at first.
  16. RW - Jack Philips

    Welcome to the league!
  17. RW - Jordon Tonn

    Welcome to the league! Yeah, as someone else said, it's a lot more beneficial to apply your TPE in sections. Like say, you could put your SC straight to 70 to start out, and it'll help a lot. A lot of success in the minors actually will come if you get SK to 70, SC to 70, and PH to 70 right away. Rather than upping a bunch at a time by 2-3. It works better if you do them 5-10 at a time.
  18. Zak Spruce

    Welcome to the league!
  19. RW - Ross Reed

    Ha. That would be dope if you could just create a guy like that. #420blazeit But you can't, so you'll have to edit it to 30 TPE.
  20. Create a Player

    Welcome to the VHL! Like Beaviss said, be sure to add your starting 30 TPE! I see you have Checking erased, so maybe you meant to put that to 70? Also if you could, please edit the title to your player's name. Although I'm sure if you don't, it'll get figured out anyhow. Good luck!
  21. Goalie- Leather Flasher

    Welcome to the V!
  22. C -Declan Burns

    Welcome to the VHL!
  23. G- Michal Burzawa

    Welcome to the VHL!
  24. RW - Euan Hamill

    Welcome to the VHL!
  25. RW- Tomos Walker

    Welcome to the VHL!