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  1. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    Yeah, I really don't know why it wasn't already being used universally lol. It seems obvious.
  2. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    We use APE in the SBA. Same concept, and been using it since about S8 there (I believe), when people started to depreciate. It also doesn't matter But if you do care - Camo announced we were using it officially on January 1, 2015. I see it mentioned here in November of '15 (not sure if something was lost on the site changing at some point?)
  3. Possible series

    Jarkko Olsen is a great example of finding a niche as a role player and never giving up! A.C. Savage just wanted to fight people to the death.
  4. D - Molholt

    Player Information Username: Molholt Full Name: Molholt Position: D Age: 27 Handedness: R Recruited By/From: Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 30 CK = Checking: 40 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 40 SK = Skating: 70 ST = Strength: 40 PH = Puck Handling: 40 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 40 SC = Scoring: 40 DF = Defense: 40 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 40 LD = Leadership: 40 Other Jersey Number: 3 Height (inches): 73 Weight (lbs.): 230 Birthplace: Tulsa Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players Jarrko Olsen A.C. Savage Max Molholt
  5. S58: Removal of Project Player 2

    Good riddance.
  6. S58: Back Down to Eight

    Curious to see how this goes, certainly a key point in league history one way or another.
  7. Toronto Legion Announce New Logo

    I have all of the files somewhere. I didn't know it was gone.
  8. NHL 18 Draw

  9. NHL 18 Draw

  10. New Skin available

    The button for jumping to the newest post seems to be gone.
  11. New Commissioner Alert

    It's all downhill from here!
  12. Trolling this history series with three-peat stories and becoming a caricature in the VHL.
  13. The last shot that Jarkko Olsen ever took was a game-winner in Game 7 of the Continental Cup finals. Olsen is honestly one of my favorite sim league players of all-time. He was a great role player, went inactive and came back to be an ultimate winner for Davos and eventually paid back Riga for his disappearance with that Cup win. Olsen won three cups, but unfortunately they weren't in a row - if they had been, it would've been a three-peat, the first and only of its kind (at that time).
  14. That's a mechanic's three-peat.
  15. I refused to uphold part two of a horrible deal that the previous GM had with @boubabi and Stockholm (which made Stockholm and Boubabi very mad) - which helped me get some assets that I used to kick off my rebuild. How did that rebuild go you ask? Well, it turned into a team that won a Continental Cup! And then another! Finally, a third! What's that? They were all in a row? Well that's a three-peat! First and only of its kind.