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  1. G - Roger Sterling

    Player Information Username: @Will Full Name: Roger Sterling Position: G Age: 26 Handedness: Left Recruited By: Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 73 (43 Banked) SK = Skating: 50 SZ = Size: 50 AG = Agility: 35 RB = Rebound Control: 35 SC = Style Control: 35 HS = Hand Speed: 35 RT = Reaction Time: 35 PS = Penalty Shot: 35 EX = Experience: 35 LD = Leadership: 35 Other Jersey Number: 17 Height (inches): 6' 0" (72) Weight (lbs.): 200 lbs Birthplace: Halifax, Canada Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players (S38) D/C - Don Draper, TPE: 1,011 (S45) C - Aleksi Koponen, TPE: 1103 (S53) LW - John Locke, TPE: 907
  2. Ban Thread

    Boubabi has been banned indefinitely. While I realize this was said once before, he was allowed back on the ideas of second chances and due process. At this point we’ve exhausted all alternatives with minimal to negative results. Nobody can reasonably claim he wasn’t given ample warnings and opportunities, up to and including an extraordinarily specific warning following his above suspension that this would be our next course of action. Ultimately his reaction upon returning has left us no viable alternative to following through on that warning. It’s become sadly clear that something needs to change, and no further amount of warnings or public statements was going to do it. We’ve been on an unsustainable path as a community the last while with the admin team forced to devote more time than in any other period in VHL history to keeping the peace and disciplining members. It’s my hope that this action puts us back on a better track to where we can all have fun without taking the league too seriously.
  3. Dear VHL, Over the past while there has been significant and mostly needless drama plaguing the forum. We're seemingly constantly being dragged into chiildish arguements and fights and they've become a major headache and complete waste of time for us. Therefore, it's sadly become necessary for us make this statement drawing lines in the sand to make clear that we are going to resolve this issue one way or the other. As it stands, we try to not take sides in childish bickering between members because that's exactly what it is - childish, many times on both sides of the arguement. At the same time, there is obviously times where people make a conscious, deliberate effort to antagonize people and that needs to stop - it's not clever and is usually completely obvious that a reaction is expected. Just as important as not antagonizing people in the first place, we need people to stop biting when someone does. If its obvious someone is baiting you or another member, I'll tell you plainly that the blue team/moderators will be more receptive if you send it to them to deal with and move on with your life instead of blowing up and fueling the very fire that you claim to want to put out. I'm not saying ignore it - if something is bothering you, DO absolutely send it to mods but please, if we want to avoid these ridiculous arguements then we need people to help out by taking the high road instead of unwittingly becoming a part of the problem. For our part we will commit to responding to every valid report made or explaining why we don't see it to be valid if it isn't. Finally, a little known feature of the forum is the ability to ignore. If you don't want to see anything from a specific member, use it. Clearly this is not ideal but the fact is some people will never get along. In the end, this is not a new issue but rather one the league has been broadly dealing with since its creation. We've always been relaxed with moderation, and we will continue to be - by no means do we want or intend to stifle all debate or arguement especially when it comes to debating awards and other league related things. However, it is clear that we need to make our position on matters of drama and fighting more clear. We're not going to write rigid rules, but as of right now the blue team is officially sick of dealing with and will respond proportionally to the following: people exhibiting a pattern of baiting/making unprovoked antagonizing comments people exhibiting a patten of unnecessarily or unfairly targeting specific members over and over people who wander from healthy debate to personal attacks for no reason childish bickering To help enforce this, we've decided to bring back the Global Mod team. @Smarch and @Quik will be global moderators and will have the authority to issue warnings and posting suspensions and, together with Beketov and I, will make all discipline-related decisions. We've chosen these members because they're clear headed, free of bias, and won't be afraid to call people out when they need to be called out. In conclusion, we are asking everyone to do their part in resolving the current fighting issues. We're sick of dealing with it and I know many of you are sick of seeing it. It's become far too predictable, and now that our position has been made crystal clear to all, we will be responding to these issues as they come and if the intent is clear, the discussion will not be whether or not to suspend, it will be for how long. - Will and Beketov
  4. RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Welcome back @Tagger!!
  5. G - Brody Neufeld

    Got it! I updated your page here:
  6. D - Jacob Smith

    Welcome fellow Atlantic Canadian!
  7. It's been awhile since I gave you an update on the VHL Portal, and this one is a big one! Though, I have been rolling out some of these features slowly of the past couple weeks so you might have noticed some already. The main thing is one you haven't seen though, the new Hall of Fame. With the pride we all tend to take in our history, it was only logical that we give the HOF what it deserved. And addition to looking 100x better than the HOF section of the forum, it's also going 100x easier to update every season and that's good news for everyone. The new HOF is now visible in the menu bar. Let's go through all the features: Hall of Fame - Searchable/Sortable indexes for both HOF Player and Builder articles - A page to show off both Founder Cup and Continental Cup banners along with their respective rosters - NOTE: These pages are not visible on mobile, for obvious reasons once you see them. However the listing of winners can still be seen under VHL/VHLM Awards. - Full history of each VHL and VHLM award winner - Overall career statistics and single season records - At this time, career stats/records do NOT update every sim. I had originally hoped to do that, but for the moment had to settle for them being updated after each season/playoff (that being said, the updating part is automated and only takes a minute for me to run it, so it should be quick). - Right now, these are only showing S49-Present. However, I will be adding as much as possible up to S35 within the next couple days as Jardy digs through his old files for me. Player Pages - Player Pages are now linked up with the HOF's award index: in other words you can now see all of a player's individual awards at the bottom of their player page. So we now enter the seasons award winners once, and all player pages are automatically updated - a drastic improvement over manually editing people's forum player pages. You can also click these awards to go the award history of that award. - Added ability to see multiple team stats for players traded during the season. However, this will only display while that season is the active season so when I switch the active season to Playoffs it will become one total stat line. - I really want these player pages to be used, and so I made them accessible as possible: Now, virtually anywhere you see a player's name you can click on it to go to their player page (if they have one, which is approx. anyone who played in S51 or beyond). This includes all stat pages (team scoring, pro leaders, ect) All Players Stat - Added a new stats page showing overall league stats: http://vhlportal.com/stats/league (it's empty atm because playoffs haven't been simmed yet) - Acessible under STATS > LEAGUE OVERALL - Not sure why it took me so long to do this - I really like how the goalie/player tabs work and plan to use them in future projects Other Changes - Drasticly improved how Team Scoring page is generated - Improved tables on the Archive - Added a 'Breadcrumb' trail of links while you navigate pages (i.e. Home / HOF / VHL Awards) - Several mobile display fixes - Added 'Forgot my password' - Added a shitty Playoff Standings page - Added ability to switch seasons on Standings - Added a tool to post games for @JardyB10 (why da fuck did I wait until he came back to do this) Lastly I want to give a big shout out to @STZ for doing the awesome GFX that you see in the HOF, as well as @boubabi, @Bushito, and @Jonessee27 for helping me get 58 seasons worth of HOF entered into the Portal's database.
  8. How to Create Your Player In this short guide, we will be going over how to create your player. It's a very simple process and you shouldn't have much trouble with it. Let's get started. Step One First, you need to navigate to the Create A Player section of our forum. Chances are, if you are reading this, you will have no problem finding it. Step Two Now you will need to decide whether you want to make a skater or a goalie. A "skater" includes centres, left and right wingers, as well as defensemen. Step Three Click on the appropriate template depending on what you chose in step two. So, if you chose skater, click on the skater template. If you chose goalie, click on the goalie template. There are a few guidelines at the top of the page. Read them. Then, copy the template. Click the back button to return to the Create A Player forum and hit "Start New Topic". Paste the template in to the new topic. Step Four This is the fun part. Fill out the template. You have (almost) complete control over your player. You decide his name, position, age, size, weight, handedness, jersey number, and nationality. If you were recruited by someone, be sure to put their name down! So, once you have it all filled out, simply post the topic! You're done! Step Five Okay, this isn't so much of a step. After you have your player posted, I would advise you read through the other topics in the Create A Player forum. This includes the Update Scale topic, the Attribute Adjusting topic, as well as the topic regarding our Welfare/Pension Plans. Also make sure to check out the helpful threads here: http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/forum/251-new-member-guide/
  9. Matthieu Adolphus

  10. How do i create a player?

    Welcome man! Here's a quick guide on creating a player, it's pretty straightforward: Mainly, just copy the Skater Template or Goalie Template into a new topic in this forum and fill it out
  11. With the changes to the TPE structure of the forum and increase in weekly cap, it was obviously necessary to adjust the Salary Brackets. After a lengthy discussion about career lengths and other major changes to the overall salary system - we ended up not really coming to agreement or final decision on those things. And so, what we've done is essentially the bare minimum required to bring the old brackets up to date. First, new brackets are added to account for the higher TPE levels. Second, brackets will now be calculated by TPA (Total Points Applied) rather than TPE. This means that depreciation can cause a player to drop brackets - in essence, this is the fairest system possible as you now pay for a player based on how good he actually is rather than the arbitirary Veteran contract tier (which has been removed) which either resulted in a) overpaying for a player who didn't fully recover from depreciation or b) underpaying for a player who possibly recovered from depreciation fully and then some. Going by TPA gets rid of that. And so, Rookie contracts will continue to be seasons 1-3, and Prime will be 4-8. As for determining cap hit: There will still be a TPE-Cutoff Date prior to off-season where all TPE earned prior to that date counts toward the cap. Then, Depreciation will be done. A player's TPA for finance purposes will be their TPA after depreciation (if applicable) plus any banked, unclaimed or outstanding TPE earned before the cut-off date. Here are the brackets: VHL Salary Brackets # TPA Rookie Prime 1 Under 100 $500,000 $750,000 2 101-200 $1,000,000 $1,500,000 3 201-300 $1,500,000 $2,000,000 4 301-400 $2,000,000 $2,500,000 5 401-500 $2,500,000 $3,000,000 6 501-600 $3,000,000 $3,750,000 7 601-700 $3,500,000 $4,000,000 8 701-800 $4,000,000 $4,500,000 9 801-900 $4,500,000 $5,000,000 10 900+ TPA $5,000,000 $5,500,000 While some salaries go up slightly with the loss of Veteran tier contracts, it seems from my calculations that the decreased cap hit for players hit harder for depreciation generally outweighs the increase for players who don't. Therefore, there's little need for a significant increase in cap. The S60 Salary Cap will be $34 000 000. This small increase is to account for possible higher salaries due to the removal of the veteran tier and as always when we make these kind of changes, the salary cap will be closely monitored and re-evaluated next season.
  12. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    I feel like I've answered this question for you 3 times
  13. Will do i think there's an announcement topic type thing that you can apply per-forum coming in the next IPB update so that will be nice to not have to update all those threads.
  14. Welcome!

    Well that went smoother than I expected to. Sorry about the loss of anything post this morning, like I said getting our backup was kind of out of our control so we ended up getting it in the middle of the night last night. A few things need to be re-installed (like group name color ect) but other than that I think we're good. If anyone notices any issues please let me know.
  15. Welcome!

    Higgins is doin you guys wrong
  16. G - Greg Santos

  17. Welcome!

    Yeah it tends to be kind of spotty for the first day or two. Earlier today it was once again sending me to the old site, but it’s back to redirecting me here now. it should be all good by tomorrow
  18. Welcome!

    Just a heads up to all, vhlforum.com seems to be working already (for me anyways) - right now it just redirects you to the .webfactional address. In a day or so when I’m sure it’s switched over fully, i’ll make it the main site URL again.
  19. Welcome!

    It should be making its re-appearance whenever @Higgins gets on It will be switched over soon (if it hasn't been already), but it can take 24-48h for it to work correctly for everyone.
  20. Moving the Forum

    Unfortunately we just have no control over this right now, so I still can't give an updated time. Higgins and I have been ready to go waiting for them to do their part since Friday. Not much we can do but wait for them. But definitely confirms the decision to leave them, I mean having the ability to make your own backups is a pretty standard feature on any host so it's kind of ridiculous that we're waiting days for them to do it for us. For now I would say that if we don't hear back from them by tonight we will send them another message to complain and say we want it done on Tuesday.
  21. Moving the Forum

    Hello all, This is an important announcement regarding the Forum. Higgins and I have been discussing this for a bit as well as the other admins and we've come to decide that we're going to move the VHL Forum off of IPB's hosting and migrate it to the same server holding the VHL Portal and, as of the other day, the indexes/games. The two major reasons behind this are: 1) As most people know, we've had some issues with not being able to use 3rd party addons like chat with IPB hosting 2) Cost So first, we will be able to bring back Chat immediately, which there is pretty much no way we can do with IPB hosting due to restrictions put in place. Chat is the main thing but this move will give us much more control over the site for other things in the future. Second, IPB hosting is very expensive compared to outside hosting companies - we aren't have issues paying the bills or anything but when you consider the restrictions we face on it and that we already have another capable server running that's free of said restrictions, it doesn't make much sense. Moving requires a upfront cost of about $200 for the self-hosted license, but should also reduce our monthly expenses by approx. 20-30 dollars so it will pay for itself eventually. What to expect I'll have another announcement with the exact day we plan on making the move and some more details. However, you shouldn't expect much more than some temporary downtime. Everything will be transferred to the new site, including the vhlforum.com domain. Any downtime we have should only be related to waiting for the vhlforum.com domain to update so that it points to the new server. They say it can take 24-48 hours to correctly point in all cases - in my experience it starts to work on and off pretty quickly but tends to take about a day to work correctly every time. That said, I believe I'll be able to provide you with a direct link to the new site before we move the forum (I'll also include in the message you'll see if vhlforum.com directs you to THIS community) so you'll be able to access the site that way while we wait for vhlforum.com to come along. We will probably do this late this week or early next week.
  22. S59 Playoffs

    use a ethernet cord
  23. Where's the gallery ?

    Sorry, If I realized you used I would have given you a heads up It was included in IPB hosting but it’s an extra $100 to add it to self-hosted so not really worth it. Can’t you just use an imgur account or something?
  24. Where's the gallery ?

    It got removed as part of the server move Didn’t think anyone used it