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  1. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Bring the weekly cap back down to 9. Win-win. Not sure why it was even bumped in the first place.
  2. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Brain fart lol
  3. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Wouldn't that be 8 TPE bud?
  4. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I was someone who pushed for a higher value for the weekly PT's. Again shut down by the blues.
  5. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Player 2 should never have been abolished, yes. We shouldn't have had to do twice the work though. All PT's done in the week should have counted for both. That would have handled things a lot better.
  6. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    According to the almighty Banana, it's a bad idea. We must obey his wishes as they are final.
  7. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Player 2 fixed a lot. The problem lied in the people who made the call to push their members to do two point tasks per week and stuff. That was what ruined it. So we only have the blue team/BOG to blame. I don't get paid for shit to be honest. I don't do my job, I don't get paid. Also thanks for the kind remark, showing who is the bigger man in this argument
  8. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Want more recruits? How about helping out in that aspect.
  9. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    The point of it would be to make draft classes better, make the VHLM more interesting and fill out teams
  10. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Oh and to add on, cap it at 50 per season. To pair up with @Kendrick's idea.
  11. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    What Beaviss meant was similar to the SBA. Once they reach the 200 cap, they get entered into the VHL draft as fillers to no longer be updated and just to be forever capped at 200. Obviously they stop at 175 in the VHLM with 25 capped, right before the draft they add the final 25 in and boom. Draftee.
  12. RW - Sergei Kovalev

  13. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    My rings>
  14. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Or maybe it's time for you to create a new excuse of a player you joke. Or maybe my new player can be BanacockWrites MyPT's
  15. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Very close to Sergei Komarov eh? @Gooningitup