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    done done done
  2. VHLM buttom at the top goes to the VHLM portal for the S60 pre-season!

    1. street


      you the real mvp

  3. How do I accept a contract?

    1. Gooningitup


      You accept a contract just by posting where it has been posted, by quoting the team that posted in or just by saying accept (insert team) offer

  4. Loui Laksson

    Welcome to the league. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask in here or PM me!
  5. Permissions

  6. Pricey Care You were drafted by my team, so you can post your update thread there. Also check out one of the active update threads there and it will help you with updating as well.
  7. Pricey Care

    Just finishing up your player page @YayIWin just need you to fill this out please! Jersey Number: Height (inches): Weight (lbs.): Birthplace:
  8. C -Declan Burns

    Welcome @declanburns. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, ask away!
  9. How do i create a player?

    Welcome @GCN7115 This might help too!
  10. S59 Trade Deadline

  11. S59 Official Award Changes

    Good stuff blue team
  12. S59 Official Award Changes

    The league just went full stupid. The name for the defensive award might trump the NHLs dumb decision inducting Clark Gillies in the HOF
  13. S59 Official Award Changes

    I wanted that award removed so bad when I was commish, no one was really on my side though 100%
  14. RW - Bryce Zhields