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  1. RW - Sergei Kovalev

    Komarov family inspiring others now?
  2. Lets go @Beaviss draft soon bud time to join :P

  3. New Member Interview PT

    Saskatoon GM to the save once again @Beaviss wheres my raise putting in work this offseason
  4. For those who havent yet new or old if ur interested in Saskatoon fill out this

  5. With the influx of new members at an awkward time we as a league kinda got left scrambling for ideas to keep the new guys around. So i stole an idea from the SHL about interested prospect thread i shares abit about myself(deeper than the SHL) and asked a few simple questions help us get an idea of these new members. Perhaps this could be a regular thing(even if not ill keep doing one every year in presser for them to earn 2TPE) Maybe like award 1 TPE per VHLM team they fill out. Gives new guys something to do well they wait and gives us a big picture more than we have now.
  6. New members check out this link and leave comments. Welcome to the VHL



  7. Retention Sig Campaign

    So i created an interested prospects thread but it doesnt show up in the newest posts. Can someone move it somewhere it would? Think its good for newblood to have something to do and helps us GMs get a grasp of what our new members are like. @Beketov can u maybe just move it to radio? I wont be claiming it as my radio already done one just want it to be noticed by all newer guys i can
  8. RW- Tomos Walker

    Correct TPE checks out someone else will accept u as im a VHLM GM
  9. That moment when you see 500 new members and then realize you own basically all the draft 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. STZ


      How many videos is he doing an ad for us?

    3. STZ


      He’s an awesome YouTuber, great job :)

    4. Beaviss


      One for now and we have a deal in place for two more if we want.

  10. RW- Tomos Walker

    Just a heads up @TWalkerFC you still have 30 TPE to apply based on our update scale
  11. Current pace of the VHL playoffs. Expected finish date 2019. Why are we doing a sim every basically 2 days? Are we trying to bore the new members of this league away

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    2. STZ


      Yeah.. let’s not bash the simmers.. they could legit just make us lose.. ffs

    3. Gooningitup


      VHLM is not even in the second round guess i should have specified they are 3 days behind. And if we go 1 game at a time like we are in the VHL they even worse off :/

    4. JardyB10



  12. Game 5 and 6? We trying to extend playoffs for no reason?

    1. Banackock


      This is Jardy/Will we're talking about - not the VHLM. 

  13. I was so inactive, that i was online well i got an email saying i was inactive lol
  14. S58 Trade Deadline

    18th* just saying @Will
  15. 2017 Holiday Payout

    Claim my free 12 thanks santa