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  1. G - Roger Sterling

    Is he gonna catch pucks with his face?
  2. Permissions

    @Eggy216 to Riga
  3. Permissions

    @Jericho to Riga.
  4. so much people on chat lol

  5. Permissions

    ! @Will @Beketov @Smarch
  6. RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Dat feeling when I have three S61 firsts
  7. Remove VHLM Career Years

    We have 175+25 banked TPE limit. Keep this limit, if player passes this mark he's up next season.
  8. RW - Wolf Edmunds

    Welcome to the VHL! Now VHL minor team GM's will send you an offer(s) (1-2M) You did everything right.
  9. woah, YEAH is creating a player dayum

    1. Tagger


      Spoilers man cmon!

    2. hedgehog337


      nobody even saw this 100%

    3. Beketov


      S61 draft is gonna be 🔥 load up your picks now.

  10. Remove VHLM Career Years

    Then he's a VHLM forever player. or just put a 3-5 season limit to this.
  11. Remove VHLM Career Years

    stop fighting and implement this instead @Will @Beketov @sterling
  12. D - Lew Bronstein

    he's @stevo, just forgot the pw
  13. Permissions

    I actually forgot about @KitRas and @ADV too. what a shame
  14. Permissions

    @JardyB10 @MD9 @BluObieZ all of them to Riga @Will @Beketov