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  1. Permissions

    @Eggy216 to Riga
  2. Permissions

    @Jericho to Riga.
  3. so much people on chat lol

  4. Permissions

    ! @Will @Beketov @Smarch
  5. RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Dat feeling when I have three S61 firsts
  6. Remove VHLM Career Years

    We have 175+25 banked TPE limit. Keep this limit, if player passes this mark he's up next season.
  7. RW - Wolf Edmunds

    Welcome to the VHL! Now VHL minor team GM's will send you an offer(s) (1-2M) You did everything right.
  8. woah, YEAH is creating a player dayum

    1. Tagger


      Spoilers man cmon!

    2. hedgehog337


      nobody even saw this 100%

    3. Beketov


      S61 draft is gonna be 🔥 load up your picks now.

  9. Remove VHLM Career Years

    Then he's a VHLM forever player. or just put a 3-5 season limit to this.
  10. Remove VHLM Career Years

    stop fighting and implement this instead @Will @Beketov @sterling
  11. D - Lew Bronstein

    he's @stevo, just forgot the pw
  12. Permissions

    I actually forgot about @KitRas and @ADV too. what a shame
  13. Permissions

    @JardyB10 @MD9 @BluObieZ all of them to Riga @Will @Beketov
  14. is Riga going to compete again?!?!?

    1. Banackock


      Didn't you just trade everyone? 

    2. hedgehog337


      I still have a tons of players left I'm trying to trade lol

    3. Banackock


      True that. 

  15. waiting for the off-season schedule...

  16. LW - Zippy Zaramo

    I'd put all TPE to one skill and then earning points for other skills in the process, but that's me.
  17. RW - Ross Reed

    @boubabi you have no chance to beat this guy for MVP next season. Just give up already.
  18. I've heard the VHL wants to build a @Beaviss statue for his recruiting efforts. When and where the opening ceremony will happen?

    1. Beaviss


      You tell me I’ll dress up for it.

  19. Goalie- Leather Flasher

    Imagine if all of these goalie stays active. GM's won't have to create them anymore. and the nickname is fitting. Aidan Shaw much?
  20. we kicked off a reddit recruitment or something?

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    2. STZ


      The ad doesn’t show for me... it’s like some mobile game. 

    3. Banackock



      the start of that video he does an AD for us. 


    4. STZ


      Oh shit nice! Bout time we did this. Great job recruitment team :)

  21. S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    poor Quebec
  22. like we didn't see who won the draft lottery aha @Beketov

    1. Beketov


      It was an error I realized in pick 3. The same video is up but I hid it while typing up the explanation for the fact that I’m dumb at 7am.

  23. I need questions in PC

    1. STZ


      you're a GM.. make the questions lol