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  1. S59 All-Star Teams and Game Thread

    Turned into a fun game for those last 7 minutes or so!
  2. S59 All-Star Teams and Game Thread

    That got out of hand quickly
  3. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

  4. S59 Playoffs

    I take no offense to it. I literally mean don’t change. Makes me chuckle.
  5. S59 Playoffs

    Offers suggestion. gets sarcasm in return. VHL in a nutshell. VHL, don’t go changin’!
  6. S59 Playoffs

    Mine literally just did this tonight. Ran the diagnostic tool and it was as simple as that to fix it. Wish I had thought about that twenty minutes into trying to figure out what it was and doing all that BS.
  7. All-Star Public Forward Vote

    Thanks Hedge for getting me in automatically(as a defenseman, but I’ll gladly play in my new position here as well)
  8. Figured it was just a mass send thing, no worries.
  9. League Statement: RE: Why am I getting a league spam email Saying I’m inactive and to come back?
  10. Possible series

    Tony Stark went off into the sunset, probably to die, because that is what most Starks do.
  11. Major Off-Season Changes

    If Team Russia wins any golds at the Winter Olympics you get paid. OAR does not count.
  12. Major Off-Season Changes

    So is the 3 extra per PT/Welfare awarded for just this past season, or a players whole career?
  13. Happy Holidays!

    Player Name: Niko Bogdonavic Gift #: 3 Favorite gift received: Packers playoff tickets this season...oh wait.
  14. Every single one of the kids and trolls in the history of leagues, that’s who.
  15. This isn’t just for this league, this is dedicated to all the blue team members, or whatever color they may be at other leagues. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the children. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the trolls. God Bless you! It’s a thankless job, but no more! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! I’m thankful I’m not in that position anymore. Too old for all this bullshit lol.