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  1. D - Lew Bronstein

  2. Reported for violent threats. Disgraceful.
  3. S59 Official Award Changes

    The "Most images of exotic meals posted on Facebook" award........
  4. Moving the Forum

    Does this mean tits can't get you banned?
  5. RW - Bryce Zhields

    Best recruit ever.
  6. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    What have been the highlights and lowlights of your tenure as blue God so far?
  7. Possible series

    Not sure if I will qualify, but Odin Tordahl, Bismarck Koenig or Vladimir Boomchenko would all be available!
  8. RW - No Points

    So I recruited you?
  9. VHL Suggestion Drive

    I heard this on discord, but is there a way to change what shows up on the VHL's google search result? Someone said they googled "Victory Hockey League" and the first thing they see is... They said it put them off a little as the first thing they see is a donations reference. I don't know....just telling you from a prospective members perspective.
  10. der podcast questions

    OMG, the pressure. Ummmm...... Have you enjoyed your outstanding season in NY with Jones? Will you forgive me for the slightly less active Female Appreciation Thread of late? What do you think NY needs to take the next step towards VHL glory? Is there any personal frustration(real life) that you need to vent?
  11. delete

  12. hi

  13. VHL Skills Competition

    Go Scarlett!
  14. Suggestion 3

    Or at least a bump in my retirement fund.
  15. Suggestion 3

    Make me a red mod already! I get notified of all these reported posts(which is happening quite frequently) and I can't do jack shit about them. Let me have the power to warn some assholes at the least. Come on, you know I can handle all that incredible responsibility.