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  1. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Who talks on Ps4 anyways?
  2. C - Erik Johannsen

    Whos Tactixhd? Thats not Beks is it?
  3. In the website tab that says "go here for VHLM rules". Its broken.
  4. Remove VHLM Career Years

    Haven't been there in 7 seasons so nope Back in my day, VHLM was fun though. (insert old grandpa on porch.)
  5. Remove VHLM Career Years

    Ah being so good looking is a curse in itself isn't it?
  6. Remove VHLM Career Years

  7. Remove VHLM Career Years

    I'm just saying, you probably only want to let it count as one free year in minors or something and not let it be unlimited.
  8. Remove VHLM Career Years

    To beat Tyler Vassel records? Do it for fun? For lolz? For stats? Or simply because it could be @BluObieZ ? or whatever Anderson? I mean wasn't this a point of contention when it was originally asked back in like...pre-S20 or something? See above. Putting limitation just limits the damage. Or you can time it to cap -1, wait till new season starts then go again and have cap+entire season then start in VHL with like 400-500 starting TPE?
  9. Remove VHLM Career Years

    So what happens if someone decides to stay in the VHLM for 1 below cap forever?
  10. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    Where do you think Fook Yu will go?
  11. Just realized i have 2 more seasons in the VHL. Lol was planning my media spot articles for my retirement already.

    1. BluObieZ

      BluObieZ sound like me. I'm so proud :) you're all growd up ;)

    2. tfong


      Well you going to get a Kanou and u just won another ship, maybe you're more like me now :D

    3. BluObieZ


      We will see

  12. I just realized, does forum chat not have a main chat lobby anymore? Then really speaking its not even a chat, its just an instant messaging system.
  13. I believe part of the reason why people haven't logged in was that discord was basically just put as a link in a thread and that was it. People weren't really aware and management didn't really push the idea and participate all that much in it and that's kinda why I don't think disc was given fair usage. I mean among other things we didn't use the embeds (which are possible via bots) that you don't need to make accounts for either, so you could have it embedded in the bottom panel or where have you as well. I mean if you have access to VHL, you basically should have access to discord as well. I'm not against having chat back by any means anyways.
  14. "Our members" may not like it I think I think is wrong. It's not been given a fair trial by all of them. I'm in the boat that this is one of those things we need to move forward with to attract new members, not retain old ones. It's as much of a needing to change because we are stuck in the old ways for the old people. Are not the other sites all switched to discord already per mentioned like SHL and such? The ones we are trying to catch in membership additions? I'm confident people have enjoyed and will enjoy it post adoption. As I said before extra features on the most basic level I've already posted, split locker look chats, a singular gm chat, bots, voice chat, mobile and pm abilities on the phone. Think this isn't a Yaris vs corvette. It's a Yaris versus a Tesla. Except people are griping it's a touch start instead of keyed start. And yes as I showed, there are embed options.