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  1. RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Happy Rusev Day!
  2. The time I sent a fake banner submission to David of a penis and he opened it in class and everyone thought he was gay. Best ban I've ever gotten.
  3. RW - The Process

  4. C - Jack Shephard

  5. C - Jack Shephard

    I'll see you in another life brotha
  6. C - Charles Murphy

    go back to fucking your cousin farm boy!
  7. C - Charles Murphy

    Dude make him like 220 years old and have fought in the War of 1812 before being lost in a block of ice ala Captain America and then being thawed for the purpose of playing some sweet hockey.
  8. S55 VHL Draft Lottery - LIVE May 17th @ 7 EST

    @eaglesfan036 who's process do you trust now?
  9. C-Spicey

    right there with you my friend. Fun fact: the day I joined the league here was the night we lost Game 7 to the Bruins.
  10. C-Spicey

    One fucking name? Who are you McLovin? Welcome bud!
  11. Backup Rule

    I wish I could study you in a lab. You fascinate me.
  12. Backup Rule

    I miss my favorite VHL member. Lighting_25
  13. Backup Rule

    I'm actually genuinely impressed that you know understand that metal conducts electricity. You also refuse to understand that maybe if a bunch of us agree on something maybe it's because we've put any thought into it.
  14. Backup Rule

    Yeah I'm sure they'd love to spend that money to house a prisoner over however long your made up sentence is. Yo;u know, when instead they could just send me back. I wonder if you understand how extradition works. Canada has to choose to let me be tried in your stupid country.
  15. Backup Rule

    Not saying I would, just that I COULD. That's not how that works actually. I'd be deported fool.