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  1. Zak Spruce

  2. D - Chat

  3. Where Are You From?

    hoping this isnt wildly offensive Do you live in Uruguay or just from therE?
  4. D- Marvin Cookie

    looks good to me
  5. RW - Euan Hamill

    celtic world cup team when?
  6. S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    could be the next Helsinki for sure
  7. Welcome!

    day 3... still no chat.... im losing hope tell my wives i love them both
  8. All Star General Manager Vote

    hedge and stz imo no contest
  9. All Star GM Selection

    Ko Kane @BluObieZ
  10. Can I use my old donation?

    yeah probably @Will
  11. Shorter Seasons?

    Can't see why not. 50-60 games would be ideal.
  12. S59 Davos Captains

    good way to make lonley nights in to lonley mornings and afternoons
  13. S59 Davos Captains

    Captain: Diego Jokinen Assistant: Ko Kane Assistant: Joseph Bassolino