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  1. There's an Update Guidelines thread in each updates forum but it doesn't included the update scale thanks @Beketov @Will @Higgins
  2. Samuel Gate

    Player InformationUsername: streetFull Name: Samuel GatePosition: DAge: 21Handedness: RRecruited By/From: Would you like an experienced member to mentor you?Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 75 (.07 of 1126)CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 70ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 40DF = Defense: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 26Height (inches): 74Weight (lbs.): 202Birthplace: United StatesAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players Fayt Leingod Geno Esposito Benjamin Glover Keiji Toriyama Lloyd Light Diana Maxwell mist4ke
  3. Trade deadline should be coming up soon maybe even this week huh?

  4. S59 Official Award Changes

    luigi da rosie is my favorite VHL player ever
  5. S59 Official Award Changes

    One of three names that first came to my mind tbh, along with Edwin Encarnacion and Olivier Scarlett.
  6. S59 Official Award Changes

    oh okay
  7. S59 Official Award Changes

    Was Jack Sound actually that good? He has to be the worst player with a trophy named in his honor, right? (Though I guess maybe that's fitting for the award, considering it's the one that will most likely have "bad" players winning it)
  8. fast forward to trade deadline

  9. We don't need kock either

  10. New Official VHL Position

    Okay then yeah this pay is certainly reasonable and this position is pretty much exactly what I've somewhat suggested in the past.
  11. New Official VHL Position

    As in like the statistics I used to update? (I don't have a problem with this as I haven't gotten them updated recently, just wondering because they aren't actually in any HoF subforum afaik)
  12. New Official VHL Position

    Honestly this pay is probably too high but maybe I'm just forgetting about some sections of the HoF.
  13. New GM Announcement

    Is this situation similar to the DAAD situation with Boeser and what was the resolution there?
  14. NHL 18 Sim Signup

    Diana Maxwell RW
  15. I mean, I think we should contract even if we keep two players