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  1. @Beketov why is Practice Facility Closed already for this week? Must be a mistake lol

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    2. Beketov


      For what it’s worth @Beaviss I’m gonna have to disagree. I don’t think it’s fair at all for the few of us who saw it in an hour or so to get the point while others don’t. I shouldn’t have posted it, didn’t know. Seems to make more sense to just allow the ones posted to count for next week instead.

    3. Beaviss


      Your welcome to change my opinion. I myself was going to use it but I missed out to me that’s fair but it’s really up to you I guess

    4. Beketov


      It just doesn’t set a good precedent that’s all. Says that, as a commish, I can create something, get points for it, and then close it before anyone else has a shot. That isn’t really reasonable. Was a simple mistake, no need to make anything big out of it.

  2. VHL Portal - Team View

    Great stuff! FYI when you click the player link from the “Awards” section on the Team Pages you get some matrix shit
  3. Can someone clarify VHLM rules? Can I claim the initial 40 TPE I wasn’t allowed to at the start of player creation now?

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    2. Will


      I see. I'm assuming nobody thought of it at the time but I'd just say that recreates can go up to 200 TPE before they have to start banking. But keep the 200 hard cap the same. 

    3. diamond_ace


      I still want to say I think you can go over the 200 total during the season, you just have to be under it at the beginning, which would solve the issue with carryover being more than the 25 difference between the two caps. The 175 applied though, that cap is throughout.

    4. DollarAndADream


      Yeah, you just have to be under it before the season starts. If you pass it during the season, then you can't be back in the VHLM again the next season, but you can still finish the season.

  4. Gucci

    I think he’s gucci
  5. G - Roger Sterling

    #17 for a goalie? You sick fuck
  6. Finish me daddy KappaPride
  7. D - Lew Bronstein

  8. VHL Poker Tournament

    I’m in.
  9. LW - Beau Louth

    Why not a goalie 😱
  10. Yeah, if I wasn’t at work or thought of it before I would have too
  11. @Beaviss @Smarch You guys should whip up a little interview style template that the new guys can use for a Media Spot PT.. just an idea. Give them some direction for their first PT
  12. RW-Daniel Kenny

    If you need any help or ideas just shoot me a PM. You could probably squeeze out a couple TPE opportunities to boost your draft stock for tonight
  13. RW-Daniel Kenny

    Just in time for the VHLM Draft tonight
  14. RW-Daniel Kenny

  15. Could Zhields be my lowest player ever drafted??

    1. hedgehog337


      In before Quebec drafts him 2nd OV

    2. Beketov


      Won't matter, sim engine loves you.

    3. Gooningitup


      In before Saskatoon drafts him first overall :P