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  1. VHL Portal - Team View

    I'm fairly certain the GM of Calgary is not Austin Gow.
  2. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Also, for those of you comparing this to the standard player 2 project we just got rid of: I wasn't particularly inclined to make a player 2 (except for when I was just coming back, because Hrdina was essentially a half-player at that point). I'm absolutely making a VHLM Star if this becomes a thing.
  3. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Originally I was against having them go to the VHL at all (just VHLM) but you have a point about replacing the scrub inactives. I think the only thing I'd modify from your proposal is to add a rule you can't make a VHLM Star while your original player is in the VHLM, you have to wait until he's in the VHL
  4. I see you on. Make a new guy :)

  5. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    What, like regular guys get 75 and VHLM Stars get 30? Isn't that essentially the same thing as regular guys get 30 and VHLM Stars get 0, just without doing too much to play around with the regular guys
  6. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Yes they start with 0. I don't necessarily think 30 people will create them, nor do I think it's unreasonable for there to be more overall players in the league than there currently are. If it gets unreasonable, add a team, but I don't think it will. Perhaps they could be limited to one season post-cap (where they can't add anything) and then are auto-retired and have to make a new one. It might not be perfectly fleshed out but the skeleton of an idea is here.
  7. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    I like it, as far as VHLM goes. I don't think they should go into VHL. I'd definitely do this Also: another option to offset hampering the new guys is VHLM Star designated players don't start with the 30 initial? Gives new guys enough of a headstart on them to not be completely discouraged
  8. 2nd Player Idea (kind of)

    Man of the Ritt, 27k
  9. Already almost twice Hrdina and more than half Hyvarinen, and I'm just going into my 2nd post-draft season. I think I'm back even more than I had intended in the first place :)

    1. DollarAndADream


      Twice Hrdina, more than half Hyvarinen...but what's the ratio to Brookside?

    2. diamond_ace


      A little over a quarter - although that's where you start getting into how little is a little. I'm also a little over a quarter to Intranquilo, who was about 50 more than Brookside.


      244 currently for Lawson. 422 for Hyvarinen, 908 for Brookside, 922 for Marcellin, 956 for Intranquilo. (Marcellin retired a year early, would have been the highest, but GMs do what we must). 244 x4 is 976, so I'm more than a quarter of any of the 900s, but 244 x3 is only 732, so definitely not a third yet.


      I came into this expecting 700 or so for Lawson. I figured I'd be a Sandro. Yet I'm definitely less than a third into the career

    3. Banackock
  10. C - Mikka Pajari

    Since this is a text based forum, the fact that Reading is pronounced like Red rather than Read doesn't kill the joke!
  11. Retention Sig Campaign

    I'm aware of that. Don't think anyone really needed to be told. Better to reach some than none though, surely?
  12. Retention Sig Campaign

    If a youtube ad got that big, maybe have the Pajodcast guys plug it every 5th video or so? Enough not to be overwhelming. Also, recruitment crew: Do you think there would be a decent overlap between hockey fans and soccer fans? I'm a Patreon supporter of a FIFA youtuber named Cutzy. 32k subscribers. Since I give him money (Patreon) I might have a shot at getting him to do an ad like you guys did with Tactix.
  13. Remove VHLM Career Years

    Personally, I don't feel any need to limit it, but one year is better than none. Most active guys will be up by then anyway, although guys like Kiaskov would get the shit end of it.
  14. Remove VHLM Career Years

    What happens if they do this? Then they do this. So be it. It doesn't break the league to let people enjoy things.
  15. LW-Ryan Skinner

    Just missed the draft, so you'll likely be able to sign with a VHLM team of your choosing over the next day or two (among those who offer you a contract), for the upcoming season. The commissioners will create a thread and tag you in it, at which time VHLM GMs will post offers in said thread. Expect one from me (GM of Ottawa Lynx) and probably most teams, when the thread is up.