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  1. All Star GM Selection

    I admit to nothing. NOTHING!
  2. Beketov CoDCast Questions

    How’s the weather? I have a much needed snow day today
  3. der podcast questions

  4. der podcast questions

    @Beketov @Beaviss help me out?
  5. der podcast questions

    Had a good run last week. Anything for tomorrow?
  6. Major Off-Season Changes

  7. der podcast questions

  8. Major Off-Season Changes

    Do fan 590 radio spots go up to 3?
  9. der podcast questions

  10. Hot take: Donald John Trump is a racist piece of shit 

    1. Show previous comments  30 more
    2. BOOM™


      Well, closer to 20%, but shit..... still not bad.

    3. der meister

      der meister

      The whataboutism is strong with this one...


      Look, if you can’t see that djt’s racist words have real world consequences, you’re not paying attention. Set aside stormy Daniels, obstructing justice, money laundering, human trafficking, the gross incompetence, and all of the other things he’s guilty of, and just look at his words. Mexicans are rapists. Haitians have aids. PRs won’t do things for themselves. Nigerians live in huts. CNN did a report on slavery in Libya, but because this asshole decries them as fake news, Libya said the slavery piece was a lie. Real world consequences for his racist words. 

    4. Tyler


      @der meister fwiw we shouldn't forget it was Obama/Clinton who destabilized Libya and paved the way for the current reality there

  11. der podcast questions

  12. S58 Begins: BONUS TPE

    I just saw this announcement. Can I retroactively claim for that week since I did a PT?
  13. I really hate that the new Portal is blocked at work

    1. Exlaxchronicles


      I bot a Rogers Net Gear WiFi hotspot for $200.The little box is yours,allows ten connections and its pay as you go.totally worth it.Now I can surf all I want at work on my breaks on my phone.

      I never use the work PC as they constantly monitor it.

    2. der meister

      der meister

      We don’t really have monitoring but it’s a school so a lot of blacklisting. 

    3. Exlaxchronicles


      We have blacklisting too at school,but IT also monitors and reports to the higher ups when,where and how much your on so I never use it.

  14. der podcast questions

    Stuff please
  15. der podcast questions