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G - Brody Neufeld

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Player Information
Full Name: Brody Neufeld 
Handedness: Left
Recruited By:

Player Attributes

Total Points Earned:

SK = Skating: 35
SZ = Size: 40
AG = Agility: 35
RB = Rebound Control:65
SC = Style Control: 35
HS = Hand Speed: 35
RT = Reaction Time: 45
PS = Penalty Shot: 35
EX = Experience: 40
LD = Leadership: 40

Jersey Number: 34
Height (inches): 6-4
Weight (lbs.): 220
Birthplace:Winnipeg Manitoba 


Career Stats

Player Movement
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4 minutes ago, Broalie34 said:

qhat are the four VHLM draft pick teams


The General Managers are


Smarch - Yukon Rush :yuk:

Gooningitup - Saskatoon Wild :ssk:

Spade18 - Las Vegas Aces :veg:

Diamond_ace - Ottawa Lynx :ott:

Borgania - Oslo Storm :osl:

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1 minute ago, Banackock said:

Which are all great GM's.


Once you get to the VHL, all you'll need to know is:


Seattle Bears :sea: - me


But mostly 


Quebec Meute :que: - Me

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