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  2. Chicago Phoenix Press Conference Answer 6 for 2 TPE; 3 for 1 TPE 1. What's the best dream you've had? 2. Do you believe in love at first sight? 3. fishy has just ben hired as the new mod. Who should they ban first and why? 4. As a kid, would you beg your parents to use night lights? Or did you find comfort in the darkness? 5. What are our odds of winning the cup right now? 6. How many brooms did you take out for the purpose of sweeping Vanpoover?
  3. Duncan Idaho and the draft The draft tournament is ongoing and the odds for the draft lottery will soon be known. Idaho is currently the 2nd highest in TPE in his draft class and due to his inability to submit predictions he will also not end up as the highest at the end of his career. What also isn’t likely to happen, is that I will stick out a full career with your franchise. As you probably know by now I have created together with Mr Hatter as two characters from the Dune franchise, and I would love to be able to end up together with him on a team in our careers.
  4. Poor McDavid gets used in so many graphics. All of them have been fire though..
  5. Your held up on the wrong word. Stallone is one of them so I can handle that one, the first name however. It could be a tie-nan, it could be a tee-nan, it could be a silent y and just be t'nan. I have no clue.
  6. Do I dare apply for this? I guess so. Been the AGM for Saskatoon for a bit and I'm also the AD of Savage City in the EFL. I don't have a team preference, I'll take anything.
  7. dayum, this should have been one of the final one's at least, imo I think it's better than the one we currently have on the front page. I love the outlines on the players and the background, the logo swaps are done very well and the color changes on the jersey's look very clean. 9/10
  8. Applications end as of tomorrow morning at 11 AM PST to give some people notice . Thanks folks!
  9. yeah he will prob flip the l and the v and pronounce it sieve lester
  10. Hey, if you haven't started the interview process yet, I'd apply. My #1 choice would be Canada, but willing to GM any team!
  11. RIGA REIGN PRESS CONFERENCE Week Ending 03/07 1. The season's winding down, and it's almost draft time. Is there anyone that sticks out to you in the upcoming draft class? 2. Both of the World Cup and the World Juniors are coming up in the offseason. Is there a certain team that you'll be rooting for? 3. Are you more of a writer or more of a graphics guy? 4. If you could kill off any character in a current TV show, who would it be? 5. If you had to be an inanimate object for a year, what would you be and why? 6. Who is the funniest guy on the team?
  12. 1) I think we just didnt play the full 60 mins to our best effort 2) After last season much more improvement it was a nice surprise to end up 2nd in the league 3) Yes I said I wanted to be a point per game player and i had 93pts in 72gp 4) Probably going to the VHL 5) No not really 6) Telker obviously 7) Earn as much TPE as I can so I can have a good rookie season with Vancouver
  13. The MOD team is pleased to announce the additions of @fonziGG and @fishy to assist in maintaining a quality experience for the members of this community now and in the future. Thank you to all the applicants for their time and effort in the process.
  14. 1. The VHL Playoffs are nearing the finals, with either Moscow or Warsaw going to be the other final team to go up against Chicago. Which do you think makes it to the finals, and why? Because my good friend Mr. Putin would want to kill me if I said otherwise in the current situation I will saw Moscow 2. The Malmo Locker-room and discord has been going through lots of changes and with lots of re-works done by the new GM Hylands, what do you think of the new channel structure so far? #Ban@rory #NoMoreSafeSpace - Really since Rory invaded my safe place has gone
  15. 1. Our season sadly ended earlier than we would have liked, what will your player be focusing on improving in the offseason? jurgis is focusing on improving his enviroment by leaving halifax altogether and going up the the vhl 2. Following up on that, how does your player feel about their performance, and the performance of the team, this last season? jurgis blames everything on his teams and takes no personal responsibility for his performance or the teams performance 3. If Rory offered to allow the team to spend their training camp on a boat off the coast of Halifax, would you
  16. 1. play like usual, attack attack attack, and defense!!!! 2. not bad, really making different, the best playoffs performance from my player 3. the teamwork!!!! 4. bye. LOL 5. chips 6. tokyo. Tokyo Samurai
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