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  2. Andrej Petrovic has accepted a Signing Offer from HC Davos: S71: $1,750,000 S72: $1,750,000
  3. @GustavMattias oops lol, looks like you got quoted twice there. What happened is that I answered those other questions, but as I tried to post them, my wifi went off and I was taken to a no internet screen. When I returned the VHL site, my answers appeared to have been removed, so had to redo them, and I noticed you had a second set of questions out, so I answered those instead. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
  4. 1. stop taking so many penalties and/or stop allowing shorties. 2. Seattle. Threepeat they said. Ayyy 3. Hits. Hopefully. 4. Dalton Wilcox has scored some important goals and A Red Guy has been clutch. 5. Bench McWolf and Flowers. Trade McWolf and Flowers. 6. A Red Guy. Keeping us in every game is important.
  5. 1. Well, considering the games I have been a part of, we are 2-2, I expect better. Not from the team, these guys are working their tails off day in and day out. From myself. I need to get out there and find the back of the net. 2. Our team chemistry is insane. I've never been a part of a locker room that is this in sync with each other. We all have high expectations, and we're working to help each other achieve those goals. 3. Penalties. I took one. It's something that leaves your team vulnerable for a good portion of the game, and its tough to come back when you got a guy in the box. 4. San Diego put up 12 last week. That's pretty terrifying, even with our defense and goaltending. 5. Hexxer. The kid's been lights out in the net, and he keeps us in those close games. 6. Min 5 - Phl 2. This is the game where I get my first point, an assist to Fishy. 7. We'll win both. And I have a feeling we'll see them in the playoffs as well.
  6. I don't really have anything to write about here and I don't feel like writing another 'zomg a red guy is considering fa' puff piece so I guess I'll just talk about some other stuff. Like how A Red Guy only has a .900 save percentage. The fuck is up with that? My boy's better than that. Also how the fuck is John Madden gonna score a hat trick on Gunnarsson to lead Davos to steal a game from us? That was some bullshit. Back to the red dude. I'm getting really close to reaching 700 TPE with him. Joey Clarence topped out in the 720s and Marvin Harding had 777 TPE, so I have a strong chance to pass both and have A Red Guy be my second highest TPE player. After that, the goal is 981 to pass Reik, and then it's onward and upward to my first 1,000 TPE player here.
  7. 1/26-2/2 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 10 games in, 8-2-0, how do you feel about the start to our season? What do you think is our team’s greatest strength? We took a big L against Philadelphia this week, 4-1. What went wrong? Who do you think our biggest threat is this season? Who do you think has been our MVP through the first 10 games? Next game we come up again against the Reapers. Predict the scoreline (or, if it has already happened, Game #54, react to it) We have two games against the Marlins coming up as well, who have put together a pretty good team this season. How do you think we will do?
  8. Fresh hot PC 1. We've started in the middle of the pack but are leading the Low Division. Where can we improve to make sure we maintain that lead? 2. Whose start has been more surprising so far: Seattle or Toronto? 3. Is Joseph McWolf gonna finish with more hits or more PIMs this season? 4. Who has been the biggest key to the team so far this season? 5. We have the second most PIMs in the league and the third worst PK%. What can we do to improve those numbers? 6. Who has been the unsung hero of the team so far this season?
  9. Got it downloaded on my phone! Will have a listen while driving tomorrow.
  10. And now claiming my second doubles
  11. Today
  12. Still not in the line up what a joke lol makes me happy to return to not even play in the game for more than 5 minutes
  13. Hi VHL, So Hello Yukon and Calgary, enjoy this one! @MexicanCow123thank you for joining me on the podcast. I will not be claiming this podcast at all so Mexican Cow can claim for 3 weeks as per the podcast rules. Thanks all please enjoy. Players Mentioned ( @InstantRockstar & @Krice13) - Berocka
  14. You've got heart, kid. I'll give ya that.
  15. Jtv123

    R.I.P Kobe

    I heard the news when I was legit playing a college basket-ball game. Everyone knows and should know what's going on. A Legend is gone. I'm not going to write a full article since words can't express how the world of basket-ball is truly feeling right now, but I know each of us are strong and won't let our emotion get the better of ourselves right now. Playing basket-ball from now on will be very tough for me now since I was used to say Kobe each that my shot went in and when I look at a basket-ball. It reminds me of him. To keep it short, we will truly miss you Kobe and her daughter Gigi (Which she had a truly bright future in front of her. I truly can't even imagine how she was feeling when it was happening on the spot)
  16. SBA +6
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