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  2. 1. I think so. We have a promising young team 2. For Christmas, we usually have a family get-together, but this year, just my close family. 3. Well, Miami won last year, so I think anyone has a chance 4. Yes. Definitely. I've seen it myself. They have it all: crack, coke, weed, meth. it's kind of scary 5. Among us is a great game, and I'm watching all the Star Wars movies for the first time 6. Muffbeav, no doubt
  3. 1. A nice pair of skates. 2. Not necessarily before a match, but during a match smelling salts do a great job. 3. I always try to be two steps ahead. Predicting what could happen next and which passing lane I should intercept. 4. I'm proud of the 18 points I've managed to get so far. Looking forward to bumping them up more. 5. Every single one of them. 6. Christmas lights at the top of the stadium.
  4. The Rock works out hoping some day he'll be as jacked as Phil, tbh
  5. There's one thing that graphic needs, and that's more cowbell.
  6. not my pic but I ate one from there about a week ago haha
  7. I really hope that is a live image of what you're currently devouring.
  8. 1. Im In Canada So I Was Just Chilling 2. Very Excited im Really Looking Forward To The Break I Get 3. Hot Cocoa 4. The Scoring Was Higher As I Saw 5. None So Far But It Was My First Game 6. Among Us Thank You For The Press Conference
  9. 13. What are your expectations for this season for your player? Nothing major, I would like to hit over 300 times. If I get career high in points that would be awesome stuff. Previous best is 60 something points, I think. 14. What is something you're looking forward to in the next little while? Well, some snow would be nice. Otherwise it's really dark over here, snow would light up the vibe and bring some light into our Finnish lives. 15. What are your thoughts on the Bears hot start? Good stuff I must say, I was not expecting such a great start to the se
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  11. i like mutually beneficial operations
  13. TL;DR is that Mexico's drugs are important
  14. So I get what you're saying. A non-Mexico player talking about Mexico? Well let's just say that we in Vegas are just as involved in this as Mexico is. This is probably something people already know about anyways. Mexico City has a drug cartel, or as @Hylands and @rory call it "Royalty." We all know that they sneak narcotics all across the VHLM to make a fortune apart from their hockey team. So why am I talking about this? Well you see, I wanna show you the process as to how Mexico it is now. The operations of the drug cartel from what I know. I'm not trying to expose Mexico in anyway, on the
  15. Welcome to the VHL, CptSquall! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player and get you started. We also highly recommend joining the VHL Discord where there is a channel dedicated to helping new members with any questions that they may have about the league or improving their player. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in tou
  16. 1. I think so. We've been playing well so far this season and we can only get better I think, as long as everyone keeps their earning up. 2. We usually have a big family dinner on Christmas day which is a lot of fun. 3. I think the dark horse status suits us quite well. We are a good team with the ability take anyone if we play well and our place in the standings might have some overlooking us in the playoffs 4. 100%. There is no way they are this good without being hyped up on something 5. I love the opening Normandy scene from Saving Private Ryan, it's really tense and I
  17. 1. i feel like we have been improving more and more and the results show! 2.not really they are enjoyable 3.catto all the way :3 4.never too much 5.i will most likely be with the bulls next season i hope and i hope we win! 6.christmas themed as well :3
  18. I'll tell ya one thing, NYA games are not disappointing. 6-5 win and 7-4 loss when two goals in the 7 came in the last period
  19. oh so THAT'S why we couldn't beat Mexico
  20. 1. Our young offense and goaltenders are growing stronger, so I do believe we will be better 2. Full decorations, music, etc. 3. Let them sleep on the Aces, we'll take them down when they least expect it 4. Need more sources 5. Story of Super Paper Mario, honestly incredible, especially for a Mario game 6. MuffBeav
  21. 1. I think we will , started hot then went a little cold so I believe the trend should go upwards. 2. I usually buy a nice cognac to share with the fam, make a nice dinner and open gifts. 3. I like the dark horse status, when we upset a bunch of teams it will make us look better than being first and losing to a dark horse. 4. Hell yes they are, I was wondering what the refs have been smoking lately. 5. I've been playing call of duty(both of them), and rewatching the american pie movies. 6. I wish I knew...
  22. Umm, excuse me, I'd like to buy 10 of these!
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