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  2. 1. Who is the Aces MVP this year? 2. We face the Marlins in round one- do you like our chances? 3. How has the season been for you? Have you enjoyed your time in Vegas? 4. Did your player satisfy your expectations? Or did they underperform? 5. Most of you guys are going to the VHL next year. What team do you want to play for/are you excited to play for your VHL team if you were already drafted? 6. At the end of the year, we have a team awards show. Besides the obvious awards, what weird awards do you want to be given out?
  3. To be fair I did live sim all of last seasons playoffs to avoid issue.
  4. 1. Only one game left, I think I'm good at 71. 2. Would be nice to reach 80 assists. 3. I think so yes. Our whole team performed very well! 4. Confirmed 2nd. It was a wild ride and although we came close, we couldn't quite outpace Houston in the end. 5. I think Mississauga will surprise many when the playoffs start. 6. Every day! I give my all for my team, they're expecting that much.
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  7. Yeah I guess and even if you have "backup simmers" A) that gets complicated, and B) almost anyone who would ever be well-known enough to sim has a player in the VHL and some self interest probably. Oh well. Thanks for all the work you do
  8. There’s nothing rough about this. The crop is fine & have you ever heard of the “glitch effect” it’s the effect I used to distort the picture like it’s being watched on an old tv with interference or white noise. The watermark is because I used PSExpress to edit the photo. So they always put a watermark there unless you have the premium version of the editor. Lol So try again. Stealing resources? This is exactly what were supposed to do is use pictures from online. Nobody in this league has time to draw or paint a picture. I’m an artist in “ real life “ so I don’t need you to tell me how to use editing software. This picture turned out exactly how I wanted it and took a couple hours. So not sure what you’re looking at. Gtfo 💩 I will see you on the ice better keep your head up.
  9. Thanks man! I always thought your graphics were awesome and I definitely looked at them when I was starting, to improve. I still love seeing what you can come up with.
  10. In the season 66 draft the top 5 players selected were all forwards, the very first defensemen selected was Charlie Paddywagon at six overall to Davos. At 6’4” Charlie is a big body but also turned into a good skater and puck handler. His rookie season was a bit of a let down, with only 15 assists and a single goal and his defensive stats don’t really jump out either. Each year he has made steady improvements. In a re draft scenario he would’ve been selected third or fourth overall taking the place of Mars. The next pick was the second defensemen taken in the draft. Jerry Garcia has turned into a really good two way defender who can bang in the corners but also quarterback the power play. His rookie season he has 27 assists and 31 points. He also had 119 hits and 145 shots blocked. He has improved in all those stats each year in the league. If we were to re draft he’d go third or fourth overall, and the team at 3 would have a hard choice between Paddywagon and Garcia, but would get a great player either way.
  11. Everyone get your lines in ASAP! LETS GO BEARS!!!
  12. Season Glory Killy Foilen talks about season so far. "So far this season has been totally amazing for me. I have surpassed a lot of my goals and look to get into the VHL next season to play with my cousin @gorlab. In this season so far I have, 28 Goals, 51 assists, and 79 points in 71 game. A outstanding effort for a player of my caliber, I've been working hard, in the gym every single week wanting to prove just how much I"m worth to this league. After being dropped by Minnesota this past season, I've really made my mark in Las Vegas, being a core star on the team in S68, going into the playoffs I'm looking forward to us competing and hopefully winning it all. After that, it's onto the big leagues for me to play for Moscow. Although I most likely won't get much playing time, my cousin and I will be able to play together, I'll be able to learn from him and hopefully become a star on the team. Other than that, there's not much else to talk about, so with that, I'll see you next week."
  13. 1. I have no idea, have not been focusing on that at all, I'm a team player. 2. Same with that too, coach just wants me to play at my best and that's what I have been doing. 3. For sure, I was a scrub last season and have really stepped up my game. 4. 1st, we have the talent and are the best team in the league. 5. I have no idea, I focus on my team only. 6. Every single day, I strive to get better, day in and day out.
  14. As long as it’s food I’ll eat it (somewhat decent) so cook away
  15. +6
  16. Agreed! I'm not overly happy with the final result, but I also just downloaded gimp and started doing image edits specifically for the VHL, so it's why I allow myself to post such rough trash 🤪 The logo actually was really big on the player originally, I just resized the Hali logo until it was around the same size, and then just cloned out the edges that we're sticking out from the old logo. But I also thought it looked awkwardly big to be fair, so I probably could have just cloned out the whole logo which would allow me to make the Hali one smaller. Agreed as well on the text. That's something I'm really trying to learn, as right now I just basically scroll through all the fonts and pick a random one that doesn't look completely bad, and then try to work with it. I had some trouble with getting the crop right on the trophy, and in the end just kinda used a blur effect to "deal with" the edges. But it's definitely not a clean cut. Thanks for the feedback!
  17. 1. do you wanna come over so I could maybe give you a back rub...? hahaha... unless?
  18. INDEX @VHL GM VHLM Regular season still need to finish up and we want to give you guys some time to get your lines set and stuff so I'm thinking playoffs will likely start Monday. Still, we might do things early and start them tomorrow so get your lines in ASAP. As a note for everyone, this index doesn't include the most recent updates (they are a couple of days behind I think) but I will be updating for every playoff sim so rest assured that they will be accurate for the sims.
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