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  2. I hope none of them find out the raiders moved from oakland
  3. After falling in the draft to 10th overall, Taylor Mourning felt he had something to prove to the VHL. Fully believing he was capable of being the best player in his draft class, Mourning thought for sure he would be selected in the top five; instead, he ended up on the Malmo Nighthawks, a team which had spoken with Mourning ahead of the draft but did not believe he would be available to them at their first selection. They made what was a very easy pick for them, but so far, Mourning has mostly disappointed in the VHL. It took Mourning 13 games to finally get his first point. Altho
  4. 1. Team is off to a great start. What has been the biggest difference? We're going with full cylinders, I think. Last season, we had a shorter roster, which kinda got in the way. 2. What has been the biggest difference between where you played before the VHLM from here? Well... I mean, it's easier to do things-ish, but I kinda dig games on FHM more. 3. Favorite cheat snack? KitKat. Haven't had one in ages, though. 4. You can represent any country that isn't your own, who is it? I'm Brazilian by birth... but if I really had to choose, Estonia. 5. You can
  5. 1. A little bit, but with this start and the age of our team, we’re onto something big! 2. Our defence for sure, I’m not worried about us scoring so much. 3. Yes I’m very pleased so far! 4. The diverse individuals of our forward group. From Druss to some highly skilled attacking players, and everyone else in between. 5. I think Seattle if they can get on a heater, I can’t see them playing 500 much longer with that roster. 6. 5 guys burgers and fries!
  6. 1. I was expecting to do slightly better but it's been okay. 2. It's been slow. I really wish he was producing more. 3. score more, let less goals in. That's usually how it works. 4. Eso. I think he's much better than most people think he is. 5. Dixon. If he could get slightly more consistent he has the opportunity to be incredible. 6. Joe Madison to Kevin Miller (idc that he's retired). Both willing to put their body on the line for the team.
  7. 1. What a start to the season. Are you surprised at how well we have been doing early on? A bit, yeah. I think our schedule has maybe been one of the easier ones thus far, so it's not a total shock, but before looking at the schedule I would not have expected us to be in first a quarter of the way through the season. Don't get me wrong, I think we can compete with the best of them, and we are serious contenders, but I don't think many people saw us putting it all together this quickly. 2. What do we need to focus on in order to maintain this winning pace? We need to stay
  8. https://anchor.fm/huddlehussy/episodes/Another-break-down-of-what-is-going-on-by-a-stats-noob-e15aumf @hylands @Esso2264 Ya'll are great please don't mind the roast and correct me if i am wrong. lol
  9. Game 108: Philadelphia Reapers vs. Ottawa Lynx Game 109: Miami Marauders vs. San Diego Marlins Game 110:
  10. @JigglyGumballs
  11. Double digit Day! Day 10 of S79 starting momentarily
  12. Today
  13. While it has been a better start to Season 79 offensively speaking, the London United sophomore defender has come out to talk with media about what he feels are unfair, biased refereeing in particular against himself. Sven was noted as having 0 PIMs last season and is one of a small group of VHL players who pay attention and care about each other on the ice, noted by having a more disciplined approach to the game. Thus far in 18 games this season Sven has already amassed 10 penalty minutes, and the defender isn't exactly happy with what the calls that have put him in the box. He had this to sa
  14. 1. This will be a bit of a three parter - 1a. If you were on the team last season, give me a sentence or two about your time with our recently departed captain Landry. 1b. If you were not on the team last season, who are you looking forward to playing with this season? 1c. If you were not on the team last season and are also not on the team this season, 1b can still pertain to you, just for the team you're actually playing on. It was amazing playing with Landry II, I will not forget that time. 2. One fun thing your player did between seasons with the break f
  15. I'd say Gummy Welches would be a slightly better name. Or worse depending on who's asking
  16. Review: I really like this, I would read it a lot of times, I really like how you inposted all of this. Have you tried to apply for VSN? You would do a lot of great things. In the end this gets a solid 8 out of a 10. Good job, keep it up!
  17. Hounds Press Conferece (Week Ending 8/8) 1) Has your production changed since last week? If so, are you happy with it? 2) How do you feel about management under Z and MC? 3) Do you plan on playing in the VHLE or just the VHL? 4) If you had to choose, what language would you have as your first language (cannot be your current first language)? 5) If you could get your own role in the discord, what would you like the role to be named? 6) Do you feel that you can win any hardware this season?
  18. those damn patriots. hate em!
  19. Presser for August 1st 1) Do you have any post game rituals? Food and sleep is something I never miss out on 2) What do you think the most important thing to having a successful career is? Good teammates and good chemistry, with that you can go anywhere 3) How have you felt about your performance thus far in the season? I feel like I could be doing more, I am not filling up the role i have right now and I need to improve. 4) Have you been keeping up with your Career Tasks? I'd say i'm doing good, I have made lots o
  20. Review: i really liked how you did this. the blurred out paint effect you have here is pretty good looking, almost looks as if its hand drawn. The logo swaps on the layers as well as the name put on the back of the jersey is done very cleanly, you even got the logo swap to go behind the players stick which i have no idea how to do yet lol. 9/10
  21. Red


    Review: did u submit both these banners, cause imo the bottom one looks better than the one that actually won the thing. I love the idea of having the player names displayed on the banner and overall i think the colours and fonts just look better on the bottom one. bottom banner 9/10. top banner 2/10
  22. This game was hilarity on our end I don't know what your talking about. Us all game as all of town fights each other each convinced every single MAF was good...
  23. The Titans have played their first quarter of the season, that being 18 games with your not good with math. The Helsinki Titans record is 3-14-1, yes that's right, just 3 wins in 18 games, the next closest team is London with 7 wins. However as tough as it may be to watch the team they are rebuilding, and S79 saw them start that process by drafting center Jonathan Ori with their only first round pick in that draft. The team however has five first round picks in the next two drafts, and seven second round picks. Needless to say GM Rayzor and AGM Hatter have a lot of work ahead of them. For the
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