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  2. Jivere Zolnek has accepted a Signing Offer from Vancouver: S79: $2,500,000 S80: $2,500,000 S81: $2,500,000 Option: Team
  3. Today
  4. lol I found a few Zimmers ones in mine;
  5. Probably is world, but should be Nordic
  6. Sick! Greenland starting a takeover
  7. not accurate i voted gus
  8. Singh was in Intranquilo's class so this confirms to me that my timeline and v.2's just narrowly didn't overlap. However, I'll go with two older players I've been made aware of through newer players: Gunnar-Rune Rorvik and Sebastien Perrin
  9. You'll know him soon. He's the Prague AGM - basically he's new but he's learning the ropes from me and I'll vouch for him pretty heavily. Probably my favorite new member of the last 5 or so seasons (with all due respect to the rest of the Phamily)
  10. Maksym Jankowski has been released by the Moscow Menace.
  11. Michael Olson has been released by the Moscow Menace.
  12. Victor Foles has been released by the Moscow Menace.
  13. the irony of this in conjunction with your sig is fucking hilarious
  14. Legendary player Timoth
  15. mommy daddy don’t fight
  16. 1. Vegas or the avalanche. 2. Just throw our starting line up in there since i do not know many players in the league. 3. no, not worth it. 4. hit 10 goals and break 50 points. 5. Rent out a club, would be super fun lol. 6. My friends for sure.
  17. 1. Which NHL team win the Stanley cup in 2021? Answer: 2. What would be your choice for the S77 all star team? (3 forwards, 2 defensemen, 1 goalie) Answer: 3. If you were the GM of your favorite NHL team, would you trade for Eichel? If yes, what is your offer? Answer: 4. What is your personal goal other than the cup for S78 as a player? Answer: 5. We are making an off-season party with the team and we let you choose the destination of the party. Where are we doing it? Answer: 6. Who is the bigge
  18. Josh

    S77 WJHC Index

    Round Robin Index Please send lines to: vhl.simulation@gmail.com, and include "WJHC - Team _____" in the subject line.
  19. Even this is too far into the future, haha. If I could remember 8ovechkin8's previous player name that could be possible... @Victor? You should be in this thread anyway.
  20. This is fun. Any Shortbus player sigs? @McKelvie Dubnikovs, Brunnstrom, Zimmers? (I just read the 20 in 20 article on this recently) EDIT: Also, how about some of your own player sigs?
  21. No need to worry. The response to my application would probably be worse.
  22. 1. Are you a Star Wars fan and did you do any binging on May 4th? When I was younger yes, now not so much. As for the day itself, probably not. I'm boring AF. 2. Are you looking forward to anything this off season? We look like we won't be making any moves due to cap, so just the start of next season rolling around. 3. Have you followed the playoffs at all since the Legion were eliminated? Nope. I heard Seattle won again. Congrats. 4. Any plans for the weekend? Camping trip, maybe some fishing? Getting away from the new neighbors bef
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