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  2. Kendrick

    GM 288: Americans vs. Titans

    Because Cornerstone had to lock up 2nd place in award voting
  3. Beketov

    A GM Timeline

    I’m not remotely saying you have to like it. But your comments came off as if the league somehow completely screwed you when, in reality, your right hand man screwed himself.
  4. Spade18

    GM 288: Americans vs. Titans

  5. Lucky 2 Times

    GM 285: HC Dynamo vs. Reign

  6. Lucky 2 Times

    GM 280: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

  7. ShaneAppelle

    S60 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Shane appelle Forward Points Assist
  8. Today
  9. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 286: Wranglers vs. Meute

    SOB! So close. I think we're gonna be pretty good next season.
  10. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 281: Reign vs. Meute

    What an awesome way for us to finnish seasons end! Good job team mates!!!
  11. Higgins

    GM 284: Titans vs. Bears

    Playoff preview 😎
  12. Higgins

    A GM Timeline

    That's fine. At the same time that doesn't mean the decision didn't negatively affect anyone. I can accept it happened, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
  13. Will

    S60 Playoff Index

    INDEX @Bushito @Higgins @STZ @Banackock @Tyler Send playoff lines!
  14. Beketov

    A GM Timeline

    The league didn’t take away anyone, he did it to himself. He was given far more warnings than he deserved and knew what he was doing. If you somehow didn’t see the writing on the wall that’s fine but don’t blame the league for removing a member who needed to go.
  15. VHL Games

    GM 284: Titans vs. Bears

  16. VHL Games

    GM 282: Bears vs. Wranglers

  17. VHL Games

    GM 283: Wranglers vs. Americans

  18. VHL Games

    GM 281: Reign vs. Meute

  19. VHL Games

    GM 287: Bears vs. Legion

  20. Beketov

    S60 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Matt Thompson Forward Points Goals
  21. Spade18

    2017-2018 NHL Discussion

    This is awesome, I bought a Las Vegas hat at the beginning of the season and decided to be a Vegas fan from the start. So seeing a cup in a teams first year would be AWESOME. On the other hand, I LOVE Alex Ovechkin. He is the best goal scorer I may ever get to see in my life and I would be stoked to see him have his name on the cup. Either way this series turns out I'm gonna be thrilled.
  22. Smarch

    S60 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    You must list your player name and position or else I will not be counting your tpe for you. I was lenient on this last season, but will stick to it this time around. You have until the conclusion of the VHL playoffs to complete this. 1. Before the end of the VHL playoffs, players that want to and are eligible for TPE bonuses from the VHLM must declare in this thread their PRIMARY stats for tracking throughout the REGULAR SEASON. These stats will then be tracked for BONUS TPE and can be declared anytime throughout the season. 2. Unless a declaration is made in this thread, players will not receive BONUS TPE at the end of the season for their achievements. This thread will be locked upon completion of the VHL playoffs. 3. Inactive players cannot have their declarations be posted by their team GMs. 4. The following stat achievements can be declared for skaters: Goals Assists Points Hits Shot Blocks +/- Rating Faceoffs Won 5. Forward Achievements (Choose 2): Goals/10 Assists/12 Points/10 Hits/30 Shot Blocks/15 +/- Rating/6 (Above +0) Fights 2 points per fight FO Won/150 6. Defensemen Achievements (Choose 2): Goals/5 Assists/10 Points/7 Hits/30 Shot Blocks/20 +/- Rating/6 (Above +0) Fights 2 points per fight 7. Goalie Achievements (All APPLICABLE) WINS/5 40 Games Started = 5 TPE Save % 0.900+ = 5 TPE Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO 8. Declaration Form Format (Put choices in the order they are listed) Player Name Forward/Defenseman Choice 1 Choice 2 Example Mitch Higgins Forward Assists +/- *Please note that goalies do not select any choices, but must submit a TPE declaration. 9. S62 Prospects are not eligible 10. The VHLM Achievement Tracker is capped at 20 TPE per player. With a minimum cap at 10 TPE per player. 11. TPE from the Tracker cannot be applied to your player until the payout thread is posted by a VHLM Commissioner @Spade18 @Gooningitup @diamond_ace @Laflamme
  23. Beaviss

    A GM Timeline

    Sad to see you leave the GM squad @Higgins
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