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  2. Welcome to the VHL, NicRaider! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player and get you started. We also highly recommend joining the VHL Discord where there is a channel dedicated to helping new members with any questions that they may have about the league or improving their player. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in touch with you about joining their teams. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you have here or in your create-a-player thread. We're happy to have you in the community and we hope you stick around!
  3. I'm down and I know a way to play Minecraft hockey if people are interested.
  4. efl +6
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  6. 1. As the coach it’s very important 2. I’d love to be a great scorer and if I get drafted by a expansion team, I could always be their franchise player. 3. Calgary and Enorama's team those two are looking great 4. 1 (T) Calgary and Expansion team (enorama) 3 Helsinki is in that range 5. Not crazy important though I’d look a decent amount 6. A discord person I’d say I’m quiet the guy in the LR.
  7. The reapers will send you guys to the grave 😏
  8. dibs on mining for diamonds @Will
  9. Was thinking of making a minecraft server, would probably be a modpack like Skyfactory 4 or FTB Infinity Evolved. If there's enough interest I'll throw one up for people to play on.
  10. He looked good today again a goal and couple good chances. Norwich should stay up IMO.
  11. yep, he's awesome! I never expected him to have such an explosive start in Premier
  12. i hope the pun in the title makes updaters deny the article
  13. 1. We can and we did! 3. More ice time me thinks 4. More Micheal Scott 5. We gon win it all 6. I want to be a part of it one day 10. More players like me
  14. Great year everyone! This has been the best season of my GM career and it's all thanks to you guys! Thank you for working so damn hard to get those wins and good luck in the future!
  15. Flashback to the beginning of the year, and San Diego was a write-off. They had sold their S67 assets to compete in their inaugural season, and while the playoffs last season didn't pan out the way they had hoped, they were competitive. Jump forward to this year, San Diego had no assets going into S67, not a single draft pick had been made, the franchise didn't even show up to draft day, because their plan was simple, build from the ground up, sign some brand new prospects, and make it a journey. Even with prospects joining the Marlins left and right, people still had their doubts. Would the Marlins be the worst expansion franchise this season? Would the Marlins be the worst VHLM franchise this season? At first, it seemed like it. The Marlins started off piss-poor, their record was junk and the activity was very, very low. But things changed about one month into the games, it was like lightbulbs went off and things finally began to click. San Diego ran two full lines of solid activity, a ton of youth in the system and proud players among the team. Everything seemed to be clicking, and so the team began to go on a roll. Despite the roll, they had their ups and downs, they still couldn't get past the great wall of Philadelphia, and the Lochness Ottawa was still just like the monster... a mystery. Regardless, the Marlins had fun, they stayed the course, they did not want to leave the team for potential "greater" success, the team was happy. And if that isn't the definition of success in the minors, than I don't know what is. But there still leaves a void, the Marlins have yet in their two-year existence be able to flourish and push past the first round, but that is where the management staff feel optimistic, is that if they can turn a season of nothing into something when all hope had been lost, than what possibilities wait for them in the future? Time will tell, but I can tell you it's been a hell of a ride, and it's all thanks to the team, and everyone who busted their ass for this franchise, you've made me very, very happy @Frozen Block @stevo @Beerfridge @Jaku @Psyduck77 @Fire_In_Babylon @NumberJ5 @Klrpizza @SJT29 @MexicanCow123
  16. Hell of a regular season boys -Lynx alumni
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