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  2. Where to Start? It is hard to find a place to start when doing my midseason review. I really want to take some time to talk about the Hounds season so far but I also want to break down how well Kris Rice has done individually while also mentioning a teammate or two along the way. I think ill break down exactly how I mentioned and start with a breakdown of the Hounds season so far. The Mississauga Hounds Season 69 has been a complete success to date for the Mississauga Hounds. They have 34 wins, 8 losses and 3 overtime losses just over halfway through the season. They currently sit second place three points ahead of Mexico City. If the Hounds continue on this pace, they will set a new regular season record for the franchise. The most interesting thing I find about the Hounds and their season is that they aren't a high scoring team. In fact there are three other teams currently ahead of them in team scoring including Saskatoon, Mexico City, and San Diego. Where the team thrives is on the defensive side of the ice. Mississauga is ranked 2nd in goals against only behind Saskatoon with 91 goals against and giving them the 2nd best goal differential in the VHLM despite the lack of offense. So despite the team not having much high end talent, the team as a whole works well defensively. Of course being backstopped by a true #1 goaltending prospect in Jimmy Spyro doesn't hurt either. To wrap things up on the Hounds, the season to date has been a huge success and I expect a strong finish the rest of the way. Do they have what it takes to get the job done when the playoffs come around? Only time will tell. Hounds Standouts Now I want to take a moment to mention a few players on the Hounds roster that deserve to be mentioned for their play this season. These players are leaders amongst our team and if not for their efforts this season the Hounds wouldn't be doing as well as they have. Patrik Tallinder : Talli has been the most consistent Hound this season. For most of the season he has led the Hounds in points and all season has led the team in goals scored. He currently has 41 goals which puts him 2nd in the VHLM for goals scored. He is the most clutch performer on the Hounds roster with 11 game winning goals. This leads the entire VHLM which shows when the big moments come around and you need a guy to step up to seal the victory, Talli is your guy. Tallinder is a silent leader in the Hounds locker room, where his leadership speaks the loudest is on the ice and the Hounds have been lucky to have him. Finnegan MacBurn: Finn is the rock on the back end for this team. He is one of the most sound defenders in all of the VHLM. He is currently ranked in the top 10 in defenseman scoring along side teammate Will Clarke and leads his team in assists with 53 on the season to date. The 53 assists also puts him top 5 in the entire league which shows he is one of the best playmaking defenseman this season. While MacBurn can dish the puck and contribute well on the offensive side of the ice, he is just as competent in his own end. He currently leads his team in shots blocked with 62. He is always willing to throw his body on the line in order to help his team get the win. The Hounds are very fortunate to have such a consistent player on their back end. Jimmy Spyro: Spyro is a popular locker room guy. He is always so upbeat and positive that it tends to rub off on the other guys in the room. Not only is he captain positivity but he is also a big stats nerd. He is constantly following each game and tracking personal stats as well as teammates statistics. He is consistently reminding the team how they are progressing through the season and its nice to have someone around who is such a huge help in the Hounds locker room. Where Spyro shines the most is in the crease. He is one of the best goalies in the VHLM this season and for the stats guy himself I have a lot of stats to back that up. He currently sits second in wins with 34, also 4th in the league in save percentage with a .891 % which continually continues to rise, he's 3rd in the league with an insane 1.96 GAA, number one in the league in shutouts with 6, and has let in the second fewest amount of goals this season. This guy is a maniac and I am personally very excited to see where his career takes him. There are many talented players on our roster, a few honorable mentions are newcomers Will Clarke and Nate Wright who have been great additions to this team. Cheezy and Frost are also having good rookie seasons in the VHLM. Now its time to breakdown the season its been for myself. Kris Rice What a second season it has been for myself. To be apart of this team with so many talented players has been a surreal experience. I am trying to enjoy each moment of it as it could be something very special. This is going to be my last season in the VHLM as I make the jump next year but I do not want to look to far ahead just yet. We still have just under half a season to play and playoffs soon after that. Lets breakdown a few areas of my game for old times sake and have a look at what I need to do to improve my game for the next step in my career. Offense: A tale of two completely different seasons it has been during my two years in the VHLM. Last year was purely developmental and I barely hit the score sheet on a regular basis. My game was solely defense focused because we had the talent to carry the offensive load. Now that our star players from the past season have moved up to the VHL this season, a few players such as Patrik Tallinder and myself have had to step into bigger roles for this team. Tallinder is a huge reason I have done so well this season offensively. I thrive to be the best and to be the best you have to beat the best and Tallinder is the best. He has given me a reason to continue to produce and thrive offensively so that I can one day say I stood up to the standards he has set for this team. After 45 games I am leading the team in points with 82 points. Second on the team in goals with 40 behind Tallinder and have contributed 42 assists. I never would have thought that I would have hit 40 goals in my life time being a playmaking winger but this year Talli and I have had to share the load to get us these wins. Needless to say the stats speak for themselves, offense has not been an issue this season. Defense: This is the part of my game I will always take pride in. Even when I make the jump to the VHL the sole focus of my training to begin my career there will be to improve on my defensive game first and allow my offense to build off of that. This season has been a continuance of last when it comes to my defensive game. Currently tied for 3rd in +/- with a rating of +27 and have contributed 11 blocks this season. I cant stress enough the importance of defense and our team as whole this season has been a defensive juggernaut. Physicality: An area of my game that I used to shy away from was the physical side. I am not the biggest of players nor was I ever the most physical player growing up. I have realized though that as you play in the VHLM and move up to play in the VHL you will be playing against men. The game gets tough and other players are physical and you have to be able to hold your own when the time arises. This season I worked a bit on my strength and as a result of that I have played with a bit of an edge. I am 4th on the team with 70 hits and 1st on the team in PIM's. I am not particularly proud of leading in penalty minutes but sometimes you have to make the tough choice to prevent a goal and I have had to do that a time or two. Also I think headbutting a guy and getting thrown out of a game will get those numbers up as well.... To wrap up what has been a long and drawn out article, I just want to say its been a hell of a season so far with the Mississauga Hounds. From the very top with management making the tough choices with trading players and setting lines, right down to the 4th line grinders battling in their own ends every night, this organization is building towards something special this season and I am excited that I get to be a part of that. Go Hounds Go! WORD COUNT: 1585
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    Welcome to the team @Poptart
  4. Sami Luukkonen has been released by the Mexico City Kings.
  5. Oferson...? I hardly know her son! @Nykonax
  6. At the age of 17 Justin Graves cracked the roster of the Brookfield Elks in the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League. Making the roster was just the first step for him though, he would struggle to find consistency with the Elks only managing to Play in 5 games the first half of the season and looked very out of place on the Elks blue line.It would only get worse for him when he finally got dressed for his 6th game just minutes into the game he would block a shot going of his foot causing a fracture, The injury caused his season to come to an end with 0 points and a -14 while on the ice. Graves 2nd year was a major change for him, the coach of the Elks changed his position moving him to the right wing. This change proved well for the young player as he would rise through to get first line minutes in just a few games. As the season comes to an end Graves has accumulated 17 goals and 43 assists leading his team in points and tied for league leader for assists. In the following year Graves would help lead the Elks team back to playoffs for the first time in 6 years as the Captain of the squad! He would go on to have 4 goals and 12 assists in the playoffs Helping the elks to the championship and was awarded League MVP. Leaving the Junior B hockey league for his final junior season graves would join the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL, Graves would be facing his hometown Halifax Mooseheads multiple times in the season but it didn't bother him to much he was just happy to make the step into the Q League. The League would prove to be tough for him to find the change of pace, Many believed he would never really make an impact in the league, but he knew he had to being the last year to prove hes worthy of the VHLM. The Winger would find chemistry with line mate Connor Garland and the two became a unstoppable pair on the front end for Moncton. Playing along side Garland Graves would finish his regular season in the QMJHL with 22 goals and 37 assists, while Moncton would make it to the semifinals before being knocked out. The Halifax Native Was happy with his finish to his junior career but worrys his one season wont garner enough interest in the VHLM but only time will tell.
  7. Do you ever feel like you travel too much? Well that's been my whole life pretty much, from moving out of Europe, to moving from state to state, and then being traded from teams. Now don't get me wrong I've only been traded from a team one other time in my career, and that was in the OHL when the Erie Otters traded me to the Mississauga Steelheads during a struggling season I had, but I've had my fill moving from team to team and just starting over, and you kind of start getting used to it, and you can't let it affect you and your career or, how you play in your next game it's something a lot of us go through, and something we all have to overcome. I signed with the hounds on the 24th of November as I was approached and offered a contract by the Hounds I would play 19 games with them, and struggle as I wouldn't score my first goal, till I was 15 games in and only end my playing time with the Hounds with 2-0-2 with a +/- of 1 with only 4 shots, 10 hits, and 14 minutes in the box. I got news a few days earlier that there could be a trade going down sending me too the Yukon Rush giving the Hounds a key player for fire power through the rest of the season and the playoffs. It would take a few days before the trade would actually go through, and would find out they wouldn't be sending me to Yukon alone as the trade would go through sending me and teammate Left Wing Ellias Ostling for Left Wing Nate Write, the Rush would also send Defenseman Alyksander Hunter to the Mexico City Kings in return for Center Chad Magnum and Defenseman Alex Armstrong. I wanted to save the best for last which is thanking the Hounds and their organization for giving me the opportunity they all have been helpful, and I'm very grateful for everything they've done for me only person I may of had a little trouble being around was Berocka he is a bit delusional thinking Australia and he's racist other than that he's a pretty cool guy. I look at this opportunity as a chance to move forward and use it to my strength and have a chance to make a name for myself better for the draft here than I did with the stacked Hounds roster I am pretty excited for playing with my new teammates, and getting settled in as I will have a lot of work on my hand still trying to prove myself. I wish the Hounds a good luck for the rest of the season and I'm sure they'll make it deep into the playoffs if not winning it all as they have been and continue to be one of the hottest teams in the league besides the Wild of course but we all know that.
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    it would come full circle if I were to test free agency, go somewhere else, and then get traded back to Moscow 😂
  9. That's what you get for bragging endlessly about your VHLM awards endlessly after being drafted, as if it meant something ❤️ Good luck with the new player, hopefully the STHS agree with this one
  10. review: beautiful, man. the snow is subtle and rendered beautifully. lovely background layering work with the animal and forest. the desaturated vibes is gorgeous. inspiring stuff!
  11. Review: this is very basic and feels thrown together randomly. the lines are just tossed on, font work is very simple. if you going rainbow color palette you gotta go all out, have more fun with the designs the font, the background. make the graphic sing.
  12. Review: killer GFX! dope combo using black and white and gold to maximum effect. gorgeous textures and font choice. the piece just pops in a way where my eye keeps moving as I look at it. looking forward to your next work.
  13. Review: nice composition, am a fan of the dark smoke surrounding the players, and the skull on the middle. feel like the dark clouds are a bit too heavy - could maybe be pulled back a bit and had shades of grey so we can see its shape a bit more
  14. 1. Moscow made a trade to get goalie Finn Davison out of Davos and into Russia. Are they the front-runners now? 2. Elias Dahlberg recently made an announcement with intentions to retire. With both him and Rauno Palo -- major contributors to our team -- retiring, how will we fill their shoes at forward? 3. Let's suppose you're the new owner of the Riga Reign. How would you re-brand our fearless felines? 4. We're a little more than halfway through the season. Who's your pick for rookie of the year? 5. If you picked someone from our team for #4, who would you pick not on our team for RotY? 6. What's the deal with Malmo defenseman Jerry Garcia sending us pints of ice cream all the time? 7. Which team mascot is the weirdest? 8. Tell me about your most memorable fan interaction. 9. Everyone remembers their draft day. When did it first really register that you were a pro hockey player? 10. You're fighting Hulk Hogan and prime Ryuu Crimson in a 2v2. Which player would you take them on with?
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    Review: sick sick sick. dope background, love the glitched text. greplayer cutout choice too - wish you added more crazy layers on top to unify player and background more, he still feels too clean compared to the distorted world around him.
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