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  2. 1. Which VHL team do you expect will win the Continental Cup? I have Riga taking it all. 2. Do you expect any changes do you think are needed for this Dragons roster, if any? Just make sure whatever you do you are worst than the Chicago Phoenix. 3. If you could be any other position in the VHL other than what you currently are, what would it be and why? Scoring winger. Chicks dig goals. 4. What is the #1 most stressful hockey position? #1 forward, #1 defenseman, or #1 goaltender? Gotta be goalie. The whole team relies on you and if you have an off night it can ruin everything. A couple of real life stuff: 5. How is your city handling the these COVID times? Does your city have more cases, etc? Have you been out and about? I've been getting out and about lately. My city has handled it fairly well and kept cases relatively low. 6. Do you expect the NHL will resume, and who do you think wins it all if the playoffs do come back? As a homer I am going to pick the Leafs, if it returns.
  3. Mark of the devil 3 game 6's coming up. We live.
  4. 1. Who was the first defenceman to be crowned rookie of the year? (Inspired by and therefore 1 uncapped TPE to @Jtv123) Two defencemen won the Bossy Trophy in its first four seasons of existence, with Hall of Famer Jochen Walser preceded by the lesser known of the Funk brothers in S3 - Raymond. Funk would later go on to found the VHL Magazine and be the agent of legendary goalie Aidan Shaw, earning a Builder induction alongside brother Dustin. I did do a double take when Rayz Funk joined the S67 VHL draft, some 30 seasons after we last saw Raymond. As Funk did not make the HOF, there were a few ways to find out he was a defenceman (assuming that figuring out that S2 winner Stolzschweiger was not was relatively straightforward). a) A search through Retired Players where he would come up with his position on Aidan Shaw's player page: b) Looking him up in the all-time defencemen stats: (Funk sits 112 in all-time points, right next to Ryan Kastelic before his move up front) c) Searching for him in the draft forum: d) Potentially others. 2. How many times have the Yukon Rush won the Founder's Cup? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Jbeezy76) The historic VHLM franchise has 5 Founder's Cups to its name. An expansion team alongside the VHL's Quebec in S31, the Rush burst out of the gates with a cup in their very first season and followed it up with 5 more finals and 3 more championships by S41, just 11 seasons into its existence. The cups have dried up since then though with only one more win coming in S59. They are a bit behind the other older VHLM franchises but also fellow S31 expansion team Bratislava, who have been defunct since S53. #BringBackBratislava You could have found this on the portal page for Founder's Cups: or the handy spreadsheet for VHLM playoff history: @solas 2 @rory 2 @Tate 2 @Mrpenguin30 2 @GrittyIsKing09 1 @okifenoki 2 @JBrew42 2 @TTtheT 2 @dlamb 2 @AW13 2 @Corco 2 @Z16 2 @Ricer13 2 @osens 2 @Mongoose87 2 @Da_Berr 2 @Rocket 2 @Advantage 2 @Hylands33 2 @Infernal 2 @Big Dee 2 @Turner 2 @BigTittySmitty 2 @Steve 2 @rjfryman 2 @jared 2 @turkey2349 2 @TheFlash 2 @zepheter 2 @JamesBond007 2 @Doomsday 2 @BladeMaiden 2 @fonziGG 2 @fishy 2 @Jared Willis 2 @jpsd 2 @SweatyBeaver 2 @IamMOOSE 2 @Blazzer 2 @PatrikLaine 1 @Motzaburger 2 @twists 2 @Bacon 2 @Acydburn 2 @Kyle 2 @Pengu 2 @jacobaa19 2 @Snussu 2 @S. Kuchar 2 @Ahma 2 @Kachur 2@studentized 2@DMaximus 2@Philliefan 2@Jer_Lefebvre 2@Spartan 2@Big Bob 2@KaleebtheMighty 2@MexicanCow123 2@Spence King 2@Brewins15 2@bigAL 2@Mr_Hatter 2@UnkemptCL4PTP 2@Poptart 2@Kendrick 2@NathanN 2@Rayzor_7 2@RStar 2@fever95 2@jman9theman9 2@dariusmarimotoman 2@wcats 2@Jtv123 2@flatl99 2@Greg_Di 2@Smarch 2@Enorama 2@GRZ 2@Speed 2@Midnite 2@Kekzkrieg 2@Jubo07 2@enigmatic 2@BarzalGoat 2@okochastar 2@Jbeezy76 2@Erik Summers 2@Tbeez99 2@G_Rush 2@Spaz 2@jRuutu 2@MattyIce 2@Tagger 2@McLovin 2@Garsh 2@DarkSpyro 2@Severnnin 2@DoktorFunk 2@Crstats23 2 @TXC 2@STZ 2@Velevra 2@Hooperorama 2@gorlab 2@DollarAndADream 2@LatinViking 2@dasboot 2@Telkster 2@VinCal 2@Donno100 2@KC15 2@Tape-to-Tape 2@McWolf 2@Renomitsu 2@a_Ferk 2@SirRupertBarnes 2@Shaka 2@CowboyinAmerica 2@frescoelmo 2@GustavMattias 2@Jubis 2@SlapshotDragon 2@Alex Bridges 2@PadStack 2@Boragina 2@HearnNation67 2@Advantage 2@leafsman 2@Cusemode 2@flyersfan1453 2@JeffD 2
  5. I would definitely prefer to end the series tonight but man I do love the idea of the cup storyline being 2 wins in 7 vs. 2 sweeps. I don’t know if the league has ever had a cup final with that storyline.
  6. After a disappointing post season last year, the Riga Reign have done the unexpected by sweeping both European teams to get into the finals. No one predicted that Riga would have swept both opponents and many around the league expected the Riga/Moscow series to be a long one. The Reign are expected to be underdogs against whoever the North American finalists will be but there might be some hope for Riga Fans. The Reign play a fast, up-tempo system plus a lot of great depth that has gotten them off to quick starts in this years post-season. In a what is sure to be a long series Riga have all their players healthy and rested, which could work to the Reigns advantage — especially if goalie Greg Eagles continues to top of his game. So far Eagles has been the best goalie in the post-season with a .931 save % and a 2.12 GAA “ I think I have been playing my best hockey of my career right now, the regular season was a roller coaster but I came to play in the post-season “ Eagles said during an interview at practice “ I want to be here and do my best for Riga. They deserve a cup and I will do my best to make sure that happens. All the guys here deserve it, we have been playing amazing hockey and we want something to show for that” When we spoke to the Riga coaches on the teams advantage heading into the finals they said “Well, I hope it is,” one of Riga’s coaches said during a conference call when asked if his team’s speed, fast pace of play, rest and depth could be an advantage. “I think not just guys rested, but excited, right? They haven’t been in the finals in a while, so the excitement, the rest and everything you hope will help you along the way. “I don’t think, honestly, it would matter who we play,” Eagles said when asked who he would prefer to play in the finals. “I think the biggest thing right now for me is to focus on the game in hand and focus on winning. It could be Calgary or NY. Either way I will be playing at the top my game” Eagles continued “our goal is to win the Cup, but in order to win the Cup you got to win the final series. It’s anybody’s game. It’s who’s playing the best hockey at the most important time of the year. The league is still awaiting the end of the North American conference finals to see who Riga will play. Both NY or Calgary will be tough opponents and many are thinking it will be a long series. “ We have had it pretty good so far, being able to wrap everything up in 4 games and then getting the rest we need “ Said Eagles “ But I know the finals will be a tough series. I don’t expect anything other then 7 game series. While we might be rested, the other team is going to be coming in with adrenaline. We will see which one will win out”
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  8. Yeah, I knew it was controversial as soon as I put it because you guys have some studs like Tyler Walker.
  9. Player Information Username: Riley_Couture Player Name: Riley Couture Recruited From: Member (Emi) Age: 23 Position: C Height: 67 in. Weight: 145 lbs. Birthplace: United Kingdom Player Page @VHLM GM
  10. The Minnesota Storm were a force not to be messed with all season long. Carried by strong offense and goaltending, they had multiple 10+ game win streaks. But as the season wound down and the playoffs began, goaltender Woody McPine failed to show up. This seems to be a trend in the young goaltender's career. McPine has failed to show up in the games biggest stages, whether it's the VHLM playoffs were he and the Storm bowed out in 6 games to the San Diego Marlins, or in the World Junior Championships, where he failed to get Canada past a bronze medal in 2 years. This years playoffs are going similarly, with McPine being pulled 4 times against expansion team Miami Marauders and the Mexico City Kings in 11 games. McPine has a 5-5 record so far in this years playoffs, with a save percentage of 0.837, a career worst, and goals against average of 3.94. These numbers are a stark contrast to his regular season record of 60-10-2, 0.900 save percentage, 2.25 GAA, and 9 shutouts. Is the young tendy cracking under playoff pressure again? Or could he just be tired after playing all 72 games this season? Storm GM @Rayzor_7 seems to believe its the latter, as he benched McPine for Bennett Dahl in game 3 against Mexico City. The first round series saw 8th place Marauders started off hot, winning the first 2 games with scores of 4-1 and a dominant 5-1 game 2, before the Storm woke up with a 7-6 victory, and then another Miama victory of 3-2 to push the regular season champs to the brink and go up 3 games to 1 in their first ever playoffs series. With their backs against the wall, Storm players bailed out their goaltender and rallied off 3 straight wins, led by Mickael Keef with 5 points, and Cole Newhook, Ike Bennet, Mickey Dickson, and Liam Flaten with 4 points each. Minnesota's second round sees them matched up against the 4th place Kings, and it's been a wild ride so far. The Storm took the first game 4-3, and then got thumped by the Kings 7-0 in game 2. Woody was riding the pine in the next game, as the Storm started reliable backup Bennett Dahl instead. The move almost paid off, as the Storm took Mexico City to overtime before Kirishima Wakaro put the puck past Dahl to give the Kings a 5-4 win. McPine was back between the pipes for game 4, which saw the Storm come away with a big 7-4 victory, led by Newhook, Flaten, and Joe Exotic with 3 points a piece. Game 5 was a tight one, a 2-1 victory of Mexico City to once again push Minnesota to the brink of elimination. McPine has played better in games 4 and 5after his benching, with save percentages of 0.892 and 0.882, respectively, and a GAA of 2.5 over the 2 games while picking up 1 win and 1 loss. Time will tell if he can keep it up, but one thing is for sure, McPine will need to play much better if he and the Storm want to raise the cup this year. Word count: 532
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