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  2. Seabass Perrin was the only big ticket UFA signing of the year for the Helsinki Titans after agreeing to a one year deal with him. Perrin didn't seem to need much of a adjustment period in order to produce for the Titans. Perrin looked like a impact player right from the start of the season notching his first point as a Titan, a primary assist on Erik Draven's first of the season. Which is the perfect scenario considering Draven and Perrin played together for 2 seasons, 3 if you include the minor leagues. Perrin looks to be a solid addition to the Titans lineup, he's tied for 2nd
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  4. I meant it was a bug that it was there, not that it couldn’t be fixed.
  5. I got bamboozoled. I mean despite howmuch i hate certain things about how STHS is programmed, end of the day I can't do any better anyways. But that doesn't mean I can't rant about it certainly. Certainly improvements could be made (like how points are distributed for one). Anyways its a wall of text with some good thoughts. Not much in formatting other than spacing here, no pictures. The thoughts are fair and you touch on good points but it did kind of require some effort to read in terms of enjoyment. 6.5/10
  6. Good self reflection on these picks to be sure. Some of them are fairly unfortunate. Formatting looks good, you tagged the players so that helps as well. No pictures, that would've helped cut into the all text formatting though but its replaced by the highlighted features of the pick rating so its kind of a give and take there. 8/10
  7. gimmick infringement on the title
  8. 1) Pretty good, being tied for 3rd in the league is great! 2) We just need to match the speed of the opposition and take less penalties. If we can win some puck battles and get a few bounces going our way we will see a decrease in goals against. 3) Dallas, seeing a 34 year old goalie win who doesn't get enough respect in the Nhl would be great to see! Plus the team just seems like a Western Allstars team. 4) Laine, Osens, or Driver would be neet since they are some of the most exciting fan favorites! 5) Deeper Roster has always seemed like a strong set up since it lets your
  9. G- Greg Eagles F- Phil Marleau @dasboot
  10. How are you spending this offseason? Practice, Practice, Practice, Will you be moving up to the VHL, or staying down in the M? I think this season I will be in the M unless some crazy stuff happens with Calgary Top three spices, go. Garlic, Salt, and Pepper Do you like museums? What was your favorite you've ever gone to? Yes, Philadelphia Museum of Art Cook with butter or olive oil? Butter all the way. much better flavor Predict the next season we will win a cup. Calgary and Minnestoa Who do you think sh
  11. tbh weekends without internet access can be some of the best weekends, so I hope it was a positive experience
  12. 1. I think we had a good start. Its seems the team chemistry is good and the team is ready for the season. Hope our streak and our performence are holding on 2. It's my first season. So i am excited for all what will happen. But at the most i hope we'll get a playoffspot. Would be awesome to play playoffs in my first season with the Lynx 3. I look most at myself there i can increase myself to a better player and be the best vrrsion of my self. But in my team i am very impressed about Kisslinger. He's a very good offense defenceman 4. I look up to Darkspyro a
  13. My bad guys, was away this weekend with the shittiest internet you've ever seen.
  14. @Tape-to-Tape Congrats on being the starting goaltender for season 74!
  15. Yea being with out power sucks. on top of that my computer shit the bed. so had to get a new one. and reuploading and installing has been such a fun time.
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