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  2. 1. What do you think about our start this season? I loved the first two games, but then my player dissapeared... 2. Who do you think is our current MVP? Is that even a question? It's Micheal Johnson ofcourse 3. What is one thing we are truly lacking? A goal scoring Condor Adrienne 4. Moscow media has released a piece about how Malmo is the best VHLM team out there, your thoughts on this? I think they had a bit too much vodka, i dont see why they are so obsessed with us. 5. GM Frostbeard was seen last night dancing in the streets of Malmo screaming for gods to help him make @Acydburn play better, are gods even capable of doing that? No, its a sim engine. 6. In your eyes, which team in VHL is our true rival and why? Malmo Nighthawks, we decide if we win our lose and no one else.
  3. We have too an amazing history and we both are crazy .. the love fest don't end till someone else jumps in is my guess lol (plus, hockey hug gifs are the best )
  4. Questions For The Phantoms: Let's Get Random ; ] Which bread do you think would fly furthest – Naan thrown like a frisby, or a baguette thrown like a javelin? What food would you consider your mortal enemy? Do you think you could make in footie pajamas cute/ cool? Why? Would you wear them for a magazine photo-shoot with the team? If you could make out with any cartoon character, who would you pick? What’s the worst you’ve seen a teammate screw up on social media? Do you think male turkeys look at female turkeys and think- Damn! I’d like to ruffle those feathers?! If you were going to chug a 2 liter of any beverage, what would it be? What do you dislike but have no good reason for disliking?
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  6. why do I feel like we're never going to stop quoting each other
  7. ❤️ It was, just wanted to hear you say it ; ]
  8. Oof I thought it was already warranted
  9. Only Doomsday? Now I'm hurt 😥 Guess you love a new goalie now ...
  10. Landry Day : Just Doing My VHL Chores @Doomsday 3 filtered versions
  11. Don't hold back on my account Doomsday asked for you specifically to be the one popping off in the sig, and I think is a great homage that CGY fire ❤️
  12. @BladeMaiden if you weren’t there I would’ve fought those guys in the sig.
  13. 1. Still some work to be done, we have topleague potential and we're still half way there, we can be the top 2 for sure 2. Not really, he did some great work in the offseason and I'm happy to see him there 3. Me, Zyrok, I don't think I'm playingup to my potential, I might be the second in point but I'm suposed to be a MVP contender and help this team, and right now I really have to step up big, Yukon wasted a 2nd overall pick in me and I'm not going to let them down, I will step up big 4. I think everyone has been gaming, you knowwhat else are we suposed to do in quarantine, we can do some competitions between teammates or something of that nature 5. For good the Ottawa Lynx, as they didn't have much draft pick but they surelly have made themselves quite a competitive team 6. I don't have one, both their works are amazing I'm happywith what I get
  14. Roadkill Steve has accepted Houston's offer.
  15. Player Name: Zyrok Updates: Scoring + 20 (50-->70) Defence + 15 (50-->65) Puck Handling + 15 (50-->65) Skating +10 (50-->60) Discipline + 10 (50-->60) Faceoffs + 10 (50-->60)
  16. Why can we only vote for 1 here?
  17. See @Devise i knew exactly how this would work. You dragging O'Malley's name down the mud, while Power is a tier 1 Updates for Ryan Power: Skating +20 (50>70) Defense +20 (50>70) Puck Handling +20 (50>70) Scoring +20 (50>70) Endurance +20 (60>75)
  18. It’s lighting is messed up but honestly it’s effects still win me over.
  19. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that very confusing detail.
  20. Perrin held a press conference over the weekend where he answered a few questions and offered some insight on his off season endeavours. It was highly publicised in the summer that he was facing assault charges stemming from a drunken altercation with a cab driver. Perrin then was in a complicated scenario where he was supposed to attend a treatment facility through the VHL's Substance Abuse Program (VSAP) but it was shut down due to COVID-19. The Phantoms have since stepped up financially and has hired a small team to help Perrin and team mate Alex Pearson with their substance abuse battles. " I'm pretty embarassed about the whole ordeal to be honest. I was being a dick that night and I feel bad for injuring a man that was simply out doing his job.i 'm especially sorry for embarassing the city of Prague and the Phantoms franchise. My behaviour doesn't align itself with our team's core values and i'm currently attempting to change my behaviour with help from specialists and my team mates in order to be a better player and a better leader." Oddly enough even after all that happened, Perrin was voted team captain last week. Perrin also had a few words at his press conference regarding his new captaincy. " I'm pretty honored to serve my team as it's captain and I hope we can bring the city of Prague it's first ever Continental Final appearance during my tenure. I feel like being named captain doesn't really change anything for me and I'll just continue being me. Honestly I feel we have so many leaders in this group and that it's really unfair for me to accept this captaincy without first giving props to guys like Fizz, Wahl, Cornholio and Block as I feel any of them really could've filled this role. Now, lets go win that cup boys! Go Phantoms!"
  21. 1. Really, it came down to me wanting to sign a contract as quickly as possible. Mississauga gave me a solid 1 year deal money and playing time wise, so I couldn't complain. 2. My goal is to be one of the most sought after players in the upcoming VHL/VHLM draft. I don't know that my rookie season will be spent in the VHL, but I'm looking to make a lot of noise when draft time comes around. 3. Honestly, I'd love to stay with my current team in Halifax. They're a good group of guys and we have a great GM. That being said, I'd love an opportunity to win the cup with my draft team as well. However, a good team and GM is always going to be first for me. Thanks for asking your questions @a_Ferk 1. I've been playing hockey since I was 8 years old, and always tried to find a way to play. My family wasn't very wealthy so that was a rather difficult challenge early on in my life. However, I obviously made the best of it and here I am in the big leagues! If you'd like to learn more you can always checkout my junior review: 2. Best chirps, that's a good one. Most of the time I try to be humble and mind my own business, but sometimes you just gotta do it. When it happens I love to use "I’ve seen broken clocks with better hands" or "Is it hard to eat with no hands". 3. Of course! I don't like to get into any politics in my press conferences, so I won't speak on that aspect of Trudeau, but it would certainly be hard to not sign the stick of the PM for the great country that created this sport. Thanks for your questions @Vynstik
  22. Both good but sig 1 needs better lighting/a saturation layer or something.
  23. Interesting how in sig 2 the logo is mirrored but the text on the logo isn't...
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