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    I just got to my second home in Riga and was about to write easy articles and then send lines. For some reason Devise has decided to do games earlier than I was anticipated. This was not what I wanted, but that wasn't even the worst part. The results proved to be the another level of how fucked this shit engine is. I don't even want to look at that game again, but 22-48 or something shot total? Fuck off, ok? And then the ''pinnacle'' of that - a loss to FUCKING NEW YORK! Really? Even with a backup goalie? Dumb ass shit. And yeah, some of you gonna tell that Helsinki is struggling even worse against Seattle. Well, they're still can be safe about their playoff spot (at least at this moment). What about us though? We're about to lose a third spot to Davos if this shitshow continues. And Vancouver isn't that far anymore. Like, all of these trades and doing all these lines almost every day is resulting in this? Get your fucking shit together sths. I get it, our peak will likely be in next season when Dahlberg and Svoboda might hit 900+ TPE and HHH 800 plus. And the depth could be somewhere at 500 something TPE. But I definitely expecting more this season. Even at the 21 game mark although we still have 51 games left. You know what's even worse? I can't really blame Kallis on that. He isn't performing lights out, but he rarely sucks either. He's more being a constantly a .910 - .930 performer which is fine. That is enough to not letting a lot of goals. But what is going on with offense? I don't believe that this forward lineup is the second worst offense in the league. And yes, 56 goals for is the second worst, only ahead of Seattle. So GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER STHS. Sometimes I'm wondering if it would've been easier for me to not have a flashy, but a decent enough roster to fuck around against some more top heavy teams. The S54 was one of examples when our team was making fun of eventual champs in Helsinki. That thing is fun, but likely won't lead me to a win anyways. This could be fun for like 1-2 seasons and then I would be searching for options to compete for real anyways. By the way, I'm also wondering how many chances I have to break the NY record of consecutive playoff appearances. The number is 11. We're now at 5 and I really hope we could make it 6. Otherwise there could be another series of me blowing up with trying to improve my cursing lexicon. I'm not sure what else I can type about. Today's sim really fucked up my mood and I'll have to settle with one 500 word article. This probably has to do with summer time as well, but the sim is the part of problem. I do really hope we can turn it around before I could be suspended for my constant whining about this thing. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Kallis
  3. Good bounce back from @FacebookFighter
  4. You should for sure change gm players from undrafted to GM player
  5. Name inspired by @omgitshim I’m sure.
  6. It's "easier" to hit the cap since there are more opportunities, but for actual, work, I think it's slightly easier just because some of those other opportunities don't take as much time as grading or the old updating did. Overall though, I think it seems easier since there's 50 million ways to earn capped TPE now.
  7. 1. Yeah I guess a little, the team has some elite players and some solid depth. 2. Didn't check the score of the game yet but my guess would be no. 3. The whole team just seems to be defensively minded, just from what I've seen in the locker room, everyone wants to play both sides of the puck and help out our goaltender. 5. My guess would be that he would end up around the 80 point range. I see big things in his future and I see this as the very beginning of his bright career. 6. My play has been kind of rough recently, as far as the other rookies go I think they're doing a fantastic job. 9. I think everyone has been too defensively minded, Too much defensive play has left our team being lackluster, need to shift our focus towards the offensive side a little more now
  8. Press Conference Questions for week ending 28 July. What superstitions does your player have? Have you spent much time around Mississauga, if so what do you think? What is the weirdest thing you have seen from our team off the ice? What could be done to improve the locker room (ie. Discord or Forums)? For new players it is the job of Gustav and myself to sell the team to get others to join, what would be your sales pitch? Have you talked to anyone in the league outside of our team? @hewasajazzman @JeffD @HanManHimself @Vuuna Haaka @Banana2311 @mmarcoux98 @maximlab @chrissyl93 @Liberty_Cabbage @Radcow @BaReZ_Regrets
  9. Let's Explore: Backup Goalies It's no secret that the VHL is changing. I'd wager to say that the VHL has changed more over the past 10 seasons then any other time I've been in this league. Thanks to the hard work of multiple people in this league, the member base of the VHL is (most likely) at an all-time high. This is resulting in a change to what is considered the "standard" roster. Previously, a roster generally consisted of 6 forwards, 4ish defensemen, and 1 goalies. However, it wasn't completely uncommon to see teams 3 defensemen, and it was a little more uncommon to see 5 forwards. What was always consistent was the 1 goalie. However, that is not the case today. More and more often, teams are keeping back up goalies on the roster, usually young draftees who either aren't ready to be a full time starter yet, or don't have the potential to become a starter on a contending team. Let's look how we got here. The Rule Book So I'm sort of going to toot my own horn here - I originally proposed the idea of a backup goalie salary cap exemption in the Board of Governors all the way back on June 22, 2015. At the time, we had a large number of goalies (not necessarily skaters, but goalies specifically) coming into the league and were really going to run out of starting goalie spots. Eventually, this rule was implemented (if I had to guess I'd say some time in late 2017 or early 2018, but I can't be bothered to actually look up when) and back up goalies saw their salary cap reduced by up to $2 million for the goalie with the lowest cap hit on the team. Even so, it wasn't something that was used that often. However, within the past 5 seasons or so, the use of a back up goalie has become more and more prominent. These goalies are almost always mid to late round draft picks from their own team. Now let's take a look at who is and who is not using an active back up goalie in Season 67 No Backup Goalie Toronto Legion - The only goalie currently on Toronto is JB Rift, a veteran goaltender drafted in S64 with 565 practice hours. They currently show no draft picks or prospects, so it's unlikely they'll have one next season either. Given who the GM is, this is the least surprising thing of this whole media spot. Calgary Wranglers - Calgary is manned between the pipes by star goalie Brick Wahl. A S64 goalie that is a legitimate star, there's no one else currently on the roster to share the crease with. There are no prospects currently affiliated with the team that play goalie. Starter/Backup Goalie Moscow Menace - The goaltending situation in Moscow is a little complicated, but it's a good problem for the team to have. Currently, there are two goalies on the roster - veteran Roger Sterling and youngster Owen May. Currently, it appears that Sterling is the starter, as he has started 12 game to May's 8, and also has roughly 200 more practice hours than the second year player. Given May's improvement throughout the year and the fact that Sterling is currently scheduled to become a free agent going into the last season of his career, May may (heh) get the starting spot back next season. Justin Cole is the only other goaltender affiliated with the organisation, but his development appeared to have stalled out, and it's unlikely that he'll ever make the majors. Malmo Nighthawks - Malmo currently has two young goalies on the team, but neither of them can be considered true starting calibre goalies at this point in time. Michael Johnson is a rookie goaltender who has a bright future ahead of him, but he currently only has 344 practice hours to his name. Juan Jandice is a rookie as well who just barely made the major league team this year. Based on games played (1 for Jandice and 19 for Johnson) it's apparent who the starter is. As long as he keeps up his good development, the net should be Johnson's for years to come. There are no other goalies affiliated with the team. Riga Reign - Riga has one of the most defined starter/backup pairings in the league. Star goalie Kallis Kriketers is the starter, and Clayton Park is the backup. Given that Kriketers is only in the 5th year of his career and will most likely have enough practice hours to at least reduce the impact of the worst years of his depreciation, it's very unlikely that Park will be anything more than a backup over the next couple of seasons if he remains in Riga. Depending on his development, it's possible that Park is able to take over a starting spot for another team during the later stages of his career. Riga also has 3 other goalie prospects - Colin Conklin, Sean McGee, and Sunny Burst. While Burst is the most developed of the 3, he has trained within the past couple of months. Conklin and McGee are slowly but surely improving, but don't appear to have the potential to be more than a backup. Helsink Titans - Helsinki is another team that has a defined starter and backup. Star goalie Alexander Pepper is the starter, and rookie Kolur Bjoernsson is the backup. I could copy and paste everything from Riga's goalie situation and paste it here, and most of it would apply. Similar to Park, Bjoernsson could develop into a passable starter, but it most likely won't be any time soon if he stays in Helsinki. There are no other goalies affiliated with the Titans. Seattle Bears - Seattle is a rebuilding team that currently has two young goalies, Chase and Rayz Funk. Funk was recently selected 2nd overall by the Bears and is currently well on his way to becoming a star goalie in this league. Chase is currently on his second team in his second VHL season and his development appears to have stalled. Barring a major trade, it appears Funk will be manning the crease in Seattle for years to come. There are no other goalies affiliated with the Bears. Vancouver Wolves - The future in net for the Wolves is somewhat murky, but I wouldn't call it a "bad" situation. Current starter Ismond Kingfisher is in the 6th year of his career, while his backup, Greg Eagles, was selected 19th overall in the most recent draft. The net is Kingfisher's this year, but given that he will soon start seeing his skills decline and has had very uneven development at best over the past season, it's entirely possible that Eagles takes over the reigns next season, and almost certainly will no later than the season after that. There are no other goalies affiliated with the Wolves It's a Crowded Net HC Davos Dynamo - This much is certain - Finn Davison is the starter in net going forward. However, after that, it gets a little complicated. The Dynamo are one of two teams that has two backup goalies on their roster. Pekka Pouta was a long-term development project who, although considered a rookie in the VHL, is in his 3rd year of career eligibility. Pouta has developed well recently and may eventually become a mid-range starting calibre goalie, but like many other current backups, it most likely won't be in the immediate future or with his current team. The other goalie on the roster is fellow rookie Wrike Chyrnoble. Chyrnoble has not appeared in a game yet this season and has had spotty development over the past month, so his future in Davos and the league itself is uncertain, but he has plenty of time to improve. To crowd things even more, Davos also has Virgil Ligriv in the minors, and based on his development, it appears that he will reach the VHL next year as well. New York Americans - While New York may have three goalies on their roster, in reality, they have none. Tristan Iseult and Arvid Aamo are older goalies who aren't long for this league, while once promising prospect Joe Nixon has seen his development stall over the past two months. It's entirely possible that Nixon's development gets back on track, but as of now, the Americans do not have a viable starting goalie on their roster, and don't appear to have one going forward either. New York may be the perfect landing spot for one of the backup goalies that will soon be pushing for a starting role. Thorvald Gunnarsson will make the VHL next year, but it's uncertain if his upside is that of an above average starter for a contending team. Conclusion The majority of the league has backup goalies, but it's uncertain if this is by choice or solely due to necessity. There are a couple of backups who may be pushing for a starting spot soon. At the same time, it's rumored that there may be expansion within the next couple of seasons, so that will add some additional spots as well.
  10. It’s fine *wipes sweat from brow*, everything’s fine.
  11. Almost gave this one away but glad to escape with the W
  12. I had major editing issues with the picture sizes and bold headers just plain not working. I will go back at some point to clean it up. I was really nervous about using the interview format I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. I just figured if I was a reviewer what would break the mold enough to get attention, without going outside the lines. I actually cut a bunch out about the volunteer program including quotes from outside sources which I felt muddied it up too much it's cleaner this way. I rewrote the conclusion right before posting, which wasn't a great idea because I was super tired. It's not my best work there. Thank you for your time and feedback. @fonziGG @chillzone
  13. Veran Dragomir + 36 Oyorra Arroyo + 45
  14. Podrick Cast + 36 Matt Thompson + 29 Beau Louth + 32 Sebastian Ironside + 22
  15. omg i scored a goal. apparently we can also beat riga regularly
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