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  2. BluObieZ

    RIP Ray Emery

    Technically not in front. He dove in and didn't come back up. I used to know a guy that the same thing happened. Dove in hit his head on a big rock and died.
  3. street

    VHFL Leaders

    Hey, here's some more VHFL coverage. So I'm just gonna take a look at all the VHFL players and put together the highest fantasy scoring line so here we go! LW Gabiel McAllister With 206.6 fantasy points, McAllister is the highest scoring forward, and fourth highest player overall. He leads the league in hits at 365 (putting him on pace to break the single-season record). He is near the top in goals as well, but sits lower down the list in points with just 79. McAllister was a very high pick in every VHFL group, and he has not disappointed those teams who were lucky enough to get him. C Jack Shepard Teammate Fook Yu is technically listed as a center, but he doesn't play the position. Shepard leads the league with 46 goals, five more than the three-way tie for second. Just 16th overall among skaters with 159.6 fantasy points, Shepard's lack of a physical game really hampers his VHFL showing. Still, his offensive prowess has him as the sixth best forward, and top center. RW Aleksei Federov Keaton Louth is listed as a right wing, but plays on the left side, so Shepard's teammate Federov is actually the highest in this position. Federov has nice all-around stats, with 39 goals, 45 assists, and 285 hits. Three left wingers rank above him, but at 197.6, he is within ten fantasy points of the top forward spot. D Emil Martinov Leads the league in shots blocked by far, making him the highest fantasy scorer. D Ay Ay Ron Another league leader, Ay Ay Ron has 72 assists. No one else in the league is even on pace to reach that number by the end of the season. Ron also has over 200 hits and over 100 shots blocked, which has him at 221.6 fantasy points. He is not far behind Martinov, whose lead was much higher at the beginning of the season, so Ron could possibly end up as the highest fantasy scorer. G Norris Stopko The top four goalies are within ten fantasy points of each other, but Stopko's 177.75 have in in the lead for now thanks to his league-leading 11 shutouts. He leads the league in save percentage and goals against average, but given that he has fewer wins and saves than Arkander and King, he will need to stay sharp to hold onto his fantasy lead. Whoever has the most shutouts in the finals games will likely finish as the best fantasy goalie.
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  5. Devise

    Welfare & Pension (July 9th - July 15th)

    +5 for Pajari
  6. Hybrid1486

    Where might Slipher end up?

    With the VHL season nearing completion, it's time for me to take a look at where I might end up playing next season. A look at the bottom four teams shows that the lottery will include Quebec, Riga, Seattle, and Toronto. It'll be easier to tell how things will work once the lottery plays out, but either way it's plausible that Riga will be picking third and Quebec will be picking fourth. I figure that's Slipher's ceiling at this point. He could fall to the fifth or sixth spot of the draft (not altogether impossible), but interestingly the bottom two playoff teams at this point have both traded their first-round picks away. Moreover, New York's pick is held by Quebec and Calgary's pick is held by Riga. It's entirely possible that the picks in the window I see Slipher going in will be held by two teams, and as a result I'm preparing to join either Quebec (where my last decent player spent his prime) or Riga (where by best offensive player had his strongest seasons). I'll have a better idea after the season ends, though. Who knows, maybe Riga and Quebec will hold the first two picks of the round and the last two.
  7. Hybrid1486

    Vesto Slipher Press Conference

    1) I did, that's why I asked six. Thanks for keeping me honest, though...much appreciated. 2) Not really. I probably had my best run in the league with Riga, and I had a strong few seasons in Quebec with Waldron. I've never been on New York, so I would like to play for them at some point more than any other team, but as far as a generic favorite I don't have one. 3) I don't want any animals to go extinct because of me, but I want to avoid a cop-out answer even more. If we're assuming that I'm surviving the whole year, I'd go with a falcon or some other kind of bird that can fly really fast. I have a fear of heights, but if I were a bird I doubt I'd care much and I could just enjoy things.
  8. der meister

    RIP Ray Emery

    It came off as honest, as the writer was clearly reflecting on a guy who had some pretty public ups and downs.
  9. Hybrid1486

    Expanding the VHLM

    Author’s Note: Is the VHL not interesting these days, or are all the writers stuck in the VHLM for the time being? Earlier in the week, there was an idea floated out to expand the VHLM past its current stable of five teams to either six or seven teams. There are a few reasons to do this, although there is one important concern that was raised during the discussion about whether it is feasible or not. Currently, the VHLM has room for starting spots for 60 forwards (assuming four full lines), 30 defensemen (assuming three pairings), and five starting goaltenders. The goalie quota has already been exceeded, with the Yukon Rush giving playing time to both Johnny Carison and Greg Santos. Additionally, a few draft-eligible players who have gone inactive have been released from rosters to make room for new recruits. The problem lies in that point. Many of the new recruits don’t stick around very long, making the expansion process an exercise in giving playing time to people who don’t seem to want it. Additionally, given the cyclical nature of the VHLM, it’s likely that those players probably won’t end up in a competitive situation since there will be one team (such as this year’s Yukon Rush) that will have a disproportionate number of active players and will run away with the Founder’s Cup. That said, the ability for those new players to see themselves in action is worth something. If they aren’t terribly attached to the minor league system (as should be the case, but hell if I know), then they won’t mind a rough road on their way to the VHL proper, and if they fly under the radar they could end up on a quality team that would get them involved and boost their interest in sticking around. The VHLM was always kind of too big for its own sake. While the VHL has the benefit of keeping players around for seven or eight seasons, the turnover in the VHLM can lead to very lean years when the talent jumps to the big leagues and the minors are left with scraps, new players, and maybe a few recreates who all seem to end up on the same team. I’m not arguing in favor of blowing up that system, because replacing it seems more complicated than it’s worth. What I am saying is that doing what we can to keep those new players involved is worth the effort. Imagine someone who could have potential in the league skips out for a few days, or even one or two weeks. They come back to find out they’ve been cut and skip out on the league for good. It’s a preventable situation, unlikely as it may be. In the end, it really depends on how much effort the simmers want to put into expansion. An expansion draft wouldn’t be a very big ordeal given the aforementioned turnover, and it’s entirely possible that a good GM could make the team competitive fairly early. Sure, there are going to be inactive players who top out at 30 TPE, and in the worst-case scenario this will just make more of them without driving activity. Bottom line, if the simmers are willing to make it happen there’s really not a good reason to avoid it. 552 words
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  11. Beketov

    GM 227: Wranglers vs. Bears

    30 goal rookie season, I’ll take that at least. Minor victories in a season without many real ones.
  12. Dangles13

    RIP Ray Emery

    Is it just me or is that article being kind of shitty to Emery?
  13. DollarAndADream

    VHLM Leaders

    Twinger Isn't That Bad Looking at the scoring leaders in the VHLM right now, it is hard not to see domination by a single team. The Yukon Rush have led the league since the start of the season, and their players have been playing out of this world. One of those players who seems to have an easy time in the VHLM is the Rush's LW Leph Twinger. After 58 games, he has done basically whatever he wants on the scoresheet, putting up a whopping 122 points. That is over 2.0PPG, including 63 goals, and we are not even done yet. Twinger obviously leads the league in points, at his 122 output. Seven of the top 10 point leaders are actually Yukon Rush players, with the other three being from the Oslo Storm. After Twinger's 122 points comes Centis Kurtutecis at 105 points, Sergei Kovalev at 94 points, defenseman Alvaro Jokinen at 77 points, and to close out the Top 5 is Storm player Marvin Harding's 72 points. It is quite the sight to see the drop from #1 to #2 being 17 points, then 11 points from #2 to #3, and after that it sinks down 18 points to Jokinen's 77. Twinger has obviously run away with it after being on par with Sergei Kovalev for much of the season, who has slowed down and let Kurtutecis pass him. In the goals category, Leph Twinger is leading that as well, and by quite a large margin as well. He has 63 goals, and that is 14 more than the next best at 49 goals. Kovalev holds down that #2 spot with 49, Kurtutecis is at #3 with 36, while Oslo's Jonas Vilhjalmsson and Yukon's Vesto Slipher are tied with 33 goals. Those are your Top 5 goal scorers in the league, and from 1st to 5th is a glaring 20 goals. Twinger has given up some of his minutes lately, but it definitely has not slowed him down. Scoring at over a goal per game will do that, I suppose. ------------------------ ------------------------ In the assists column, Leph Twinger takes a back seat. His teammate Centis Kurtutecis is in the #1 spot with 69 assists in 58 games. Yet another Yukon player, Alvaro Jokinen is in the #2 spot with 65 assists, while Leph Twinger sits at #3 with 59. 4th and 5th are Mikhail Vega (56), and Marvin Harding (52), respectively. With Centis Kurtutecis' 69 assists and Twinger's 63 goals, you can bet they shared a ton of points within those statistics. After 58 games, Leph Twinger is the only player with at least 400 shots, and he is 1st in the shots category with 406. The next best there is his teammate Kurtutecis with 361. That is a bit of a drop off, and surprisingly the highest shot mark from someone not on the Yukon Rush is Oslo Storm's Jonas Vilhjalmsson in the #3 spot with 286. Nobody not on the Rush is even close to Leph Twinger in that regard, and even Kurtutecis is 45 shots away from matching him. Either Twinger is a selfish prick, or his teammates are wary of his skill set. One thing that Leph Twinger isn't is physical. He is way out of the top 10 in both the hits and shots blocked categories. Surprisingly, Leph Twinger is not even close in minutes played either. He is 17th, and his points per 20 minutes is in 1st at 1.71 as a result of that.
  14. Gooningitup

    RIP Ray Emery Poor guy died infront of his family
  15. Statistically Speaking is back this week with our first VHLM Power Rankings. True to our name, we're using some advanced statistics to determine each team's placement in the VHLM. Since this is the first installment here are some explanations for each category: Goals +/-: simply goals for minus goals against Shots +/-: shots for minus shots against (divided by 10) Offensive Puck Control: In minutes, the time spent with puck control in the offensive zone (divided by 100) Defensive Zone Time: In minutes, the time spent in the defensive zone (divided by -100, multiplied by 0.696*) Power Ranking Total (PR Points): Sum of all four categories added together. *used .696 to align the defensive minutes with the offensive minutes. The defensive zone is total time; while offensive zone is only with puck control. Puck control will always be less, so the .696 is my attempt to normalize the two categories. after Game 85: Las Vegas Aces Goals +/-: -18 Shots +/-: -4.9 Off. Puck Control: 5.9 Def. Zone Time: -5.7 Power Ranking Total: -22.7 Oslo Storm Goals +/-: 20 Shots +/-: 10.6 Off. Puck Control: 6.3 Def. Zone Time: -6.1 Power Ranking Total: 30.8 Ottawa Lynx Goals +/-: -30 Shots +/-: -18.5 Off. Puck Control: 5.1 Def. Zone Time: -6.5 Power Ranking Total: -49.8 Saskatoon Wild Goals +/-: -69 Shots +/-: -33.9 Off. Puck Control: 5.1 Def. Zone Time: -6.4 Power Ranking Total: -104.2 Yukon Rush Goals +/-: 97 Shots +/-: 46.7 Off. Puck Control: 7.4 Def. Zone Time: -5.1 Power Ranking Total: 146.0 after Game 123: Las Vegas Aces Goals +/-: -34 Shots +/-: -10.6 Off. Puck Control: 7.8 Def. Zone Time: -7.8 Power Ranking Total: -44.6 Oslo Storm Goals +/-: 35 Shots +/-: 18.7 Off. Puck Control: 8.6 Def. Zone Time: -8.1 Power Ranking Total: 54.2 Ottawa Lynx Goals +/-: -31 Shots +/-: -26.3 Off. Puck Control: 7.3 Def. Zone Time: -9.0 Power Ranking Total: -58.9 Saskatoon Wild Goals +/-: -100 Shots +/-: -48.5 Off. Puck Control: 7.2 Def. Zone Time: -9.2 Power Ranking Total: -150.5 Yukon Rush Goals +/-: 130 Shots +/-: 66.7 Off. Puck Control: 10.2 Def. Zone Time: -7.1 Power Ranking Total: 199.8 After all these numbers it's interesting to look at the change to each team's Power Ranking Totals. Las Vegas Aces dropped 22 PR points. Most of the points were lost in the goals category. Losing 16 hurt the Aces this week. Oslo Storm went the opposite direction gaining 23 PR points. Gaining 15 in the goals category. Ottawa Lynx had the least change, only dropping 9 PR points. Eight of the 11 PR points were due to shots. Saskatoon Wild had the biggest drop. And this would be no surprise looking at the standings. They dropped 46 PR points, thanks to every category taking a hit. Yukon Rush was on the other side of the spectrum. They were able to grab 54 PR points in total. We believe looking at these numbers can be a supplement to the standings page. Yukon Rush deserves their place in the standings, while the same can be said for Saskatoon Wild. Both are going opposite directions and barring a big trade, we won't see any change to either team's fortunes. Oslo Storm is rolling right now and should finish second in the year-end standings. Being the only other team actually gaining PR points means they are a cut above the bottom three teams. Here's where things get interesting. Las Vegas Aces were behind the Ottawa Lynx, at the time the Power Rankings were analyzed, by 6 points in the standings. However we can see the Aces actually look like the better team based on PR points. Are they just unlucky? Lately they have been on a bit of slide, going from only 3 back of Ottawa to being 6 back. Either Ottawa has gotten better, or Las Vegas has gotten worse. Could the unluckiness be attributed to a fast start this season? The Aces should look into makes some changes in the near future in order to keep up with Ottawa. We think it is possible. This will be the most interesting race going forward in the VHLM. One we shall keep tabs on here at Statistically Speaking. // 702 words
  16. The best crew in Riga history tbh, King is already in team's history books.
  17. VHL Games

    GM 138: Oslo Storm vs. Ottawa Lynx

  18. Beaviss

    GM 227: Wranglers vs. Bears

    I had 14 shots on net 0 goals....
  19. Beaviss

    GM 225: HC Dynamo vs. Meute

    At least beau finally showed up
  20. Quik

    GM 227: Wranglers vs. Bears

    Holy shit those shot numbers tho
  21. Beketov

    Beketov’s Grading Log

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Claimed for this week: 2
  22. Beketov

    Montgomery Signature

    Review: Don’t sweat it too much, everyone starts somewhere; it’s how we learn. Immediately I would say that you’ll want to make signatures smaller for sure. A canvas size this big doesn’t work for a sig and is rather impossible to cleanly fill. Personally I try to avoid going any larger than 450x200 unless I have a specific effect in mind. You’ll also want to look into getting some stocks to help with backgrounds and such so they aren’t plain colours as that’s obviously a little dull. I’d also suggest not worrying about changing the render’s number and stuff. Jersey changes can be a bit complex and look cheesy if they are done wrong so it’s better not to draw attention to the fact. I’m not sure if that effect around the render was intentional or the leftover of a first time cutting but it does look quite messy. Overall I’ve seen worse first tries. Like I said, everyone starts somewhere, so keep at it and you’ll improve.
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