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  2. @uphillmoss if you want this
  3. Quoting a tag doesn’t doesn’t re-tag.
  4. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Columbus # of Games: 6 (M2) New York Islanders vs.(WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Carolina # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: St. Louis # of Games: 5 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: San Jose Sharks # of Games: 7
  5. Bruins in 6 Isles in 5 Blues in 6 Sharks in 7
  6. I can second this. I've long since given up the grammar correcting crusade (the comparisons to a former political party responsible for millions of deaths didn't help) but Eno has taken up the banner in my absence. Eno is now what I was about 5-8 years ago.
  7. Seriously this notification system is the worst thing that has happened since I was last active lol also did I just notify everyone??
  8. I will say that’s an incorrect pronunciation. But I like it, so I’ll accept it.
  9. Damn that 8 TPE looks nice, and who better to edit than the guy with a journalism and literature degree, but tbh I have my hands full with everything else at the moment. I've done the editor job before but as much as it would be easy TPE for me, I just won't have the time.
  10. You didn’t know. That's your one mistake allowed though. Any further infraction will result in angry crowds with pitchforks and torches.
  11. I can confirm this, although it is 100% unsolicited. Eno would be a great choice for any editing position. The Job is literally made for him.
  12. I am gonna put a ⭐ on my calendar, because i actually learned something new today
  13. As a member of Houston this past season, I can vouch for both of these fine individuals.
  14. Today
  15. We will be making a decision tomorrow night following the announce of the VHLM ALL-TEAMS! So if you really wanna, get those applications in if you haven't already. Way too many great members have applied thus far - making it a very difficult discussion for myself and @diamond_ace to have. Best of luck to those applying and remember to not be discouraged if not chosen. Not really a bad candidate applying in this thread at the moment. GOOD LUCK
  16. 1. Are you proud of how we have played this postseason as a team and as an individual? I am really proud of every single member of this team, they did their best and we got far! It's a little bit disappointing to lose at the end, but I think we grew and defeat is a part of this game. On a individual side, I felt like I should have done more in the playoffs, it means I need to train and work harder next season. 2. If you could change one thing about this season/postseason what would it be? Win the playoffs, obviously. 3. Who has been your favorite Teammate this season and why? What makes a great teammate to you? Have to go with Gorlab, been with me since Philly, a great guy, and someone to look to. 4. How are you looking toward the VHL draft? Are you excited? Nervous? Where do you see yourself going? I think I still have a lot to do here, in the minors. So I don't expect anything from this draft, I'll just wait and see. 5. If you had to sell yourself to VHL GM's what would you say? Physical, passionate, no fear 6. Halifax GM McWolf announced he will be resigning once the season is finished. Thranduil is most likely his successor. Any words of wisdom or encouragement for him? I am sure he will do great, I wish him the best, he's an awesome guy.
  17. Rick Mcgundy I’m participating in the draft on Sunday
  18. Woo! First press conference! I’m super excited! 2-What was your worst job? The worst job I ever had was a photographer at a theme park. People were very weird about it. I had a man bark at me in my face once when I asked if he wanted his picture taken. 3-What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? An old coach of mine once told me that fear was your biggest enemy. I didn’t get it at the time, but it keeps revealing new opportunities whenever I find and stamp out fear in my life. 5-How do you treat people who annoy you for no reason? Very kindly. I’m a big believer in killing them with kindness. I’ll just play a practical joke on them later. 8-How do you relax after a hard day of work? Going to the gym, running for an hour, then eating a huge dinner. 10-If you could keep any animal as a pet, what would you choose? Probably a chimp. Odd choice, I know. But their intelligence fascinates me. 11-Where do you think you are going in the draft (round and team) I honestly have no idea what to expect. I hope that I’ll be the first person drafted to a very hungry team so I can show them what I’m about, but I’m going to go with the final round to be pleasantly surprised. I’ll be drafted by the Philadelphia Reapers (because I can’t seem to get away from Philly in my life!)
  19. I'll apply. I've been on the site for seven months and am an active part of the community, and I already have many thoughts on what to do as a GM or an AGM, considering I've applied for at least ten different positions. Eleventh times the charm, right?
  20. Eudaldkp

    KnightTime #1001

    I'll enjoy this tommorrow at work:)
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