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    The one about Updating

    VHL Portal - Player Management System For S61 seasons the VHL has handled updates through simple forum posts containing links and manual calculations of the update scale. While a straight-forward solution, forum updating has many drawbacks. One is that it's quite a 'clunky' system for new members to adapt to add they're forced to learn the update scale and proper formatting. Another is that by the time a player submits an update, an updater approves it, and finally the sim updater puts it in the sim - you have a lot of duplicated work that extends the time it takes to get updated in the sim. I looked at improving these two issues significantly as requirements if any new system was going to be worth it. Luckily, I think I have managed to solve those with a solution that both presents a much better user experience and drastically cuts down the overall amount of administrative work required to get updates into the sim. Now to keep this announcement short I'm only going to attempt to summarize all the new features and systems in this post - more 'instructional' guides can be found at How to Update with VHL Portal and How to Create a Player. Player Management Area The main hub of the updating system is the Player Management area - this page appears as PLAYER MGMT in the main menu bar. This page allows you to quickly submit and apply updates to the player linked to your account - if you don't have a player linked yet, you will see an appropriate message directing you on how to do so. To ensure people can only edit their own players, players must be verified as being yours by updaters/admins before you'll be able to edit the player. Of course, this step is only required once per career. Once your player is approved you'll have access to the full player management area. On the right you will see several options for claiming TPE - the top 4 buttons give you a quick and dirty way of claiming single-items without ever leaving the page while bulk claim lets you claim many different things across different weeks at once. Note: If you have a 2nd player, link one player the normal way and message @Beketov or myself to set your 2nd one. Once we set the 2nd player, you will see an additional button that allows you to switch between your players. When you submit updates, they are sent to the Updater Approval Queue. The updaters will, as they have always done, check your links and verify that everything is correct. I should note, however, that I have built in a fair bit of validation before you're ever able to submit an update - for example you will be prevented from submitting a Point Task for multiple weeks or submitting an update that with push you over the weekly limit of 12 capped TPE for the week being claimed. Updaters can approve updates in a single click of a button and everything else is done automatically - this should translate to a significant decrease in the time it takes for your updates to be approved. Note: Experience claims don't count as TPE - but you still submit them through this system. Select the 'Experience' option under 'Claim Off-Season'. When an Experience claim is approved by updaters, the experience is applied to your player automatically - you do not have to apply it yourself, just have to submit the claim. Once updates are approved, the TPE is added straight into your Banked TPE balance which you will see on the left side of Player Management. You can then use the buttons to adjust your player attributes as you desire - the tool will show you whether or not you can afford to increase the attribute, the cost, and which attributes you've edited. The update scale is fully enforced automatically. Also - you can only decrease attributes WHILE you're editing them - once you save them they will be locked in and you will only be able to increase them. Simply save when you're done editing and they'll be saved and immediately updated on your portal player page, which you can also access on the left side of the player management screen along with 'Pending Updates', which shows you your outstanding unapproved updates and allows you to edit them before they're approved. To be clear, when you save your ratings, they are immediately saved. There is no need for additional approval by updaters once the TPE itself is approved because the update scale is enforced automatically. Player List/Player Pages - The player list is now found under LEAGUE >> PLAYERS - The player list now has a searching feature to allow you to easily find players - Player Page attributes are now drawn from the Player Management System rather than STHS - Player Pages now feature an 'Update Log' to show a chronological record of updates submitted through the Player Management System - Player Pages now show the User they player belongs to, TPE/Banked TPE, and season (if applicable for all 3) - New forum player pages will not show attributes but rather a link to your portal player page (see below) Create A Player With updates being done on the Portal, there was a need for a solution to creating players in the portal's system that did not involve having to wait for an admin or simmer to manually create them - as to allow the new player to apply their starting TPE on the new updating system and get updating as quickly as possible. For that reason, Player Creation is now done through a form on the Portal (can be found under TOOLS >> CREATE PLAYER). Filling out the form does 3 things: 1. Triggers creation of your player on the Portal along with your appropriate starting TPE so that you can apply it in Player Management 2. Triggers a post on the forum with your basic player information for Higgins to enter into the sim as well as a link to your Portal Player Page 3. Automatically links your account to the new player and submits it for verification to the Updaters - again to verify that the player belongs to you and, in the case of re-creates, verify carryover amounts. That's a lot going on in the background, but from a members perspective filling out a small form is a pretty straightforward way of creating a new player. Sim Updating This is perhaps the most important benefit of this system. Instead of being an hour-long job to update one league in the sim, Higgins and myself will now be able to update the sim ratings with the portal ratings in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Simply put, you as the player use the Player Management system to update your ratings and we, the simmers, can download those updated ratings at anytime we want and load them into STHS. The result should be significantly more frequent and accurate sim updates. Conclusion This was a long announcement. I probably went into more detail than needed, despite the wall of text I think this is a straight forward system and I think we'll get used to it quickly. ALSO - FREE TPE: To give you a chance to test out the system, you will earn 3 uncapped TPE for linking your player up. In Player Management, click 'Claim Other', select 'Other' for the type and something like "Linked Player" in the description. Lastly, I'd like to thank all of the forum updater's past and present for doing what was quite a shitty job, @Velevra for being the faithful sim updater all these seasons, and @Quik, @Beaviss, and @Beketov for helping with the ideas behind this, the testing and the implementation.
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    With the VHL S61 already underway, Stucky is scrambling around trying to learn the ropes of this league. This isn't anything new to him, however, as that pretty much describes the way he was brought up and, ultimately, plays his game. Coming from a large family with many brothers playing hockey, he wasn't able to obtain the fortunes of training and travel leagues- as it was too expensive. He does have an outstanding Father who would do his best to help Stucky improve both on, and off the ice. Stucky started out as a swift-footed defenseman. At first, he didn't have the best shot, however he was savvy in his skating and a hell of a passer as well. As he grew into his body he decided it was time to move up to Forward, just in time for High School hockey to start. Stucky quickly went from a softer, skating type that played with his head up into a grinding forward. Whether it's getting in the opposing goalies face, taking a hit to make the play, or making the contact himself, he plays with a chip on his shoulder that isn't looking to go away anytime soon. Eventually, Stucky felt that he had more potential than others thought, so he decided to work on his shot. After seeking guide from others, and watching experts himself, he quickly learned and improved on his snap shot, as well as his stick handling/ puck-eye management. He felt he was a new player back in the Sophomore year of High School- and thus changed his number from 12 to 71 to honor his current idol, Malkin. Throughout the sophomore year, Stucky saw immediate and continued success as he improved from 12 goals and 36 points the previous season to 34 goals and 65 points in 60 games with the Belleview Jaguars. While he was certainly happy with these efforts, he eventually graduated without ever winning the state championship. That following summer he was anxious to get to Penn State- determined to take them to the Frozen Four on his back. Wearing the Navy and White, Stucky kept his number 71 and improved on nearly every facet of his game, transforming the once soft defensemen into a hard-nosed skilled grinder, and finalist for the Hobey Baker award during his last two years at Penn State. He delivered on his promise, bringing the championship to Penn State and winning the coveted Hobey Baker his senior year. Looking forward to his professional career, Stucky has maintained his work ethic that delivered results in the first place. He agreed to work out with trainer Gary Roberts and has a very strict diet to get rid of the beer belly acquired as he celebrated the championship. What Stucky will bring to any team that signs him is a quiet leader. While he plays "loud" on the ice, he leads by example in the locker room and with the media. He is the first to help solve internal issues and the last to cause any. Stucky will be a solid teammate, and a potential lead or assistant captain for any team that wants to bring him on.
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    The future of VHL teams.

    *kinda perfect picture* I was celebrating a name-day today. Congratulations to me! I'm also not in the best shape and the Riga LR already knows why. So this article won't be a something special, I was doing this before. There goes the future predictions for all 8 teams. 5 of them will get a more detalized guess. GM: @Bushito This team had problems with cap, but couple of minor trades solved all their troubles. Also, they once again are running with 5F 4D setup. Last time, it wasn't enough to make maximum noise, this time they are contending for the cup. But I think the 5/4 setup isn't going to do wonders, especially when the team has only one forward superstar in Canmore. Now let's talk about their future. I'd say they are having a bright future. They're having some old players like Bogdanovic and Kinkaid (who's retiring after this season), but other players are either on prime or still rookies. Also, majority of them are active (besides Corco). Bushito wasn't lying when he said that Calgary is here for a long time. FUTURE: GOOD. Other team have their problems so Calgary is in a good shape. The mix of veterans and younger players is definitely helping this team. Also, there is Jordan Tonn who could jump to this team at some point. GM: @Tyler Finally we'll see Davos in action after four seasons of rebuilding. McAllister is going to have another MVP season IMO so that should give the Dynamo a boost. However, I'm not that sure about their future. Let's start with the fact this team's average age is already older than Calgary, that's not wassup. And they have more semi-actives too. Brodeur, Warlock, Axelsson and Gow (sort of). Three players will face the regression already next season, including a goalie Brodeur and the best D in Kane. We can argue that they have a young gun in Jokinen, but that may not be enough. I think Tyler will have to make a bold move soon, or this team could be done in like 2-3 seasons. FUTURE: 60/40, There is a team that may sell soon so Davos could have a chance to prolong their contention window. GM: @Higgins Dis Higgins. He was ready to step down, but then decided to have some fun and traded ONE first for FIVE good/star players. Helsinki is going for yet another back to back and they have a good chance on doing that - the roster is looking very good. I don't know what he's thinking about the future of this team (I guess he isn't thiking at all), but his words about finishing the next rebuild in 2020 may be a correct prediction in this one. FUTURE: SELL AND REBUILD. We know that Higgins can find a chance out of nowhere, but he won't have an important piece for another miracle run - a goalie. King is retiring following this season and no other goalie would be available in the near future. GM: @Spade18 Spade is the new NYA GM after STZ has decided to step down due to personal things. Looking at their roster, we can see a bunch of S57 guys. And the Kiaskov trade was the right thing to do since he's a also a S57 guy. So we could see that this team can contend for two more seasons at least and maybe they could do even further if the GM will be lucky with trades. I guess this team has no troubles in the near future... FUTURE: VAGUE. And then here comes the a painful blow: Ike Arkander must retire following this season since he's not a GM player anymore. This is really a shitty situation for this team - as I already said earlier there are no goalies available in the near future. Spade is trying to save this team with changing Kingfisher's position to a goalie, but I think this won't help NY. I just don't see a team with 200 TPE goalie winning the championship so perhaps it's easier to sell the team after this season. GM: @Beaviss Quebec is a #5 team, but I can't say they are competing now. More like waiting for a team that would sell...maybe like NY. So let's just look at players. There are some questionable assets, like Sobeck (inactive) or Ball (very semi-active). Also, I'm not really sure about Zhields as Steezy took a break from VHL. In overall, this team still has a good potential, but Beaviss will have to decide the fate of some inactives or semi-actives in order to have a perfect future for his team. FUTURE: NICE. I already said it all in previous four sentences. GM: currently drunk GM: @Banackock GM: @DollarAndADream FUTURE: STILL REBUILDING. I don't know what else I can say about these three teams. They only started the rebuilding process so it may take a while before these teams will jump into the fight for the cup. However, one of them could capitilaze on potential problems from Helsinki or NY and make an early push for a cheap price. I also need to mention that we may see the reincarnation of the S58 three-way rivalry between these three teams if they will be ready at the same time. Could be interesting to see this again, especially for Dollar who never won in a S58-59 period. I can be proud of myself, I somehow managed to drag this thing to amost 1000 words. Imagine if I wasn't in that shape as I'm being right now. I want to wish a good luck to every VHL team in this season and let your plans be a successful ones. Well, except for Seattle, they can hold on with another three-four year rebuilding plan hehe. I'm also not sure if I'm even drunk at this point, I wrote this article in one hour. That's not the worst result I've ever had. Yay my brains. But I guess the idea of this article was too easy to not doing it fast. That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE goes to Kurtutecis 11.06 - 17.06 18.06 - 24.06
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    added hockey league commissioner to my resume and i went from 1 interview every 2 weeks to 3 interviews a day 😎❤️
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    Holy I’m a Dumbass

    I'd like to file a complaint against @Banackock for cheating in reverse.
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    Oslo Storm 3D Medallion [1/2]

    Made in Autodesk Maya, the official logo was used only as a reference image. I'll upload some more sizes, images of the medallion topology and even the the .fbx or .obj file when I get home. Took a few hours to relearn Maya and model the thing since I haven't used Maya in ages lol Big boy for viewing pleasure (absolute unit): Small size for signatures: Even smaller for your butt: +6 Nat #BBNATTPE
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    S62 VHL Draft Rankings v.1

    S62 Draft #1: LW Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream - YUK - 201 TPE (+70) (Current update) #2 (Up 3): LW Vesto Slipher @Hybrid1486 - YUK - 140 TPE (+60) (Current update) #3 (Down 1): C Rauno Palo @jRuutu - OSL - 133 TPE (+29) (Current update) #4 (Down 1): LW Konstantin Mulligan @Pandar - YUK - 128 TPE (+40) (Current update) #5: D Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock - OSL - 117 TPE (Current update) #6 (Down 1): C Oleksiy Revchenko @AndrewWarren13 - VEG - 90 TPE (+36) (Current update) #7 (Down 2): D Lukas Novacek @ADV - OSL - 89 (+34) TPE (Current update) #8 (Down 2): G Johnny Carison @Donno100 - YUK - 74 TPE (+20) (Current update) #9 (Up 2): LW Shawn Mendes @evrydayimbyfuglien - OSL - 59 TPE (+23) (Current update) #10: D B.B. Nat @BBNAT - OSL - 56 TPE (Current update) #11: RW Jake Davis @Reives - OTT - 54 TPE (Current update) #12: RW Roctrion King @Romaris - YUK - 48 TPE (+12) (Current update) #13 (Down 5): RW Jaroslav Zimmer @AnthonyOuellet - VEG - 48 TPE (June 15th) #14: C Dan Montgomery @BarzalGoat - YUK - 46 TPE (Current update) #15 (Down 6): G Matt Aloisi @twoplayable - SSK - 42 TPE (May 15th) #16 (Down 6): RW Janis Ozolins @sencitis - SSK - 42 TPE (May 15th) #17: D Shawn Glade @ShawnGlade - YUK - 38 TPE (Current update) #18: LW Jack Stucky @stucky71 - YUK - 38 TPE (Current update) #19: LW Joseph Wolf @Joseph Wolf - OSL - 36 TPE (Current update) #20: C Hunter Kidd @Hunter - VEG - 36 TPE (Current update) #21: D Lando Baxter @Elhandon - OTT - 32 TPE (Current update) D Michael Czar @miketheczar - 36 TPE (May 21st) LW Garrett Oslok-Grey @Noah Kearney - OSL - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) RW Shane Appelle @ShaneAppelle - OSL - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) LW Josh Baldwin @Smitty - SSK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Mike McTank @Cleveland crashers - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) LW Gavin Haslam @GavinHaslam - OSL - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) RW Jeddie Higgins @Lax66 - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Peter ZahBa @PeterZahBa - OSL - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D John Stephanides @MrYams - OTT - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) LW Evgeni Golovoy @STiN - OTT - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) LW Plutkins Vritikken @Glebbread - OTT - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) C Gillyweed Kellyberger @Gillyweed123 - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Ilya Samorukov @YourInferiorx - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Zach Ryan @HockeyGod99 - OSL - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) LW Jacobus Maximus @Jacob Kundrat - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) RW William Newell @Echotastic2 - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) RW Alex Reaper @Poisoniic - SSK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) C Connor Heidebrecht @cheidebrecht - VEG - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) G Volker Brockhaus @Boomcheck - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Gaidis Olnica @hedgehog337 - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) RW Matt Merkell @why₀ - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) D Jeffery Fredrick Giribaldi @James Ratcliffe - YUK - 30 TPE (Not yet updated) UNRANKED (GM Player) C Centis Kurtutecis @hedgehog337 - YUK - 148 TPE (+50) (Current update) [Riga Reign GM Player] C Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock - OSL - 122 TPE (Current update) [Seattle Bears GM Player] G Ismond Kingfisher @Spade18 - OSL - 67 TPE (Current update) [New York Americans GM Player]
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    New Update System

    Just to make sure everyone sees this:
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    Holy I’m a Dumbass

    Wait you’ve been claiming 10 and 11 TPE per week? Did your updated not notice this? That’s a pretty ridiculous amount. Edit: read that wrong. Thought you meant you were claiming 10 each week for the practice facility haha. I’m a dumbass too I guess. Yeah, it’s uncapped.
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    GM 5: Saskatoon vs. Oslo

    As soon as these lines get update I am going to feast, 2 hattys in 3 games
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    Welcome alecbama!

    Hello boys, I'm in the EFL and SBA as well and thought I'd give hockey a shot. Thanks to @Bushito for recruiting me over here, hopefully I'll enjoy this quite a bit. I'm a Stars fan and think that the Sabres sweaters from 1996-2006 need to be in a uniform hall of fame. Looking for somebody really experienced to guide me through this process.
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    Sports Sim Network

    Introducing: Sports Sim Network Hey everyone! I'm ecstatic to introduce all of you to a major project a team and I have been working on to bring this community, and the many communities affiliated with us, together on a united front of sim sports content. As some of you may know, the SSN name is dear to me. Many years ago, I had the idea to create a singular league with four leagues inside where activity in one can earn you points in the rest. Young, overwhelmed and understaffed it was not meant to be. Now, years later, a new Sports Sim Network has been born. One created in the spirit of its predecessor and I think you're all going to love it. So what is the SSN specifically? The Sports Simulation Network is the central hub for all of our sim league happenings. It was created with a vision of uniting the various sim leagues we love into a central location, where you check out the scores of all the games, read up on all the best articles, and further build the fan base of sim leagues as a whole. It exists to enhance the experience of all the leagues individually while at the same time providing a view into the crazy worlds of other sim leagues. We’ve all had cross-sport debates before. Who was more dominant between Gretzky and Jordan? We want you to be asking those same questions about Scotty Campbell, Trey Masters and Marcus McDyess. As the notoriety of players rises so does the popularity and intensity of the leagues. Our sim league universe is always expanding, and everyday legends grow taller and the stories get deeper. We’re here to foster and catalyze that growth. We’re here to be your Sports Simulation Network.
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    Ranking the fav VHL teams again.

    Idk tbh. I think it was a New Day fan, but I guess he went inactive shortly after he stepped down from GM'ing. YEAH!
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    Awards Won, by player

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UBOkoU8E6MHoTv4mDCGHPUW6Uxn2d7ixzmO9pI1W6e8/edit?usp=sharing So this is the new thing I'm working on. Not sure if I'll expand this to include awards won by member, but I'd like to. I think that would be much more interesting to look at, and it probably shouldn't actually be too difficult given the fact that I can use the Continental Cup spreadsheet to input most of the corresponding members with the players.
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    Questions about carry over

    Personally I’m not sure if we should raise the max HOWEVER we are discussing making carryover the proper amount again. 75 Mac was introduced when starting TPE was 0 but never adjusted when it went to 30. So that starting bonus of max carryover used to be a 75 TPE advantage, now it’s only 45. I think a more reasonable approach than raising it is to simply have carryover be added onto your starting TPE meaning max carryover players would start with 105 instead of 75. How implications of this are being looked at.
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    The one about Updating

    Yeah I'm a big fan of the new updating system, but think this is dumb. All you're doing is encouraging non-researched "I'm just trying to reach 500 words through word vomit" articles at best, actively pushing away people who like to write at worst.
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    NYA/RIG S61

    Excellent, horrible teammate, LR cancer and puck hogger. Good riddance.
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    The one about Updating

    @Quik @Fire Hakstol @Gooningitup, anyone who missed this before i added it, FREE TPE!
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    Sorry 4 The Weight

    Probably gave everyone a scare that I'd gone inactive again but I have had a super hectic week and a half or so which has meant I've barely had a minute to breathe, let alone think about VHL and so it did fall to the wayside a bit, and annoyingly I have missed out on a week's TPE because of it, but this should be a one time thing. So in the real world I finished up my 4th year of university and so am one (annoyingly long) thesis away from a finished MSc which is pretty crazy to think about. I had a couple days to celebrate with friends and say goodbye to loads of people for the last time ever (weird feeling), then pretty much straight away had to prepare for an interview I had yesterday with a biiiiiiiiiiiig company that was insanely intimidating and so my schedule is a bit more open again and things should be back to normal. I hope I didn't miss much in the previous week or so. I know offseason has obviously finished, and I assume Arvid is playing in the VHL? I'll take the time to look that up now. If he is, I hope he's doing good as a rookie in a big league, if he's not, I'll be in the VHLM and hopefully dominating. I can't wait to solve the mystery I've created and find out.
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    New Update System

    That's great and all... But when's the Announcement for the Announcement that's being Announced after the Announcement for the Announcement that's tomorrow's Announcement?
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    New Update System

    If I know lazy, and you bet I do, This will make you more active
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    New Update System

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    GM 21: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    Did anyone see B.B. out there? I think he got lost on the way from the locker room.
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    Jake Davis (JD) - RW 6'4" - 205 lbs Born: June 17th, 1999, Winnipeg, MB, CA Player Page First on the ice, last off From the first time his dad laced up Jake's skates and took him out on the ice, he's known that he was born to play hockey. At a young age, Jake quickly picked up the intricacies of the game; establishing vision that far exceeded his skill. Having a difficult time in his early teens, Jake quit the game and changed his focus to academics but shortly after his 16th birthday Jake joined his high school team and immediately found success. He moved up to WHL shortly after returning and then was picked up as a free agent by the Ottawa Lynx in the VMHL where he has found some early success. His work ethic and dedication to improvement have paid astounding dividends and will continue to as he works his way through his professional hockey career. Strengths Passing - Since he was young, Davis always found the lanes that no one else saw. It wasn't until later in his development that he was able to actually hit those seams. When you see him on the score card, it'll usually be in the primary assist spot. One of the most dangerous young players on a 2 on 1. He'll be a smart addition to any power-play once he matures. Puck Handling - Not exactly known for his flashy puck handling, Davis has some understated skill in that department. As he transitioned from playing left wing to right wing in high school, he was quickly able to adjust to playing on his off wing and the possessional challenges that entails. While he focuses more on his smart positional play, he is known to make a move when a defender gets in close. Defense - While known more for his play making, Davis is also a gifted two-way player. His positional intelligence helps him be in the correct spot whether with the puck or without and he's great at zoning people out to the edges of the ice. Weaknesses Skating - Having always relied on his positioning, Davis is not a great skater. As he ramps up in the big leagues he will need to focus on his speed and stability as he faces better opponents. He relies more on his line mates to get to open ice and then making the perfect pass than he does on on blowing past defenders on the boards. Physicality - While Davis is not a small player by any means, his game is more grounded in intelligence than physicality. He focuses on playing the puck over playing the body. Unfortunately when he does play the body he is known for taking some unintentional minors. Hopefully he is able to work on his discipline to reduce the effect this has on his team. Face-offs - Having never played Center in his development, Davis has a low proficiency in face-offs. While he is able to handle a half dozen or so draws a game, he shouldn't be utilized in the circle any more than that.
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    GM 11: Oslo vs. Vegas

    What if I supply a photo of myself dabbing from like 3 years ago that you can use for it, and my shame can live eternally on the internet?
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