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    Welcome back!

    We thought you could all use a few days off... But seriously, our apologies. The issue stemmed from our move to self-hosted where the forum was still attempting (and failing) to save certain resources on IPB's cloud server. We had to get support to fix us up. We still have some cleaning up to do with broken images and such which we will get to. As an apology for the missed days, everyone gets one free week to claim anytime you like within the month of June. Thank you for your patience!
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    New York Americans GM Change

    This announcement may come as a surprise to some, but likely most of the GMs already have known for a while that there is a change in management as of this off-season. I’ve been a part of this community for a long time. It’s crazy to think that it has been the better part of 8 years where I’ve been super active and have almost never missed a point task. Over those past 8 years I’ve changed a lot and life has taken over. First and foremost I have an incredible 4 year old daughter who has taken over my life. On top of that I just moved into a new house that’s been under construction for the past year and a half. And now in two weeks I’m starting a new position at work that will absolutely require my full attention. I joined this site in between jobs with a lot of free time and not a lot going for myself. I can still remember the early days here vividly because at the time that’s all I really had to get excited about. These days I’m finding it harder to stay engaged and be on consistently. I’m not saying I’m leaving the site but I’ll definitely be taking a huge step back. I want to support this community as much as I can and I will continue to stay present. However, for those of you who care I figured I would provide an explanation. With that being said, there will be a new General Manager of the New York Americans effective immediately. This is an internal hire who I’ve been discussing this succession plan for the better part of three seasons. He is a first-gen player who was drafted near the start of my time in New York. He’s impressed in the VHLM GM ranks and has been an amazing member of this site since coming on. I’m excited to announce that the new GM of the New York Americans is @Spade18! Thanks to everyone who has dealt with me during my time as GM, I had a lot of fun during this run. All the teammates I’ve had that stuck with me and believed in the plan, all I can say is thank you. Shoutouts to @Gooningitup @der meister @BOOM™ @Kesler @Kendrick @diamond_ace
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    Awards Changes

    A few announcements to make regarding awards before the upcoming off-season: 1. Devon Marlow-Marta & Terence Fong Trophies Retired These two trophies, supposed to be awarded to the finals teams from each conference, are being retired. Since going down to 8 teams and a single conference, they haven't made much sense. But don't worry, you will earn prediction points each season for predicting which two teams will make the finals -- they just won't be getting an official award any longer. 2. Award Committee BOG award voting was never meant to be a permanent solution. @Beketov and myself have decided this season would be good time to establish a proper award committee, something we have discussed on and off for quite awhile. That committee is now in place and will be functioning for the S60 award voting. Here's how it will work: - The award committee will consist of 8 members at a time who are each well informed, professional, and represent many different 'types' of members - for example, it was important to us that we include at least one newer (but still well-informed) member. No GM's nor Commissioner's are eligible to serve on the committee. - Any one member is only able to serve on the committee for a maximum of 3 consecutive seasons before having to take at least one season off. 2-3 members will be rotated out each season and replaced by new members chosen by the Commissioner's. We wanted to do this to ensure fresh faces are coming and going, rather than have the same group decide awards year after year. Therefore, its important to note that a member being rotated out is not necessarily a reflection of the job they did. - Each season, one member of committee will be designated as Chairman of the committee. That member will receive some (capped) TPE in exchange for organizing the award discussion, the voting, and ultimately posting the award winners on behalf of the committee. Here is the inaugural award committee for S60: @Tagger - Chairman @der meister @CowboyinAmerica @Smarch @Spade18 @diamond_ace @Quik @tfong
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    added hockey league commissioner to my resume and i went from 1 interview every 2 weeks to 3 interviews a day 😎❤️
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    C - Rauno Palo

    Player InformationUsername: jRuutuFull Name: Rauno PaloPosition: CenterAge: 18Handedness: RightRecruited By/From: RecreateWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? NoPlayer AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30 (+Bank carryover 75) (1224x0,07 = 85) (Carryover capped at 75)CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 50ST = Strength: 50PH = Puck Handling: 45FO = Face Offs: 45PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 40DF = Defense: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 3Height (inches): 6'5" Weight (lbs.): 230Birthplace: Vaasa, FinlandAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players Jorma Ruutu (876 TPE) Fabio Jokinen (1224 TPE)
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    Who is Going Number One?

    There are four players in this draft who I can feasibly see being taken with the first overall selection currently held by the Seattle Bears. But who’s going to be the one to go at number one? Here are the breakdowns of those four players and how they’ve been doing to this point. Samuel Gate – The One Who Leads The Way Currently the player with the most TPE in this draft class, Gate’s lead over Thompson and the others will likely continue through to the draft thanks to a more productive achievement tracker along with other miscellaneous point tasks. One of the things that’s interesting about Gate’s rise to prominence in this field though is that while he is leading the league in TPE, he hasn’t really achieved that through traditional means. Through the eleven weeks that Gate has been active, he’s actually only made the TPE cap in one of those weeks (Week ending May 27th). There’s two ways that you can look at this, while he’s not necessarily earning as much of the capped TPE as someone like Cast or Sterling, the fact that he’s still at the top of the TPE standings shows that he’s willing to engage in and have success with a lot of the league’s uncapped opportunities (something that is occasionally ignored even by the more veteran members). Gate has definitely been earning more capped TPE as the draft has drawn closer, but it will be interesting to see if he’s making the weekly cap on a more consistent basis after the draft, something that he may have to do if he wants to maintain the TPE lead. Podrick Cast – The One With Unprecedented Success On pure TPE numbers, Cast is currently down by quite a bit on Gate and Thompson, but most of the reasoning behind this is because he entered the league a week later than the pair (missing out on a potential 12 TPE) along with missing out on the yearly PTs that he couldn’t do since he wasn’t in the league by the start of Season 59. After his first week where he made 10 TPE, Cast has gone on to make the TPE cap every week since, so his current earning levels are certainly not the reason why he’s currently behind Gate and Thompson. The thing that Cast has in his favour that no other player can compare with in this draft class (hell, maybe the entire league at this point), is his agent’s consistent success with players. Out of all the agents who are currently active in the VHL, no agent has a longer active streak of Hall of Fame players (4, although one would expect STZ to match that this off-season) under their tutelage than Victor. The man does not make a habit of falling short of expectations. Matt Thompson – The One Who Oversees The League While being an administrator/commissioner of a league is not a sure-fire sign that they’re going to be a huge success in the league, it does show a level of consistent commitment that any general manager would love to have in a player. This consistent commitment has been evident to this point in the way that Thompson has gone about earning his TPE. In comparison to Samuel Gate, who has earned 106 TPE (as of week ending June 3rd) through weekly capped TPE, Thompson has earned 121. While this is a demonstration of Thompson’s consistency, the fact that he has such an edge in capped TPE but is still trailing behind Gate in total TPE suggests either that Thompson isn’t engaging in as much of the uncapped activities as Gate (something that you can somewhat understand from someone who is busy enough running the league) or that he just simply isn’t having as much luck with his predictions as Gate. He’s a lot of people’s selection for first overall in this draft and he definitely is more than capable of making a great player, we’ll have to see if the Bears agree with the public opinion. Roger Sterling – The One That Will Thrive While it is not immediately obvious through his current TPE levels in comparison to his rivals in this thread, Roger Sterling is the most logical choice for first overall selection. As of the week ending June 3rd, Sterling was 27 TPE behind Gate, 22 TPE behind Thompson and level with Cast, but what is important to remember is that Sterling created his player three weeks later than both Thompson and Gate. What this means is that Sterling missed out on a potential 36 TPE of weekly point tasks along with miscellaneous TPE awarded at the end of the season (VHFL, Award Predictions, etc.). For Sterling to be as close as he is to both of these players in spite of his later creation demonstrates that he has the greatest earning potential out of any player in this draft. But that’s not the only advantage that works in Sterling’s favour heading into this draft, being a goalie will also serve him well in this draft. At the end of his rookie season, there will only be four goalies more senior than him (Arkander, Stopko, Brodeur, Isault). By the time he enters his third and fourth season, he will likely have overtaken Isault in TPE and will be performing at a comparable level to Arkander and Stopko thanks to their regression. By the time he reaches his fifth and sixth seasons, Arkander and Stopko will have retired and Sterling will be unquestionably the best goalie in the league in terms of attributes (this is no knock on Isault or Arvid Aamo by the way, they’re both solid earners but outside of Stopko, no-one has more earning potential in the league right now than Sterling), a dominance that could well carry over to his final two seasons as well depending on other goalies created for Season 63 onwards. No player in this draft will become the unquestioned best player at his position quicker than Roger Sterling, 1000+ words, using for W/C 6/11 and 6/18
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    Look who's fucking back at it again! Going for back to back Golds so don't mess with me. This time around I had only one hard decision. Had to leave Ko Kane off the team to give us the best chance at a repeat. Maybe the Mercs will give him a roster spot. This will be V2A's last few games, at least he gets to start. So without further fucker and stalling here are your S60 Americans. C Jack Sheppard @Higgins C Bo Boeser @DollarAndADream LW Gabriel McAllister @CowboyinAmerica LW John Locke @Will RW Lavar Ball @Mr.Baller C (will play RW) Joseph Bassolino @Smarch D Pablo D Casey Jones @der meister D Peter Quill @Green D Colton Rayne @Spade18 G V2A @BluObieZ G Arbin Asipi Jr. @DeathOnReddit
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    S60 All Star Game

    Your S60 All-Stars: Coaches: @Banackock @STZ Forwards: David Kiaskov @Exlaxchronicles Bo Boeser @DollarAndADream Sergei Komerov @Gooningitup Franchise Cornerstone @boubabi Mattias Forsberg @Banackock Aksel McKnight @Kesler Veran Dragomir @Velevra Gabriel McAllister @CowboyinAmerica Chase Keller @Kendrick Niko Bogdanovic @Jonessee27 John Locke @Will Fredinamijs Krīgars @hedgehog337 Defence: Colton Rayne @Spade18 Ay Ay Ron @boubabi Luc Pierre @FacePuncher Slava Aleksei @Tyler Keaton Louth @Beaviss Mats Johnsson @Quik Ko Kane @BluObieZ Luka Volkov @Kyle Goalies: Ike Arkander @STZ Markus King @Kendrick Torstein Ironside @DollarAndADream Norris Stopko @Bushito Congrats guys teams will be chosen and posted after.
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    S60 Team World Roster

    C - Franchise Cornerstone @boubabi C - Fredinamijs Krigars @hedgehog337 C - Fook Yu @tfong RW - Niko Bogdanovic @Jonessee27 C - Sergei Komarov @Gooningitup LW - Veran Dragomir @Velevra D - Aleksei Federov @Banackock D - Slava Aleksei @Tyler D - Nicodemus Raven @Fowll D - Lukas Novacek @ADV G - Jacob Higgins @Higgins G - Vladislav Koradek @Koradek
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    der meister

    Awards Changes

    Nice. Assistant (to the) Chairman.
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    Semi-Finals A, GM 6: New York vs. Calgary

    Well we took them 6, I am happy with that for the first season of playoffs. I think next season will be a lot better.
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    Disclaimer: As I was not active in the league at the time of these drafts, I don't have the full context for the decisions that were made. While I have done some research into some of the reasons for why certain decisions may have been made (Kensington originally just made to be a VHLM goalie, Johnsson missing a few updates in the weeks leading to the draft, etc.) and the rosters for the teams at the time, there may be some information that I am not aware of. Overview: While this is the first draft that I missed in my period of leave, I’m very familiar with the early development of quite a few of these players as I acquired a few of them during my time as Las Vegas Aces General Manager Even at that point, it was very clear that there was a lot of very talented defensemen that were going to be available for selection and it would not surprise me if the five defensemen selected in the first round was actually the record for most defensemen taken in the first round of a draft. The craziest part of that despite the majority of them still being very much active, none of those five are the defenseman with the most TPE out of this draft class, an honour that goes to Mats Johnsson who was selected with the twelfth overall pick. Even more bizarre is that the highest TPE player to come from that draft was selected eighteenth overall, the goalie Norris Stopko (who at time of drafting was called Norris Kensington). I’m going to imagine that at least part of the reasoning behind this is that opposing General Managers had their doubts about drafting a player who was a general manager of another team, which is an understandable concern and one that makes me wonder why general managers are still allowed to utilize the two player rule when, even during the time of the two-player rule, there were people saying they shouldn’t have second players as those players offer the greatest conflict of interest. All in all, this draft is probably one of the better ones we’ve had in recent memory, especially in regards to first-gen players with Keaton Louth, Colton Rayne and David Kiazkov all excelling. First Round Draft Grades: 1. COL - Chase Keller – A+ Had some disappointing seasons in the sim and would probably have liked to have been closer to Stropko for highest TPE player from this draft, but make no mistake about it, Keller is a phenomenal offensive talent and his output this season has shown he’s one of the very best forwards in the league. 2. NYA – Casey Jones – A Won a Labatte in his rookie season with an insane 100-point season and while he hasn’t gotten close to that mark since then, he is still one of the better defensemen in the league. The reason he’s not A+ is that with him being the first defenseman taken you may have expected him to break away from the other defenseman selected in this draft but, outside of that first season in the sim, he hasn’t done that. 3. STK – Boner – D Story time! Eighth overall pick in the S56 VHLM Dispersal Draft belongs to the Oslo Storm, I pick ninth and I’m secretly hoping they pick either Casey Jones or Keaton Louth because otherwise it would leave me with an extremely tough decision. Instead, they pick Boner who I had as the fourth best defenseman available at that point (behind those two and Johnsson). While Boner was second only to Chase Keller in updated TPE prior to the VHL draft, his build was EXTREMELY defensive to the point where he had only 7 TPA combined in passing and scoring. While this could have eventually worked out had Boner stuck around, leaving the league after only earning an additional 95 TPE after drafting left Stockholm/Calgary with a player whose had four seasons in the league and has yet to record more than thirty points in a season. 4. QUE – Keaton Louth – A At the time of this draft, no first-gen player had been drafted higher than Louth was since Felipe Rodriquez was selected third overall in Season 47, an impressive feat by Louth considering how many players in this draft had surpassed the 175 TPE barrier. Louth would have been an A+ here if the sim had reflected his work ethic, but unlike Jones, he hasn’t had that one terrific season, but he’s definitely heading on the right track, finishing fifth in points for defensemen last season. 5. DAV – Jeff Gow – C+ This is a difficult one to grade as while Gow is still the third best forward taken in this draft and is still earning TPE, a five-month period of not earning TPE have left him with half the TPE of some of the players drafted around his position. As a result, Gow has struggled to reach expectations in the sim and halfway through his career is still yet to achieve a point per game in any of the four seasons he’s played in. 6. TOR – Phil Bennington – D I might be being a bit generous here not giving this an F given that Bennington barely made the VHL, but I think this is one of those where you must look at the circumstances around the pick. For the last four seasons, Toronto had used their first round selection to draft either a defenseman (Roman Sokolov, Dexter Lane, Aackckqz Ky) or a goalie (Torsten Ironside), so having a draft that was so light on offensive talent was probably the last thing that they would have wanted. While Stockholm simply wound up picking the wrong defenseman in Boner, the only forward in this draft class that wound up being better than Bennington was David Kiaskow (although Josh Stronk is likely to surpass Bennington as well eventually) and it would be difficult to provide a reason for him going ahead of Bennington at the time of the draft. 7. COL – Shawn Brodeur – B Brodeur is a weird player to grade for this. He’s certainly not a bad selection and his TPE levels at this point would usually have been considered respectable for the position he was drafted, but at the same time he’s dropped behind a bit in TPE in comparison to the other players in this draft class and, unless he’s taken on a job that I’m not aware of, he’s not done any point earning activities this month, not even welfare. In addition, he’s in this weird place in that he’s never been on a team that’s properly competed in his four seasons in the league, so his GAA has been less than impressive, but he’s also never been in the top half of goalies in save percentage, so it’s not entirely the fault of the team he’s on. 8. NYA – Colton Rayne – A The second first-gen player taken in this first round, Rayne had put up less TPE than his defensive competitors in the lead-up to the draft, but he’d also had less weeks in the league having created at the VHLM Playoffs the previous season rather than the trade deadline. What was evident though was that there was potential for a player who could potentially become a good contributor on the blue line for a VHL team. So far he has definitely proved to be that, and actually was the defenseman in this draft with the highest number of points in Season 60, finishing second to Ay Ay Ron. 9. DAV – Ko Kane – B+ While Kane is a bit off of the pace of the other still-active defensemen taken in this draft both in TPE (he’s currently 140 TPE off of Colton Rayne) and in sim performance (he’s yet to have a season over a point per game), Kane is still very much a solid starter for the Dynamo and, with his continued activity, will break the point per game barrier sooner rather than later. 10. DAV – Matt Denning – F When half of the second round look to be able to make the VHL by right and a first rounder doesn’t, it’s difficult to rank him any higher than an F. One of Beaviss’ friends, Denning looked like a potentially promising player in the VHLM, but he wound up going inactive not long after this draft. 1000+ words, using for Weeks Commencing 5/28 and 6/4
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    What Am I Doing Here?

    As I sit here, trying to think of something to write for two TPE before my player is even properly created, I'm left to wonder how I even ended up back in the VHL to begin with. When I last left the league, I deliberately changed my email address in my profile to make sure I wouldn't get any VHL-related emails, but every now and again I would find myself remembering the league and how much I enjoyed my time here way back when. I'd occasionally pop in and see what was going on, usually without logging in, but for most of that time I had a writing job that really fulfilled my occasional need to spout off about sports. I also admittedly have drifted away from hockey over the last few years, although the Sabres finally winning the draft lottery has me at least partially intrigued again. So why am I back here with an actual player, doing things to improve him? I don't really know. There's not one particular event that brought me back, just the confluence of a few factors: I'm out of school for the summer, I'm not a blogger anymore, and in my occasional glimpses into the league I noticed that point tasks and whatnot have been pretty well streamlined to make things easier. Will I stay? For now, probably. I don't know what'll happen when August comes around and I'm back in school, but we'll see what happens in the next two-and-a-half months,
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    Krīgars is out

    738 points, 5 awards, 2 championships, @boubabi's favorite player. HoF for real. 70 TPE carryover.
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    The book is done, edits are [partially] made, and several agents requested that I send things to them during a recent Twitter pitch event. All in all, it's been a busy shitstorm of a year, but maybe it's finally turning around.
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    I'm Old

    From Advantage's latest media on why he returned: It got me thinking once again back to what was my first sim league, which I figured was about a decade ago. And I was nearly exactly right - the final MSFL game was simmed on May 8, 2008, which is almost exactly one decade ago. And it made me feel very old, but also nostalgic. The MSFL probably isn't something that a lot of people around here know about, especially given how long ago it was and the long line of mostly failed football leagues that followed it. But in its day, it, along with the RSFL (which I believe YEAH was heavily involved in but not totally sure), were the only two sim leagues that had any sort of longevity. It was the MSFL that added a bunch of player sim concepts that have continued to this day - I recognize probably half the VHL Rule Book because the original one was based heavily off the still-running MSFL's at the time (largely with @Knight having high-up roles in both leagues). It also taught me a lot about refining my personal writing style and engaging in leadership roles, stemming from my then-high school self somehow being trusted with Head Grader and Commissioner roles in the league. The MSFL only lasted five seasons, but that spans more than two calendar years - only having one sim a week and 14 weeks in a season will do that to you. Having been there from beginning to end though, it felt much longer. But most importantly, it taught me that there are communities where you can have fun online without taking things too seriously or getting too angry. That's a big reason why people like myself, @Jonessee27 and @frescoelmo and others are still kicking around from the MSFL a decade later, because the power of an engaged community is just as fun as the actual games themselves. I turned 28 last week, but as long as I'm still having fun, I see no reason not to still be engaged. It's a getaway. It's also why you see old VHL people popping in and out, even after years away. It's also why, frankly, I'm in support of having a quick trigger on guys like Boubabi who primarily exist to argue - the point is to foster a communal and fun atmosphere, everything else be damned. I'm a whole lot busier now in life than I was in high school, and yes, I'm a hell of a lot older. But I hope to stick around here in some form because this place, just like the MSFL before it, has brought me a lot of joy.
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    Project Player 2.2

    I've discussed this before, definitely in the BOG, but I think in another topic that came up as well, and just wanted to take the pulse of the league to see how regular members felt about it. I'd make a poll for easy analysis, but I want you bums to read my thread! Keep in mind, it would obviously need to be fleshed out further, and would possibly lead to an eventual re-expansion of both the VHLM and the VHL. The idea is to allow 2nd player that would not lead to members burning out, trying to run multiple players. Anyways, here is my run-down for the parameters of a possible new generation of Project Player 2. Starts with 30 TPE These players would not start with any carryover No TPE can be carried over from these players either Only one PP2.2 player would be allowed in the league at a time, per member To avoid the possible loophole of someone creating 2 of these players, I just want to point this out right away lol Career TPE max is 300 Basically, PP2.2 would provide depth players for VHL teams that are solid, but not superstars Attributes would be max'd at 85 Again, to prevent players from getting too good lol Would be allowed a single attribute max'd at 90. These players would never depreciate As compensation for the restrictions on builds, as well as a way to make these as low maintenance as possible and keep members from burning out While in the VHLM, TPA is max'd at 125 As these are secondary players, even in the VHLM they would be limited below other players Also, there is a possibility these players would be in the VHLM for a while... Restrictions on how to earn TPE The only way for these players to earn TPE would be through regular Point Tasks (including bio/rp/vhl.com), donations, jobs, welfare (this would only be claimable for one player per member, per week), practice facility and training camp (until they hit 300). Other means of collecting TPE (lottery, practice facility, trivia, VHLM bonus, etc.) would not be allowed for these players. These players would only be entered into the VHL Draft upon hitting 200 TPE Basically, once they hit the VHLM limit, they're pushed to the closest draft They do not get auto-retired until they've played 5 seasons in the VHLM without hitting 200 TPE. Cannot claim a salary, but WOULD count against the salary cap While they must sign contracts for the minimum of their TPA bracket (201-300), and would fall under rookie/vet categories, the players themselves would not add any salary to their bank This also means that they cannot make any purchases from the player store, a need that is mitigated by the lack of depreciation. They would have the same rights as all other players, in that they can reach Free Agency after 3 seasons, if they so choose, and have a NTC on their contract to prevent avoid being traded to a team they don't want to be on. Goalies would have the same rules on the cap as current, in that they would only count at 1/2 their bracket salary. Would be allowed one re-shuffling of TPA OR position change per career As these are normally items of the Player Store, people sometimes change their mind as to their build. This would basically be one freebie that is allowed per player, should they wish to use it. Essentially, the goal is to allow members to create a low-maintenance second player they can follow, even create a wacky build that they might never try on a full player. By putting in these restrictions, the hope is that it avoids the burnout that was caused by Project Player 2.1, as you would basically be able to finish your build in 2-3 seasons (1.5-2.5 of those being in the VHLM), and then sit back and watch your player. Originally, I had included a means for turning a PP2.2 into a regular player if the member's original player is retired, but I think that would be complicating things for no reason, as the low TPE count on these means it'd be easier, and make more sense, just to re-create than switch mid-career. Borrowing @Smarch's tags, as I want to get an idea of how all members feel about this, new and old.
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    New York Americans GM Change

    Good luck with everything @STZ! And thank you for this opportunity! I'm looking forward to a long tenure as the NYA GM!
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    Fire Hakstol

    Jeff Sits Down with Reporter

    With the off-season about to begin, ex-VHL player turned sports reporter Tim TebowGow sat down with current HC Davos Dynamo winger Jeff and agent Jim to ask them some questions: Reporter: If for some reason hockey was banned from sim leagues, what sport would you convert the VHL to and why? Jim: Hm, if for some reason the VHL could no longer be a hockey league, I think I'd convert it to a baseball league. There are already other hockey, football, and basketball leagues in existence, but I don't know of (m)any successful baseball ones. And baseball is a sport well suited to box score watching, unlike soccer where really the only stats you have are goals and assists. Reporter: Who was your favorite GM to play for? Jeff: I've only ever played for @Tylar and he's pretty cool. Jim: My favorite was probably @Mike just because we were the closest friends out of all the GMs I've had. I enjoyed my time in Cologne with @Kendrick, but unfortunately we weren't that successful as a team when I was there. Reporter: Who was your least favorite GM to play for? Jim: Don't really have one. Maybe @Megster when I played in Oslo because she stuck me on the 2nd line, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't really a big deal. Reporter: Guess the year the VHL will cease to exist Jim: 2022. Too many of the old guard will be gone and there won't be enough new blood to replace us. Everyone's getting old! Reporter: Should Boubabi have been perma banned? Jim: Yes with the caveat that if he really annoyed someone they should have just blocked him. I'm usually extremely lax when it comes to punishments/bannings, but it was evident that he was becoming a hindrance to the league. Others weren't blameless, and as I said earlier, all you have to do is ignore someone like that, but for some reason most people can't seem to do that. @eaglesfan036
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    S60 Team Canada

    The team that will play with the maple leaf on their chest is: F- Shawn Gretzky @TheLastOlympian07 F- Marc-Alexandre Leblanc @Pandar F- Chase Keller @Kendrick F- Jasper Canmore @Bushito F- Felix Savard @Frank F- David Kiaskov @Exlaxchronicles D- Keaton Louth @Beaviss D- Ay Ay Ron D- Adam Warlock @Green D- Lespineau-LeBrunette @FacePuncher G- Markus King @Kendrick G- Norris Stropko @Bushito
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    S60 World Cup GM

    Team Scandinavia: F - Mattias Forsberg @Banackock F - Verner Reinholdt @Devise F - Aksel McKnight @Kesler F - Otto Axelsson @Dangles13 F - Johannes Vilhjalmsson @MWHazard F - Mikhail Vega @iRockstar D - Mats Johnsson @Quik D - Sebastian Ironside @DollarAndADream D - Jesper Stromberg @Tim D - Alvaro Jokinen @Ahma G - Torstein Ironside @DollarAndADream G - Ike Arkander @STZ
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    *Preparing for the draft* Hi, it's me again with the S61 draft related article. After all, I still need to use doubles which I won in the lottery and as a Riga GM I have nothing else to write about. And looks like other GM's are interested in this draft as well - @DollarAndADream with his draft update, @Banackock with his own version of VHLSC. Good to see such active general managers here. And good to see these kind of drafts. I don't even remember when we had 11 players with 100+ TPE even before the draft started. Perhaps in VHL's early days. Let's see this TOP 11 (as of 5/27): D - Samuel Gate - 214 TPE @street LW - Matt Thompson - 189 TPE @Beketov C - Podrick Cast - 186 TPE @Victor RW - Edwin Preencarnation - 146 TPE @Tagger G - Arvid Aamo - 140 TPE @Daniel D - Robert Malenko - 130 TPE @pennypenny G - Roger Sterling - 124 TPE @Will RW - Sergei Kovalev - 120 TPE @Laflamme LW - Marvin Harding - 120 TPE @.sniffuM C - Mikhail Vega - 114 TPE @iRockstar D - Jesper Stromberg - 100 TPE @Tim As we can see, defense is a bit more stacked than other positions. Gate is the first in TPE and other two are solid too. We also need to mention that the best first-gen player plays in defence (Malenko). Another honorable mentions goes to Alvaro Jokinen (93 TPE) and Lev Bronstein (64 TPE), both of them could become a nice second round steals. It's a shame than Jacob Smith (61 TPE) is likely stopping with updating because @jacobaa19 player was another candidate of being a steal. Now he may drop to a third round. Also, @Ahma is kinda wildcard member as his only destination is Davos. We may really see this player drop to a low round just to be drafted by the Dynamo. Btw, who still doesn't know: @troy = @stevo. Just saying. What about other positions? Not a lot talking there. Left wing has only aforementioned Harding and Thompson. It's unfortunate that Ryan Skinner (64 TPE) last update was at the beginning of May as he was another option for a second round steal, just like Jacob Smith. Perhaps @rampagemaster could find a motivation to give it another shot. Right wing. Outside of our two best RW leaders, we have Wolf Edmunds (38 TPE) and Jordon Tonn (45 TPE) with some potential left. @MexicanCow even posted twice after his update (one of them in the achievement tracker thread), @Wolf Edmunds didn't update his player since April 30th but still pops in. I won't write them of yet, but now Tonn is the third best RW in this draft class and maybe he will become that steal of the draft. Center. Nothing...The most interesting question here is what's up with Mikka Pajari? (48 TPE now, but should have more). Is @Devise done? Or he is tanking his player's draft stock on a purpose? I didn't see he retired this player so he may become a diamond in the rough if Devise would at least claim a welfare for this player. Goalies. Similar to a center position, albeit Greg Santos (53 TPE) is still making moves so maybe @Barracuda could also see some spotlight in the draft ceremony. Another one was Victor Ball (38 TPE), but looks like @jcfbey01 isn't really interested in this league anymore. Sad. My article is done. Thanks for reading it. That's it and I'm out. 12 TPE goes to Kurtutecis.
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    Speculatoria (#2)

    Speculatoria - Edition 2 Good article, slowly improving and getting better. As always, will look to make it better, improve it and such as long as my free time permits. Busy week and some ahead. Again, remember to comment and whatever else - as prizes will be coming. One will have to do with the draft and will involve you the chance of winning some sweet, uncapped TPE. The next, well... that'll be for you to figure out soon. @Bushito @MD9 @Symmetrik @Corco @JardyB10 @Toast @Strtlght @Toast @Fire Hakstol @Frank @evrydayimbyfuglien @Ahma @BluObieZ @TheLastOlympian07 @Bring Back Chat @Corco @boubabi @Higgins @Trifecta @Kylrad @gregreg @diamond_ace @UZI™ @Kyle @STZ @der meister @Kendrick @Gooningitup @Spade18 @ADV @Kesler @John Scott @Lunaro @bgreene21 @Velevra @Phil @Beaviss @Tyler @hedgehog337 @solas @Jonessee27 @Will @tfong @Green @jRuutu @Banackock @Laflamme @CowboyinAmerica @Devise @Eggy216 @Pandar @DollarAndADream @Velevra @philthethrill81 @Jogn @Sixersfan549 @Mr.Baller @Exlaxchronicles @GoodLeftUndone @Boragina @Koradek @Arthur @stevo @bukss_a @FacePuncher @DeathOnReddit @nikkurri17 @HellBillyXIII @MadMax @Jepox @Polygeekism @Masxn1 @omgitshim @Sami K @OldTimeHockey @Vincebrown @VHLwhat @MWHazard @Týr @Shaka @Daniel @Dangles13 @probably not noah @iRockstar @.sniffuM @Victor @Barracuda @cpetrella @Sathurx @TrueNorth @Hoopydog @GCN7115 @Lloyd_71_Pav @Burzawa @CookieJo @Austin3886 @DomWalton90 @Broalie34 @TWalkerFC @10293lolo 2nd @declanburns @Quik @Aiden G @Talia03 @Dante Massaro @MexicanCow @jackphillips.18 @Hadz @MaikTheRed @Jera @That1guy @Zaramon95 @YayIWin @Benm2110 @ujju2 @InsaneEruptt @pennypenny @TNTGamer101 @ColtonMariner11 @AdderClounJr209 @OB1mx @YoungBlood @jcfbey01 @Erik Johannsen @Smarch Claim 7 for Federov Claim 7 for Forsberg
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    Speculatoria (#1)

    Speculatoria - VHLM Scouting Magazine Let me start off by saying this is hopefully a start to something good. Something I may do from time to time (especially for the right price - I'm a busy man). I feel as though this is something that also has a good amount of potential to turn out nice. I started this a few hours ago, learning curve - finding pics that semi-worked and all that shit. Some looks decent, thanks to templates and such - others not a whole lot. The draft rankings are a quick put together - used Robbie's. I wanted it off tonight as everything is current and lines up fairly correct. As time progresses, so will the aesthetics behind the words - especially if I get someone with some skill going on. -Some minor kinks to deal with. Some pics work, but when you load the mag they stop from time to time. It is what it is 😛 @Bushito @MD9 @Symmetrik @Corco @JardyB10 @Toast @Strtlght @Toast @Fire Hakstol @Frank @evrydayimbyfuglien @Ahma @BluObieZ @TheLastOlympian07 @Bring Back Chat @Corco @boubabi @Higgins @Trifecta @Kylrad @gregreg @diamond_ace @UZI™ @Kyle @STZ @der meister @Kendrick @Gooningitup @Spade18 @ADV @Kesler @John Scott @Lunaro @bgreene21 @Velevra @Phil @Beaviss @Tyler @hedgehog337 @solas @Jonessee27 @Will @tfong @Green @jRuutu @Banackock @Laflamme @CowboyinAmerica @Devise @Eggy216 @Pandar @DollarAndADream @Velevra @philthethrill81 @Jogn @Sixersfan549 @Mr.Baller @Exlaxchronicles @GoodLeftUndone @Boragina @Koradek @Arthur @stevo @bukss_a @FacePuncher @DeathOnReddit @nikkurri17 @HellBillyXIII @MadMax @Jepox @Polygeekism @Masxn1 @omgitshim @Sami K @OldTimeHockey @Vincebrown @VHLwhat @MWHazard @Týr @Shaka @Daniel @Dangles13 @probably not noah @iRockstar @.sniffuM @Victor @Barracuda @cpetrella @Sathurx @TrueNorth @Hoopydog @GCN7115 @Lloyd_71_Pav @Burzawa @CookieJo @Austin3886 @DomWalton90 @Broalie34 @TWalkerFC @10293lolo 2nd @declanburns @Quik @Aiden G @Talia03 @Dante Massaro @MexicanCow @jackphillips.18 @Hadz @MaikTheRed @Jera @That1guy @Zaramon95 @YayIWin @Benm2110 @ujju2 @InsaneEruptt @pennypenny @TNTGamer101 @ColtonMariner11 @AdderClounJr209 @OB1mx @YoungBlood @jcfbey01 @Erik Johannsen
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