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    2018 Holiday Payout!

    Merry Christmas / Something less denominational! Beke Clause is here to bring you some Holiday presents. @Quik and I previously agreed on the gifts so here is the list: 1. $5M Player Store Cash* 2. +6 Uncapped 3. Doubles Week** 4. Free Doubles Week*** * If you’re within your players final season this may be passed onto your next player instead. It cannot be split between two players. ** Doubles week PT must be a PT completed in the VHL, affiliate PT’s do not count. *** Free Doubles Week doubles your PT which you get without needing to complete a PT. It only doubles the main 6 TPE PT, nothing else in the weekly cap. All of them should equal out to more or less the same amount of TPE (about 6 uncapped) but have different ways of being earned. To save you going back through and remembering what number you had, I decided to do the work for you. So., here’s the payout list from the 2018 Holiday Bonus! 1. $5M Player Store Cash @omgitshim @Beaviss @Exlaxchronicles @Nykonax @Elhandon @CowboyinAmerica @TacticalHammer @Laflamme @ShawnGlade @Fire Hakstol @Luke Allman @Sonnet @Enorama @Bonzaijoe @der meister @tfong 2. +6 Uncapped @Esso2264 @Jubo07 @xsjack @Eudaldkp @Pandar @leafsman @oilmandan @Quik @Smarch @Stoffiday @Cornflakers @Brolaski @Velevra @TMI @Slappy1039 @jRuutu @Trifecta @Kuch9 @Philliefan @Antone10 @NathanN @BladeMaiden @Kisshan @Matt_O @JayF @Donno100 @monkeywrench15 @Sohva @FBR @nicolas01 @Dvich86 @Green @Bear @Will @RyanZabby @SwagSloth 3. Doubles Week @Hybrid1486 @McWolf @Arthur @Bushito @Beketov @Joubo @SlapshotDragon @Victor @Gooningitup @StamkosFan @eaglesfan036 @Sova @hedgehog337 @DilIsPickle @Poptart @pennypenny @TheLastOlympian07 @Bucky___lastard @wcats @Dangles13 @.sniffuM @Ahma @kayfabe @Tagger @JG10 @Reives @Banackock @joeyboucher1 @Spade18 @Rocketman04 @FacePuncher @Thranduil @Eparker24 @Ty343 @Infernal @Snussu @handfullofbubba 4. Free Doubles Week @diamond_ace @BOOM™ @Devise @CurtisG93 @Peace @JohnnyT_77 @Romaris @majesiu @Tyler @Tim @AndrewWarren13 @Advantage @BarzalGoat @speck1447 @SidTheKid87 @ChaceT @Chase Klein @BluObieZ @Symmetrik @Anthony Matthews
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    It's Spelled "McAllister"

    Now that Ubuyalot has been knocked out of the Sponsor's Shield, I guess it's time for this. I went into McAllister's career figuring that I would make a pure scorer, stay on one team his entire career, and get solid TPE but not break my neck over it. So naturally, I broke the all-time single season hits record, got moved twice directly following playoff runs, and finished with an ungodly amount of TPE due to the cap raising from 9 to 12. Sounds about right. It was a lot of fun though. I'd like to thank my two GMs @Banackock and @Tyler, the large number of people McAllister's been teammates with over the past eight seasons, and the VHL community at large for continuing to make this fun. I'm not as huge of a hockey fan as a lot of people here, but I enjoy the game and the community so much that I keep coming back. And whether it's a player like McAllister who rakes up awards or someone like Olsen who doesn't accomplish too much, I continue to have fun all the same. I'll be gone for a bit before I create a new player - a full-time job, a part-time master's program, a fiancee in med school, and a wedding to plan in May will do that to you. But I figure I'll be back eventually. A happy holidays to all, and see you soon
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    S63 VHL Awards Ceremony

    *Remember, if you won an award (individual) in either the VHL or VHLM, you are entitled to add 2 Uncapped TPE for each award won. If you are a co-winner, add 1 Uncapped TPE for that award. To claim, just link this page to your updates. Team awards do not apply for TPE.     S63 VHL Award Winners  Championship - Continental Cup: Riga Reign Best Regular Season Record - Victory Cup: Riga Reign Continental Cup Finalists: Riga Reign and Calgary Wranglers  MVP - Scotty Campbell Trophy: Gabriel McAllister (SEA) & Sebastian Ironside (TOR) McAllister - 4, Ironside - 4 Most Outstanding Player (player vote) - Brett Slobodzian Trophy: Gabriel McAllister (SEA) McAllister - 51, Canmore - 8, Bassolino - 7, Johnsson - 5 Playoff MVP - Daisuke Kanou Trophy: Ryuu Crimson (RIG) & Norris Stopko (CGY) Crimson 4, Stopko - 4 Leading Points - Mike Szatkowski Trophy: Gabriel McAllister (SEA) - 139 Leading Goals - Kevin Brooks Trophy: Sebastian Ironside (TOR) - 56  Leading Assists - Alexander Beketov Trophy: Joseph Bassolino (RIG) - 89  Lowest GAA - Greg Clegane Trophy: Tristan Iseult (QUE) - 2.01 Top Defenseman - Sterling Labatte Trophy: Mats Johnsson (CGY) Johnsson - 8 Top Offensive Defenseman - Alexander Valiq Trophy: Joseph Bassolino (RIG)  Bassolino - 8 Top Defensive Defenseman - Jake Wylde Trophy: Mats Johnsson (CGY) Johnsson - 6, Crosby - 2  Top Goalie - Aidan Shaw Trophy: Tristan Iseult (QUE) Iseult - 8 Top Two-Way Forward - Scott Boulet Trophy: Gabriel McAllister (SEA) McAllister - 8 Top Rookie - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy: Julian Borwinn (HSK) Borwinn - 6, Pepper - 2 Executive of the Year - David Knight Trophy: Blake Campbell (SEA) Campbell - 5, Zeptenbergs - 3 Most Improved - Dustin Funk Trophy: Sebastian Ironside (TOR) Ironside - 6, Bassolino - 2 S63 All-VHL Teams 1st Team (2 TPE to everyone included) Forward: Gabriel McAllister (SEA) @CowboyinAmerica Forward: Sebastian Ironside (TOR) @DollarAndADream Forward: Jasper Canmore (CGY) @Bushito Defenceman: Mats Johnsson (CGY) @Quik Defenceman: Joseph Bassolino (RIG) @Smarch Goaltender: Tristan Iseult (QUE) @Arthur 2nd Team (1 TPE to everyone included) Forward: Matt Thompson (SEA) @Beketov Forward: Podrick Cast (RIG) @Victor Forward: Keaton Louth (CGY) @Beaviss Defenceman: David Kiaskov (SEA) @Exlaxchronicles Defenceman: Robert Malenko (SEA) @pennypenny Goaltender: Roger Sterling (SEA) @Will All-Rookie Team (1 TPE to everyone included) Forward: Julian Borwinn (HSK) @Jubo07 Forward: Vaydar Odinsson (HSK) @BOOM™ Forward: Scott Shawinganen (NYA) @Cornflakers Defenceman: Joseph McWolf (NYA) @McWolf Defenceman: Sidney Crosby (HSK) @SidTheKid87 Goaltender: Alexander Pepper (HSK) @Sonnet    Congratulations to all the winners! VHLM Awards will come in their own thread soon. 
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    2018 Holiday Payout!

    @omgitshim @Beaviss @Exlaxchronicles @Nykonax @Elhandon @TacticalHammer @Laflamme @ShawnGlade @Fire Hakstol @Luke Allman @Sonnet @Enorama @Bonzaijoe @der meister @tfong Merry Christmas, ya'll got your money.
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    Hello VHL and merry Christmas to you all. I once brought VHL trivia to the league probably around 20 seasons ago but as I went on hiatus it was then capably led by @TheLastOlympian07 and @Bushito. Now I'm back and putting a slight twist on trivia, to reinvigorate the concept a bit. So, using a great suggestion by my #1 linemate @Tagger I bring you an enhanced version of trivia. Simply fill out the Google form below for 1 capped TPE per correct answer, as well as joining the S64 uncapped TPE leaderboard. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeb-N8Tudx1g3qIYwaMxuIM8zymIHCyhcLTKSgcR6Rg6vt3Og/viewform?usp=sf_link A couple of ground rules: 1. Don't post the answers below - your post will be deleted and you will be disqualified from TPE this week. 2. Just to clarify, you don't need to PM me anything - it's the same 2 questions for everyone. What you can do though, is PM me any questions which can be asked in the same format and when I use those questions, you will earn uncapped TPE for it! Wins all around. And just to make everyone aware of the new format (I won't do this after this week), MASS TAG! @Members ⛄
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    S63 VHL Hall of Fame Induction

    Every season, the VHL's Board of Governors inducts new members to its Hall of Fame, in recognition of elite contributions to the league from both players and members alike. This season, the Hall will see three names added to its lore, with 2 players and a builder being inducted! Without further adieu, here are this season's Hall of Fame Inductees: G - Markus King, S54-S61 @Kendrick RS: 520 GP, 313 W, 159 L, 34 OTL, 2.11 GAA, .924%, 74 SO PO: 43 GP, 24 W, 15 L, 4 OTL, 2.46 GAA, .920%, 1 SO    S56 Aidan Shaw Trophy (Top Goalie) S57 Aidan Shaw Trophy (Top Goalie)  S58 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP) S59 Greg Clegane Trophy (Lowest GAA)   Two Continental Cups (S57, S58) C - Lukas Müller, S53-S60 @solas RS: 576 GP, 228 G, 503 A, 731 P, +288, 258 PIM, 485 HIT, 272 SB, 40 GW PO: 81 GP, 27 G, 55 A, 82 P, +3, 45 PIM, 69 HIT, 42 SB, 4 GW  S56 Brett Slobodzian Trophy (Most Outstanding)  S56 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Most Points)   S56 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)  Three Continental Cups (S56, S58, S60) @Fire Hakstol (aka flyersfan1493) VHL Commissioner VHL BoG VHLM Commissioner Head Grader VHLM GM VHL GM - 1 Cup (S40 RIG) Grader Starting with Markus King, a goalie who, in his prime, was perhaps the best of his generation. Backstopping the great Riga Reign teams that culminated in back-to-back Continental Cup Championships, King's individual accolades, which include 2 Shaws, a Kanou and a Clegane, would look even heftier had the Greg Clegane Trophy been around 3 seasons earlier, as the goaltender lead the league in Goals-Against-Average in both S56 and 57, as well as his Clegane win in S59. The type of dominance displayed in goal by King is rarely seen, and, had it not been for a particularly strong S62 class, would normally result in a 1st ballot entry into the Hall. He did not, however, need wait long, as King enters the hallowed Halls in just his second season of eligibility! Lukas Muller, the consummate teammate, is another entry coming in after missing the cut in earlier votes. Rarely do players get to raise the Continental Cup twice, even rarer is the player who does so thrice. Muller is part of that rare triple-Champion club, having won three Cups in the final 5 seasons of his career. Reaching the 100-point plateau in 4 seasons, the center reached his pinnacle in S56, where he scored 48 goals and 88 assists, for to lead the entire VHL in assists and points (136), en route to a Slobodzian Trophy as the league's Most Outsdanding Player, as voted by his peers, while also leading Quebec to its 2nd ever Continental Cup Championship! He would go on to play two seasons for Riga, as a teammate of King's, joining them in the 2nd half of their back-to-back Championship seasons, before capping his career off with a Championship in Helsinki, with the Titans! Joining the Hall in the Builder category is @Fire Hakstol, a member who has held several high ranking positions in the VHL. Starting off as a grader, back in the days where Point Tasks were graded before you could claim your TPE, and moving up to Head Grader, VHLM GM, VHLM Commissioner, VHL GM, VHL Board of Governors, and eventually VHL Commissioner, Gow has had made his mark on the league for well over 30 seasons, and continues to do so today, as a valued member of the Board of Governors! Congratulations to all three on their entrance into the Hall of Fame! Induction Voting Results Markus King - 8/11 Lukas Müller - 7/11 Jakab Holik - 3/11 Tyson Kohler - 1/11 Astrid Moon - 0/11 Builder Voting Results Gow - 7/11 No One - 3/11 Abstain - 1/11* * @Fire Hakstol chose to abstain from voting, as he did not wish to influence his own induction into the Builder Category
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    Ban Thread

    @FamishedBlanket has been permanently banned from the league, for behavior in discord. We have no tolerance for the language or actions he displayed last night. @Hopper has also been permanently banned as an alternate account of @FamishedBlanket
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    Lifted Spirits

    It's late and I finally found the inspiration to write this. Been meaning to for a few weeks, felt inspired to continue a more narrative approach after I got some positive feedback from the last one. At any rate, enjoy. Tonight is one hell of a night. Riga plays Calgary in game six of the Continental Cup Finals, a luxury that only two of the eight teams in the VHL get to enjoy. Only five of these teams are even allowed a shot at playing in this prestigious series, leaving the last three to stay at home, eliminated from the equation entirely. Tonight, the Helsinki Titans’ team bus pulls up to a bar in Finland’s capital. Calgary’s wins in games four and five of the series gave the Titans time to find a bar to raid, and hoped that they would catch some rowdy VHL fans by surprise with their sudden appearance. Donning their jerseys, the players would exit the bus one by one before making their way toward the front entrance. “Let’s fucking GO boys,” yells one of the two leaders of the pack- Vaydar Odinsson. The Norwegian winger was flanked by an excited Sidney Crosby; these two were CLEARLY the drinkers of the bunch, and were more than ready to get hammered while they watched another team win the prize they’d been competing for all season. “Sid, if you outdrink me tonight, I’m buying your beers for the rest of next season.” “Might wanna rethink that one, bud- your contract couldn’t cover what I drink in a month,” came Crosby’s response, which prompted a stare-down between the two. The battlefield had been laid out plainly before them, all that was left was to put their iron livers on display for the lovely people of Helsinki. Without saying another word, they both bolted toward the bar, ignoring the rest of their teammates completely. One voice cried out upon exiting the bus, “Oh for FUCK’S SAKE, you two! I’m not covering for either of you dumbasses if you end up dead!” The voice came from the one member of the team with a white ‘C’ on his jersey, Dan Montgomery. This season, Montgomery had served as the team’s captain by default. As one of the only returning members of the season 62 team, he was tasked with making sure that this year’s rookies transitioned comfortably from their minor league teams. Of course, he was also responsible for their off-ice antics, but the 00-87 duo was nearly impossible to contain. Montgomery made a mental note to hang their gear from the rafters when they showed up for training camp next year. “Boys have had a rough year, let ‘em have this.” Julian Borwinn, last year’s leading rookie point scorer, was one of the last to emerge from the bus. Following close behind was their goaltender, Alexander Pepper, who looked like he’d seen better days. Borwinn continued his speech by giving his captain a quick pat on the back, “I think we could all use a little alcohol tonight, anyway. Our sins aren’t gonna cleanse themselves.” With a defeated sigh, Montgomery responded, “Fine, fair enough. Three of us are splitting the tab, right? For the whole bar? That was the plan?” “That was the plan.” “Alright then. Sign some autographs, take some pictures; let’s make sure we get out of here alive. The Finns needs something to cheer for, and that’s going to be us next season.” The captain started his journey toward the bar, but stopped for a moment to address the goalie. “And Pepper, at least try and smile for Chrissake. You look like your fuckin’ puppy died or some shit.” “Sir yes sir,” came a less-than-enthusiastic response. Figuring this was as good an answer as he was going to get, Montgomery turned back around and prepared to meet a bar packed full of hockey fanatics. The team made it into the bar, and the announcement was made. The Helsinki Titans were not only here, but footing the bill for everyone present. Following the announcement was easily the loudest cheer of the night, and the game hadn’t even started yet. Hockey players, free beer, this night was going to be one for the history books. Over the course of the night, Crosby and Odinsson proved to be the most popular members of the team by FAR. Crowds would gather to watch them drink- shot for shot, pint for pint, these two were driven by an unquenchable desire to be the true alpha of the Helsinki Titans. Their partying was only ever interrupted by a few short breaks to sign autographs, take pictures, and even share a drink or two with some of the more persistent fans. The single women of the bar all managed to work their way over to the duo, giving them their phone numbers along with a wink and a smile. There was no question about it- no matter who ended up drinking more that night, both of the boys were coming home winners. Odinsson would later claim that he signed one of their chests- one signature per melon- but no member of the team can confidently confirm the story. Predictably, the two “older” members of the team managed to sneak toward a booth and have a good chat with some of the fans that weren’t impressed by the inhuman feats of drinking. Captain Dan Montgomery and forward Konstantin Mulligan were the two in question, and looked to be the two most personable people at the bar that night. Montgomery set the example of what a captain should be- kept his drinking in check and made sure to interact with everyone he could. It was admirable, and anyone could tell that Mulligan was trying to follow the example to a T. The guy must have figured that, as one of the veterans of the great season 62 tank, he had to step up and become a leader in his own right. If anyone had some choice words for either of these two beforehand, their interactions tonight helped change that opinion. The last notable of the night was Alexander Pepper, who chose to sit up at the bar and sip quietly on a bottle of beer. He was approached frequently throughout the night (some were even wearing his jersey), and he made sure to brighten up and engage with them whenever he could. For most of the evening, however, he’d intently watch the game unfolding on TV. His focus was unwavering; there was no doubt that this man was a goalie. Eventually, the sight of this prompted a reaction from his longtime teammate, Julian Borwinn. He’d been walking about the bar with defenseman Paolo Nano, who joined the team later in the season to give Crosby and Pepper some more help on the defensive side of the puck. “Pep, buddy, live it up a little tonight. It’s a long offseason, plenty of time to worry about winning when we get our next chance. You played great this year, there’s nothing to worry about.” The goaltender shook his head. “Can’t be satisfied with it. An average record, a silver medal...I want to be on that stage, god damnit.” “And we’ll get there, man, we knew we’d be waiting at least a year to compete when we got drafted. Gotta give the GM time to get us some help. Hell, we’ve already got this guy!” Borwinn motioned to Nano, who kept quiet but nodded his approval. As the newest member of the team, he didn’t have the context or history that these two had. He figured the talking was better left to Borwinn. “If I’d gotten the Founder’s Cup back in the minors, it wouldn’t hurt so much.” Pepper wouldn’t budge. This prompted a sigh from his teammate. “You’re still on that?” “I want to win, man.” “Of course you do. We ALL do. I was on that fuckin’ Vegas team, I know it sucked. But you know what? I’m not moping around and waiting for the past to change.” Silence. “The coach keeps reminding us that our best days are ahead of us, and he’s fucking right. Look around this bar, at these guys. Do you honestly think that this group is going to go out without a cup? Two?” “Well, if Vaydar and Sid keep up their dri-” “Alright, fuck. Point conceded. Still, we started a job back in Vegas, and we both know that job isn’t fucking done. So, quit acting like it.” There was a pause as Pepper mulled it over. “...Bartender, get me three more of these,” he instructed, looking toward the barkeep as he raised his empty bottle. Once the order was fulfilled, he distributed the drinks amongst the Titans around him. “...You’d better not be fuckin’ wrong about this.” The neural, focused look had been replaced with a cocky grin as he held his bottle up for a toast. “Come on, would I lie to you?” Borwinn joked as he, Nano, and Pepper clinked their glasses together. And so, the Titans raised the spirits of their loyal fanbase with one trip to a sports bar in town. Crosby and Odinsson both managed to survive the night, and agreed that their inhumane bout had ended in a draw. Both men woke up the next morning with an unspeakable hangover, and a newfound respect for their fellow Titan. Montgomery, of course, followed up on his mental note. As punishment for going ape shit at the bar, they showed up to the S64 training camp only to find their gear hanging among the Titans’ Ring of Honor. To put a little salt in the wound, the captain made it known that this would be the only time something of theirs would be hanging among those banners. The eyes of Pepper and Borwinn focused on the banners themselves, rather than the jock straps and jerseys. To the both of them, this was the end goal- the ultimate recognition of success within the organization. The names hanging from the rafters were testaments to the dedication and perseverance put forth by their formers. They were leaders, they were performers, and most importantly, they were champions. With a subtle nod to each other, they took their first step toward the ice, and the next step toward cementing their names in VHL history. A little over 1600 words, good for 3 PTs. Claiming for the weeks ending 1/6, 1/13, and 1/20. This takes place during the VHL finals, so every member of the Titans at that time makes an appearance in this story. If your player was mentioned here and you don't agree with their characterization, or would like me to add a little more for them in the future, let me know and I'll make a note of it. I went off of what everyone answered for the road trip PT for this one. Let me know if you enjoyed the read, I'll keep writing these in addition to the regular article-sounding ones if so. @Jubo07 @BOOM™ @BarzalGoat @leafsman @SidTheKid87 @Pandar @Quik
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    S63 Sponsor's Shield

    Congratulations to VIKING for winning the first ever Sponsor's Shield Tournament! With their 3-0 series victory over True North Gear, they are the first to have their brand engraved on the VHL's Sponsor's Shield. Brand Executive @tfong Roster - May claim 2 Uncapped TPE for your player Executive Player: Tzuyu Beau Louth @Beaviss Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock Marvin Harding @.sniffuM Robert Malenko @pennypenny Roger Sterling @Will Ko Kane @BluObieZ Vaydar Odinsson @BOOM™ Dylan Nguyen @Dtayl Rylan Peace @Peace Shawn Glade @ShawnGlade Gucci Garrop @JG10 Chace Trepanier @ChaceT Nathan N @NathanN Jonathan Hill @Fowll JB Rift@Devise Keaton Louth @Beaviss Jack Shephard @Higgins Sergei Komarov @Gooningitup Runner Up: True North Gear Brand Executive @AndrewWarren13 Roster - May claim 1 Uncapped TPE for your player Executive Player: Oleksiy Revchenko Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock Oyorra Arroyo @omgitshim Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15 Johnny Havenk Carison @Donno100 Shawn Brodeur @TheLastOlympian07 Dan Wilinsky @oilmandan Bo Axelsson @Trifecta John Madden @@Thranduil Randoms @hedgehog337 Toby Fitzgerald @JohnnyT_77 Connor McDavid @Rocketman04 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen @Fire Hakstol Evan R. Lawson @diamond_ace Ryuu Crimson @SlapshotDragon Karl von Moltke @alecbama Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup
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    Some Salt in This Pepper

    Recently, we witnessed the conclusion of the VHL’s first ever Sponsor’s Shield tournament, which saw Jolt Juice losing in the semifinals due to a questionable decision by GM @Stoffiday. Alexander Pepper, who previously shut out VIKING in an impressive 33 save performance, was benched for all three games of the semifinals against the same team. Goaltender Rhett Stoffiday, who was considered to be the lesser experienced of the two, ended up starting each game of the best-of-three series. “It really doesn’t sit well with me, I hate it,” Pepper told us after the fact. “I turned down some good offers so that I could start here, so I could play alongside some of my friends from other teams. I was told I was going to start, I feel like I played well enough to keep it, but I ended up getting the shaft during the games that mattered most. “Stoffiday...he’s a nice guy, but he’s got a hell of an ego. He insisted on inserting himself into the starting spot for the semifinals, told me that it was ‘his team’ and he ‘wanted to be the one to take the reins.’ I’m not a coach so I said fine, that’s not my decision to make. I hate it, and it made me sick to my stomach when I had to come in for relief in game 3, knowing that we were out of it.” Following up on our questions about the tournament, we asked if he would consider re-signing with the brand when his contract, worth 1.25 million dollars, expires at the end of the season. “Honestly? The only thing that’s going to keep me on board is if they give me the 3 mil spot. If that’s too much for an apology, then any other brand is welcome to come and find me.” This is notably the first time we’ve ever seen an interview like this from Pepper, who usually chirps other players with a wink and a smile. During this interview, however, his expression was stern and his tone frustrated. We’ll work to provide updates on the situation as it progresses, but Pepper’s days seem to be numbered as a member of the Jolt Juice brand. @Brand Executive
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    Yukon Rush AGM

    Hi everyone, just wanted to make a post announcing that @Stoffiday is joining me in Yukon. He was a dream to work with when he was on the team for S62 & 63 and I'm sure that experience will continue on as we work together. Congrats, you hot cup of Stoffy.
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    My Random VHL Thoughts

    S64 Draft was recently held - from a cursory look through the draft list, it's nice to see a large number of new or returning members. The recruitment crew has continued to do a great job at recruiting and retaining new members What happened to our recruitment from the SHL? It seems that co-existance between the two leagues is now basically non-existent. Previously, it wasn't rare at all for members to be in both leagues. Now a days, it seems like you're either in one or the other, and this expands to each league's affiliated leagues as well. It's not like there's any animosity between the two leagues anymore either. S65 Draft - I'm a part of this. I would really like to go 1st overall and be 1st in TPE, but I'm currently in second. I'm going to be donating and getting those rewards, so I think I'll catch up, especially since I haven't done by rookie profile or biography yet.
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    Eliminate brands.
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    Be careful what you wish for.
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    Evan R. Lawson, former CFO of Hank Med, must now add one more former to his title: former LW/C of the Calgary Wranglers. Traded to the Toronto Legion, he will be leaving the franchise he's called home for 5 seasons and that his agent has called home for 30 plus. It's a bittersweet trade, and the bitter side is the more immediately obvious, as Calgary is home (I've never personally been in Calgary but between GMing and player, I've become pretty synonymous with the franchise). From the first draft in S20, where @JardyB10 traded down from the 2nd pick to the 4th pick to get Lars Intranquilo despite the fact that there were 2 players largely considered to be far and away the best in the class (Japinder Singh and Kevyn Hesje, one of which worked out significantly better than the other - plus it meant I got to troll @Sandro for a while about taking Cam Merrill at 3 when I ended my career with 3x the TPE - he needed a forward so it fit the need and looked much more logical at the time than it did in hindsight, but it was fun to bring up). Then 6 seasons later, Intranquilo was nearing the end and I'd proven myself GMing Ottawa (another thing I'm generally known for) so Jardy promoted me to GMing Calgary, which went until S41, seeing Clark Marcellin go down with the ship and Martin Brookside on Cologne for one season at the end after I'd handed the franchise off. Then the mediocre Kerkko Hyvarinen, despite me not being a GM player anymore, was drafted to Calgary by @eaglesfan036because it was the pick that made the most sense at the time. I actually made a 590 after that draft called Coming Home, talking about how happy I was to be back to "my" team, and I'm pretty sure I linked the youtube video to that I'm Coming Home song in there too. For a while, Hyvarinen was on Toronto and I believe was on one of the Threepeat teams, but he'd started off back in Calgary. Then I left for a while while Vaclav Hrdina was in the minors, and Hrdina only played one season in the bigs with Hrdina, with @STZ in New York where we had an interesting experiment that Hrdina would be on the team, but not in the lines, so that when the sim might have been inclined to put in NYA C it would put in Hrdina instead (Hrdina at that point was essentially a throwaway player, and I only kept him to see if I was truly back before wasting the beginning of Lawson). Because of that experiment and how little icetime Hrdina got because of it, I briefly led the league in P/20 and I think I ended up top 10, not bothering to go back and check it. So when Lawson was in the draft, it was only natural that @Bushito drafted me back home. The sweet part is a little more complex, but also shorter to type - if Calgary is home, then I want the best thing that can happen to Calgary to be the thing that happens. Given the direction the team is heading, the best thing for Calgary is if I'm not on it. As tempting as it might have been, I wasn't going to @PensFan101/Vasteras my way into insisting I had to stay on Calgary, because it wasn't best for Calgary. I'm on Toronto now. I hope Toronto knows (and I'm certain @Devise does) that even when I'm on Toronto I'll always be with Calgary in some capacity, even if it's just a support role, but with Calgary out of the playoff picture that essentially means the same thing as loyalty to Toronto at the moment. So to end my tagfest, half of whom aren't even here anymore:
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    Well it's 1 AM and I'm bored soooooooooo.........human CO2 emissions are 60x more annually than volcanic eruptions. You're right that volcanic eruptions may match the rate of human CO2 emissions, but that only lasts for a few hours, not a year. Also keep in mind that CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas; one of the major ones that I'm thinking of is methane, which derives from animal agriculture (mainly cows). While I'll agree that fear-mongering can go a bit too far, it's because the public isn't doing anything lol, they don't care unless it affects them right now. What has changed you ask? Glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate; for the past 400,000 years, CO2 in the atmosphere has never been above 300 parts per million, and now it's around 410 parts per million. Unfortunately, I fear it's too late to do much; it's what we call a positive feedback loop. Glaciers have a much higher albedo (reflectivity) than water, so as glaciers melt, the water will absorb more heat from the sun and in turn, cause the oceans to become hotter and more glaciers to melt. Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, rising global temperature, warming oceans; the evidence for climate change is overwhelming, but of course, it's your prerogative to believe conspiracy theories. How do we know that climate change is caused by these human greenhouse gas emissions? They have records from ice cores that correlate CO2 levels to temperature. 97% of scientists believe in man-made global warming, it’s not a 50-50 split in the scientific community like the main stream media would have you believe.
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    Top 10 Defencemen of All Time

    Top 10 Defencemen of All Time In case you missed it: https://vhlforum.com/topic/55988-top-10-playoff-performers-of-all-time/ Note on statistics presented below - these are defencemen-only, taken from the linked spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gCAmcJIqYzrkq8CrpRauI9DmmJAbdm9xC6aAzpEUAgw/edit?usp=sharing 10. Elijah Incognito (S27-S34) @Strummer 653 points (10th), 511 assists (5th) 3 Continental Cups (SEA, TOR, RIG) Labatte x1, Beketov x1, Kanou x1 On the face of it, Incognito was a great but not all-time legendary defenceman. He was consistent more than flashy and in truth, that almost cost him a place in the Hall of Fame, but the offensive output is hard to dispute. What's also hard to dispute is that Incognito was just a few weeks ago ranked the best playoff performer among defencemen and that goes some way to distinguish him in a long list of honourable mentions. A staple of some of the main contenders of his time, Incognito is the first player to make two top 10 lists. Link to Hall of Fame article 9. Tomas Jenskovic (S10-S15) @scotty 515 points (49th), 1.19 points-per-game (T-15th) 2 Continental Cups (both DAV) Labatte x3, most assists x2, Campbell x1, Slobodzian x1, playoff MVP x1, most points x1 Sample size is everything. Peak Jenskovic was the most dominant player in the league in S14, but he was retired a season later. The only defenceman to ever lead the league in points, albeit with a relatively low 112, it is very difficult to exclude the Davos legend from the top 10 conversation, but it's also very difficult to rate him any higher than near the bottom of the list. Three Labatte Trophies show Jenskovic was the dominant force of his generation, but the career stats don't stack up as well – partially due to a short career, and partially due to defencemen evolving so much since the VHL's first years. A great in his time, but pushed out to the margins since. Link to Hall of Fame article 8. Alexander Valiq (S30-S37) @Koradek 300 goals (1st), 698 points (5th), 1,288 shots blocked (5th) 1 Continental Cup (QUE) Single-season powerplay goals record (30, S31) No defenceman has ever had more of a unique selling point than Valiq – and now he has a much deserved trophy named after him as well. Valiq was king of the numbers, patrolling the line on the powerplay, scoring at will, and helping Quebec to the franchise's first championship just 5 seasons in. 300 goals is the standout stat, ahead of those who spent some time up front, and 90 whole goals ahead of the great Labatte, who had an extra season and played in a higher scoring era. Valiq has a ceiling due to the lack of individual awards, but he was no one-trick pony, as the second highest shots blocked for a Hall of Famer will testify. Link to Hall of Fame article 7. Black Velvet (S48-S53) @Higgins 701 points (4th), 1,379 hits (34th), 1.22 points-per-game (T-10th) 5 Continental Cups (TOR 3x, HSK 2x) Labatte x2, Beketov x1, Kanou x1 Black Velvet was the archetypal modern defenceman. As builds and TPE evolved such that a top defenceman had to be good at everything, that is exactly what Velvet was. On the flipside, the defencemen market became saturated and therefore it became much more difficult to stand out against rivals. As a result, Velvet's trophy cabinet is not the largest but his underlying numbers are among the best (even adjusting for his last season as a forward). Probably most important though is the team success, as Velvet was part of a threepeat and a repeat to start and end his career and is one of two players to win five championships – as a defenceman, it's hard to do much better than that. Link to Hall of Fame article 6. Jochen Walser (S5-S11) @marshall_222 617 points (19th), 1,170 shots blocked (9th), 1.23 points-per-game (9th) 2 Continental Cups (TOR, DAV) Top defenseman x3, playoff MVP x1 Recency bias often skews any conversation about the all-time best. Someone like Jochen Walser went from the original new Labatte to an afterthought when several newer defencemen came to the fore, but now that the dust has long settled on them all clearly holds his own. His 192 goals are the fourth highest among those who spent their entire careers on defence. Despite that, Walser still managed to put up strong defensive numbers in an era not known for that, as well as getting that elusive playoff MVP in a forward-dominated time and team. Fifty seasons on, still one of the best. Link to Hall of Fame article 5. Japinder Singh (S20-S27) @8Ovechkin8 751 points (2nd), 580 assists (1st), 1,241 shots blocked (6th) 3 Continental Cups (DAV x2, HSK) Most assists x1 How do you rank someone who was never crowned the league's best defenceman but is statistically probably its most well rounded ever? There was a time when a serious case to be made for Singh to be the best defenceman of all time and although he's been superceded by more modern players, a hint of a claim remains. Initially overlooked on the basis of stat padding on a lowly New York team, Singh then silenced the critics by performing just as well for two cup contenders and probably was closer to a Labatte than the records now show. Yet a man who was never considered the best of his time can only go so far up an all-time list, which is an achievement of its own. Link to Hall of Fame article 4. Sterling Labatte (S1-S9) @sterling 772 points (1st), 1,070 shots blocked (18th), 1.19 points-per-game (17th) 3 Continental Cups (all with CGY) Top Defenceman x3, Playoff MVP x2 I have to start with a disclaimer here: I kept coming back to this article over a couple of weeks and until the end hadn't ranked the top four. It was very much splitting hairs and in the end the man synonymous with great defence comes fourth on the list. Time has not been kind to the original Labatte in that the further away it is, the harder it is to compare his era with any other. The fact he was the only player to play nine full seasons can also be used against him, but even with that considered, he might still be the best there ever was. A whole career spent with Calgary, still possibly the greatest dynasty of all time, is also not a detriment as Labatte was the one constant and, as the playoff MVPs attest to, a leader, not a follower. Link to Hall of Fame article 3. Daniel Braxton (S24-S31) @Jericho 666 points (8th), 1,572 hits (19th), 1,035 shots blocked (21st) 4 Sterling Labatte Trophies 2 Brett Slobodzian Trophies The New York Americans made the finals five times during Braxton's career. Just one championship in any of those years and his legacy would have been so different. That's not to say it's much worse as it is – Braxton was a force to be reckoned with and another defenceman with a legitimate claim for the #1 spot. The all-around play and second-most Labattes of all time are probably the main reason, but it's the Slobodzian Trophies which really stand out. As this was in the days that this was awarded to the MVP, Braxton effectively twice did something that only three other defencemen managed ever. A Campbell and a cup to go with it probably would have sealed the deal. Link to Hall of Fame article 2. Ryan Sullivan (S29-S35) @Advantage 648 points (14th), 1,768 hits (10th), 1.29 points-per-game (T-4th) Labatte x3, Beketov x2 1 Continental Cup (CGY) Defence is a position marked by points and hits above all, yet it's more often forwards who hit the records in the latter category. Ryan Sullivan is an anomaly in that he didn't sacrifice a high-scoring game by focusing on checking, resulting in very high figures in both, despite only playing seven seasons. Sullivan was a bit unlucky in that 3 Labattes could well have been 5 had it not been for some career seasons by rival defencemen, but he was consistent enough, for three different contenders, for that not to matter a huge deal. Playing for New York shortly after Braxton retired, Sullivan improved on the latter's legacy and it's fitting that only his immediate successor could beat him. Link to Hall of Fame article 1. Conner Low (S36-S42) @Smarch 1.32 points-per-game (1st), 1,208 hits (46th) 5 Sterling Labatte Trophies 3 Alexander Beketov Trophies 2 Continental Cups (both with NYA) When it comes down to it, Conner Low played five seasons on defence and was crowned top defenceman every single time. You could chalk it up to lack of competition, but that would be doing Low a disservice – his numbers at the time matched any Labatte winner before and his scoring pace remains the highest of all defencemen ever, including those who spent time as forwards. Low also spent time up front, although that is not reflected in the stats above, and in truth that's the only reason there even is a debate in the first place – with two more seasons on the blue line he probably would have been untouchable. Instead, Low still finishes top, but at least leaves some hope for someone in the future. Link to Hall of Fame article Honourable mentions: David Walcott (S19-S26) If Walcott had combined his offensive and defensive play one more time other than his final, record-setting 145-point season, he would have certainly been on the list. Instead, a place in the top 15 is his. Walcott is one of the few defencemen who combined over 1,000 hits and 1,000 shot blocks with a 600+ career points – Braxton and Singh are two of the others. It's all the more impressive he generally played on the cup favourites. Given former commissioner's David Knight's success with defencemen (Night and Henman are two other Hall of Famers), at least one receiving a mention seems like just reward. The Hamiltons (S45-S53) The Hamilton brothers, Jeff and Phil, were less physical defencemen, better known for anticipating danger rather than reacting to it (although Phil did put up an impressive 1,674 hits). With two Labattes apiece, the Hamiltons are probably hardest done by missing out on this list, but are hurt by not having any eye-catching individual quality. Three championships between the two of them also seems lower than it could have been, but with both ending up in the top 15 highest-scoring defencemen of all-time they probably won't mind too much. Ay Ay Ron (S56-S63) A career that fizzled out so spectacularly is hard to put into context right now. Statistically, Ron was a Jake Wylde type – a two-way defenceman who took his time to get into the Hall of Fame. In truth, he was only really great for three seasons, but in those three seasons he grabbed two Valiqs and one Wylde, as well as a playoff MVP with an unfancied Helsinki. Ron was probably hit hardest by the four-season gap in the Labatte Trophy – as he'd have likely won three of them. Simultaneously, Ron will be an odd Hall of Fame entry and yet not far from the top 10 defencemen ever.... what could have been. Fabio Jokinen (S52-S59) @jRuutu 640 points (16th), 1,354 hits (36th), 1,108 shots blocked (13th) 1 Continental Cup (QUE) Labatte x2, Wylde x1 The last player to be culled – he got so far that he even had his stats in, but sadly nothing really stood out when I realised I had 11 names instead of 10. Without a doubt though, Jokinen was the best of his generation – the embodiment of a modern defenceman proficient at everything from points to hits to shots blocked.
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    "otTaWA iS On tHE oUtsIdE lOOKiNg iN." Yeah right buddy. Let's look at Ottawa's roster here. Kyson Blake-Roll Fizzlebeef-Katie Warren Game set match, this is the best line in hockey. Blake is already over the cap, Fizzlebeef is a deadly center who may cap, and my GM player, Warren, is a scoring machine who will cap.If you ever need goals, just reach out to Katie at 1-800-TOP-TITS where she can be found making her living at the back of the god damn net. This line is gonna do a shit ton of scoring lemme tell ya Matthew Kai-Gritty-Jack Lynch Kai is a conservative player who could be a steal for Ottawa, Gritty is a scary motherfucker who's got some wheels, and Lynch is a machine who can't stop passing the goddam puck. You want passing and grit? Here ya go Evgeni Komarov-Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Komarov is a freakin goon who will kill you no doubt, and Smitty whatever-the-fuck is a stud who's bound to break out and he's improving fast. Ain't getting past shit. Gregor Rasputinov-Jonathan Hill This Gregor guy cannot stop getting those tangy apples all day long. Not to mention his D partner, Hill, is a fucking elite shooter. The longest recorded sniper kill is 3,540 meters but that's because nobody has asked your boy Hill to rip any wristers at ISIS yet. JB Rift This kid's fucking jacked. Thick, dense, built whatever you wanna call him he's got it. Legs thicker than my fucking chest, and shoulders wider than my wingspan. Making full use of his frame and with the golden flow to top it off. He dwarfed us all. Bonafide stallion. Brick Wahl
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    HSK/CGY: S63 off-season

    Helsinki will regret trading me, I'm gonna hit all of their players on ice and score goals against them.
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    Draft memes

    Made a meme gif for my new GM @Spade18 . For whatever reason, I couldn't upload it in the actual post so I'll have to link it unless someone knows how I can get it on here. https://imgur.com/a/KaNUhlj @ShawnGlade @Bushito @hedgehog337
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    Halifax 21st S64 Draft Recap

    The VHLM just had their S64 draft, which just happened to be the first draft for Halifax GM, @McWolf. He was left in a tough spot and didn’t have his first pick until the 16th pick (3rd Round) and had 9 total picks. Here is what Mcwolf had to say about some of his picks. “There were a couple of players that only recently committed to the VHLM that I had my eyes on and I was lucky enough to be able to snag two of them; Viktor Kozlov in the third and Teegan Glover in the fifth. From talking to them or people close to them, I knew I was getting studs with them.” I would have to agree with Mcwolf’s judgement on his draft class. His pick of Bolt Vanderhuge (@kayfabe ), a future first pairing defensiveman and on this pace a future VHL all-star, and Viktor Kozlov, an enforcer who is a true team player and known for his hitting and faceoff ability, was a steal of a third round for Halifax. The other player of note was Teegan Glover (@Bucky___lastard), a true center who is a great skater and has the potential to have an elite scoring touch. Mcwolf had great draft for what he was given. He had some steals in the later rounds and used his picks wisely. Mcwolf has a bright future as a GM in the VHLM and will bring Halifax a championship in the near future.
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    S64 Final Mock Draft

    Rank Change Player Name TPE Team Nat. Member 1 D - Ryan Sullivan Jr 298 YUK USA Advantage 2 G - Brick Wahl 275 SSK CAN BladeMaiden 3 LW - Elias Dahlberg 244 OTT SWE Nykonax 4 Up 7 RW - Pat Svoboda 240 OTT SWE StamkosFan 5 Up 2 C - Mark Gebauer 230 SSK GER Sova 6 C - Joel Ylonen 229 LVA FIN Esso2264 7 Down 3 G - Finn Davison 221 OTT UK Poptart 8 Down 3 D - Piotr Jerwa 218 SSK POL majesiu 9 Down 1 C - Ryan Zabby 211 YUK CAN RyanZabby 10 Down 1 RW - John Madden 200 HFX CAN Thranduil 11 Down 1 RW - Diljodh 199 LVA CAN DillsPickle 12 LW - Kyson Blake 194 SSK USA TMI 13 C - Gucci Garrop 175 YUK CAN JG10 14 D - Eric Parker 172 LVA USA EParker24 15 D - Jagger Philliefan 163 YUK USA Philliefan 16 Up 1 LW - Dan Baillie 155 YUK CAN wcats 17 Down 1 D - Evgeni Komarov 153 HFX RUS Gooningitup 18 RW - Nathan N 146 YUK CAN NathanN 19 C - Curtis Gary 145 SSK USA CurtisG93 20 C - Connor McDavid 126 LVA CAN Rocketman04 21 G - Divaani Sohva 115 OSL FIN Sohva 22 RW - Sven Hitz 100 OSL CAN JayF 23 RW - Matthew Materazo 97 SSK USA Matt_O 24 D - Bolt Vanderhuge 85 OSL ZAF kayfabe 25 RW - Anton Edvin 74 SSK EST caltroit_red_flames 26 RW - Rocky LaGarza 65 OTT USA SwagSloth 27 Up 5 RW - Josh Harris 60 HFX USA Ty343 28 Down 1 C - Didi Kona 56 DJI ninetyfourgoalie 29 Down 1 D - Jonathan Hill 56 HFX CAN Fowll 30 Down 1 D - Basaraba Moose 56 HFX CAN Toasty 31 Down 1 D - Max Coffey 53 OTT CAN Aero 32 Down 1 C - Kip Baier 50 SSK CAN Kip Baier 33 Up 1 LW - Jack Lockwood 46 LVA USA JSS 34 Up 1 D - Alexander Kachur 43 LVA CAN Kachur 35 Up 1 LW - William Karlsson 42 SWE wiggo 36 Up 1 C - Cal Davidson 40 HFX CAN ETCanucklehead 37 Up 1 C - Tyler Grupac 38 OTT USA TMG1017 38 Up 1 G - Raike Rantalla 38 CHE Savoire Faire 39 Up 1 LW - Viktor Howchin Wallen 36 LVA AUS tequbs 40 Up 1 LW - Wilson Ristau 36 LVA CAN Brock Boeser 41 Up 1 LW - Exodia 36 HFX EGY Evans 42 Up 1 LW - Leander Foxxe 34 YUK CAN NightHawk_787 43 Up 1 RW - Gene MacTavish 32 HFX USA Zeniaz 44 Up 1 RW - Iniquity 32 OTT CAN IniquitY 1. New York Americans select Ryan Sullivan Jr. This pick is an absolute no brainer in my mind. I had Sullivan 1st when Davos had the temporary first pick, and I still have him first now. If anything, the fact that the Americans now hold the 1st overall pick is just more security for RSJ that he'll go first overall. The Americans need help on all sides of the ice, but mostly, they're looking for a longtime partner for Joseph McWolf on defense. RSJ fits the job well and, if everything goes well, the two of them could form one of the best defensive pairing in the whole league in a couple of seasons. 2. HC Davos Dynamo selects Elias Dahlberg Another easy one. I've seen some people on Discord compare the first 2 picks of this draft with the last NHL Draft and, to be honest, I do agree. A mature franchise defenseman going first (Dahlin), followed by a sniper winger (Svechnikov). Dahlberg is the best skater available, TPE-wise, and his build is proving efficient so far, as he's just off a season where he led all VHLM players in points and goals, while playing for an underachieving team. He'll easily be the best forward on Davos starting next season and for years to come if he sticks around. 3. New York Americans select Pat Svoboda This one might come as a shock to some. I had Svoboda going in the late 1st round in my first mock draft, but he took the rankings by storm since then. Thanks to donations and some wizard stuff, Svoboda now ranks 3rd amond skaters, behind only Sullivan Jr. and Dahlberg (and Wahl) as he climbed 7 ranks last night alone. Before that huge push, I was going to have Joel Ylonen here, but now I think Svoboda might have the higher ceiling of the two. He just passed him in TPE, despite joining a week or two later, and StamkosFan is an SHL veteran, meaning he knows how to build a deadly player. 4. Calgary Wranglers select Mark Gebauer I wasn't too sure what the Wranglers would be up to this offseason, but it's pretty clear now. In the last couple of days, Bushito traded Keaton Louth, Norris Stopko, Oyorra Arroyo, Mats Johnson and Evan R. Lawson away, leaving Jasper Canmore and Shawn Brodeur as the only two veterans on the now rebuilding team. They need new faces for their franchise and that means getting a big center that can both score and set up other players. The player that best fits this role is centerman Mark Gebauer. To be fair, the Wranglers would technically need a new starting goaltender and a #1 defenseman too, but I don't think they address either need here. 5. Quebec City Meute selects Joel Ylonen Quebec City is in a good spot right now. If we're only talking about skaters, I consider there is a line between the top 5 and the rest of the class. There are 5 guys that are top tier and then it drops a bit when we get to the 6th skater. I'd say there are actually 7 stars in this draft, but Brick Wahl and Finn Davison might not be starting goaltenders before a couple of seasons, so it's really hard to say how their careers will pan out. Back to this pick, I think Quebec is in a good spot; they finished this season in 4th place and got knocked of the playoffs in the semi-finals, giving them the 5th pick, but this is still a team that was one win away from getting the S62 Continental Cup. I think Joel Ylonen falls to this pick and enjoys a nice career with Quebec starting with him serving as a depth player for a couple of seasons as they continue to compete for a Continental Cup. 6. HC Davos Dynamo selects John Madden Davos needs all the help they can get. They'll need to get fast earners on every position, but I think Shawn continues to address the team's lack of offense with this pick, bringing John Madden home, after he was his GM in Halifax last season. Madden has been a steady fast earner so he'll provide Davos, along with Dahlberg, of course, with some well needed help up front when he joins the team next season. 7. Calgary Wranglers select Piotr Jerwa Only the second defenseman off the board, Jerwa joins the Wranglers and adds to their core of great, steady earning defensemen. Majesiu's brand executive job basically turns Jerwa into a glorified welfare player, which means he might catch up on some other defensemen in the depth chart at some point and he'll be ready to go to war when the rebuild is over in Calgary and they are contenders again. 8. Riga Reigns selects Ryan Zabby Zabby hasn't been the fastest earner, but like it is the case with Jerwa, he's been steady in bringing home some TPE every week. He'll be an excellent depth piece with Riga, who basically don't need anything right now, as they enter S64 as the defending champions. Zabby also knows Enorama from outside the league, so getting both together might ensure Zabby's interest in the league doesn't fadeaway too fast. 9. HC Davos Dynamo selects Brick Wahl This might be unexpected to some. A lot of people probably thought I'd have Brick Wahl going to Calgary in the first. Following the GM/AGM dominos and the whole lot of drama that was caused, I don't think Calgary is picking a goalie in this draft anymore. What I think though, is that Davos has a lot of early picks (3 in the top 9) and all their goalies are either welfare earners (like Stoffiday) or inactive (like Mertz and Smith). Getting a fast-earning goalie like Wahl insures the team's future in net, as the team can move forward with both him and Stoffiday and decide how they'll manage this double-headed dragon situation later, when other teams might have job openings for goalies as well. 10. New York Americans select Diljodh Starload The Americans continue to add prospects from every position as they get Diljodh in the 2nd round. He joins a young core of forwards and will help them either this season or the next one, in a depth role at first. He has the potential to be a star in this league though, if he continues earning TPE at the rate he does right now, and the Americans would gladly add a star in their forward group. 11. Helsinki Titans select Kyson Blake The Titans don't have a lot of picks in this draft, but they are already absolutely loaded with both current talent and future top prospects. They use this 11th pick to add to their forward depth by getting Kyson Blake. Whether Blake stays down next season or he moves up to Helsinki would need to be decided after the selection, as he is currently borderline in terms of TPE. If he joins them this season, he'll help as a depth piece and 12. Calgary Wranglers select Gucci Garrop At this point, we are in the realm of players that assuredly need one more season of development in the VHLM before moving in the VHL. The last two probably will do the same, but they could actually move up already if they wanted to. Gucci Garrop is selected by the Wranglers here and he joins them in S64, as they start to get better after a full season of rebuilding. 13. New York Americans select Eric Parker The Americans continue to build a solid defenseman depth after leaving the whole blueline to only 2 players for a whole season. Eric Parker will probably spend one last season in the minors, before joining the team as their 3rd defenseman, just in time for when they actually start to push for the playoffs. 14. Seattle Bears select Dan Baillie The Bears make it easy on themselves and pick the skater available with the most TPE. After finishing 2nd last season but missing the Continental Cup finals, they are looking forward to have another successful season. They don't need forwards more than they need defensemen, but this selection makes sense for him, as Baillie can join them in one season as an important depth piece. 15. Quebec City Meute selects Jagger Philliefan The Meute will need to start thinking about the future and about how to replace both Casey Jones and Colton Rayne at some point. Both are retiring at the end of next season, which would leave them with only Samuel Gate and Luc-Pierre Lespineaux-Lebrunette in their defensive depth chart. Adding Philliefan now will help the team in the future as they are looking forward to playing without their two stars really soon. 16. Riga Reign selects Nathan N Another Reign pick, another Enorama recruit. In the same optics as the previous one, this might help kickstart Nathan N, who's been a welfare earner since he joins, basically. Maybe playing with both Enorama and Zabby unlocks some hidden potential or something. 17. HC Davos Dynamo selects Evgeni Komarov The last player in the long line of the Komarov family joins Davos with this first pick of the 3rd round. He got enough TPE to be picked way before that, but his enforcer build and the fact he disappeared for a bit in the last month add up and I see him ending up at this very spot, with Shawn getting him back after he played for him in Halifax last season. 18. New York Americans select Curtis Gary Curtis Gary joins the Americans with this pick, their 5th already in this draft. Gary started his career as a welfare earner, but he recently claimed a Media Spot, meaning he could start gaining TPE at a better rate in the future if he keeps this up. Either way, even if he goes back to his old ways, he is still a reasonably solid welfare earner and the Americans would be dumb to not get him with this very pick if he's available. 19. Riga Reign selects Matthew Materazo Materazo has a bit less TPE than the other players that could have been selected here instead of him, but he's the better option, as he earns TPE at way better rate right now, Had he joined earlier in the season, he could have competed with some of the bigger names in the draft class for a spot in the 1st or 2nd round, but things are as they are, and he joined the league late. This only means that he has less current TPE, and his ceiling his evidently better than anyone else at this point. 20. HC Davos Dynamo selects Connor McDavid Davos gets the skater with the most TPE as VHL's own Connor McDavid joins them in their rebuilding efforts. Like most of the guys at this point, McDavid is a solid welfare earner, but he's a steady one that looks like he'll make it worth it for the team that decides to pick him up. 21. Quebec City Meute selects Sven Hitz The trend continues as Quebec adds the player with the most TPE available. Hitz is one full season away from joining the VHL, but he'll be lucky enough to join a team that still contends for a Cup. Maybe it'll be their last real shot at it, but still, it'll be a good opportunity for the young forward. 22. New York Americans select Bolt Vanderhuge The Americans add another depth defenseman as they add the skater with the most TPE available. Vanderhuge is one or two seasons away from making in into the big leagues, which would mean he'll be ready when the Americans window of competitiveness opens. 23. Calgary Wranglers select Finn Davison I might be incredibly wrong with this pick. I actually hope I am, I don't want to see all the efforts Poptart put in his player being rewarded with a late-3rd round selection. But as things are right now, this might actually be how it all goes down. Despite saying he might create his own goalie as a GM Player, Bushito will probably need a good goalie earlier than that as their rebuild is starting now and won't last forever. Davison would actually be a steal at this point, if he's brought in as a franchise starting goaltender. 24. Riga Reign selects Josh Harris The last pick of this mock draft sees the Reign pick a player that unfortunately joined about a week before the trade deadline. Josh Harris is one of the players that got the least time to get TPE and build themselves an impressive resume for this draft, but he looks like a player that will stick around for a while and at this point in the draft, this is all the Reign can hope for.
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    Do I even want to ask about vaccines?
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    The Dismissal of A Nuisance

    I would like to first off apologize to the VHL community. Granted I had nothing to do with the situation, but I feel like his situation during the draft kinda escalated further into what eventually got him banned on discord and the actual VHL site. I feel like FamishedBlanket aka Donat Szita felt that it would be a good idea to cause problems on the VHL's discord which would be the deciding factor for his career. While it's a shame that he is banned, it also hurts knowing that I spent the fourth overall pick on him but it happened. I know in hindsight that I should have avoided that pick and somehow managed to move him, but I was willing to roll the dice on a guy I knew could be a problem. I didn't do my homework when it came time to prospects and it really backfired here. Now Oslo is still a strong team and will manage to push through this catastrophe and we will keep aiming for the sky. I guess this could be a blessing in disguise as who knows what kind of issues he could have caused around site had he stayed any longer. Well I wish him the best and hopefully he learned his lesson on what to say and what not to say.
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