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    Higgins shoutout

    You are not yet aware of this, but @Higgins has decided to step away from VHLM simming. While he has left the door open to coming back in the future when he is in a better position to be the reliable simmer that the VHLM deserves, I thought it would be appropriate to give him a shout out for years of doing one of the toughest jobs around. Higgins has been simming the VHLM since S43 when the VHLM sim was separated from the VHL sim. So 20 seasons and roughly 3.5 years. That is quite awhile doing one of the most time-consuming and annoying jobs on the site - simming VHLM is a significantly bigger job than even simming the VHL. On top of the simming, Higgins was an active Commissioner and the main server admin for at a least a large a portion of his simming tenure. In that time there has a never been a stretch of more than a couple of days, excluding off-seasons, where he did not sim some VHLM Games. SO everyone should give Higgins a shout and thank him for many years of service. Going forward, @Beketov will be taking care of VHLM simming. We aren't sure yet how permanent that will be, we're discussing some options.
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    So as you may have heard, there was a shooting in Pittsburgh, and as many of you know, I live in Pittsburgh. The shooting was in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill. I am fine, everyone I know is fine. I know some people who are tangentially related to the incident location - some members of my running club were frequent visitors of the synagogue where the shooting occurred, and my fiancee swims often at the JCC where the post-shooting support services are offered. Basically the point of this post is the equivalent of the "marked safe" thing on facebook - figured I ought to let you guys know I'm fine.
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    An early look at the S63 Rookies

    Posting this now because it is "time-sensitive," as a 1/3 mark piece but will claim for weeks ending: Nov 11 / 18 / 25, Dec 02. >2600 words A look at the S63 Rookie Class: The deepest ever? This past off-season, the VHL saw possibly its deepest draft since S2, when the league was still a fledgling sim league, looking to establish itself as what it is now, one of the best sim leagues out there right now. Coupled with another fairly deep draft in S62, that saw many players return to their VHLM clubs after their draft, the S63 VHL Rookie class is one of the deepest its ever seen, with a whopping 21 rookies having skated in the VHL thus far! As we approach the 1/3 mark (with all teams, barring New York and Seattle [22], having played 23 games to this point) we are here to take a look at some of the names making waves in this early portion of the schedule. Before taking a look at the top individual seasons by rookies so far this season, let's take a look at the grand scheme of rookies in the VHL, and the impacts they are making on their own teams: Calgary Wranglers D - Baxter, Lando - 0G 11A 11P +3 31HIT 32SB @Elhandon C - Revchenko, Oleksiy - 5G 7A 12P +6 9HIT 4SB @AndrewWarren13 D - Saint, Cayden - 2G 9A 11P +28 13HIT 37SB @Symmetrik LW - von Moltke, Karl - 5G 7A 12P +5 23HIT 8SB @alecbama With the Calgary Wranglers looking to defend their S62 Continental Cup victory, they went into the off-season looking to bolster their depth in anticipation of a stronger field of competition. Following a bit of a hangover to start the season, the Wranglers have gone 9-1-0 in their last 10 games to claim the top spot in the league, as of this morning's standings. Much of that is thanks to possessing one of the most dynamic duos in the league, in Jasper Canmore and defender Mats Johnsson, but the depth added in these rookies has helped to create a much deeper roster than the Alberta squad featured last season. With a decent start, each of the 4 young men playing at, or near, 0.5PPG, the quartet, coincidentally taken in 4-consecutive picks in the S62 2nd Round, looks to continue improving, and will be heavily relied upon come playoff time, where their experience during this regular season will prepare them for what should be a dog-fight to the finish! HC Davos Dynamo None The Dynamo are in the first season of another rebuild; the previous rebuild was lead successfully by GM Tyler Owens, culminating in a S61 Continental Cup victory. This season, they are the lone team without any rookies on their roster. Currently, in a transition period, with a top 3 pick all but guaranteed, and some very solid prospects in their pipeline, their S64 roster should feature a heavy dose of rookies leading the charge, on their route back to contention. Helsinki Titans LW - Borwinn, Julian - 12G 11A 23P -4 23HIT 25SB @Jubo07 D - Crosby, Sidney - 4G 19A 23P -15 107HIT 98SB @SidTheKid87 RW - Odinsson, Vaydar - 15G 15A 30P -14 20HIT 47SB @BOOM™ G - Pepper, Alexander - 10-9-4 .914SV% 3.46GAA 0SO @Sonnet After a season that saw the Titans win only 9 games, in S62, and earn only 25 points, this season's version has already bested their win total from a season ago, with 10, and are 1 point back of their point total, with 24. While some of the older players are playing a large part in that, the rookies have come to play, for the Titans, as they look to prepare for a future where the Continental Cup shall hopefully return to the land of Finns. The skaters have all played at a Point-per-Game pace, with Odinsson tied for the team lead in goals, and point, with 15 and 30, respectively. In the nets, Pepper has put up a respectable .914 SV%; unfortunately, with a team as raw in skill as the Titans, their defensive play, as a group, has been lacking, and the young netminder has faced upwards of 40 shots a night, which has resulted in a GAA of nearly 3.5. Despite the defensive issues, big things are happening in Helsinki, and the Titans will be a team on the rise, as soon as S64! New York Americans RW - King, Roctrion - 6G 10A 16P -20 22HIT 19SB @Romaris D - McWolf, Joseph - 3G 13A 16P -23 88HIT 76SB @McWolf C - Shawinganen, Scott - 7G 7A 14P -23 23HIT 11SB @Cornflakers RW - Wilinsky, Dan - 8G 7A 15P -22 40HIT 10SB @oilmandan Another team in the midst of a rebuild, the New York Americans roster features an even heavier focus on rookies than that of the Helsinki Titans. With just one veteran skater (defender Mathieu Bourdon), and sophomore goaltender Ismond Kingfisher, the remainder of the Americans roster is a list of rookies, getting their first taste of VHL action! Given their lack of support, the Americans first-year players are doing well enough on the offensive end, scoring, for the most part, at about a .75 PPG pace. However, they face a similar issue as Helsinki, in their lack of defensive discipline, as they have forced Kingfisher to face over 47 shots per game, something that will desperately need to be shored up as they look to make their way up the standings in seasons moving forward. Quebec Meute LW - Gonzalez, Jose - 0G 2A 2P +9 0HIT 1SB @Jose Gonzalez Sometimes, the numbers game goes against you. In Quebec, where the Meute are looking to avenge their 7-game defeat at the hands of the Calgary Wranglers in the Continental Cup Final, there are 6 forwards above young Jose Gonzalez on the team's depth chart. Exacerbated by the fact the young winger has only shown up for 9 practice hours since the season has begun, Gonzalez has produced less than many in Quebec City were hoping for out of the 1st Round Draft pick. The young forward still has plenty of time to turn things around, being a true rookie - playing in the VHL straight out of his draft, but things will have to change in a hurry, lest he become buried behind other young players, looking to make a name for themselves in his stead. Riga Reign LW - Crimson, Ryuu - 5G 3A 8P +8 29HIT 2SB @SlapshotDragon D - Glade, Shawn - 4G 13A 17P +21 31HIT 42SB @ShawnGlade D - Kastelic, Ryan - 4G 9A 13P -9 28HIT 37SB @Enorama G - Kriketers, Kallis - 15-5-2 .913SV% 2.33GAA 3SO @hedgehog337 D - Nano, Paulo - 1G 4A 5P +4 20HIT 8SB @leafsman D - Nguyen, Dylan - 1G 12A 13P -8 26HIT 30SB @Dtayl The Reign are an interesting thought experiment this season, with the largest roster in the league, and the most rookies being iced! Known as a franchise that can usually squeeze every last drop of offensive potential out of its players (just ask one Dragon McDragon about his S62 season), things are going a bit differently in the Latvian capital this season. Of course, they are still being lead by their top players, as Edwin Preencarnacion, Podrick Cast, and newly acquired Joseph Bassolino do their thing, but they have a newfound depth that shows no signs of letting up, as they also have a pair of top prospects currently dominating the VHLM. What that depth has shown, so far, is that there is only 1 puck and so much ice time available to spread around, so players can only net so many points when they are sharing with others. It has lead to a strong Riga squad, as the Reign currently sit in a tie for first place, with Calgary, but has put a dampener on their rookies ability to truly shine as leaders. Goalie Kallis Kriketers has been a shining star in net, with 3 shutouts already, but the first-year skaters have had mixed results thus far, showing less offense than most around the league expected. The Riga Rookies will grow to have fine careers, but the trade-off of beginning their journeys on such a stacked roster could end up costing them individual success in the early goings of their forays in the VHL. Seattle Bears D - Thunderfist, Mountain - 0G 1A 1P +10 65HIT 25SB @AdamEss Another team that is looking to punch through to another Continental Cup victory this season is the Seattle Bears. With a more condensed roster than the Reign, they still manage to pack a punch, leading the league in offense with 83 goals scored in 22 games. Again, we see a similar result of there only being 1 puck, as Thunderfist is 4th among D on the Bears depth chart, and has only managed a single assist thus far. However, the rough and tumble defender is not known for his offense, and has done admirably as a punishing shut-down defender, helping the Bears keep opponents to a league-low 48 Goals Against, thus far. Toronto Legion D - Tzuyu - 4G 12A 16P +5 2HIT 27SB @tfong The final team on our list is the Toronto Legion, and they are the third straight interesting case to look at! A team many thought to be in the early stages of a rebuild, in the off-season new GM Devise shocked the league by acquiring a host of veteran players, and so far, it has paid off. Sitting 1 point out of the league lead, the Legion are comfortably in a playoff position, looking to accomplish their goal of staying out of the Draft Lottery, while strengthening their pick, acquired from Helsinki, by keeping the Titans as a bottom 3 team. Unfortunately, for Tzuyu, this has lead to a bit of a stifling of the young defender's offense, as she sits 5th in team scoring, 11 points behind defensive team-leader Adam Warlock, who has scored 27 points thus far. Still, the Taiwanese pop-star has done an impressive job, scoring at a solid clip (if not what she expected when she hit the VHL), and has been positionally sound when on the ice. Leading RotY Candidates Forward - Vaydar Odinsson (HEL) 15G 15A 30P -14 20HIT 47SB In the most recent batch of games, Odinsson has found himself in the top 10 in league-wide scoring! Taken with the 11th Overall pick in the S63 Draft, it was not a given that he would even play this season in the VHL, as he had the ability to hold off and return to the VHLM for one more season. Instead, he has found fast chemistry with veteran Ivan Morozov, as the pair share identical stat lines of 15/15/30 to lead the Titans, and are both on pace for over 45 goals and 90 points, respectively. As a scoring option who has shown no signs of slowing down, in the early going, there is no evidence to suggest that Odinsson will not continue his lead among the rookie scorers, as he currently sits 7 points ahead of teammates Julian Borwinn and Sidney Crosby, both tied for 2nd in rookie scoring! Forward Runner-Up - Julian Borwinn (HEL) 12G 11A 23P -4 23HIT 25SB The 3rd Overall pick in the S63 Draft, after Helsinki moved down one slot to obtain the 10th Overall pick in a trade with New York, Borwinn has been a fixture on the Titans' top line from the start, alongside 2nd year forwards Dan Montgomery and Konstantin Mulligan. While he sits 7 points back of teammate Odinsson, Borwinn is the only other forward to play at a Point-per-Game pace thus far in the season, and all signs point to him only getting stronger as he gains experience, and his chemistry with his linemates grows. Defense - Sidney Crosby (HEL) 4G 19A 23P -15 107HIT 98SB With the Titans handing the keys to their young players, while insulating them with a couple of veteran players, it is no shock that their rookies are shining this season. Crosby, the lone defender on the Titans roster, is no exception, as he plays at a Point-per-Game pace while being a physical beast on the ice. No other rookie defender is within 5 points of Crosby, and he leads the entire VHL in Shots Blocked with 98, 22 more than 2nd place Joseph McWolf, and 37 more than 3rd place Alvaro Jokinen. Indeed, if it wasn't for the -15 rating, Crosby would be a surefire bet to win the Jack Wylde award as the league's top defensive defenceman; as it stands, he is more in the conversation than the stand-out leader. Defense Runner-Up - Shawn Glade (RIG) 4G 13A 17P +21 31HIT 42SB When the season started, there was another rookie defenseman who most thought would be the star this season, as expectations were abound on Ryan Kastelic - the highly rated 1st Overall pick. However, as he has been adapting to life in Latvia, it's been Shawn Glade taking the reigns as Riga's top defender. With fantastic play on both sides of the puck, a case could possibly be made that he's rivaled Crosby's season thus far, given the difference in team depth and quality. The young defender appears to be a future star, and the 11th Overall pick looks to become, perhaps, a good omen for future prospects! Goaltender - Kallis Kriketers (RIG) 15-5-2 .913SV% 2.33GAA 3SO While sitting 2nd in rookie goalie Save Percentage, Kriketers is tops among the two rookie goalies in Wins, GAA and Shutouts, sitting 2nd (tied), 2nd (tied), and 1st (tied), respectively, league-wide in those categories. If the young Latvian netminder can continue this pace, playing for a team looking to potentially win both the Victory Cup and Continental Cup, it would not be a far cry to see him in the conversation as not only the Stolzschweiger Trophy winner, but also the Aiden Shaw Trophy as the league's top goalie! Goaltender Runner-Up - Alexander Pepper (HEL) 10-9-4 .914SV% 3.46GAA 0SO A victim of circumstance, if you were to swap Pepper and Kriketers, it is very likely the American would be the one leading the Stolzschweiger race, and being in the conversation for the Shaw. Unfortunately for him, he is a part of the rebuilding Titans, and while he has played admirably, it is unlikely he will have a shot at either award this season. The good news for the Nevada product, however, is that the Titans have a young group that is continuing to get better every day, and by this time next season, things will likely be much different in Finland. While the accolades may not come this season, look for him to bully his way into the conversation very shortly! Conclusion The VHL has had years where it's struggled to have enough rookies to nominate for the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy, as recently as S58, there was only 7 rookies who qualified for the award, with only one player hitting the 50 point plateau (Aksel McKnight scored 50 points that season). That season was followed by a S59 rookie class whose top scoring players tied with 42 points (David Kiaskov and Kriztoff Mueller). The fact that, not only is the league spoiled for choice on who could end up claiming this season's Stolzy, with 3 equally great choices at the moment, it has enough rookies to fill out an entire VHL roster, and then some, is an extremely positive note for the league going forward, and would not be possible if not for the efforts of the league's recruitment crew, run by @Beaviss, @Spade18, and @Tagger, with all their fantastic effort put in to making this league stronger than ever! As previously mentioned, there are currently 21 rookies in the VHL, and all look to feature as stars in the league in the not-too-distant future! If this is not the deepest rookie class the league has seen in years, it certainly serves as a fantastic launching point for its future, and where the league is heading!
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    Please God, Let's Fix Reviewing

    Since I'm sitting around this week waiting for the trivia results to be posted, I figured I'd start this topic to finally address something that I feel needs to be discussed. Reviewing is fucking terrible. Before I get into the numbers, I'll give a little context. A lot of active users will know, by this point, that I've been TPE whoring for quite some time. I cap out every week, try to take advantage of every uncapped TPE opportunity, and generally try my hardest to push the development of my player as much as I can. That being said, I think I'm just going to be content with earning 10 capped for the week if trivia doesn't go up in time, because reviewing is an absolute slog that actively wastes time, especially when we consider how much TPE we're getting out of it. Alright, time for some numbers. As it stands, the current system for reviewing is as follows: 2 points are rewarded upon reviewing a biography or podcast 1 point is rewarded upon reviewing a media spot, rookie profile, or graphic 4 points equate to 1 TPE, with a weekly maximum of 2 capped TPE Only two reviews may be posted per Point Task (PT) The last few times I filled out a review log, I opted for eight of the one point PTs. Since the last rule prohibits you from posting too many reviews on one post, I figured the more plentiful graphics and media spots would be less competitive, and it would be easier to find unclaimed PTs to review. While I was correct, this method ends up being horribly inefficient. Each time I've sat down to fill out eight reviews, it's taken me roughly 45 minutes. While there's no hard minimum on words per review, the guidelines state that it should be "constructive in nature and at least a few sentences long to distinguish it from a regular comment." This, for me, ends up being about 80 words per comment. Just a few sentences pointing out some of the things I liked and didn't like, nothing really too special. I feel like that's an appropriate length for a review, since any less really wouldn't provide the OP with enough feedback, assuming they read it and genuinely want to improve. In total, I typed 631 words for my 10/21 review log, meaning I averaged about 80 words per comment. For the sake of this argument, I'm going to include numbers from two other people who recently submitted reviews. I'm going to keep them nameless, but their numbers are as follows: My numbers: 631 total/78 words average Person 1: 637 total/79 words average Person 2: 372 total/46 words average I purposefully included a lesser word count as a part of this set, just so we have some data on someone that is more concise with their review. All in all, the three of us average 546 words total and 68 words per review. It should also be noted that both of these users opted for the same option as me- reviewing eight different PTs without the inclusion of any podcasts or biographies. Now, let's look at some other weekly point tasks and compare. Media Spot- 500 words, worth 6 TPE Our average review: 546 words, worth 2 TPE Generally, we do 109% of the work required for a media spot, but receive 4 less TPE VHL.com Article- 150 words, worth 2 TPE Our average review: 546 words, worth 2 TPE Generally, we do 364% of the work required for a VHL.com article, and receive the same amount of TPE Since we average 68 words per review, it takes three reviews for us to do an equal amount of work as a VHL.com article. However, this doesn't even get us 1 TPE of review credit, since 4 reviews equate to 1 TPE. Press Conference- no word minimum, worth 2 TPE I could do some analysis of word counts in both questions and answers of press conferences, but it would be moot. We already know that doing a press conference requires minimal effort, and you don't need me to prove that. Speaking outside of the numbers for a moment, doing eight reviews leaves a LOT of room for redundancy and repetition. I know I'm certainly guilty of this, and others have claimed to be turned away from reviewing as a whole because of how repetitive it gets. Since I have to write so many, I find myself repeating points a lot, and judging graphics and writing based on a few points that rarely change. So not only do I do a lot of writing word-wise, it feels like a chore because I'm never engaged. But Sonnet, you've done a great job of bitching and whining- how do you think we can fix this? Honestly, I think the easiest and best solution is to just decrease the workload from 8 total points to 4. In my opinion, the ideal review guideline would look something like this: 2 points are rewarded upon reviewing a biography or podcast 1 point is awarded upon reviewing a media spot, graphic, or rookie profile 2 points equate to 1 TPE, with a weekly maximum of 2 capped TPE Only two reviews may be posted per Point Task Each user may submit a maximum of one 2-point review per week I feel like this structure would have a few advantages. First, it would even the amount of workload by bringing it down to VHL.com amounts of writing. Second, it would entice more people to review as an option for a PT. Third, thanks to the addition of the last rule, it would guarantee that a user does at least the level of work required of a VHL.com article, since their weekly review log will consist of, at minimum, three reviews (going off of the 68 words average, 68*3=204. going off of the lowest recorded word count, 46*3=138, close enough). Alright, there you have it. That's my huge rant on why reviewing should be updated, which I typed instead of doing the reviewing itself. That should tell you how much I don't want to review this week. @DollarAndADream
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    Hey boys, been a minute. I was kind of a hypocrite for getting on people for disappearing with no communication but life gets in the way sometimes. I’ve had a lot to sort out in a short period of time and how my imaginary goaltender was performing wasn’t exactly my top priority. I want to apologize to everyone on the magazine because you guys are great and put in a lot of work on that, but I can’t put the time commitment to it anymore. I’ll try to come back to the league though, I just needed to drop this for a while. I lost and uncle, almost lost a brother, so as you could imagine I wanted things sorted before I came back. Once again I apologize to everyone I ended up screwing over by vanishing but I’m back for now. This league was honestly really fun and it sucked to have to leave it especially knowing how great a lot of you guys are but I promise I’ll be around here for a while now. Also I don’t remember the word count for VHL.com articles so this is like 200 words if it’s supposed to be 250 then rip. #bringbackthepeppervmertzbeef
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    Overall # Up/Down Positional # Up/Down Name Position TPE VHLM Team Nationality Username 1 1 Ryan Sullivan Jr. D 198 YUK USA ADV 2 1 Ryan Zabby C 146 YUK CAN RyanZabby 3 Up 1 2 Piotr Jerwa D 131 SSK POL Majesiu 4 Down 1 2 Gucci Garrop C 125 YUK CAN JG10 5 Up 2 1 Elias Dahlberg LW 111 OTT SWE Nykonax 6 3 Jagger Philliefan D 103 YUK USA Philliefan 7 Up 2 1 Brick Wahl G 98 LVA CAN BladeMaiden 8 1 Up 1 Nathan N RW 92 YUK CAN NathanN 9 4 Eric Parker D 91 LVA USA EParker24 10 Up 3 2 Finn Davison G 90 OTT UK Poptart 11 5 Evgeni Komarov D 85 LVA RUS Gooningitup 12 3 Joel Ylonen C 80 LVA FIN Esso2264 13 Up 1 4 Mark Gebauer C 76 OTT GER Sova 14 Up 2 2 Up 1 John Madden RW 73 HFX CAN DucksFan64 15 Down 1 2 Dan Baillie LW 71 YUK CAN wcats 16 Up 2 5 Curtis Gary C 58 SSK USA CurtisG93 T17 Up 2 6 Connor McDavid C 56 LVA CAN Rocketman04 T17 Down 1 6 Jonathan Hill D 56 HFX CAN Fowll 19 Up 7 3 Up 1 Divaani Sohva G 49 OSL FIN Sohva 20 Up 1 7 Andrew Taylor C 48 LVA USA ATaylor27_ 21 NEW 3 NEW Diljodh RW 47 LVA CAN DillsPickle T22 Down 3 3 Jack Lockwood LW 46 LVA USA JSS T22 8 Kip Baier C 46 SSK CAN Kip Baier T22 NEW 4 NEW Marcel Vincent G 46 OSL CAN Trifecta 25 NEW 7 NEW Alexander Kachur D 43 LVA CAN Kachur 26 Down 4 4 William Karlsson LW 42 SWE wiggo 27 NEW 5 NEW Kyson Blake LW 41 SSK USA TMI T28 Down 4 5 Down 2 Raike Rantalla G 38 CHE Savoire Faire T28 NEW 4 NEW Sven Hitz RW 38 OSL CAN JaysFan26 T28 Down 4 9 Tyler Grupac C 38 OTT USA TMG1017 T31 NEW T6 NEW Viktor Howchin Wallen LW 36 LVA AUS tequbs T31 Down 5 T6 Down 1 Wilson Ristau LW 36 LVA CAN Brock Boeser 33 Down 5 8 Down 2 Leander Foxxe LW 34 YUK CAN NightHawk_787 T34 Down 5 T5 Down 1 Gene MacTavish RW 32 HFX USA Zeniaz T34 Down 5 T5 Down 1 Iniquity RW 32 OTT CAN IniquitY Alexander McMaster C 30 CAN Alexander McMaster Alexhockey8 C 30 USA Alexhockey8 Alex Ferguson C 30 CAN Cyberwolf32 Alex Woods LW 30 CAN Xela Alfred Corey C 30 CAN Alfred Corey Ashvinan C 30 CAN Ashvinan Sivasambu Ashwin Subash RW 30 USA VenomBlast500 Austen Rajpal LW 30 CAN austendeven Austin Kenobi C 30 CAN Austin Kenobi Auston Matthews C 30 USA auston matthews #34 Axel MacDonald C 30 CAN Radio Bill Cosby G 30 COG Saclord Board Slammer D 30 SSK CAN Maladus42 Bob Syruncle RW 30 CAN Steroid Monster Bobby Power D 30 OTT USA Bobby Power Braeden Turner D 30 OTT CAN The_nameless_man Brandon Hurley G 30 CAN Brandon87 Bugz Bunni LW 30 LVA ANG Sturg Cameron Sticht LW 30 USA Kotkaniemi sucks Carter Madison G 30 USA Quietknight Cedrik Galiardi RW 30 HFX CAN NikEhlers27 Charles Blades LW 30 USA Charles Blades Cinnamon Rolls C 30 OTT USA Rollzey Colton Bubbet D 30 COK Camcall Connor Gibson LW 30 CAN Progamer5432137 David Escott C 30 CAN Escott David Marquis RW 30 CAN hitmess Doug Prishpeed LW 30 CAN DingmanGeorge Dylan Dubois LW 30 CAN dylanlib Edouard Gauthier C 30 CAN Eddyconqs Erik Flyyn RW 30 CAN Erik Flyyn Eyvindr Hallbjorn LW 30 LVA NOR theMooseKing Fabio Lucera D 30 LVA USA FlyersLord29 Francis Blake D 30 CAN #LOLER Guy Fieri RW 30 OSL USA Dora Helly Buck G 30 CAN kerryj13 Isaac Gledhill C 30 USA Isaac46362 Jack Thomsen RW 30 USA jackt815 James Coleman D 30 LVA USA Froobydoo James Witkowski G 30 USA TheEpicDuck Jayden Bender D 30 CAN Jayden Bender Jimmy Chang G 30 HKG TimNig Jimmy Recard LW 30 AUS Molholt John Stanley LW 30 OSL USA Johnthegod21 Jon LW 30 CAN Jon Jonathon Underhill D 30 CAN JonnyU95 Jordan Holt LW 30 USA Hookemhorns Jordan Kasowski LW 30 CAN Basehockey Josef Nagy RW 30 SVK Slipperybutter Julien Venezia RW 30 CAN Julien Venezia Kazper LW 30 SWE LemonPig Khoewyn Darlah C 30 CAN Salemsix Kieran C 30 BEL K13R4N Koutsi RW 30 FIN Koutsi Lancelot du Lac G 30 FRO Lancelot Lauri Luoto LW 30 FIN Lare Lenny Jacks D 30 CAN Owen Borah Levangy RW 30 CAN levangy Lizard Wizard C 30 CZE Lizard_Wizard Logan Quinn D 30 USA LQuinn Mac Miller G 30 USA WHEELsnipePARTY Matt Lahoosascoots LW 30 USA mjl3475 Matt Macleod D 30 CAN Mattmacleod63 Michael Meier C 30 YUK CHE Dario44 Miro Pastrnak RW 30 USA ihlevi Nathan C 30 CAN Natedawg6413 Newton Paul C 30 BGD NewtonianBoots Nicholas Sunderbruch C 30 LVA USA NickSunderbruch Patrick West C 30 CAN Pwest7788 PierLuc Besner RW 30 CAN Pier-Luc Besner Quinn Hutson LW 30 USA bhs7902 Requis The Demi God RW 30 KAZ Require The Demi God Richie RW 30 SSK USA malone on coke Riley Thorosen D 30 USA JORANNEXTDOOR22 Robert Sellard C 30 HFX USA HersheyBears Rylose D 30 SWE Bailey Sam Morgan LW 30 USA crazytexanfan Samuel Porter C 30 USA FenPo Send It For Frank C 30 CAN TheDrunkDrew SK Thirumala RW 30 USA IceSK Slummy Wololo RW 30 OTT HND Wololo Sugo C 30 BGR ShadierGalaxy100 Tiler Cogswell C 30 OSL CAN Tiler94 Trenton Kramer C 30 USA Kramer Ty Hutchison G 30 OSL USA Hutch445 Wesley Walker RW 30 USA vesku842 William G 30 CAN WTB Wilson Jeffreys D 30 AUS Wulfen Wola C 30 CAN wola Zach Swintz LW 30 USA Swintzy Sauce19 Z9 C 30 CAN Big thic Z Note: For those wondering why Kronos Bailey and JB Rift aren't on this one, they are GM players, therefore automatically joins their team without going through the draft. Updated 7:00 PM EST 10/28/18 (Live rankings will be updated later today) @Alfred Corey @Camcall @Advantage @JSS @WHEELsnipePARTY @Molholt @IceSK @NathanN @RyanZabby @Philliefan @wiggo @JG10 @Froobydoo @Steroid Monster @majesiu @Cyberwolf32 @kerryj13 @Radio @wcats @hookemhorns @mjl3475 @ATaylor27_ @NightHawk_787 @Escott @NewtonianBoots @VenomBlast500 @WTB @Owen Borah @Bailey @TMG1017 @crazytexanfan @bhs7902 @Austin Kenobi @austendeven @ShadierGalaxy100 @Erik Flyyn @Wololo @Saclord @ihlevi @Slipperybutter @jackt815 @Kip Baier @FenPo @#LOLER @Big thic z @Basehockey @The_nameless_man @Eparker24 @TimNig @IniquitY @Alexander McMaster @DucksFan64 @Progamer5432137 @Rollzey @Kotkaniemi sucks @JonnyU95 @CurtisG93 @JORANNEXTDOOR22 @malone on coke @Lizard_Wizard @Salemsix @Tiler94 @Eddyconqs @Charles Blades @Nykonax @Esso2264 @TheDrunkDrew @Brock Boeser @Pwest7788 @auston matthews #34 @Julien Venezia @TheEpicDuck @Johnthegod21 @Brandon87 @xela @Require The Demi God @Lare @Alexhockey8 @Isaac46362 @dora @Hersheybears @Sturg @Dario44 @Zeniaz @NikEhlers27 @Hutch445 @Maladus42 @Mattmacleod63 @BladeMaiden @hitmess @Bobby Power @Koutsi @vesku842 @Sova @Ashvinan Sivasambu @wola @Rocketman04 @DilIsPickle @DingmanGeorge @Kramer @Sohva @Poptart @Jayden Bender @Gooningitup @Fowll @Natedawg6413 @LemonPig @Savoire Faire @Levangy @Swintzy Sauce19 @K13R4N @Quietknight @tequbs @TMI @Wulfen @FlyersLord29 @Pier-Luc Besner @Jon @Kachur @JaysFan26 @LQuinn @theMooseKing @NickSunderbruch @Lancelot @dylanlib  So for this week of the Draft Rankings, I'm going to give you guys a little insight on what each team in the VHL is potentially going to be looking for in the coming draft so you have a clearer idea of your potential landing spots once we make it to the draft. Calgary Wranglers Current VHL Standing: 4th Picks: CGY 1st, CGY 3rd, CGY 4th The reigning champions are finding themselves with a lot stiffer competition this season, as they currently sit in fourth place in the standings. They do currently hold their own first, but they did trade that last season in order to grab young depth prospects, so it will be interesting to see if they trade it once again this draft. Out of all the teams in the league, Calgary is the sole team that does not currently have any kind of long-term answer in place for the goalie position, as Stopko will be in his final season at the conclusion of this draft and there are no prospects in the VHLM system for Calgary that are set to replace him. The real question of who Calgary could draft depends on who they can stop going to Free Agency, as Keaton Louth, Evan Lawson and Mats Johnsson don't currently have Season 64 contracts. If they can keep them around, I can see Calgary potentially taking one of the top defensemen in this draft to replace Vihjalmsson as a more cap-friendly and active replacement on the defensive line. If they don't though, that could trigger a rebuild that'd see them open up to taking players at any position. New York Americans Current VHL Standing: 7th Picks: NYA 1st, TOR 1st, NYA 2nd, QUE 2nd, NYA 3rd, SEA 3rd, NYA 4th New York had three first round selections in last seasons draft and as of right now, two more first rounders from this draft will be joining them. New York have had a rough schedule to this point of the season, playing the Bears eleven times in sixteen games, but looking at the rosters, it does seem likely that New York will finish as one of the bottom two teams, so should definitely have one of the top three picks in this draft along with a Toronto pick that I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if it was given the fourth spot in the lottery. As for the Americans needs, they don't really need a goalie as Ismond Kingfisher will be locked in at goalie here for the foreseeable future. At forward, they did spend a couple of firsts on Scott Shawinganen and Dan Wilinsky this last draft along with bringing in Roctrion King, but as they don't have any VHLM prospects, they could definitely use some of these picks to fill up their forward lines, although the most likeliest outcome is that one of the picks is used to find the long-term defensive partner to Joseph McWolf. Quebec City Meute Current VHL Standing: 5th Picks: QUE 1st, CGY 2nd, QUE 3rd, QUE 4th Quebec are in an interesting place right now. Through seventeen games, they currently have the worst record of all the competing teams and, while it would be fair to point out that a third of their games have been against the league-leading Riga Reign, it's equally as fair to point out that their current record against competing teams does not look particularly promising (2 wins, 8 losses). While they don't hold their own second round selection, they do currently hold a pick in each of the four rounds and while they do have a couple of aging players on the team along with Sergei Komarov retiring, I believe they'll still try to compete providing they can keep Dragomir and Gate, who currently have no S64 contract at this moment. As for needs, goalie isn't a pressing one as they currently have the second highest TPA goalie in the league in Tristan Iseult and, while they could draft a goalie for the future if they believe they'll trade Iseult a few years from now, I don't think they'll use a top selection on a goalie. Given that Quebec's top two defensemen (Colton Rayne and Casey Jones) will be in their final year after this draft, going after a defenseman for the future makes a lot of sense, but they could also use a center as well as, with Komarov retiring, the team only has Rauno Palo at center, who doesn't exactly have a traditional skill-set. Seattle Bears Current VHL Standing: 3rd Picks: SEA 2nd, SEA 4th It's difficult to project right now how Seattle will do for the remainder of this season given their games to this point of this season. They do have a game in hand on the other top teams in the league and if they were to win that they would climb to the top of the standings, but at the same time over two thirds of their games have been against an actively rebuilding New York franchise and the only other team they've played more than once is the also rebuilding Helsinki Titans. What we can say though is that they have championship aspirations, therefore it will be safe to assume that their picks will be late on in the draft. As far as their roster for the following season, it's a predominantly young roster with many of it's players not even halfway through their careers, but unlike some of the other teams, they don't have any prospects set to come up through the VHLM. At goalie, the Bears have Roger Sterling, a player who, while probably expected to earn more TPE than he currently has, is still very much one of the league's top goalies and, given that he'll only be in his fourth season once Season 64 starts, will not need to be replaced anytime soon. Both of the defense and forward units are strong, but do have players that are close to being on their way out as, by the time this draft concludes, Gabriel McAllister will have already retired and defenseman David Kiaskov will be entering his final season, so there are holes for a young player to fill down the line. Toronto Legion Current VHL Standing: 2nd Picks: HSK 1st, TOR 2nd Toronto's Season 64 lineup and mission is an enigma wrapped in a mystery tied with a riddle bow. As of right now, the Legion are doing pretty well, although it would be fair to say that on paper, they are the weakest team of those that are competing and, given that the team is predominantly filled with inactives (only three of their skaters have had added any TPE to their player in the last two weeks), that gap looks set to increase. In addition, quite a few of their players are either going to be force-retired or hit very hard by regression and, given the still-not-fully-clarified status of Sebastien Ironside, who knows what the team will look like next season! What we do know though is that they have a very good pick in this draft in Helsinki's first, which I can't see being any later than fourth overall. Whether they actually use that to draft a player is anyone's guess, but they won't be using it or their second rounder on a goalie most likely, given that JB Rift is set to join the team in Season 64 or 65. They really could pick either a forward or a defenseman given the age of the skaters, but given that they have Tzuyu and Lew Bronstein providing active depth on defense, offense will be the greater need, especially if Ironside is no longer on the Legion for S64. HC Davos Dynamo Current VHL Standing: 8th Picks: DAV 1st, SEA 1st, DAV 2nd, DAV 3rd, TOR 3rd Currently sitting at the bottom of the standings and holding their own first round selection, it seems almost certain that the Dynamo will be selecting a player with one of the first three picks of the draft. As it stands, they can afford to look at the upcoming draft without too much emphasis on positional need, although given that they spent two draft picks on goalies in the Season 63 Draft along with trading for Rhett Stoffiday, another goalie taken in that draft after it had concluded, I doubt that Davos will be looking to spend too many more picks in that area. Currently Davos have two defensemen on the pro roster in Alvaro Jokinen and Jacob Smith along with James Lombardi in the minors (who may make the Davos team next season depending on his activity levels for the rest of the season). Given that Jokinen and Smith are pure welfare earners (neither have gotten over six capped TPE in a week in a while) and the draft is top heavy with defenseman (five of the top eleven prospects being defensemen), it is not out of the realm of possibility that Davos draft a potential star defenseman. Realistically though, it is more likely that they take forwards with the majority of their picks given that they only have two forwards on the pro roster over 200 TPA, and even one of those (Elias Sobeck) looks set to fall below that mark once regression hits next season. Helsinki Titans Current VHL Standing: 6th Picks: HSK 2nd, HSK 3rd, HSK 4th Despite being a team that is very much in it's rebuilding phase, Helsinki don't have their own first rounder, having traded it to Toronto in order to take two players with the fourth and thirteenth picks in the very well stacked Season 63 Draft. This means that while the Titans don't have as many picks in this draft to supplement the team with young talent, those who they do draft will be joining a whole host of promising young players after Helsinki picked nine times in the last draft, four of which have already made the VHL and a further four look on course to graduate from the VHLM after this season to make the VHL roster in Season 64. Helsinki doesn't need a goalie right now and likely for the foreseeable future, as Alexander Pepper is one of the most promising young goalies in the game. They only have one defenseman on the pro roster at the minute (Sidney Crosby), but Toby Fitzgerald and Jesse Wilson look certain to join him on the roster for Season 64, although that still leaves a hole for a fourth defenseman in a draft that has a lot of promising talents at that position. As for their forward group, they do have four young forwards in Konstantin Mulligan, Dan Montgomery, Julian Borwinn and Vaydar Odinsson along with Titan Kronos definitely featuring in Season 64 and two more set to potentially feature next year in Joey Boucher and Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski. So as of right now, not a ton of holes for a young draftee to fill on Helsinki, a pretty interesting feat for such a young team. Riga Reign Current VHL Standing: 1st Picks: RIG 1st, RIG 2nd, RIG 3rd, RIG 4th, TOR 4th, DAV 4th Currently on top of the standings are the Riga Reign and given that they've had arguably the toughest schedule of any of the competing teams (they've played the other four teams in the playoff chase 13 times, compared to CGY's 8, QUE's 11, SEA's 2 and TOR's 10), right now it would be difficult to imagine a scenario where Riga aren't one of the top contenders for the Victory Cup this season. Because a lot of their talents have come through Free Agency, they've also managed to retain all of their draft picks, meaning that they will either have plenty of selections in the next draft or plenty of items to trade for more veteran talent come S64. Arguably the latter is more likely because, as of right now, there aren't really any holes for another young player to come in and fill. Goalie is occupied by Kallis Kriketers who will be a long term solution in net, they've addressed their defenseman needs by bringing in the veteran Joseph Bassolino (who they will need to resign to an extension next season) and bringing in players like Ryan Kastelic, Shawn Glade and Dylan Nguyen through the draft and, while they do have Jack Shephard in the final year of his career, there are plenty of players with several seasons of their career left to go like Podrick Cast, Edwin Preencarnacion, Leph Twinger, Mikka Pajari and Ryuu Crimson, not to mention they have Kisshan Shan, Rylan Peace and Anthony Dabarno who would all likely be above 200 TPE next season. If I had to say that the Reign needed anything, it would be a pass-first forward (the vast majority of the team's forwards lean heavily towards a scoring skill-set) and perhaps a more physical presence on the ice (Leph Twinger and Paolo Nano are the team's best checkers, but they are only at 70 each. Except for Davos, every other VHL team has a player with better checking than Riga's best). NEXT WEEK: FIRST MOCK DRAFT!
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    S63 World Juniors GM Job's

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our applicants the WJC GM Positions on behalf of Myself, @McWolf and @Banackock! The GM that have been hired are as follows: World - @oilmandan & @Sova will be Tag teaming it! Europe - @Esso2264 Asia - @Nykonax USA- @ShawnGlade Canada- @Jubo07
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    S63 WJC - Coming to you soon!

    Last season, the decision to revive and bring back the World Juniors within the VHL was a really strong, enjoyable success in my eyes that can only improve and become even more enjoyable. We watched a lot of members get excited, GM's and others really step up to the plate and got to come together as a group for an alternative source of sweet hockey on the VHL. This season, we're coming right back at you with some WJC action. When can you expect it? The season will more than likely start around the 36th to 40th regular season game in the VHLM. Same format, style and everything! Just NEW players! Rules and Such? World Junior Championship RULES! -> No changes. Everything, as of now, is the same as the previous tournament. Nationalities - Where will you play? Two last things. We appreciate all the help @BarzalGoat gave us last year as one of the Co-Commissioners. If you have an interest, @McWolf may be posting a job application soon to be his partner in crime. Also appreciative to @Beketov for simming games for us last season. Sounds like the leagues longtime friend @Devise may be stepping in! LASTLY, World Junior Rankings , Championship History + All-Time statistics have been updated. Alternative link to all-time stats: HERE! OKAY... one last thing! This season for the WJC, expect some TPE to be thrown around like it's halloween candy too. @Members
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    VHLM: Scoped

    VHLM: Scoped October 22nd to 28th, 2018 - (edition 1) Game #1 to #40 Commissioners Message Hello to those involved within the VHLM (player, GM's, commissioners and such). Your friendly neighbourhood commissioner here! Within the green team, we've been hard at work trying to bring you the best possible experience when it comes to playing in our league, the VHLM. For seasons and as long as I can remember, people never fully enjoyed playing in the VHLM. They couldn't wait to get to the VHL when it really mattered. When you stop to think about it, in almost all cases (even in real life) a majority of players are like this. We want to change that. We want to bring to life the VHLM. Make it an awesome and enjoyable time. Somethings we've brought in our updated or changed rules, cleaning up the VHLM sections and adding in a really strong core of GM's. Another big success was the WJC which is coming to you once again this season. Lately, within the walls of the Banana and Muffins Cafe, I've tossed around some ideas and behold, a weekly media spot for you, the VHLM. Each week well discuss the biggest players, biggest games and even bigger wins. You got a milestone coming up - chances are we'll be posting some of those! Over time, this idea may evolve but until then, we hope you enjoy the first edition of VHLM: Scope. Milestone Watch The VHLM always needs love too and while the statistics in the big leagues are always important, I think one of the things the league needs to implement is more stats and career stuff for the VHLM. It's the developmental league for the VHL and is the first place all new members from recruitment play. For "Milestone Watch", we'll be taking a look to see who is coming up on their VHLM milestones - whether it be 100 points, 100 assists, 100 goals or whatever it may be - chances are, you could find it here. If we missed you but you want to be mentioned, get at me! Rhett Stoffiday - G - @Stoffiday - 14 games away from 100th career VHLM game. Greg Santos - G - 6 games away from Trace Trepanier - LW - @ChaceT - Just got his 100th point and only took 85 games! Chance Matthews - C - @DaftRaincloud - 17 points away from 100th career point in the VHLM. Top 3 Games of the Week (GOTW) Hello out there, we're on the air - it's hockey night TONIGHT! The last week has come and gone and we've watched one hell of a week of hockey. For us, there's always an apparent game that stands out to us and it's the highest scoring games. For this portion, weekly, we'll be going through the games and finding you what we feel to be the best 3 games of the week. Was it a game where tensions were flying? Where fights were going and the gloves were dropped? Was it a complete blow out game full of offence or a nail biting games where the defensive aspects of it trumped all else? Was it a goalie showdown or a good old, constant action game? Let's take a look! 1. PP happenings (sounds like a brazzers video title) Game LINK There were some other solid games that easily could have contended with some in our weekly top 3, but I don't think any of them would have contended with this one. For starters, the games final score was 6-1 for the Ottawa Lynx, as they managed to light up the Oslo net and send them into the locker rooms with a very poor message. There was 49 total shots, 7 goals, 44 hits and 13 power play opportunities. Crazy fact about one of those - 10 of the power plays belonged to Ottawa.. which explains the score. 5 power play goals in the game as they went 5/10 on the PP to eventually have the outcome marked at 6-1. Great specials game by Ottawa. Dominant performance and likely a fun one to be in the stands for. 2. Mertz, Halifax shut down and out Game LINK Mertz played a solid game here this night and if not for him, may have been fairly different. To me, it looks like hard fought, solid game where the defence kicked in a little bit. Squeezing the win out out 1-0 against the Wild is a pretty solid victory in the books and it's one that clearly could have went either way. While goal scoring is what fans love to see, this one likely was an enjoyable one, especially in the 3rd period winding down. 3. Stoffiday, Yukon shut down and shut out... wait.. what? Game LINK A goalie showdown, but more so throw down by Rhett Stoffiday. 28 solid saves is clearly the reason Yukon held out to such a strong victory. He very well is on his way to winning goalie of the year for basically every award. There's a great chance that it's going to be him and this game is only a clear reason why. Yukon manages to get 2 goals on 18 shots which is exceptional and unfortunate for the Wild, and their goalie plays a huge game. Top 3 Players of the Week (F, D, G) Elias Dahlberg - Forward - @Nykonax (13 GP - 12 G - 9 A - 21 PTS -- +/- -3 - 83 SHOTS - 27 HITS I know we could argue here that there are some better and when you say this, you're absolutely right. Looking at the statistic page today you could argue that he's in the top 5 for biggest players right now, but for me, he's the biggest player. He hasn't been around as long as the guys he's competing against at the top of that points scoring leaders list, but behold, there's Elias Dahlberg. I'd say for being drafted with the S63 LVA 3rd pick to now being tied for 3rd in league scoring, as a rookie player, who has a good chunk less of TPE as some of them. Simply, good show by him. I went from not paying a whole lot of attention to him to him being the player I love watching the most right now develop through the VHLM. Gregor Rasputinov - Defense - @Joobles (13 GP 3 G - 15 A - 18 PTS -- +/- -2 - 26 SHOTS - 25 HITS I think this one was a little easier than the last to pick out. This doesn't mean that the talent is weak in the VHLM right now for defensive talent because that wouldn't be true at all. Taking a quick look, you can notice in the league that a lot of our defenders are doing their jobs at an above average rate and this couldn't make things even better. The issue being for all those guys, is there's one guy possibly doing it a little better. His offensive side to it is a nice little jump above 2nd places 14 points. He's a stand out guy on the ice, clearly on the scores sheets and isn't legging behind in the defensive stats too much or at all mostly. This guy has potential to be a fairly good serviceable two-way defender - if only his effort and dedication to training were there. Rhett Stofiday - Goalie - @Stoffiday (14 GP - 9 W - 5 L - 0 OTL - 0.915 SV% - 1.85 GAA - 2 SP - 306 SA) This one was somewhat difficult, but only between two guys. Recognition here for @ColeMrtz21, but Stoffiday slightly edges this one out. Mertz has the more appealing record of W v L when you look at his 10-4 compared to a 9-5, but the rest of the stats tell no lie either and Rhett easily takes those. 1.85 GAA V 2.63 is the biggest one here, but he also takes the Save % by 4 (0.915 V 0.911). Put those together, with a still great record and an additional shut out and that's why Rhett takes the cake for this week. He's an exciting player to watch too and I'm excited to see how his VHL career unfolds and plays out. Power Rankings - The VHLM How did the team do this week? Who held up the best? What are the stats? Did they rise or did they fall in the standings? Check it out here! Last Week: COMING SOON This Week: Halifax 21st - 14 GP - 10 W - 4 L- 20 PTS - 43 GF/37 GA Yukon Rush - 14 GP - 9 W - 5 L - 0 OTL - 18 PTS - 29 GF/26 GA Saskatoon Wild - 13 GP - 6 W - 7 L - 0 OTL - 12 PTS30 GF/28 GA Ottawa Lynx - 13 GP - 6 W - 7 L - 0 OTL - 12 PTS - 42 GF/37 GA Las Vegas Aces - 13 GP - 5 W - 6 L - 2 OTL - 12 PTS - 37 GF/41 GA Oslo Storm - 13 GP - 4 W - 7 L - 2 OTL - 10 PTS - 32 GF/44 GA Standings: Coming soon.
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    This league is dead inside

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    The Return! [1/2]

    After almost twenty seasons, a man who was present from the very conception of the Victory Hockey League has decided to lace up his skates once again. When the fresh-faced Alex Kachur started his career he was selected by the minors team Jonkoping Warriors (Defunct). He was a highly touted Defenseman who due to personal and motivation issues never reached his full potential, despite being on some championship Caliber teams. So we caught up with the now 33 year old Defence-man to get a few comments on why he returned, why now, and what he has been up to. "When I retired I felt I left a lot on the ice. I wasn't the easiest player to be around. I wasn't the easiest man to defend when I got in trouble." "I made many friends while here. Some who have now taken management jobs....that and I owe the Russian mob like five million dollars so I figured why not..." Many would consider a middle aged defender playing hockey at this level dangerous and not safe in the slightest. However, shortly after announcing his return various VHLM teams decided to take a gamble with the man. Many players and General managers were shocked to see the return of one of the old guard. Kachur would eventually sign with Las Vegas to start his second run In the Victory Hockey League. Many wondering if this time, at this age, he can make a triumphant come back or if he will, like many expect, be another bust. After he returned to coach a World Cup Canada team to a gold medal he vanished until a player under his agency, Gregory Glass, made waves by being a hard-hitting shutdown defender. Kachur speaks highly of the young man "He is in the NHL now and I was happy I was able to facilitate him being the best player he could. Everyone thought he had a low ceiling...look at him now" Many former players and General Managers spoke out on Alex Kachur returning. Zimmer's: "wow? Kachur is back...well when he breaks a leg Call me?" Beketov: "When he wanted to he could be one of the most feared Defense-men in the entire league. I'm happy he came back and I hope he does well" When we asked the man about the criticism he will face he just shook his head and said the words "Redemption Tour". Aside from owing peoplesome money, it seems the man is very focused on turning his image around. " I mean I want to do well this time...plus the guys I owe money to are forcing me to play. I fear they will do something. So if I play well they get their money." There you have it, folks. The words from a player from the early years of the Victory Hockey League. He may be unorthodox, but he has his heart in the right place. His drive will only serve to better his career. Only time will determine if he will succeed or probably die. We are wishing for the latter as we hope this older player can recapture his glory.
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    S63 Quebec Meute Captains

    QUEBEC MEUTE CAPTAIN AND ASSISTANTS Captain: Assistant 1: Assistant 2: Congratulations guys all well deserved!
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    As most members of the VHL know, up until S59 the Sterling Labatte Trophy recognized the league’s top Defenseman every season. With the award changes in S59 it was, however, changed to the top offensive defenseman award. In recent seasons, spearheaded by @Victor and others, this decision has been called into question. The problem was never splitting the Defensemen awards but rather tarnishing the Labatte as simply a different play style rather than the best. Today the league is officially announcing a fix to that mistake. Effective immediately the Sterling Labatte trophy shall officially return to being awarded to the league’s top defenseman. Where does that leave the Wylde award you may ask? While options were presented for removing it; the BOG, with help from the award committee, has decided it’s best to leave the award in place. Rather than removing the Wylde we have decided to keep the split and have top offensive Defenseman continue to be its own award, henceforth known as the Alexander Valiq Award, named for @Koradek‘s Hall of Fame Defenseman who revolutionized offensive play from the blue line. The 4 recipients of the Labatte under the top offensive category will be henceforth moved to being Valiq recipients to keep things clear when we go to look at Hall of Fame voting and those seasons shall remain with no winners of the Labatte. However for future Hall of Fame discussions the BOG will take into consideration if players in question would likely have taken the Labatte under normal circumstances.
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    VHLM: Scoped x2

    VHLM: Scoped October 28th to , 2018 - (edition 2) Game #41 to #82 Commissioners Message What would the league, it's commissioners and those who wave all collectively wave the wand to make magic happen have to do to make the VHLM a better place? Fortunately, we're a group that listens and all want what's best for the league and it's members and our ears are always open. Just a short while ago, @Stoffiday brought to my attention some solid ideas that could potentially come into play in the VHLM at some point and this is what we like seeing from our members. The VHLM has always been a fun experience for myself, but of course, not everyone shares the same thoughts. To me, it's where every player starts, a place where it doesn't matter as much - so sometimes it makes it matter more. The VHLM is the only place I've played where I haven't had my player be a member of the Seattle Bears in now my 15th season (aside from trading Federov, Forsberg and Wolf for a very short season). It's where the old mix with the new, to teach them the ways and show them why the rest of league is so great! It's a stepping stone to bigger, sometimes better. From rule changes, to the World Juniors, even to this. We're looking at ways to make the VHLM kick ass! A couple ideas are kicking around through my head. I think it's best I close this message with a "good luck" the rest of the way in the season so I can lock this and write down my current idea or I'll forget. Ciao! Milestone Watch The VHLM always needs love too and while the statistics in the big leagues are always important, I think one of the things the league needs to implement is more stats and career stuff for the VHLM. It's the developmental league for the VHL and is the first place all new members from recruitment play. For "Milestone Watch", we'll be taking a look to see who is coming up on their VHLM milestones - whether it be 100 points, 100 assists, 100 goals or whatever it may be - chances are, you could find it here. If we missed you but you want to be mentioned, get at me! Nathan Mackinnon ( @bagelbitesisbae) is 2 points away from VHLM point #100. Also just played his 100th game! Jorgon Weyed ( @Joubo) is 11 games away from his 100th VHLM Game. Kevin Weekes - G - ( @Lefty) is 8 games away from 150 in the net! Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowsk - RW - ( @nicolas01) is 1 game away from #100. joey boucher - RW - ( @joeyboucher1) is 1 game away from #100. Chance Matthews - C - ( @DaftRaincloud) - 1 game away from #100 and 3 points away from #100. Chace Trepanier - LW - ( @ChaceT) 1 Games away from 100. Anthony Dabarno - C - ( @LordTony) - 2 games away from 100 and 10 points away from 10. Rhett Stoffiday - G - ( @Stoffiday) - 2 games away from #100 in between the pipes! Top 3 Games of the Week (GOTW) Hello out there, we're on the air - it's hockey night TONIGHT! The last week has come and gone and we've watched one hell of a week of hockey. For us, there's always an apparent game that stands out to us and it's the highest scoring games. For this portion, weekly, we'll be going through the games and finding you what we feel to be the best 3 games of the week. Was it a game where tensions were flying? Where fights were going and the gloves were dropped? Was it a complete blow out game full of offence or a nail biting games where the defensive aspects of it trumped all else? Was it a goalie showdown or a good old, constant action game? Let's take a look! 1. Make it 3 games of the week for oslo.. but 8 for Halifax in the game. Halifax V Oslo Game Link This game gives you everything a fan wants - if you're on the winning side. You have, obviously, lost of good shooting opportunities but you also have a good amount of shots overall. That's followed out by some sizeable hits throughout the game and a VERY explosive performance by Jesse Wilson and the Halifax 21st as they coasted by the Oslo tor 8-2. Halifax seen 5 players get 3 or more points and watched Jesse Wilson absolutely put on a passing display of excellency as he was written on the score sheet 7 times... 7 TIMES!! with 7 assists. This puts his assists total to 39 this season through 27 games. Beautiful game! 2. Oslo, Ottawa, one dies and the other lives. Oslo V Ottawa Game LINK One of these organizations started off pretty strong and the other not so much. However, over the period of this past week, we've seen a flop in the standings and now the Oslo Storm are on top of the reigning, defending and glorious champs, the Ottawa Lynx. The Lynx have gone completely backwards this week and the game is an incredible example of it. A 7-2 thrashing by the Storm who clearly brought their thunder tonight (ha,sorry for that). To add further to the punishment, shots were 51 to 14, so there was never a chance for Ottawa ever in this game. HUGE games from Zajaczkowski, Mendes and Wilson. 3. Oslo again? Halifax? Big game. Oslo V Halifax Game Link It seems for this sim, Oslo either lost bad or they won bad. Multi games this sim where they scored 5 or more goals. This one was tighter than the last, having teams only separated by 4 shots (30/26) and the game going the entire distance. A shoot out was needed to put an end to this game and the goalies did not disappoint... that was until Oslo's Shawn Mendes stepped out to the circle and made his way to the net. Up until this point in the shoot out, goalies have been 100% and Mendes blanketed it. Four guys from both Oslo and Halifax having 2 or more points and many others on each team chipping in as well. Hopefully we see many more battles like this between these 2 teams. Top 3 Players of the Week (F, D, G) Nathan Mackinnon - F - @BagelBites - 28 GP - 20 G - 32 A - 52 PTS Right now, Mackinnon is hitting our list for the top forward of the week. With an explosive week under his belt, he only continues to put on a show for the rest of the league. With almost 2 points per game, he's looking to cement his name into history as long as he continues this strong play. Maybe nothing legendary, but still a great season regardless. Jesse Wilson - D - @monkeywrench15 - 27 GP - 10 G - 39 A - 49 PTS Another strong performance for weeks of this guy, but his explosive play during one of his games where he nets 7 helpers is a large reason why he is where he is right now and easily the d-man of the week (and if he continues, the season). It's been exciting to watch him thus far and while that one game obviously helped him huge, I don't think we're done seeing what this kid can do. Keep your eyes on him! Rhett Stoffiday - @Stoffiday - 28 GP - 17 W - 9 L - 2 OTL - 2 SO - 0.912 SV% - 1.87 GAA He's been the guy for them this season and if they're looking for a deep playoff run, which they are, they're going to need this guy standing on his head. In all honesty, this section willl have to be changed up a bit in regards to how we do it or else this guy may just get this every week because there's a strong chance when it's all said and done that he's going to win goalie of the year. Power Rankings - The VHLM How did the team do this week? Who held up the best? What are the stats? Did they rise or did they fall in the standings? Check it out here! Last Week: Halifax 21st - 14 GP - 10 W - 4 L- 20 PTS - 43 GF/37 GA Yukon Rush - 14 GP - 9 W - 5 L - 0 OTL - 18 PTS - 29 GF/26 GA Saskatoon Wild - 13 GP - 6 W - 7 L - 0 OTL - 12 PTS30 GF/28 GA Ottawa Lynx - 13 GP - 6 W - 7 L - 0 OTL - 12 PTS - 42 GF/37 GA Las Vegas Aces - 13 GP - 5 W - 6 L - 2 OTL - 12 PTS - 37 GF/41 GA Oslo Storm - 13 GP - 4 W - 7 L - 2 OTL - 10 PTS - 32 GF/44 GA This Week: Saskatoon Wild - 14 GP - 11 W - 3 L - 0 OTL - 22 PTS - 46 GF/32 GA (+3 rank) Halifax 21st - 14 GP - 8 W - 4 L- 2 OTL - 18 PTS - 55 GF/47 GA (-1 rank) Yukon Rush - 14 GP - 8 W - 4 L - 2 OTL - 18 PTS - 39 GF/30 GA (-1 Rank) Las Vegas Aces - 14 GP - 6 W - 6 L - 2 OTL - 14 PTS - 49 GF/42 GA (+1 Rank) Oslo Storm - 14 GP - 6 W - 6 L - 2 OTL - 14 PTS - 49 GF/63 GA (+1 Rank) Ottawa Lynx - 14 GP - 3 W - 11 L - 0 OTL - 6 PTS - 37 GF/61 GA (-2 Rank) Overall Regular Season Standings: Halifax 21st (0) Yukon Rush (0) Saskatoon Wild (0) Las Vegas (+1) Oslo Storm (+1) Ottawa Lynx (-2) Over 1,200 words, hey (thats without the pre-wrote, every week stuff!)
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    Pajodcast Media Extra Life 24 Hour Stream!

    Hello fine friends of the VHL. It's been a while since I cheap plugged some of the goings on of the Pajodcast Media boys. For those who are unfamiliar, @Advantage @Jericho and myself used to do a Podcast on VHL called the Pajodcast. It had other names with that in the title throughout, but it was one of the longer running things. A little over a year ago we decided to pursue a Youtube channel, and we've been pumping out daily videos for a while now. Our channel is general gaming focused, as we basically do Let's Plays. We do have the odd podcasting where we sometimes talk other things, but in general that is how things go. If your interested in checking us out here is our channel link. Anyway, on Monday Nov 5th we'll be doing a 24 Extra Life Stream for Charity. We've done a meager 4 hour stream before, in years past for charity but realistically this is going to be our first time doing the all nighter live stream thing. We'll be starting at 10 AM ET on Monday and going to 10 AM ET on Tuesday the 6th. We welcome all VHL viewers during our entire stream time, but specifically during the 2 PM to 8 PM ET slot. We will have none other than the British sensation @Tagger joining us. We'll be playing Overwatch for a lot of that 6 hour slot, however we also plan on doing some Jackbox Party Pack. @diamond_ace for sure will be joining us for some Jackbox and during some of that stretch, and I have a few feelers out to some other notable long time friends of the Pajodcast to see if they wanna come join us for some hijinx. If your looking for info on how you can donate to help the kids (it is a charity stream after all) you can check out our Team Extra Life Page for details. We are apart of the Giant Bomb team so donations will be going to one of the local hospitals in and around the Bay Area (San Francisco.) Specific details can be found via Extra Life. I'll be updating this post with a link to our stream Monday Morning when we go live. We appreciate anyone who takes the time to watch or donate and look forward to seeing some VHL faces in the chat/watching on Monday! Thanks!
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    Did someone want to talk shit?
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    This VHLM Commissioner is bringing the VHLM a weekly media spot all about the VHLM. Next week = 1st episode of VHLM: Scoped!
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    VHLM Newsletter - 12th Edition

    Hi there and welcome to another edition of the VHLM Newsletter! There's a lot of people who will be getting tagged into a newsletter for the first time, so here's a quick breakdown of what we look to cover in each edition: - Uncapped TPE Opportunities (None This Week) - Any time there's a one-off or once-a-season point task available to enter, you'll find out about it in the early headlines of the article. - League Recap - The middle of the Newsletter is generally based around keeping you up to speed with what's going on around the league, be that changes to how the league works, new features or how the current VHLM season is progressing. - TPE Earning Guide - The bottom section of the Newsletter follows the same format each week. There, you will be provided with the links you need to get to the regular TPE earning activities. For those of you who saw last weeks, a lot of this will look familiar, but next week's will have a breakdown of the VHLM season to that point and, hopefully, we'll have an extra uncapped TPE opportunity to announce. As always, I’d like to kick things off by telling you all about the VHL Discord. A lot of you are already in this and can probably attest to how helpful it’s been, but if you aren’t in it already you should definitely give it a shot, especially if you have any questions about the league as that will be the quickest place to get them answered! Like the last VHLM Newsletter, some of this newsletter will re-tread on old ground as, with this being a VHLM newsletter, there will inevitably be new members reading this for the first time that won’t be aware of what was in previous newsletters. So what I’ll do is put a bold *NEW* next to any information specifically made for this newsletter so players who have read these before know where to go to find the new info! What's Going On In The VHLM VHLM Season *NEW* Season 63 of the VHLM is finally underway! The index is HERE for anyone who would like to browse it, unfortunately it seems like the index is having a UI problem, so to check the stats for teams and players, you need to click on the Pro League tab at the top and then select the area you would like to see from there. Alternatively, you can click on the other links and change the "?Farm" section of the URL to "?Pro", or you can use the Portal with the button in the top left set to VHLM. Even at this early stage of the season, the schedule has interestingly seen some teams play a couple more games than other teams in the league, but hasn't stopped the Yukon Rush from leading the league, despite playing two games less than some of their competitors! The Rush are currently the only team in the league that are unbeaten, although it hasn't exactly been plain sailing as all four of those victories were won by a one goal margin and three saw the winning goal scored in the last three minutes of the game. The key contributor for the skaters of the Rush has been Kronos Bailey, who currently joint leader in goals scored with six goals to his name. His best and most important game to date came against the Saskatoon Wild in their third game of the season where the Rush were down 2-0 heading into the third period, but Bailey scored a single-period hat-trick to win the game for the Rush 3-2 and was a no brainer for first-star honours in that game. Rhett Stoffiday has also been a very reliable presence in net, putting up a very strong .923% save percentage to this point of the season, with his best game coming against the Wild in their fourth game of the season where, despite the Rush being out-shot, Stoffiday was able to hold the Wild to just one goal with a .964% performance. With goalies like Mertz, Weekes and Stoffiday starting the season very close to or at the VHLM TPE cap, it's expected to be a very strong season for goalies in the VHLM and Stoffiday will have to be on his game to take home the Benoit Devereux Trophy. Tied with the Rush on eight points are the Halifax 21st, however that comes with the caveat that the 21st have played two more games than the Rush to this point of the season. While they started off the season with two losses to the Las Vegas Aces and the Ottawa Lynx, the 21st bounced back with four straight victories to see them propel back towards where they were in Season 62. Two of their returning players are the biggest reason for their success this season. Cole Mertz, outside of one disappointing performance against the Lynx at the start of the season, has been in immense form for a VHLM goalie, recording save percentage totals over .900% in five of his six games played and is currently leading the league with a .926% save percentage. Mertz's play has helped give his skaters a chance of winning games even when they don't have the most chances, two good examples of this were his first and sixth games of the season where, despite the 21st having less than half the shots of the opposing team, Mertz's play gave them a chance of winning and, while they still fell just short in their first game against the Aces, he helped them beat the Wild in a big way. There's also been big performances from Nathan MacKinnon, who currently leads the league with 12 points and is tied with Kronos Bailey with six goals and is second to only teammate Jonathan Hill in assists with six. His best performances came in games four and six against the Aces and the Wild, where he scored two goals in each in games they would go on to win by one goal. Third place is currently occupied by the Las Vegas Aces who have recorded two wins, two losses and one shootout loss in five games. Jorgon Weyed is currently the biggest producer out of the skaters on the team with five goals to his name, over double the amount of any of his teammates. His best game came in his fifth game which was against the Oslo Storm, where he scored two goals in a game the Aces would go on to win 4-2. Along with that, Brick Wahl has had a very strong start for a player who has only created within the last few weeks. He's had three games where has recorded over .900% save percentage and his standout game came in the same as Weyed's as Wahl's personal best performance of .944% saw the Aces beat the Storm despite the Aces having 17 less shots. Fourth place currently belongs to the Oslo Storm, although with the games in hand they have against the two teams above them, they could go on to rise up the standings. They currently stand on four points having won two games (one in a shootout) and lost two games. The biggest impact skater on the team has been Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski who has thrived in his new role as first line winger having played very limited minutes for the Saskatoon Wild last season, and he's scored five goals in just four games (already only six short of his total goal tally last season). His standout games came in the Storm's second and third games of the season, where Wlodzimierz scored two goals in each that led the Storm on the road to victories in both. Defenseman Jesse Wilson is the only other player on the team to have chipped in with multiple goals to this point of the season, and his four assists have him currently second in points among defensemen, despite having played fewer games than many of his competing defensemen. The Storm have made a lot of trades and acquisitions lately, with arguably the biggest seeing center Anthony Dabarno moved to the Saskatoon Wild for multiple picks in next season's VHLM Draft, so it will be interesting to see how well the Storm do for the remainder of the season with there highest TPA forward now on the Wild's roster. Fifth place currently belongs to the reigning champions, the Ottawa Lynx. A lot of the team's talent was promoted to the VHL following their successful Season 62 campaign, so this one was expected to start off more difficult than their last one, but despite only winning one game in four, they've still had some solid performances. Leading the team in points is Elias Dahlberg, who has recorded three assists and three goals, with his best performance coming in their win over the 21st where he contributed to three of the four goals scored by the Lynx with one goal and two assists. Mark Gebauer is currently the teams highest goal scorer and, while his two goals against the Oslo Storm in the Lynx's third game of the season wasn't enough to see the Lynx to victory, it was still a credible performance from the German forward. In last place right now is the Saskatoon Wild, who have one win in five games, although it would be very fair to say that, given they've played the Rush (the favourites heading into the season) three times in their opening five games, it would be fair to suggest that this standing doesn't necessarily reflect their play to this point of the season. Chace Trepanier and Rylan Peace were on opposing sides in the Season 62 Founders Cup final, however they're now teamed up on the Wild for Season 63 and they've been the teams biggest contributors in the goal department. With five goals to his name, Peace is the top goal scorer for the Wild and is only one of two players so far this season who has managed to score a hat-trick, doing so in the Wild's 4-1 win over the Aces. However, thanks to his four goals and five assists, Chace Trepanier is the team's leader in points and, had it not been for Kronos Bailey's ridiculous third-period hat-trick, would have been the hero of their 3-2 loss to the Rush as he had scored all of the Wild's goals in that game. Adding Dabarno to the team will give them one of the strongest first lines in the league and it will be interesting to see how they will bounce back after a tough opening schedule with their revamped forward core. VHL Brands New for Season 63 are VHL Brands, an opportunity that allows your player to earn some extra money by representing a brand! If you want to see the brands that are available to represent, which players currently represent them and who the brand executive of each brand is, you can find out HERE. If you have yet to be approached by a brand executive about representing a brand, you can send them a message to let them know of your interest in representing their brand, they are (usernames are clickable to go to their profile): Haterade - majesiu Jolt Juice - Stoffiday NETFLEX - Romaris True North Gear - AndrewWarren13 Ubuyalot Games - Joubo VIKING - Tfong Alternatively, you can post in this thread HERE to register your interest in finding a brand. S64 VHL Draft Rankings *NEW* If you are in the Season 64 Draft, you can keep track of how you are comparing in earning TPE in comparison to your fellow prospects by going HERE to the LIVE Season 64 Draft Rankings, which are updated as close to daily as possible. We also have released the second weekly draft rankings which focused on which players were getting the most capped TPE and what point tasks other members needed to do to reach the 12 capped TPE, you can find the article HERE. TPE Opportunities First Generation Bonus - Some of you will soon be reaching the point where you will surpass 100 TPE and to offer some thanks for sticking around with us for that long, we give you guys 10 Free TPE! If you are over 100 TPE or have an update that will take you over 100 TPE, you can claim your 10 Free TPE by going to the Player Management screen, going to Claim Other TPE and filling in the box that pops up as displayed in the image below using this link (https://vhlforum.com/topic/49868-first-generation-bonus/) in the link box. Recruitment Recruiting new members to the league not only helps the league by filling out team’s rosters, but it also sets you up to earn some lucrative TPE! To find out more about the rewards for recruiting members, go HERE. On top of that, there is a 1 uncapped TPE reward for posting a VHL advert on another website that can be earned every week. Weekly Capped Point Task Opportunities (You Can Earn Up To 12 TPE From The Following) - You can submit either a Media article of 500 words, a Graphic or a ten minute Podcast for 6 TPE. If you don’t have time to submit for any of these this week though, there is Welfare available to claim for at least 4 TPE. - You can submit either a 150 word article/Player Card for 2 TPE or you can submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE. - You can get a maximum of 2 TPE by answering and asking questions in the Press Conferences. If you are short of answers, you can answer questions in the VHLM Press Conference for 2 TPE. - You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts. Check out the guide to reviewing HERE. - It's not up yet this week, but once the season gets going, there will be weekly VHL Trivia where you will be asked two VHL-related questions, answer both correctly and you will earn 2 TPE for the week. In addition, players will be able to earn up to 6 uncapped TPE at the end of the season, 1 TPE for every week they submitted for trivia. Uncapped Point Task Opportunities - *NEW* There is 2 TPE to be earned from posting in this week’s Practice Facility - *NEW* The VHLM Fantasy Zone is back! There is the VHLM Pickem and Predict The Score, if you correctly guess the results, you will earn uncapped TPE for your player! - The lottery allows you to enter the poll that gives you a chance of winning 3 uncapped TPE this week and enters you into a monthly draw for even bigger prizes! - You can submit a 500 word Rookie Profile for 8 TPE and a 1000 word Biography for 10 TPE. These two are one time only point tasks. Video Tutorial This is a video tutorial of how to improve your player through point tasks that I made about two months ago. The idea was that we were going to have this edited to a better standard before the Season 64 Draft, but that hasn't come to pass yet, so I'll just release the raw footage for now. If you need timestamps for something in particular, here they are: Capped TPE 0:27 - Overview of Capped TPE 1:38 - Media Spots 2:39 - Graphics 4:16 - Podcast 5:09 - VHL.com/Player Cards/VHL Radio 7:06 - Press Conferences 9:00 - Trivia 11:59 - Reviewing 13:22 - Jobs 14:13 - Welfare Uncapped TPE 16:14 - VHL/VHLM Fantasy Zone 17:08 - Practice Facility 17:44 - Yearly Award Predictions 18:35 - VHFL 19:33 - VHL Lottery 20:35 - Rookie Profile 21:21 - Biography 22:30 - Donations (Now out of date) Adding TPE to your Player 24:00
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    Is it even trashtalking if the whole team agrees with that?
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    Elias Pettersson's ceiling is Generational (McDavid, Crosby) prove me wrong.
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    S63 Regular Season Index

    https://vhlportal.com/VHLM/63 @VHLM GM
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    So far...

    Hey, it’s ya boy. I play in the VHLM for the Las Vegas Aces. I’m gonna talk about my first impressions about the league... So far it’s honestly been great. At first I was confused on how to make my player better but with the help of my teammates and the Inter-Galactic Starlord (Jubo07) I have gotten the hang of it. Mostly. Other than the mechanics I’m impressed with the community (and lack of Canucks fans). Not many good hockey communities like this out there and I really appreciate this being there for me to spam my memes and be the weird kid I am. I think I should also address my goals. I think my main focus is to establish myself as a reliable goal producer in the league. I would like to also be helpful in the d-zone and be defensively responsible and not just pounding pucks at the net. Thats about it, ya boi Dil tuning out.
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    Where in the world is Cole Mertz?

    I’ve been doing this for 11 years. I’ve seen a lot of people need to take momentary steps back. You aren’t the first, you won’t be the last, so don’t worry yourself over it too much. Welfare can be very helpful in times like this to keep some points flowing but if you need to step back fully for a time no one blames you.
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    Elias, Finn and Mark repping Ottawa up top! Nice article, @Tagger
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    My VHL Experience

    My Thoughts On The VHL Well, I've been playing this game for around a year and four months now and where did the time go? At periods the game seemed to drag on about midway through my players career, and I started to get a little bored of doing tasks for the week. But even though its only a game and I thought of quitting, I decided to continue. Now coming to the end of my first gen players career, I felt that a combination of the game and some of the other members helped me decide to keep staying on. And as tedious as it was to keep up with the game, and all the real life things going on in my personal world this virtual world has added to a bit of a break from reality and life's daily pressures. When I first started here I had no idea on how to do the simplest of tasks such as copy and paste, tag others etc. Why? Because I never had any use for it online before. I had a lot of trouble getting things done and I'm sure I pissed off a few long time members, but they forget that they were born into all this technology, where I on the other hand came from the world of records, VHS and only land line phones. Hell, payphones were the closest thing to a mobile phone at one time and portable cassette recorders were advanced technology. Needless to say, the few that were ignorant to me in the beginning would have received a punch in the fucking mouth if they were around me, literally not figuratively but others came and were patient with me and showed support. Hence why I've stayed. You always get the good with the bad. Such is life. Anyways, guess what I'm trying to say is that being here has for the most part been a fun and good learning experience for me. After Kiaskov's career is over, I won't be recreating for the long while, as real life takes precedence. I will hang around to comment, keep grading and use this venue as an outlet to take a break from the real world.
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