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    60 Seasons and Still Going Strong

    Y'all are impressive
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    With the VHL S61 already underway, Stucky is scrambling around trying to learn the ropes of this league. This isn't anything new to him, however, as that pretty much describes the way he was brought up and, ultimately, plays his game. Coming from a large family with many brothers playing hockey, he wasn't able to obtain the fortunes of training and travel leagues- as it was too expensive. He does have an outstanding Father who would do his best to help Stucky improve both on, and off the ice. Stucky started out as a swift-footed defenseman. At first, he didn't have the best shot, however he was savvy in his skating and a hell of a passer as well. As he grew into his body he decided it was time to move up to Forward, just in time for High School hockey to start. Stucky quickly went from a softer, skating type that played with his head up into a grinding forward. Whether it's getting in the opposing goalies face, taking a hit to make the play, or making the contact himself, he plays with a chip on his shoulder that isn't looking to go away anytime soon. Eventually, Stucky felt that he had more potential than others thought, so he decided to work on his shot. After seeking guide from others, and watching experts himself, he quickly learned and improved on his snap shot, as well as his stick handling/ puck-eye management. He felt he was a new player back in the Sophomore year of High School- and thus changed his number from 12 to 71 to honor his current idol, Malkin. Throughout the sophomore year, Stucky saw immediate and continued success as he improved from 12 goals and 36 points the previous season to 34 goals and 65 points in 60 games with the Belleview Jaguars. While he was certainly happy with these efforts, he eventually graduated without ever winning the state championship. That following summer he was anxious to get to Penn State- determined to take them to the Frozen Four on his back. Wearing the Navy and White, Stucky kept his number 71 and improved on nearly every facet of his game, transforming the once soft defensemen into a hard-nosed skilled grinder, and finalist for the Hobey Baker award during his last two years at Penn State. He delivered on his promise, bringing the championship to Penn State and winning the coveted Hobey Baker his senior year. Looking forward to his professional career, Stucky has maintained his work ethic that delivered results in the first place. He agreed to work out with trainer Gary Roberts and has a very strict diet to get rid of the beer belly acquired as he celebrated the championship. What Stucky will bring to any team that signs him is a quiet leader. While he plays "loud" on the ice, he leads by example in the locker room and with the media. He is the first to help solve internal issues and the last to cause any. Stucky will be a solid teammate, and a potential lead or assistant captain for any team that wants to bring him on.
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    The future of VHL teams.

    *kinda perfect picture* I was celebrating a name-day today. Congratulations to me! I'm also not in the best shape and the Riga LR already knows why. So this article won't be a something special, I was doing this before. There goes the future predictions for all 8 teams. 5 of them will get a more detalized guess. GM: @Bushito This team had problems with cap, but couple of minor trades solved all their troubles. Also, they once again are running with 5F 4D setup. Last time, it wasn't enough to make maximum noise, this time they are contending for the cup. But I think the 5/4 setup isn't going to do wonders, especially when the team has only one forward superstar in Canmore. Now let's talk about their future. I'd say they are having a bright future. They're having some old players like Bogdanovic and Kinkaid (who's retiring after this season), but other players are either on prime or still rookies. Also, majority of them are active (besides Corco). Bushito wasn't lying when he said that Calgary is here for a long time. FUTURE: GOOD. Other team have their problems so Calgary is in a good shape. The mix of veterans and younger players is definitely helping this team. Also, there is Jordan Tonn who could jump to this team at some point. GM: @Tyler Finally we'll see Davos in action after four seasons of rebuilding. McAllister is going to have another MVP season IMO so that should give the Dynamo a boost. However, I'm not that sure about their future. Let's start with the fact this team's average age is already older than Calgary, that's not wassup. And they have more semi-actives too. Brodeur, Warlock, Axelsson and Gow (sort of). Three players will face the regression already next season, including a goalie Brodeur and the best D in Kane. We can argue that they have a young gun in Jokinen, but that may not be enough. I think Tyler will have to make a bold move soon, or this team could be done in like 2-3 seasons. FUTURE: 60/40, There is a team that may sell soon so Davos could have a chance to prolong their contention window. GM: @Higgins Dis Higgins. He was ready to step down, but then decided to have some fun and traded ONE first for FIVE good/star players. Helsinki is going for yet another back to back and they have a good chance on doing that - the roster is looking very good. I don't know what he's thinking about the future of this team (I guess he isn't thiking at all), but his words about finishing the next rebuild in 2020 may be a correct prediction in this one. FUTURE: SELL AND REBUILD. We know that Higgins can find a chance out of nowhere, but he won't have an important piece for another miracle run - a goalie. King is retiring following this season and no other goalie would be available in the near future. GM: @Spade18 Spade is the new NYA GM after STZ has decided to step down due to personal things. Looking at their roster, we can see a bunch of S57 guys. And the Kiaskov trade was the right thing to do since he's a also a S57 guy. So we could see that this team can contend for two more seasons at least and maybe they could do even further if the GM will be lucky with trades. I guess this team has no troubles in the near future... FUTURE: VAGUE. And then here comes the a painful blow: Ike Arkander must retire following this season since he's not a GM player anymore. This is really a shitty situation for this team - as I already said earlier there are no goalies available in the near future. Spade is trying to save this team with changing Kingfisher's position to a goalie, but I think this won't help NY. I just don't see a team with 200 TPE goalie winning the championship so perhaps it's easier to sell the team after this season. GM: @Beaviss Quebec is a #5 team, but I can't say they are competing now. More like waiting for a team that would sell...maybe like NY. So let's just look at players. There are some questionable assets, like Sobeck (inactive) or Ball (very semi-active). Also, I'm not really sure about Zhields as Steezy took a break from VHL. In overall, this team still has a good potential, but Beaviss will have to decide the fate of some inactives or semi-actives in order to have a perfect future for his team. FUTURE: NICE. I already said it all in previous four sentences. GM: currently drunk GM: @Banackock GM: @DollarAndADream FUTURE: STILL REBUILDING. I don't know what else I can say about these three teams. They only started the rebuilding process so it may take a while before these teams will jump into the fight for the cup. However, one of them could capitilaze on potential problems from Helsinki or NY and make an early push for a cheap price. I also need to mention that we may see the reincarnation of the S58 three-way rivalry between these three teams if they will be ready at the same time. Could be interesting to see this again, especially for Dollar who never won in a S58-59 period. I can be proud of myself, I somehow managed to drag this thing to amost 1000 words. Imagine if I wasn't in that shape as I'm being right now. I want to wish a good luck to every VHL team in this season and let your plans be a successful ones. Well, except for Seattle, they can hold on with another three-four year rebuilding plan hehe. I'm also not sure if I'm even drunk at this point, I wrote this article in one hour. That's not the worst result I've ever had. Yay my brains. But I guess the idea of this article was too easy to not doing it fast. That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE goes to Kurtutecis 11.06 - 17.06 18.06 - 24.06
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    added hockey league commissioner to my resume and i went from 1 interview every 2 weeks to 3 interviews a day 😎❤️
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    Speculatoria: Team Analysis #1

    Speculatoria: Let's look at OSLO! Speculatoria, the magazine version, has not died. I've seen the comments, looked at stuff and have come to the conclusion that despite there being good advances in increasing the quality, I would like to further investigate and do a little researching on how to make it better, but at the same time, also faster for myself as it's too time consuming for the amount of reward. Due to this fact and myself being busy as fuck at work, I've missed some key opportunities to bring about a scouting report or two and captivate the eyes of all our readers and those who give a shit (or as Robbie would add, who don't give a shit. Because I don't give a shit!). This will be our little extra project in the mean time - and you can likely expect two of these a week with some other little projects on the go too. This week, or to start things off with the team analysis, we're going to be taking a look at this seasons Oslo Storm. So, without further delay, let's take a look. Management The management is strong with this one. Led by Head GM @Laflamme who later partner up with EX-Bratislava GM and current Seattle Bears GM of the VHL, Blake Campbell (myself). These two haven't been working together too long behind the helm of Oslo, but since LaFlamme brought in Campbell, the two have been working hard, constantly and quickly to bring about the best hockey for fans in and of Oslo. Their experience together is pretty good and both have been around for sometime. A big props could be in order for LaFlamme too for bringing in a strong presence in Blake Campbell to help guide the teams direction and help start moving things in order. We look forward to seeing what else they come up with, but as of late, they've been killing it. They brought in both Campbell's agencies players in Vyacheslav Smirnov and Maxim Kovalchuk - who both are on a roll. Then they picked up two more signings in @BBNAT's player and @Beerfridge. Ratings: LaFlamme: 7.7B @Laflamme He's a good manager and he's stepped it up heavily the last while. The fact he went active the last time around has some likely concerned, but we feel as time gradually moves on, his score will do the same and will likely increase. He's done a great job and the two together should really bring Oslo to new heights. Banackock: 8.8A Not being cocky, but I feel it's accurate. I have huge experience in the league and while a little out of touch with the rules and shit, I know how the system works. Campbell made some decent moves at the draft and is behind all 4 new players signing in Oslo. Furthering, a quick made up draft list could be credited for their strong draft - picking up a goalie when @Daniel could be missing in action this year and Riga's plan to call him up and shit the season away could be in order. Past success and recent management is a reflection of his overall score. Forwards We're not going to waste our time with players that haven't logged in for a few weeks. I'm not that hungry for words and it's literally just a waste of time. If they ever want to come back to life, they can find their way in one of these reports but for now, tough shit. For Oslo, it's the opposite as they have found themselves a decent set of new players, with a mix of older guys to lead the way. They have the group moving froward that could likely contend this season and we have them as the #2-3 seed team this year. In my eyes, I think they can go far this season. I expect to see them in the finals. Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock Future Rating: 9.5A Future Range: 9.0B - 9.5A He's their best player when it comes to effort, consistency and what he's likely to become. The fact he is part of the Campbell agency, but also the Seattle core means that he likely won't fuck up and you can expect him to go balls to the walls. He's a player that maters, so you can expect him to also matter to Oslo's success this season. While we could rate what they currently are, we're more so going at what they'll become. Smirnov is going to be a very strong player in the future Josh Stronk @Beerfridge Future Rating: 7.5C Future Range: 7.0D - 7.5B Pretty fucking to see such opposite numbers or ratings hey? Strong has struggled to somewhat find consistency - not so much in production, but more so in development. He's just at the cap right now for the VHLM, but he's a little bit older of a player. Furthering, he was just moved from calgary to Quebec (if not mistaken) in a trade. Despite all these things, his importance to the team is huge and upon signing, he became the teams best and biggest player this season. In my eyes, you can expect him to light it up, put the team on his back and really take charge of Oslo this season offensively. Shawn Mendes @evrydayimbyfuglien Future Rating: 8.0B Future Range: 7.0B - 8.5B Mendes, for me, the concern would be activity. He went inactive some what on his previous players and the agency only just made the return a while ago. Despite this, he's looking healthy, good and seeming to have a bunch of activity all while enjoying the site. On top of this, his personality traits really help him but the rating reflects our concerns slightly. He could grow, ranging from that 8.5C or 8.5B range, or he could drop and just become a really strong, consistent depth player that you need and love to have on your team. Marvin Harding @.sniffuM Future Rating: 8.0C Future Range: 7.5C - 8.0B This guy is a tough cookie to call. His determination, activity and all that great shit is there, but at the same time, activity in the future could be an issue as it has been in the past. While we don't believe this will be the case, you never know. For Oslo this year, Harding is their #1 guy on the Wing and will be counting on him and stronk to heavily lead the way offensively. For the future, he could pick it up a tad, while it likely won't be a whole lot, or he could slow down a little bit while still being that nice depth piece every roster needs. It'll be interesting to see how he turns out, but we got a feeling this season all he's gonna do is TURN UP for OSLO! Rauno Palo @jRuutu Future Rating: 8.5B Future Range: 8.5C - 9.0B Currently, he's the 2nd line centre for the Oslo Storm with the strong potential of being the first line guy next season if he doesn't make the jump. His agency has made some great players in the past, but well see if he continues with the consistency he has found thus far. We have a feeling, there will at times be welfare and other shit claimed - just liked others and while you can gain other TPE to make up for the loss, we're unsure if this will always be the case here. Either way, we expect a good - if not, great player out of him and you can see this in the Future Range rating. Defense Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock Future Rating: 9.0B Future Range: 8.5A - 9.5B He's part of the banacock agency and like Smirnov, he's come out flying. He's gained all the TPE available to him right now and it's likely that he won't slow down for sometime. HOWEVER, he's their second player in the agency and the other player automatically goes to Campbell's Seattle bears so if there's ever a time when one of the two players struggles or doesn't have as much gains, it's likely going to be on Kovalchuk. We do, however, expect him to become a solid #1-2 guy on any team in the league in the future. Lukas Novacek @ADV Future Rating: 8.0B Future Range: 7.0C - 8.5B This one is another wildcard, due to recent events of him walking away from the league and having some form of distaste. However, his attitude and presence in the league went from limited/nothing to back in black, baby. He's not going balls to the walls and that's why he has no rating above a potential 8.5B. Though, when all said and done we feel like he's going to end up asa good player - maybe a better depth piece than most and there's nothing wrong with that. Jacob Smith @jacobaa19 Future Rating: 7.5C Future Range: 7.0D - 8.0C I've always liked Jacob Smith and thought he had a lot of potential, but despite this potential, it hasn't actually been put out or turned into much and I think this has been reflected int he ratings. I think the most likely thing to happen here is that he becomes a nice depth piece if everything works out. Obviously, the alternatives are that I'm wrong and he turns it up and becomes a true great piece, or he regresses further and falls off the map. Currently, it seems he's busy in life and has hit a speed up so just like the many where your eyes are glued to, you should be watching him closer too. B.B Nat @BBNAT Future Rating: 8.0B Future Range: 7.0D - 9.0B He's new so it's really hard to scout and give him ratings. Honestly, anything could happen. He could be an amazing first gen who takes the league by storm, or could completely shit the fucking bed and never become anything on here. Right now? He's kicking huge ass and I've had quite a few talks with him to know he's a great guy who is enjoying the site pretty decently. He fits in good and if he sticks with it, will become a good player and great member. My concern, being the new guy so well have to keep our eyes on him. This is reflected in the future range. GOALIES We're not going to blab a whole lot here, as there clearly aren't as many goalies on a team as there are other positions. For Oslo though, they got Daniel (Arvid Aamo), who likely will be playing in riga and Osmond Kingfisher. Because Aamo is likely to play on a garbage Riga team (poor guy), we're going to skip him and head right onto IKF. Osmond Kingfisher @Spade18 Future Rating: 9.0A Future Range: 8.5B - 9.5B He's the GM player for the New York Americans and if there's any trend that's easy to follow, it's that GM players likely turn out to be hardworking players, with consistent, high levels of gains and obviously... they're good. Being named the possible #1 guy at such an early stage in the season and IKF's career must be nerve racking, but we feel by the time Oslo needs him, his ratings will be good enough to help them fight through it all. We have no worries with this player here. Good member, good agent and has avery strong future ahead of him. 1,800+ words...
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    Holy I’m a Dumbass

    I'd like to file a complaint against @Banackock for cheating in reverse.
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    Oslo Storm 3D Medallion [1/2]

    Made in Autodesk Maya, the official logo was used only as a reference image. I'll upload some more sizes, images of the medallion topology and even the the .fbx or .obj file when I get home. Took a few hours to relearn Maya and model the thing since I haven't used Maya in ages lol Big boy for viewing pleasure (absolute unit): Small size for signatures: Even smaller for your butt: +6 Nat #BBNATTPE
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    New Update System

    Just to make sure everyone sees this:
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    Holy I’m a Dumbass

    Wait you’ve been claiming 10 and 11 TPE per week? Did your updated not notice this? That’s a pretty ridiculous amount. Edit: read that wrong. Thought you meant you were claiming 10 each week for the practice facility haha. I’m a dumbass too I guess. Yeah, it’s uncapped.
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    GM 5: Saskatoon vs. Oslo

    As soon as these lines get update I am going to feast, 2 hattys in 3 games
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    Pre-season is pre-season, but last night was the night - I played my first game for Oslo Storm! Unfortunately Saskatoon was better and won the game 6-4, but there is still some positives we can take from the game. Most important one is the fact that there is no need to be nervous anymore, debut is out of the picture for many players - me included. Another thing I can take from the game is the realization that I can only play better in the next game. Got only six minutes of playing time in the game, so perhaps only natural that the stats lines does not look to impressive, but for example the faceoffs I need to be able to win with higher percentage - only won four out of eleven. To those who are interested, the reason why I played on smaller role was not because of my comments questioning Saskatoon being a real place, no - the reason was the minor injury on my leg, the pinky toe was still sore, so I talked with the coaching staff and both parties agreed that smaller role is for the best in first game of pre-season. Should be able to play bit more on the next game - assuming of course that the pain goes away.
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    I am also out of reacts give me a like too please
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    I gave you one
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    tried to like this but im out of reacts.
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    Awards Won, by player

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UBOkoU8E6MHoTv4mDCGHPUW6Uxn2d7ixzmO9pI1W6e8/edit?usp=sharing So this is the new thing I'm working on. Not sure if I'll expand this to include awards won by member, but I'd like to. I think that would be much more interesting to look at, and it probably shouldn't actually be too difficult given the fact that I can use the Continental Cup spreadsheet to input most of the corresponding members with the players.
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    New Update System

    If I know lazy, and you bet I do, This will make you more active
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    New Update System

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    GM 21: Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush

    Did anyone see B.B. out there? I think he got lost on the way from the locker room.
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    GM 11: Oslo vs. Vegas

    What if I supply a photo of myself dabbing from like 3 years ago that you can use for it, and my shame can live eternally on the internet?
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    D - Lando Baxter

    Player Information Username: Elhandon Full Name: Lando Baxter Position: D Age: 20 Handedness: LH Recruited By/From: Spade18 Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? Y Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 30 CK = Checking: 40 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 40 SK = Skating: 60 ST = Strength: 40 PH = Puck Handling: 40 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 40 SC = Scoring: 40 DF = Defense: 50 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 40 LD = Leadership: 40 Other Jersey Number: 77 Height (inches): 6'4" Weight (lbs.): 210 Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players
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    RW - Jake Davis

    Player InformationUsername: @ReivesFull Name: Jake Davis (JD)Position: RWAge: 19Handedness: LeftRecruited By/From: @Spade18Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? YesPlayer AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 45ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 45FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 50SC = Scoring: 45DF = Defense: 45PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 17Height (inches): 76Weight (lbs.): 205Birthplace: Winnipeg, MB, CAAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players
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    I mean, that is actually quite substantial and maybe everyone has a like threshold lmao, regardless of posts/rep. I tend to hold off on likes thereby giving them value and meaning.
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    Liked everything in this thread cuz I don’t normally throw out likes like @Spade18 does so I have lots.
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    I just liked it for you. Although that now means I didn't like it myself.
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    60 Seasons and Still Going Strong

    Wtf, I was just looking at Knight's profile. Guess I bring those people who haven't played in awhile right back Right when I thought I was out. THEEEEY PULLED ME BAAACK IN
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