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    Digital Salutes Top Leader Cornerstone

    It was a very successful season for Bobby Digital and the New York Americans as the superstar defenseman found himself accepting the Continental Cup from Commissioner Draper for the second year in a row. Despite being essentially the only component of a back-to-back championship-winning defensive core, Digital has yet to receive an individual VHL awards thus far in his career. That trend continued when he received 0 votes for the S53 Sterling Labatte Trophy for top defenseman while the S53 Grimm Jonsson Award for top leader was awarded to the Helsinki Titans captain, Franchise Cornerstone. When asked about his lack of individual recognition, and rumours of a VHL Award vote fixing scandal, after the Season 53 Awards Ceremony, the captain of the New York Americans gave the following statement; "I thought the award ceremony was great and all of the award winners were very deserving of recognition. Individual awards are nice, but not something I particularly focus on or care about. My sole ambition is for the New York Americans hockey club to win the Continental Cup. We've been successful in that for the past two seasons and my goal is to continue the trend. I'm very happy for all of the award winners, and I specifically want to congratulate Franchise Cornerstone on his Grimm Johnson trophy. In my mind, he is a great player and a great guy. He's done a lot for the VHL and nobody is more deserving of that award this season." Digital is entering the 6th season of his career and following back-to-back Continental Cup wins, the play-making defender will be looking to lead his New York Americans to a historic 3-peat to cement themselves as another modern-era VHL dynasty team whether individual awards come with that, or not.
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    No problem, buddy. If there was even a sliver of a chance that I could claim your services, I wanted to. Even with the small loss of TPE you were going to be a huge asset, but for me, most likely trade bait since I have Ironside. But if you're taking the approach that we were "trying to fuck you", then I don't know what to say. As a GM, this is a free asset if it were to go through. Easy, smart move for an active guy that could easily make up that TPE. Plus losing that little amount of TPE wouldn't really affect much. If you ever decide to reverse your attitude, I may take one of your players on one day. Maybe.
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    @Corco@BobertZ Two-Way Contracts: • Any rookie will automatically have a two-way clause attached to their contract for the duration of their rookie contract. • A two-way contract will allow teams to call up and send down a player without them having to clear waivers. • After a player has surpassed 175TPE, at the start of the next season after surpassing this mark their two-way clause will become void. • A two-way contract for a Prime or Veteran player does not permit that player to not count against the cap.
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    [S54] Player Store and Balances

    S54 contracts not added yet, you are allowed to spend them though! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QvqdhYwmfBIol8a3G73i34iRpMyqg6LegsUuajTHoe4/edit?usp=sharing Welcome to the VHL player store where you can spend your contract money earned through your career. Please make sure to fill out the purchase template below in order for your purchase to be official. If you are making multiple purchases at once use multiple templates, or clearly break down the cost of each purchase. You can click on the player balances link there to see what your balances are. **NOTE** If you already purchased for Season 53 in the Season 52 thread that is fine. Please do not repost it here, as I already added/calculated it in the balance sheet. Also a note to whom needs the info, tracking of purchases in the balance sheet is also up to date. So tracking to see who bought what for predictions and upgrades is there. Thanks for your patience. Purchase Template: Reroll Your TPE - $10,000,000 -Limit once per career. -Must be done in the off-season prior to depreciation. -Reset all your attributes and re-spend your TPE to give your player a brand new identity. -Contact a commish prior to purchasing. Two Attribute Points - $5,000,000 -Limit once per season. -This does not count towards your total TPE, just your attributes -This adds 2 to any attribute point you have. Example, you have 82 in Skating and raise it to 84. The higher the attribute the more actual TPE value you get out of this purchase. Free Week - $3,000,000 -Limit of twice per season -You earn 6 TPE in place of a point task for the week. Double Award Prediction - $2,500,000 DEADLINE: Game 20 simmed -Must be purchased at the start of a season. -You gain double the Yearly Award Points for the season you purchased this in. -You may only purchase one award prediction modifier per season. Triple Award Predictions - $5,000,000 DEADLINE: Game 20 simmed -Must be purchased at the start of a season -You gain triple the Yearly Award Points for the season you purchased this in. -You may only purchase one award prediction modifier per season. Position Switch - $3,000,000 -Limit once per career. -Switch from forward to defense or defense to forward. -Note: Players will no longer be allowed a free position switch any longer. GM's may still position switch their inactive players once per career provided they have not switched positions already. VHL Magazine Cover and Article Combo -$1,000,000 -Limit of once per season -Your player gets featured on the cover of the magazine and gets a freelance article written specifically for them. VHL.com/Radio Upgrade - $2,000,000 -Adds 1 TPE to your 590 or two-point podcast -Active for 8 weeks of the season -Will count against the weekly TPE cap -Cannot purchase both this item and any of the Welfare/Pension Upgrades in the same season Point Task Upgrade - $2,000,000 -Adds 1 TPE to your weekly point task (media spot, graphic, etc.) -Active for 8 weeks of the season -Will count against the weekly TPE cap - NEW FOR SEASON 46 - Cannot be used in combination with magazine submissions The First Generation - $500 000 - Grants 5 TPE to be claimed in your update thread - Can only be purchased once per career - Can only be purchased by players with no carryover - Can only be purchased by first-gen players or returning members who have been without a player for at least 3 seasons. 'The Jaromir Jagr' - $6,000,000 -Must be purchased prior to depreciation -Can only be purchased once per off-season -Choose one attribute and that attribute won't experience depreciation for that season Old But Not Forgotten - $10,000,000 -Must be purchased prior to depreciation in either your 7th or 8th season -Your attributes will be depreciated 1% less than normal in your 7th season, or 2% less in your 8th -4% instead of 5% in 7th season, 5% instead of 7% in 8th season Experience Points -You may only purchase a single experience points package per season. -Adds experience points to your player. $1,000,000 - 1 Point $2,000,000 - 4 Points $5,000,000 - 10 Points
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    SHLers say VHL lacks in activity? 50 posts in 1 hour, boys.
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    Send down - [G] Vernon Von Axelberry

    lmao is Robbie getting robbie'd?
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    Send down - [G] Vernon Von Axelberry

    If this is how it's going down. I will retire Axelberry and no one gets him. I rather lose TPE then have teams fuck me over playing in the VHLM. I'll recreate as a goalie and refuse to play for all your teams come the next draft.
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    According to waiver rules, after placing a claim, you'd go to that VHL teams roster. Then if THEY want to still send you down, you'd have to go through waivers again.
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    "When sending a player down who has over 175 TPE and does not have a two-way contract they will have to go through waivers for a period of 24 hours. If a player is being sent down from the VHL and is claimed, they will be assigned to that team's VHL roster, and will have to clear waivers again if they are to be sent to the VHLM." Axelberry has 199 tpe Calgary claims Axelberry on waivers @Will
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    S53 Off-Season Schedule

    Good job, boys. Pretty solid off-season, considering all the shit with the update scale.. Everyone gets on your asses when you fall behind on the off-season schedy - so think you bunch deserve a couple atta boys for nailing it this time around. Good work @Will.. @JardyB10 and @Higgins keep mailin' it in fellas.
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    PS GM 6: New York vs. Helsinki

    Unassisted beats up Rudolph Schmeckeldorf at 4:02 of 3rd period @Corco Wretchers gonna
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    S53 VHLM Awards

    YAA!! Goaltending award! This is funny to me in this one way: at the beginning of the season, Kendrick didn't want to split the season with me 50/50, because he wanted to win awards. So, I get traded, and I win that award instead. Sorry, Kenny. King should definitely have played a lot better than he did and I don't know why he had under .900. In any case, it's going to be a great rivalry between King and Ironside in the VHL. Coming out of the same draft we'll be playing against each other for our whole careers. I thought it was cool you were in Calgary at first, because it would be a conference goalie battle.....but that's not the case anymore. Good luck in Cologne.
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    Claimed: Key P

    @NUCK Not sure if you want it, but it's what I got.
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    Digital Salutes Top Leader Cornerstone

    Always thought you were a forward
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    I'm keeping my claim still worth it imo
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    S53 Off-Season Schedule

    S53 OFF-SEASON SCHEDULE Dates Subject to Change Friday, March 31st Depreciation Experience Points Allocated Saturday, April 1st Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting Opens Sunday, April 2nd S54 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE prior to this date will affect salary brackets for S54) Monday, April 3rd VHL Entry Draft - 8:45PM EST Free Agency Discussion Opens Training Camps Open Pre-Season Retirement Starts (Players can re-create for S55 and still play S54) Tuesday, April 4th Free Agency Opens S54 Yearly Award Predictions Open VHLM Dispersal Draft - 9 PM EST Wednesday, April 5th VHL & VHLM Awards Ceremony S53 Prediction Points Distributed Thursday, April 6th S53 Hall of Fame Induction Friday, April 7th Final Off-Season Updates for S54 (these may occur on Friday/Saturday) Pre-season match-ups are simmed Saturday, April 8th Training Camp and Free Agency Closes Sunday, April 9th S54 begins S54 VHLM TPE Cut-Off (all TPE earned prior to this date counts towards the 200 TPE cap)
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    S53 Off-Season Schedule

    ITS STILL THE OFFSEASON? WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE THE SHL? CMON ITS BEEN LIKE 1 1/2 WEEKS /sarcasm good job guys. except @Higgins and @JardyB10 , @Will works the hardest every offseason and its a fact
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    PS GM 8: Cologne vs. Davos

    it is if you squint and look closely
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    PS GM 4: Ottawa vs. Saskatoon

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    PS GM 1: Ottawa vs. Oslo

    That's my boys right there making me proud.
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    Theo Axelsson Updates

    @Pablo my bad, confused strength and checking How about this instead: +18 Defense (96 --> 99) +6 Strength (96 --> 97) +7 Checking (97 2/6 --> 98 3/6)
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    Claimed: rowedogg

    Render needs some topaz or sweet lighting to bring it out and the text choice isn't my favorite but as a whole it looks good all together.
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    Update Scale + TPE Re-Rolls

    Went you go from Labatte contender to a god damn joke in one day. I look forward to the new lower attribute VHL.
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    2016-2017 NHL Discussion

    Patrik Elias retires The guy I grew up watching and currently owns the 2nd most OT goals in NHL history (16)
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