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    We are close to finish all these HoF articles, good job everybody. Meanwhile, there are a lot of players who were close (or not that close) to be inducted there, but HoF'ers were a little bit better than others. So I've decided to make a series of articles about these players, because why not. The name of my hall of fame will be: S.nubbed Players Hall of Fame (SPHoF). Maybe they aren't S.nubbed out of HoF, but VHL'ers aren't paying enough attention to them either. This idea came from SBA - they have a different HoF system. The best of the best are being inducted into Level 5, players who were just a little bit worse than L5 players are in Level 4 and so on. And there is also a Ground 2 thing - notable players who still weren't HoF caliber would be inducted in this section as they still had some impact on the league. I'll do something similar here, but it's gonna be three levels: Tier 1 [T1] - players who excelled at particular skill (hits, shot blocks) or just were a decent bottom 6 forward or a second pair defenceman; Tier 2 [T2] - solid players who aren't that close to an actual HoF, but still had a real impact during their peak years; Tier 3 [T3] - superstars of SPHoF. They usualy are close to an actual HoF, but they lacked something for that (awards, or a particular stat) to be inducted there. That's gonna be a long ass shit cause I already have 100 players and I probably will need to create a second player to make this thing faster. But at least I won't have to cry about the lack of ideas anymore. And I hope I won't be lazy during that time. By the way, the order of players is randomized. Brought to you by random.org. That's it and I'm out. 2 TPE goes to Krīgars.
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    Dear VHL, With the season heading into the post-trade deadline period, it's hard not to wonder about the road ahead. Johannes will be entering this coming draft, and while players like Dragomir and Roux will surely garner more attention heading into the draft, I'd like to believe Johannes offers a valuable asset to just about any team, and would garner interest from those with the top picks in this year's draft. Nevertheless, I'm willing to play for just about any team. In terms of where I'd like to go, a few teams have stood out. Recent trades have reduced the potential places I could end up, assuming I go in the first round. The recent VHLM Magazine mock draft didn't have me in the first round. All I really have to say to that is that a GM that misses me in the first round is going to regret it. Quebec would offer me a blank slate to try to chart a course from. Beaviss seems like he's embraced the rebuild, and they are going to have a lot of selections in this year's draft. They're barebones right now, but I like the branding here and they've got three firsts in this year's draft. I could see myself going with the Riga pick, or the Seattle pick. I'd be a fan of going to Quebec City for sure. Calgary have their first as well as Toronto's. I think I warrant a higher selection than where that Toronto pick is likely to end up, so that would mean being selected at Calgary's pick. That's probably 3rd. I'm not sure where Bash is at with his scouting, but I'd definitely play for the Wranglers. There are probably other deserving players at 3, but I can say that I'm going to build a very good player here. The only reason I'm not as high in TPE as others is my creation timing. Simple as that. I don't know much about Davos. They'll probably not want me at number 2 overall, so I'll just leave that where it lies. They do have New York's 1st as well now, so there might be a similar opportunity to Calgary where I think I should go before 7th or 8th, but the GMs might not feel the same. Honestly, I'd Helsinki's out there, but I'm not sure I want to play in a place run by a GM that gets banned on occasion. Maybe I'm just asking for this thread to turn into another argument, but it's definitely something that would turn me off about the place. Ultimately, there's always free agency if I don't like it. I think my preferred landing spots at this point are Quebec or Calgary. I'm definitely used to being on the management side of things, so it's funny to talk about this draft as a player only. I have very little idea about where I might end up. I'm taking the opportunity to ham it up a bit- if any GMs want to reach out and chat about my sim league background and how I see my player working out long term, I'm happy to chat. -Haz
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    NOTES FROM THE ROAD / JOHANNES VILHJALMSSON / CENTER It's deadline day. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest. I am wondering about whether I will get to stay with Jonas and Jakub much longer. We have done our best in Ottawa so far, but we sit at the bottom of the table today. I know we are in talks. Ultimately, I will play wherever Jonas and Jakub are. We are one unit on the ice, working towards the goal. We try to act as one entity. I know many see us as too late to this place. We came after the draft, after the power structure took shape. We have not upset that power structure, that is for certain. Our line goes out each night looking to show that we have that ability, to create and execute as one unit. We do well at that some nights. I am anxious at the thought of us being split up. It is not because I can not play with others. Of course I can. I do that every night with our defensemen. It is more that I wish to share my journey with them. I miss home sometimes, but my brothers are the home I have while I am on this side of the world.
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    [T2]: (S39) RW - Milos Denis [1/2]

    (S39) RW - Milos Denis Position: Right Wing Birthplace: Presov, Slovakia Jersey Number: 89Height (inches): 68 inchesWeight (lbs.): 153 lbs Final TPE: 594 Drafted: 7th OA by New York Americans Member: @Tyler The first player in my SPHoF will be a player who perhaps was too underweight for the hockey game. But despite of his lightweight body, not only he managed to avoid much hits, he also was a solid offensive threat. He came from a notable Tyler's player agency that already produced a couple of solid players in past. However, their last player, Tyler Owens was a disappointment so it was on Milos to restore his agency reputation. Early days in New York (S39-41) Regular season: S39(NYA) 72GP | 6G - 15A - 21P | +53 | 77SHT | 3GWG | 4PIM | 4HIT | 5SB S40(NYA) 72GP | 13G - 14A - 27P | +48 | 91SHT | 5GWG | 4PIM | 7HIT | 25SB S41(NYA) 72GP | 27G - 40A - 67P | +54 | 218SHT | 3GWG | 10PIM | 20HIT | 24SB Playoffs: S39(NYA) 10GP | 1G - 4A - 5P | +8 | 20SHT | 1GWG | 0PIM | 2HIT | 0SB S40(NYA) 10GP | 3G - 2A - 5P | -4 | 25SHT | 1GWG | 0PIM | 0HIT | 6SB S41(NYA) 12GP | 5G - 4A - 9P | +3 | 50SHT | 2GWG | 0PIM | 3HIT | 6SB He was drafted 7th overall by the Americans team. They came out fresh from last NA conference finals loss and with three first round picks. Unfortunately for them, only Denis could make an impact on this team as he was only player who was working on the practice ring. The first two seasons weren't spectacular as he was a bottom six player, but he also could add an important trophies to his shelf, such as two Victory Cups, two Marlow-Marta trophies and one Continental Cup. He also is known as the man who scored the GWG in S39 finals Game 5 so you can tell his career started in a right way. S41 was even more successful season for Slovak player. He would improve his performance from 27 to 67 points and he also was better in playoffs. His team would win another Victory, Marta and Continental cups. Unfortunately for Milos, it would be his last CC. Peak years, Quebec (S42-44) Regular season: S42(QUE) 72GP | 32G - 60A - 92P | +47 | 386SHT | 5GWG | 10PIM | 11HIT | 12SB S43(QUE) 72GP | 30G - 44A - 74P | +38 | 388SHT | 8GWG | 2PIM | 32HIT | 25SB S44(QUE) 72GP | 43G - 53A - 96P | +62 | 385SHT | 6GWG | 4PIM | 12HIT | 34SB Playoffs: S42(QUE) 12GP | 2G - 7A - 9P | -1 | 44SHT | 0GWG | 0PIM | 1HIT | 1SB S43(QUE) 5GP | 1G - 2A - 3P | -3 | 21SHT | 0GWG | 0PIM | 1HIT | 3SB S44(QUE) 5GP | 1G - 0A - 1P | -5 | 14SHT | 0GWG | 0PIM | 0HIT | 1SB After three rookie years in NY the Slovak has decided to join Quebec. This team was on comeup so he came in at the right time for the Canadian team. In Quebec Milos was enjoying his best career years. He posted two 90+ point years and another solid year in between. Even better thing was his he could add another Victory and Marta trophies to his trophy shelf for the fourth season in a row. However, the S42 finals was the best performance from Quebec as they couldn't overtake the Cinderella story of S43 Seattle and then a depth team Calgary in S44. His playoff performance still wasn't very spectacular as he couldn't crack the 1 PPG mark and his ''minus'' rating was showing his lack of defence. The beginning of the end (S45, Riga) Regular season: S45(RIG) 72GP | 25G - 35A - 60P | +22 | 277SHT | 2GWG | 26PIM | 13HIT | 29SB Playoffs: S45(RIG) 4GP | 0G - 2A - 2P | -2 | 15SHT | 0GWG | 2PIM | 1HIT | 0SB Quebec's playoff run was over and that means Milos had to move on from Canada. This time, he didn't even chose his destination as he was traded to Latvia alongside with Thomassen. Riga would finish second in conference and Denis was one of notable contributors, although his point number dipped from 96 to 60 points. But the age was catching him up and that reflected on his performance. Unfortunately for Riga, they were ousted by Davos in 4 games (to think, Tyler is a Davos GM now lol). Milos also didn't show his best as he mustered up a mere 2 points and minus 2 rating. A strong finish (S46, Calgary) Regular season: S46(CGY) 72GP | 30G - 49A - 79P | +36 | 387SHT | 7GWG | 32PIM | 79HIT | 43SB Playoffs: S46(CAL) 14GP | 10G - 12A - 22P | +15 | 81SHT | 1GWG | 0PIM | 1HIT | 4SB After a disappointing ending in Riga, Milos once again went to FA. After some talks he decided to chose Calgary as his last team. The Wranglers still were capable of taking the championship as they showed to whole VHL when they beat Milos' first team in NA conference finals to reach the championship series. Their playoff run, however ended fast - Helsinki would finish final series in 5 games. Despite of that, Milos enjoyed his career best in playoffs as he amassed 22 points in 14 games. He also would finish his career with a bang - he won the playoff MVP award (Kanou Trophy) and even a controversy that was surrounding the voting for this award couldn't screw up his moment. AWARDS: S39 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (NYA) S39 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - North American Playoff Champions (NYA) S39 Continental Cup - Playoff Champions (NYA) S40 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (NYA) S40 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - North American Champions (NYA) S41 Continental Cup - Playoff Champions (NYA) S41 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (NYA) S41 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - North American Champions (NYA) S42 Victory Cup - Regular Season Champions (QUE) S42 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - North American Champions (QUE) S46 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy - North American Champions (CGY) S46 Daisuke Kanou Trophy - Playoff MVP (CGY) CAREER STATS: Regular season S39-46: 576 GP | 206 G | 310 A | 516 P | +360 | 2209 SHT | 39 GWG | 92 PIM | 178 HITS | 197 SB Playoffs S39-46: 72 GP | 23 G | 33 A | 56 P | +11 | 270 SHT | 5 GWG | 2 PIM | 9 HIT | 21 SB Milos Denis = Tier 2 player. His award cabinet is very solid, not every player could brag about so much awards like Milos can. Yes, there are better players who will be my SPHoF Tier 3 players and he's not a career 1 PPG player. But regardless of that, he was a very solid offensive threat in his peak years and he could finish his career with a personal award. Looking at his awards and stats you can say that the Slovak forward was enjoying his career. And to think, he managed to have this career depsite of his lightweight body which is even more impressive. And maybe others have forgotten about this player, but I'm coming to rescue him. From now, he will be the first inductee of my S.nubbed Players Hall of Fame. 6x2=12 TPE goes to Krīgars 12.03-18.03 19.03-25.03
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    HSK/CGY; S59

    Technically only the part 2 is illegal (if it’s a circumvention type deal), and there’s no turning back from this one so they’ll get theirs if that’s the case
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    My Multi

    thought this would be Gigga Bijou tbh
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    Just because teams dont have a first doesn't mean they couldnt before the draft tbh..
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    Come on people. It's such a fun job!
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    Bears and Dynamo

    The Seattle Bears seem to have found their spot in the standings and that is fighting Riga for the 4th spot in the standings. Da Bears are at 62 points while the Reign are at 60. The Wranglers have an outside chance at catching them for 5th at 50 but it seems as if the playoff picture has already been painted. The Bears are also 15 points behind the 3rd place team so as I said, the Bears and Reign will be fighting it out for home ice advantage in the 4 v 5 play in for the right to lose play the Toronto Legion/New York Americans/Helsinki Titans who are the top three teams in the league. The Dynamo on the other hand are in 7th place and will miss the playoffs with just 37 points however, they are showing major improvement and could possibly challenge for a playoff spot next season with continued development from their young players.
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    [T2]: (S39) RW - Milos Denis [1/2]

    lmao. I always thought 68 means 6'8'', not just inches. fixed some things in this article
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    and take this s.nubbed filter out, it's annoying
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    LW - Oyorra Arroyo Updates

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    I was gonna recreate after the deadline for next draft
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    HSK/CGY; S59

    In before he misses the deadline.
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    HSK/CGY; S59

    We will need approval from your GM
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    Welfare/Pension (March 12 - 18)

    Welfare +6 (Quill)
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    GM 206: New York vs. Toronto

    Ironside shutting the door here. GG
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    GM 209: Riga vs. New York

    RIG G enters game at 16:36 of 2nd period Markus King (RIG), 10 saves from 13 shots - (0.769) Jesus Christ, ain't making this up.
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    Ottawa is glad to have saved you the embarrassment of a few more minutes of country
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    Claimed: Ugliest Scorer in the League

    Ugly render but a beauty of a sig. Jokes fuck u @STZ, all 3 layers were tragedies and no impact font? jesus what a rookie
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    Welfare/Pension (March 12 - 18)

    +5 for me. Also for you too I believe? And @STZ
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    GM 118: Vegas vs. Yukon

    Splitting us up was a mistake.
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    NYA/DAV; S59

    I disagree. You traded for my shit goalie. Bad tade imo
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    Felix Savard (D -> RW)

    Inactive switch. @Will
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    Nah. Had to step down because it was too much fun.
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