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    I too have noticed this! Looks like I will have to continue to hold off from recreating
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    It should be making its re-appearance whenever @Higgins gets on It will be switched over soon (if it hasn't been already), but it can take 24-48h for it to work correctly for everyone.
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    Da Trifecta


    I notice the absence of chat @Will lol
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    S59 Trivia Week 5 Results

    1 correct answer = 1 capped TPE + 1 point on S59 leaderboard 2 correct answers = 2 capped TPE + 2 points on S59 leaderboard REMINDER: No question ever asked in VHL Trivia requires the use of season indexes. 1a. Who scored the last goal of the last World Juniors Championship? Ay Ay Ron 2a. Who is the last Defenseman to win a Skylar Rift Trophy? Hudson Abbott 3a. How many times was Odin Tordahl named to the All-Star Team? 5 123b. Who is the only person to be the first GM in the history of a franchise twice? Kendrick 1 TPE for Questions @Bushito (4) 2 TPE capped for answers @Quik (2) @Velevra (2) @omgitshim (2) @street (2) @CowboyinAmerica (2) @Arthur (2)
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    2017-2018 NHL Discussion

    time to go into a lockout to settle 1st oa pick
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