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    Claimed: King [1/2]

    As requested on SHL @Kendrick
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    Claimed: King [1/2]

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    discord sucks because people arent auto logged into discord or dont think to go to that chat and forget and no one is ever there vs this chat actually has people
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    (S59) C - Joseph Bassolino Updates

    Welfare (Mar 27-Apr 1) PE: 5 TPE: 281 +5 Passing (78.33) VHLM GM (March 27th - Apr 1) PE: 2 TPE: 283 +2 Passing (79) VHLM Commish (March 27th - Apr 1) PE: 3 (Apparently been 3 since job pay was upped) TPE: 286 +3 Passing (80) Running Lottery (March 27th - Apr 1) PE: 2 TPE: 288 +2 Defense (71) Welfare (Apr 2-8) PE: 5 TPE: 293 +5 Defense (73.5) VHLM GM (Apr 2-8) PE: 2 TPE: 295 +2 Defense (74.5) VHLM Commish (Apr 2-8) PE: 3 TPE: 298 +2 Defense (75.66) Running Lottery (Apr 2-8) PE: 2 TPE: 300 +2 Defense (76.33) Welfare April 9th-15th PE: 5 TPE: 305 +5 Defense (78) VHLM GM (Apr 9-15) PE: 2 TPE: 307 +2 Defense (78.66) VHLM Commish (Apr 9-15) PE: 3 TPE: 310 +3 Defense (79.66) Running Lottery (Apr 9-15) PE: 2 TPE: 312 +1 Defense (80), +1 Scoring (70.5) S60 Training Camp PE: 10 TPE: 322 +5 Scoring, (73), +5 Skating (81) VHLM GM (Apr 16-22) PE: 2 TPE: 324 +2 Scoring (74) VHLM Commish (Apr 16-22) PE: 3 TPE: 327 +3 Scoring (75.33) Running Lottery (Apr 16-22) PE: 2 TPE: 329 +2 Scoring (76) Points earned: 53 TPE: 329 Adjusted attributes: +10 Passing (80), +25 Defense (80), +13 Scoring (76), +5 Skating (81)
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    Mobile Chat (Upgrading the Old Chat)

    Don't understand why we don't use discord. Like literally chat while mobile among other things. Oh and its free...and with the various bots and add on's you can get.
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    Mobile Chat (Upgrading the Old Chat)

    Usually it's at the bottom the entire page. right now, mine says "theme and contact".
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    Which is important. We want Quality on this site, not Quantity. At the end of the day, I was on my phone today and seen that chat came back. I almost squirted in my pants at work with excitement, yet couldn't experience the amazing return of "chat". Bring it to mobile. I'm on mobile 80% of the time and want to enjoy my chats with @Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)
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    Claimed: King [1/2]

    Not quite sure of the creative decision with the font. Not huge on the font choice and color palette used. There's is just many tint of orange in the whole sig, maybe that's what you were looking for ( a monochromatic look), but I personally, think a lot doesn't match with the contrast and such. As for exemple, the orange tint of the jersey is more saturated than the background one, then, the orange usef on the text is more yellow ish, and fits more with the background. However, having them layered, (background, render, and text), not quite sure it fits as a whole. Going back to the text, the drop shadow used on the sub text (riga reign) doesn't work here. I guess it was used to add some contract so we can see the text better, but I think the drop shadow isn't helping the cause here. And I'm being picky, but I know you can take the artistic criticism (not like many others in the VHL for comparison) , but I think the render efx is flat and boring in this scenario. Like, I get the light source is coming from the back of his head,but after that, the whole lighting of the render is pretty uniform, which I don't think match the direction of the initial light source. The edges could be also darkened to add a vignette look, it would add some dimension to the sig
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    Claimed: King [1/2]

    So damn sexy that it hurts
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    Wildcard GM 2: Saskatoon vs. Ottawa

    this is very likely
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    Aamo Signs In Vegas

    The Norwegian rookie goaltender, Arvid Aamo announced his intent to join the VHLM this offseason last week, and followed it a few days later with the news that he had signed on with the VHLM's Las Vegas Aces to carry out the role of being their backup goaltender for the playoffs in S59. The Aces have had a strong regular season, finishing the league in second place behind the Yukon Rush, and will be gearing up to try and make a deep run into the playoffs, with their first series against the Oslo Storm expected to start shortly, an interesting opponent for Arvid in a team from his home nation. Goaltending is a position of strength for the Aces currently, with starting goaltender Marcel St Laurent having performed well this season, and the addition of a serviceable backup in Aamo will certainly do nothing to hurt that. The goal for the rest of the S59 season for Arvid is to learn what he can from St. Laurent, improve his own play and continue his development in order to prepare himself for his opportunity to get some starts for a team whenever that may come, and if he can win a championship along the way then that would certainly be a bonus.
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    Another One

    free sig
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    Wildcard GM 2: Saskatoon vs. Ottawa

    Double sim pls
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    Billy Pilgrim Updates

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    C- Marty McSpanky

    Player InformationUsername: cpetrella Full Name: Marty McSpankyPosition: CAge: 49Handedness: RightRecruited By/From: cpetrellaWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30CK = Checking: 50FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 40ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 50PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 40DF = Defense: 50PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 00Height (inches): 6’8Weight (lbs.): 250 lbsBirthplace: Tashkent, UzbekistanAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players
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    I might have helped remove the perma from that perma ban. Hopefully it wasn't an error in judgement.
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