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    Think this might be the first time in VHL history that two players (Preencarnacion and Sterling) from the same draft class have forcibly skipped the VHLM Draft through having too much TPE.
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    [S61] -- (S57) D - Ko Kane

    Hard to not jump ship to Helsinki. It was real tempting to get a cup there. But I rather see this one through. Maybe I turned everyone down because no one said happy birthday to me which was today. ALL O U'S R A BUNCH OF DICKS! and that's coming from a true asshole. No no, too fucking late. I actually really don't care. Trying to have fun with this. But find it hard because im 6 beers into my night. Gonna go bang my wife. Peace
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    S61 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Oslo Takes Loui Laksson @10293lolo 2nd LEt's get you going, buddy. Seen you log in - let us help you out and start kicking ass.
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    S61 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Oslo Selects Osmond King Fischer @Spade18
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    S61 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Yukon is proud to select Konstantin Mulligan @Pandar
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    S61 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Oslo Storm Selects ... Lukas Novaek @ADV And Shawn Mendes @evrydayimbyfuglien
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    G- Ismond Kingfisher

    It's the best plan, to be honest. Goalie is a position that is hard to find sometimes, at least to get one that's a capable starter. We just happened to have an amazing burst of goaltending talent throughout the league in the past 10 seasons though, with Jacob, Ironside, DeGrath, Brodeur, Arkander, King, Moon, Stopko, Axelberry, etc. We just seem to be entering a phase where there's not a ton of goalie talent lying around with guaranteed ones hitting the VHL. Iseult of course, with Stopko and Arkander still being in the league for a bit. Possibly Santos who I drafted recently and he just came back active again. I don't really know anyone else off the top of my head. The way TOrstein Ironside went for me though, with his amazing seasonal performances followed by dreadful post-seasons, it kind of just got me disinterested in the position. It was a lot of TPE to put into a guy for him to just shit the bed repeatedly in the playoffs as a borderline 1000 TPE goalie .
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    S61 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Yukon produly selects Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream and Sergi Kovalev @Laflamme
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    [S61] Player Store and Balances

    Yeah it's hard to keep up due to being so busy and trying to spend time here, what with my kid with having special needs physically and everything else going on. Thanks for letting me know.
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    Rauno Palo - Press Conference

    1. That is true, the VHL experience for me was not a positive one when the final retirement decision was made - I was looking at least 5 season break instead of just barely 1, but things changed, I kinda missed this place a little. Realization and accepting that I can use welfare as well helped, going to move into the welfarian army part time - writing article here in VHL, then use it on SBA as welfare, then on the next week write article in SBA and use it on welfare here. 2. I will, that is also one thing why I wanted to come back ´early´, had this interesting idea for build - (for me at least 😛) in my mind and the ideal place to try it is VHL, going to give it a proper go and focus on everything else expect passing and scoring. Hoping Palo is bit like the Anisimov for Kane and Panarin of the VHL 3. More than likely not, my glorious idea for build might not be helping either, but going to of course try to collect as much TPE as possible and see how it goes. If I get picked first overall, great - never been picked first in any sim league ever, so would be a first, but getting drafted into a nice team is all I´m looking forward to.
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    S61 Mock Draft

    Must have just missed you. Looks like 3 TPE by my quick glance.
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    S60 VHLM Awards

    Congratulations to the Saskatoon Wild and the other four VHLM teams on a great season. Also good luck to those players that will be graduating from the VHLM to the VHL! If you won an award you can claim 2 TPE. All co-winners can claim 1 TPE. Team awards do not count as TPE. S60 VHLM Awards Championship - Founder's Cup: Saskatoon Wild Best Regular Season Record - Prime Minister's Cup: Saskatoon Wild Leading Points - Ethan Osborne Trophy: Bryce Zhields (SSK) @STZ Leading Goals - Alexander Chershenko Trophy: Bryce Zhields (SSK) @STZ Leading Assists - Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy: Bryce Zhields (SSK) @STZ Regular Season MVP - Mitch Higgins Trophy:Bryce Zhields (SSK) @STZ Zhields (SSK) - 5, Stronk (SSK) - 0 Playoff MVP - Skylar Rift Trophy: Sebastian Ironside (OTT) @DollarAndADream Ironside (OTT) - 3, Iseult (SSK) - 1, ASIPI Jr. (OTT) -1 Top Defenseman - Ryan Sullivan Trophy: Billy Pilgrim (OTT) @HellBillyXIII Pilgrim (OTT) - 3, Smith (OSL) - 2, Brownstein (LVA) - 0 Top Goaltender - Benoit Devereux Trophy: Tristan Iseult (SSK) @Arthur Iseult (SSK) - 5, Asipip Jr, (OTT) - 0, Aamo (OSL) - 0 Top Two-Way Forward- Matt Bentz Trophy: Jakub Vilhjalmsson (SSK) @Týr Vilhjalmsson (SSK) - 3, Karlsson (OSL) - 2, Harding (OSL) - 0, Walton (LVA) - 0 Top Executive - Jack Reilly Trophy: @Gooningitup (SSK) - 3 @diamond_ace (OTT) -1 @Laflamme (OSL) - 1
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    S60 Regular Season Index

    That explains why WC games never got posted. 😛 Fixed and updated the archive.
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    Kovalev stays in VHLM

    Only a few days ago right winger Sergei Kovalev was drafted eighth overall to the Seattle Bears. Kovalev never imagined playing for his favorite team growing up. Excited roared through the Kovalev residence and to this date still is. @Banackock made this dream come true for the Russian superstar. Post draft Sergei talked about how he is pumped to start training and building himself into a weapon for the Bears. For the upcoming season Kovalev has made the decision to stay down in the VHLM to take more time to develop into the player he wants to be. General Manager @Banackock is on board with Sergei's decision and is helping him along the way with pointers, tips, and encouragement. With that being sad the VHLM draft takes place tonight. Sergei will be a top 2 pick for sure as he is sitting pretty on 175 tpe. The highest out of any player entering the draft.
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    World Cup 2018

    So Spain fire their manager because he took Real Madrid job. Kick off on Friday against Portugal. Might put my weight behind Germany now.
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    Greg Santos WINS/5 40 Games Started
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    Miscellaneous World Cup predictions

    If Ireland were up by more than 150, Krum should not have been going after the snitch. Just tail it a bit until Bulgaria got another 10 points, THEN catch it.
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    S61 Group 4 Fantasy Draft

    Don't worry, I messaged him.
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    Player Store Manager

    sure thing
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    S61 TOronto Call Up

    pls guys make this rule and make me eligible for it
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    [S61] - - (S57) D - Mats Johnsson

    Accept. Thank you again to everyone else who made an offer!
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    Rauno Palo - Press Conference

    Who is your hockey idol? Does he look like Olli Jokinen? How much do you hate Alvaro Jokinen? Rank your top4 VHL teams, the list should look something like this 1. Davos 2. Davos 3. Davos 4. Davos. What kind of music does Rauno Palo listen? Is Rauno related to Tauno Palo in any way?
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    Rauno Palo - Press Conference

    1. Going off your retirement thread, it looked like you were going to be taking a longer break from the league than you did, what would you say was the main reason behind your quick return? 2. It seems like Palo is going away from a traditional build for a center given that you've yet to add points to passing and scoring, will you be continuing to leave your passing and scoring where it is for the forseeable future or will you be adding to it shortly? 3. Given that you've had two very successful players now in Ruutu and Jokinen, do you feel like you have a realistic chance at going first overall in the Season 62 Draft?
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    Rauno Palo - Press Conference

    They say Swedish girls are more attractive than Finnish ones, how do you feel about this? What's the funniest in-game story you can remember from your junior career? What is the best hazing prank you've ever seen?
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