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    Excitement ahead of the draft

    You gave enough away as it is! @Elhandon GOING FIRST OTTAWA PICK. LOCK IT IN! YOU'RE WELCOME OTHER VHLM GMS!!!!!
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    Player Information Username: Frank Player Name: Theodore Gauthier Recruited By: Age: 18 Position: C Height: 76 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Gatineau, Quebec Player Page
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    To all those interested parties except the GM of the Olso Drizzle. For those of you who don't know me, call me Barzy. I'm the GM of the Yukon Rush, who are coming off of the best record in recent VHLM memory, and a tough loss in the Founder's Cup finals. I'm writing this as part of my due diligence in scouting young VHLM talent, which isn't as easy as you think. While I can look at your profiles you've been writing, and see who's done what, I'd mostly love to hear from you. Send me a DM or reply to this with a comment on why I should take you in the draft, and why you are excited for this upcoming season! Why the Rush? I can promise you, as the Yukon Rush we will be striving for greatness this season, but sometimes you fall a little short. If it just so happens that the Rush are very far out of the playoff chase as the deadline approaches, I will do everything in my power to move you to a top contender, and make sure you CAN compete. For those of you who want to be Rush, I'll make sure to keep you, and be a good GM. So again, if you'd like to make my scouting for tonight's draft a little bit easier, or make yourself stand out *hint hint* leave a comment or send a DM my way. Finally, I'd like to mention that I just finished my first season in the VHLM, and I'd love to take on some new mentees to show the ropes. Obviously, I don't know everything, but I know just enough to help you get taken in the first round of the VHL draft like I did, and I know some people in high up places who can answer all of your questions.
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    Joseph McWolf's Journey [1/2]

    I; Roots Joseph McWolf was born on January 27th 1998, in Worcester Park, a suburban borough in southern London. His parents, Henry and Fannie McWolf, own the Wolf Gardens Café, a coffee bar founded in 1945 by his grandfather, George McWolf. The Wolf Gardens Café never was the most popular coffee shop around town, but it did bring in enough customers so that the family didn't need any outside help to scrape by. For as long as young Joseph can remember, his brother Oliver and he helped the family by cleaning tables and dishes. His childhood was a fairly uneventful one, because he didn't know any better. On weekdays, he'd wake up early and work a hour or two at the café, then he'd attend school. The café wasn't too busy during the evenings, so it gave him the opportunity to play with his younger brother. They both were pretty active as kids and they took great interest in sports in general so, far and away their favourite evening hobby was to go in parks and join other kids there to play football, rugby or any other sport played at the moment. The brothers liked playing on the same team, as they were complimenting each other fairly well. Oliver was the younger one, with more energy to spare. You could always count on him to do everything in his power to be the one to score the goal, or the try, or anything. On the other side, Joseph had always been more of the laidback type. He never needed to be in spotlight and valued teamwork as high as other kids typically valued scoring goals. Him being the older brother and all also meant that he would always stand tall for Oliver when he would inevitably get in trouble after unintentionally kicking the goalie when he was trying to save the ball. Joseph didn’t mind it though, he felt like it was part of his job to protect the sparkplug. II; Something New Joseph was never at the top of the class in school, but he never failed a class either. He did enough work outside class to get through it and that was about it. His parents always tried to push him to take get better grades so he could attend business administration school, so he could help the family’s Café, but this was obviously never the plan for Joseph. For him, everything was about sports. That was all that mattered. He knew from that young age that his future career would be have to do with sports. Probably football. It would only make sense, with him being a top defender in his school’s team for a couple years. Though he was also invited to take part in the selection camp for the school’s ice hockey team. Hockey isn’t the most popular sport in England, so the team staff had to go out of their way to find enough players to actually have a full roster. He never really took interest in the sport which was mainly because he never learned to properly skate, but he was definitely curious, so he loaned some gear from friends and checked-in for the first practice of the training camp. He figured he had nothing to lose if he gave it a try. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t like it or he doesn’t make the cut and he goes back to playing football. The camp was very rough for McWolf. He knew it would be hard, with him having only limited knowledge of the game and him not really knowing how to skate. He never bothered to do more than just casually skate with his buddies in the neighborhood’s ice rink. In summary, the best he could manage to do on skates was to go forward with awkwardly stiff legs, turn slowly to the let and fall on his ass when he tried to break. Joseph surprisingly discovered himself to have a nice natural skillset that could help him become a great stay-at-home defenseman, according to the team’s coach. He looked to instinctively know where he needed to be in his own zone to help his goaltender and he did manage to takeaway a couple pucks from opposing forwards trying to move passed him. But if he wanted to enjoy any level of success in the sport though, he would definitely need to work on his obvious weaknesses, like skating, passing and just basic hockey sense. III; Early Career Joseph McWolf was finally selected to make his school’s team. He obviously was a lot less dominant in hockey compared to football but, after all those years, he started finding football a bit dull. It’s no fun playing as a defender when most games might end with a 0-0 score, even if you don’t show up. Hockey was miles away from that. He was fascinated by the speed of the game and the stickhandling skills of people dangling around him. This would be a tough challenge for him, he knew that, but it was also going to be a fun challenge. He was up for it. As it was expected, the first season was a terrible one for the Worcester Park kid. Most of the opponents would use the speed difference with the defenseman to easily skate past him, often leaving his partner outnumbered in the defensive zone. He still got a couple of shining moments, though. He stole a couple pucks here and there throughout the season. He even got one single assist when a speedy winger literally just stole from him and went on to score, before he threw it away like he would usually do. But, overall, those moments were far apart from each other and the couple games in between two takeaways felt discouraging. Joseph also felt the rest of the team saw him as a liability, which was right for the most part. IV; Defining Moment However, he did get a chance to redeem himself in a big way as the season was nearing the end. The team’s captain dumped the puck in the offensive zone and try to move past an opposing defenseman to chase the puck down. He reached it first but, while his back towards the play, the defenseman slammed him hard into the board, knocking him out. Joseph didn’t even have to think about it; as soon as the hit unfolded, he skated towards the hitter, dropped his gloves and started into on his helmet. He ended up knocking him as well and was sent to locker room. On the way out, he noticed his teammates were clapping and screaming, all fairly proud that the teenager with no real hockey talent dared to step up when no one else did. The school board awarded McWolf a suspension for the couple remaining games of the season, but he didn’t mind at all. He felt proud of himself for what he did. He protected the team’s best player, kind of like he did for his younger brother when they played football together as kids. This fight changed so many things. His teammates’ opinion of him changed for the best and Joseph now felt like he was part of the crew which, in turn, made him like the sport so much more. He spent the next summer practicing with them with rollers and they all tried to help him get a little better at skating, at passing the puck and at making tough decisions on the run. He was ready to turn the page on this tough first season and move on to the next. V; Future The team’s effort to make McWolf into a better player proved efficient as he quickly became one of their best defensive defenseman. It turns out the coach was right with him; he did possess a nice defensive skillset and just needed to learn the game’s basics to unlock them and become a strong player. In every game, he would make less defensive mistakes, take more pucks away and block more shots than in the previous one. Throughout his high school and college career, Joseph never stopped growing. He started playing late in his life compared to others, but he was a natural at it and he was a quick learner. He finished his college career on a high note, with him being named Defenseman of the Year in his final year, an impressive feat for a defensive defenseman who only managed 3 goals and 20 assists in 48 games. This brought some attention to him from some mid-tier leagues around the globe. There were rumours sending him to a couple of EIHL teams, like the Milton Keynes Lightning and the Guildfore Flames, but Joseph McWolf ended up deciding to move to the VHL’s affiliate league, committing to the 62nd VHLM Entry Draft.
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    Excitement ahead of the draft

    There's an abundance of riches in the upcoming VHLM draft, which certainly makes Ottawa Lynx fans happy, with double picks in each of the first three rounds. As the GM, I don't want to offer too much insight of course, with my fellow GMs scanning through every word I write for a hint of an idea of who I'm planning to take at what spots, but I can speak in vague terms on a few topics. There are enough players in this draft that if every player got drafted, even the inactives, it would fill every team's roster to capacity and then some. Fortunately, there are a lot of guys who made their creation post and then were never seen again, or they signed up midseason last year, chatted a bit, and have already left, so it shouldn't be an issue at all. I will make one point though, and I'll reiterate this as a public service announcement after the draft: if you are a new guy, you're active around the forums at all, and you somehow slip through and don't get drafted, say something. Even if it's just a post in the discussion forum, or a PM to our VHLM commissioners @Beaviss and @Toast, or for that matter, a PM to any VHLM GM who can then pass it forward. On that particular topic, any active guy who does somehow slip through the cracks, with 6 GMs building lists over the past few days up to tomorrow, it's likely because you haven't done really much at all. That is absolutely fine, of course - maybe you signed up then went on vacation, or got sick, or who knows what - but it's of course going to leave us GMs with no real way to distinguish you from the guys who left and don't intend to return. However, this might actually work out in your favor (and odds are, with this large draft class, unprecedented in league history except maybe season 1, 2-3 will manage to avoid detection). You'll become a free agent, able to sign with the team of your choice, out of those who make you offers. Some teams might be in a better position to make an offer than others; Ottawa, for example, is going to be spending all season at or near the roster limit because of our early draft picks and might not be able to offer on too many guys until we have some of our draftees go inactive. As for the draft itself, there is one particular player I'm targeting and I would really like to be able to acquire. Even in a draft this deep, with this many different players, there's one guy who I think will be a massive difference maker for whichever team drafts him over the teams that don't get the opportunity to. The safe move might actually be to try to trade up, make absolutely sure this guy is a Lynx 17 hours from now. It may come back to haunt me but I'm not going to do that, because the draft is deep enough that he might fall, and I think to an extent he'll be masked by other players, and one team in front of me I don't see taking him anyway. Given the last few sentences, it goes without saying that if this guy is around at 4, I'm taking him without a moment's hesitation. Otherwise, there have been a few guys who I've talked to here and there who I'd like to pick, plus two guys who've specifically come to me expressing interest (these two guys I have a specific draft position in mind for, and will take them at that point if they are available). I will say that I have 67 guys on my draft board currently, guys that even at the very bottom of the board, I'd take them rather than pass (obviously other teams will have opportunities for these players as well). That's probably about all the more I can go into without giving anything away. Good luck to all the draftees, especially my new Lynx tonight.
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    VHLM Weekly Article by: Riley Johnston With the VHL Entry Draft and VHLM Expansion draft done and over with, our sights turn to the VHLM Entry Draft, where we expect to see a large pool of talent help bolster the established franchises and found the new team in Halifax. The VHLM is the gateway to the VHL, and for many young players this draft will affirm childhood dreams and determine the next several years of their lives. With their careers on the line, we wanted to know what the players expected in the draft, and in doing so got an interview with 18 year old Detroit native goaltender Cole Mertz. Johnston: How long have you been waiting for this day? Mertz: About 18 years, haha, and I say that jokingly but I've been skating for just about my whole life, since I could walk. Granted I didn't really begin to consider playing pro until I was a little older, but the game has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Having the chance to turn that dream from so many years ago into a reality is kind of crazy to think about. Johnston: With the draft just 4 days away, what position do you expect to go? Mertz: Quite honestly if I went with the last overall pick I'd be happy, but you've also got to know who you're going up against. Most of the goalies in this draft haven't been putting in a whole lot of training, and I'm not saying I'm a whole lot better, but I think if I keep making some improvements here and there before the draft I'll beat out a lot of the other tendys. I'm going to have to try and find every opportunity to better myself but I believe I'll be able to pull it off. Johnston: How do you feel about the new expansion team? Mertz: Expansion teams are always good, more competition, more picks in the draft, and you have to love the location. Having a team in a hockey city like Halifax is definitely going to benefit the league, It will bring a lot more attention to the game and hopefully draw in more talent as well. You'll never hear a complaint about the league getting bigger from a guy who's trying to get into it. Johnston: If you could pick which team to go to, where would you go? Mertz: I've been in touch with some people and I'm hoping I end up with them, but it's anyone's game. There’s a lot of teams in the league I’d be happy going to, there’s talent everywhere, but right now I’ve kind of got my heart set on one team. I don't think I'm supposed to disclose who I've been in talks with, so I'll let you know if it worked out after the draft. Johnston: It's been a pleasure Cole, good luck on draft day. Mertz: Thanks Riley, hopefully I'll be able to give you a follow up if I make the league.
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    (S63) C - Theodore Gauthier, TPE: 61

    What the hell
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    Happy Birthday VHL! Free stuff for all!

    I registered two days ago, so I don't any fond memories to pick from. But I'll say this; the welcoming here was heartwarming. You guys are all super supportive and helpful towards new guys like me. Don't change that. Hopefully, I'll have a couple more memories to share for 12th birthday!
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    S61 Off-Season Schedule

    S61 OFF-SEASON SCHEDULE Dates Subject to Change TBA: VHLM Dispersal Draft Sunday, August 5th S62 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE prior to this date will affect salary brackets for S62) Monday, August 6th VHL Entry Draft Tuesday, August 7th Experience Points Allocated Wednesday, August 8th S62 Predictions Open Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting Opens Depreciation Thursday, August 9th Free Agency Discussion Opens Training Camps Open Friday, August 10th Free Agency Opens VHL & VHLM Awards Ceremony Prediction Points Distributed Saturday, August 11th S61 Hall of Fame Induction Sunday, August 12th Pre-Season Retirement (Players can re-create for S63 and still play S62) Monday, August 13th VHL Pre-Season Starts Tuesday, August 14th Training Camps Close S62 Begins
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    Felix Savard

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    I love seeing all this trade movement and such a deep draft in the VHLM. Congrats to everyone getting drafted tonight!
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    [TC] S62 New York Americans

    Post here for +10 TPE @der meister @Exlaxchronicles
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    [TC] S62 Quebec Meute

    You're profile pic makes me laugh every time without fail Also +10 for me
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    [TC] S62 Quebec Meute

    I fucking see how it is.
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    The "Olso" Problem

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    Joseph McWolf's Press Conferences

    I don't have high expectations about the round I'm getting selected in. The draft class seems to be massive, with a couple of guys being far above me in terms of talent and experience. Unlike most of these guys, I was only invited to join the league through the draft, I didn't get to play for a team last season, so I don't have any flashy stats to showcase and I'm aware of it. I think I might get drafted around the 4th or 5th round. That being said, I don't mind the position I'm drafted at. I'd be happy to be selected by pretty much any team, and in any round. I wouldn't even mind being this year's Mr. Irrelevant, as the last player drafted in the whole thing.
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    (S63) C - Theodore Gauthier, TPE: 61

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    The "Olso" Problem

    Yeah but you'd be doing it just to troll me, so it's not as bad as the people who genuinely spell it that way.
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    Don't make me come down your neck of the woods!
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    Recruitment Squad Looking For +1

    The recruitment Team has decided that we are closing the remaining position. @Tagger has preformed greatly above expectations and has eliminated the need for another new hire. In light of his performance over the past could days we have also decided to increase his starting job pay of 6 TPE to 12 TPE because of the exceptional job he’s done. Congradulations @Tagger and we both look to continue to work with you to make the VHL a better place. For reference Recruitment Team: @Spade18 @Beaviss @Tagger If you have any questions of suggestions for the recruitment team or in general please direct them to HERE or you can message any or all of us directly.
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    Discord Manager

    You got the job.
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    NYA/DAV S61 Offseason

    Wow Davos not fucking around. Lots of lost years to make up now.
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    Happy Birthday VHL! Free stuff for all!

    My favorite memory was every time I have had the privilege to GM in this league and the championships said teams win when I go inactive, lol.
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    S60 Hall of Fame Induction

    Thank you everybody! First ever hall of fame player in any sim league!
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