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    Vegas Annoints Captaincy

    As season 63's pre-season is set to begin, Vegas management held a press conference announcing the campaigns team captain. It was important for them to select a returning player who will help mold their roster into a repeat contender. It so happens the player selected was also selected as Vegas' first selection in the recent dispersal draft (7th overall). The clubs captain for the upcoming season is none other than Jorgon Weyed @Joubo. "Vegas believes Jorgon will set a prime example for the other returning and new additions to the Vegas lineup. He has presented the best attitude and perseverance on and off the ice". Defenceman James Lombardi @nymets5 and starting goalie Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden were also announced as the clubs assistant captains. While it is unorthodox to let along name a goalie as an assistant captain, Wahl receives the honor as a rookie; "We believe Brick is a future star in this league and has all the wisdom and charisma of a seasoned professional". Look for Vegas to make headlines as the pending season gets underway this week.
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    Jorgon Weyed - Drafted [1/2]

    “Quebec City picks, RW Jorgon Weyed with the 15th overall selection in the S63 Draft.” Says GM Beavis. The cameras pan the crowd looking for the winger to showcase on the air, but he is nowhere to be seen. Not one for basking in the spotlight Jorgon is back in his hometown of Scarborough, watching the draft on the TV in his home gym, while he is training for the S63 VHLM season. His phone rings, it’s the GM. “Welcome to the team Jorgon. We have high hopes for you this season.” “I’m honoured to be joining such a prestigious team, with high hopes for the future.” “I am looking forward to training camp and showing that I can compete.” It’s going to be a busy season and, a good pro starts in the gym. Working on fundamentals and focusing on weak spots from the year before. I want to be the most complete player on the ice and that dedication starts with a good diet and lots of weights. The call ends and Jorgon goes back to his workout, focusing on gaining more power in his first step and more strength for his shot. He’s not sure where he will be playing this season. He is hoping for a shot with the Meute, even if it’s just on the 4th line. If he can’t crack the roster this season, he will be back with Las Vegas in the VHLM, plying his trade and working on making himself better, maybe even for a mid-season call up. GM Jubo07 has already let Jorgon know he will be the captain of the Aces this coming season and will be relying on him to bring it every night and show the rookies the ropes. There will be a lot of new faces in the locker room this season. I plan on getting to know each and every one of them. I came in last season knowing that it was going to be a tough go and he flew up the ranks of the team in weeks joining the first line and helping the Aces secure second place in the VHLM. The playoffs didn’t go exactly as planned, as the Aces were taken out in the second round, only winning one game in the series. This was a huge let down not only for Jorgon, but for the team as well. Knowing how hard every trained and prepared for this really hard and all season long. This season coming in as a returning player for this team and having a good relationship with the GM, I know that Jorgon will really put his mark on the team and the league. Jorgon has really become a balanced forward and plans to keep focusing on his skating, shot, and strength. He knows that his team will need to be just as good to make the playoffs and ultimately win the championship. I will spend the next week in training camp with the Meute and from there on focus on where ever I end up.
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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    Jolt Juice (Post to be edited later) Jolt Juice, the most electrifying brand in sports, is proud to sponsor the following athletes: $3,000,000- Left Wing Konstantin Mulligan @Pandar for a term of 3 seasons. (Season 63-65) $2,000,000- Right Wing Jake Davis @Reives for a term of 3 seasons. (Season 63-65) $1,500,000- Defenseman Ryan Kastelic @Enorama for a term of 4 seasons. (Season 63-66) $1,250,000- Defenseman Joseph McWolf @McWolf for a term of 2 seasons. (Season 63-64) $1,250,000- Goaltender Alexander Pepper @Sonnet for a term of 2 seasons. (Season 63-64) $1,000,000- Defenseman Alvaro Jokinen @Ahma for a term of 3 seasons. (Season 63-65) $1,000,000- Center Mikka Pajari @Devise for a term of 2 seasons. $750,000- Defenseman Sidney Crosby @SidTheKid87 for a term of 1 season. (Season 63) $750,000- Center Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby for a term of 3 seasons. $750,000- RW Sergei Kovalev @Laflamme for a term of 2 seasons. $500,000- Center The Charm @Tyler for a term of 3 seasons. (Season 63-65) $500,000- Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax for 3 seasons. (Season 63-65) $250,000- Center Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 for a term of 4 seasons. (Season 63-66) $250,000- Forward Gritty @eaglesfan036 for a term of 1 season. $250,000- Defenseman Jagger Phillyfan @Philliefan for a term of 1 season (Season 63) $0- Defenseman Lando Baxter @Elhandon for a term of 1 season. (Season 63) $0- Defenseman Kip Bauer @Kip Baier
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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    As Brand Executive of the Haterade, I'm proud to announce the first batch of our signings. All these players perfectly represent the values of the brand and will become faces of our marketing campaigns in the future: Anger showed in the fierce fight on the ice The Envy of other representatives wishing to be as good as them Passion to motivate their teammates in their own quest for greatness Without further ado let me present: 1. $3,000,000 - C Podrick Cast @Victor signing two year deal for S63 and S64 2. $2,000,000 - LW Veran Dragomir @Velevra signing two year deal for S63 and S64 3. $1,500,000 - LW Matt Thompson @Beketov signing two year deal for S63 and S64 4. $1,250,000 - G Tristan Iseult @Arthur signing one year deal for S63 5. $1,250,000 - D Colton Rayne @Spade18 signing one year deal for S63 6. $1,000,000 - D Joseph Bassolino @Smarch signing a two-year deal for S63 and S64 7. $1,000,000 - C Kronos Bailey @Quik signing a three-year deal for S63-65 8. $750,000 - LW Jeff Gow @Fire Hakstol signing one year deal for S63 9. $750,000 - C Rauno Palo @jRuutusigning five-year deal for seasons S63-67 10. $750,000 - D Cayden Saint @Symmetrik signing a three-year deal for S63-65 11. $500,000 - C Otto Axelsson @Dangles13 signing a two-year deal for S63 and S64 12. $500,000 - D Mountain Thunderfist @AdamEss signing a two-year deal for S63 and S64 13. $500,000 - G Finn Davison @Poptart signing the deal for S63 14. $250,000 - RW Włodzimierz Zajączkowski @nicolas01 signing the deal for S63 15. $250,000 - C Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 signing the deal for S63 16. $0 - D Adam Warlock @Green signing the deal for S63 17. $0 18. $0 19. $0 Thank you for joining the Haterade and look out for more signings soon! Brand Executive
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    RIG/TOR: S62 off-season

    I mean, they are obviously a packaged deal either way.
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    @JaeDeLai (DucksFan64)John Madden is making his mark as a rookie in Halifax as #11!
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    Vegas Annoints Captaincy

    Congrats to our new captains!
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    VHL Season 59 Retrospective Re-Draft

    VHL Season 59 Retrospective Re-Draft Preface I said I'd do it again if I had the time. I had a blast doing this last time around, but I wasn't aware of everything going around. I actually learned a lot about the league and its short-term history by looking back at the S58 Draft. This past season was fun, I've been fairly active, talked to a lot of veterans and learned even more about the league. So, this time, I come way more prepared than last season. This isn't 2-week old McWolf doing a big flashy article because Beaviss told him to. This is 2-month old McWolf doing it because he wants to and he looked forward to do it for the whole offseason. So, now that I got a bit of time on my hand, here it is. I'm going to continue with the template I used last time; I will be re-drafting Season 59's Entry Draft. I still think that re-drafting 4 years ago is a good timing. Players have had 4 years to show us if they were worth the spot they were taken in, but they also still got 4 more prime years to pursue cups and individual awards. We're analyzing their careers while we are right in the middle of it, so things could change, but they probably won't change too much. Actives will probably stay active, inactives will definitely stay inactive. Even then, if an active goes astray now, the 400 TPE they would have gotten by now would still beat the crap out of someone that was drafted inactive and that stayed inactive throughout their career. Context The Season 59 VHL Entry Draft took place on February 13th, 2018. It occured after the conclusion of Season 58, that saw the Riga Reign dominate the regular season. As was the case last season, they were led by the dynamic tandem of Fredinamijs Krigars and John Locke, who both scored north of 50 goals and 120 points. Krigars ranked 1st in assists , Locke ranked 1st in goals and they ranked respectively 1st and 2nd in points. The Reign could once again count on solid goaltending by Markus King as they finished atop the regular season standings with 117 points. The Toronto Legion and the Seattle Bears were the only serious contenders for the title, but both came short, finishing the season with 113 and 111 points, respectively. The Helsinki Titans and the New York Americans completed the playoff tree, as they both finished 4th (with 86 points) and 5th (with 83 points). On the other side of the standings, the HC Davos Dynamo, the Quebec City Meute and the Calgary Wranglers were far behind the last two playoff teams, respectively finishing the season with 26, 42 and 58 points. The lottery eventually left the top of the draft board as it was, with Davos picking twice to start the night (with their pick and the Meute's pick, acquired 3 seasons prior), followed by the Wranglers and the Titans. Come playoff time, the Reign were once again fairly dominant. They disposed of the Wild-Card-winning Americans in 5 games to reach their 2nd Continental Cup finals in a row. They faced the Seattle Bears, fresh off a 7-game semi-final series against the 2nd placed Legion. Both teams won every home game through the first 5 games of the series, meaning the Reign arrived in Seattle for game 6 with a 3-2 lead in the series. They won the game and got to carry the Cup around the ice in front of disgruntled Bears fans after a brilliant performance by Markus King, the eventual Daisuke Kanou Trophy winner. Season 59 Entry Draft Round 1 1. HC Davos Dynamo selects Joseph Bassolino 2. HC Davos Dynamo (from QUE) selects Brandon Hood 3. Calgary Wranglers select Evan R. Lawson 4. Helsinki Titans select Marcel St-Laurent 5. New York Americans select Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette 6. Toronto Legion selects Varis Tribuncovs 7. HC Davos Dynamo (from SEA) selects Kevin Knight 8. HC Davos Dynamo (from RIG) selects Ebi Shpeen Round 2 9. HC Davos Dynamo selects Corey Guimond 10. HC Davos Dynamo (from QUE) selects Le'Sean Coutzen 11. Calgary Wranglers select Batman 12. Helsinki Titans select Theo Karlsson 13. New York Americans select Dustin Evans 14. Toronto Legion selects Gary Goose 15. Calgary Wranglers (from SEA) select Elfon Ashelf 16. HC Davos Dynamo (from RIG) selects Joona Makela Season 59 Retrospective Re-Draft 1. Joseph Bassolino (C) @Smarch Original pick: 1st by the HC Davos Dynamo Draft TPE: 155 Current TPE: 693 Bassolino was 1st in the pre-draft ranking, he was draft 1st overall, and he is still, hands down, the best player in this draft class, 4 years later. The centerman only spent one season in the minors prior to the draft, when he scored 2 goals and added 20 assists in 72 games, which leads to the question: Why was he selected first overall? Of course, the answer lies within the TPE and the fact that Smarch is a VHL veteran. He knows how to build a good player and, despite the slow start to his career, Bassolino is starting to show just that. He scored over 29 goals and 68 points in 3 straight seasons and was an important piece of Davos' S61 Continental Cup run. He has yet to produce a superstar caliber statline, but he still has 4 seasons to make that happen. This offseason, Bassolino joined Riga through free agency, meaning he might line up with great offensive threats in Podrick Cast and Edwin Preencarnacion. 2. Evan R. Lawson (LW) @diamond_ace Original pick: 3rd by the Calgary Wranglers Draft TPE: 63 Current TPE: 479 Another pick, another VHL veteran off an alright VHLM season. Evan R. Lawson was on the lowside on draft day, when it comes to TPE gathering, but the Wranglers GM chose to trust him. He began his VHL career as a depth defensive forward, but quickly grew to become a great two-way forward with a knack for dropping bodies. He just had his best offensive season, as he scored 32 goals and added 40 assists in 72 games, though his hits total dropped from 212 in S61 to 58 in S62. Lawson is just back from a Continental Cup winning season, as the Wranglers put behind their S61 finals defeat to Bassolino's Dynamo and beat the Meute in 7 games. I wouldn't exactly say Lawson played a huge part in the Cup run, but in series so close as the finals, every little thing counts and his 12 points in 13 games were definitely important for the team's success. Look out for him to continue to develop in Calgary, as the team is still among the favourites to win it all this season. 3. Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette (D) @FacePuncher Original pick: 5th by the New York Americans Draft TPE: 122 Current TPE: 398 LPL2 was drafted by the Americans, but was almost immediately dealt do the Meute, as part of a 3-way trade with the two teams aforementioned and the Reign. A very defensive defenseman, LPL2 finished 2nd in the VHLM with 294 hits and 12th with 90 shots blocked in S59, as he spent one more year in the minors after the draft. He continued to be a physical defensive force to be reckoned with following his promotion to the Meute the following season. 3 seasons into his VHL career, he totals 803 hits and 431 shots blocked, ranking in the top 10 in both stats in all but 1 season (he was 22nd with only 108 shots blocked last season). He'll continue to do the dirty work for the Meute for 2 more seasons, as he was extended for 2 seasons during the previous one. 4. Brandon Hood (LW) Original pick: 2nd by the HC Davos Dynamo Draft TPE: 126 Current TPE: 213 The quality of draftees drops drastically between LPL2 and Hood. We went from 2 important pieces on championship teams, to a heavy-hitting defensive defenseman to, well, career borderline roster players. Hey, at least they are in the league, right? Brandon Hood was drafted 2nd by the Dynamo, and basically stopped developping from that point moving forward. He barely reached the depth player talent tier. However, he shows good stats for a depth player, as he recorded between 5 and 9 goals, and between 19 and 33 assists in the 4 seasons he played with the Dynamo or the Legion so far. Where he really excels, though, is in the shots blocking department. Hood blocked the total of 419 shots in 288 games, making him one of the more efficient defensive forwards in the league. The lack of development in the last couple seasons means he won't ever grow as an elite defensive forward and that he won't ever had offensive prowesses to his defensive talent. 5. Varis Tribuncovs (C) Original pick: 6th by the Toronto Legion Draft TPE: 66 Current TPE: 175 Varis Tribuncovs follows in Hood (baby) footsteps, as he also became nothing more than a depth piece for the team that drafted him. He needed 2 more years of development in the VHLM before making the jump in the VHL, and it ended up being a rather quiet jump. His best statline was his 16-goal, 9-assist rookie season. One thing is does good, however, is deliver bone crushing hits. From 55 in his rookie season, he was up to 110 hits last season. He is not a speedy goalscorer and a good playmaker, but he still makes good use of his limited icetime with what little he can bring to his team. 6. Marcel St-Laurent (G) @Frank Original pick: 5th by the Helsinki Titans Draft TPE: 135 Current TPE: 111 Starting with this pick, we are looking at players that have yet (or won't because they retired already) to make their VHL debut. Most of the players below this that are still active are promising to be career VHLMers, until the point where their team replaces them with flashy kids with higher potential and, let's be honest, anyone starts with more potential than career VHLMers. I won't bother to comment on them or even to rank them. Consider this very pick the last one of the actual re-draft, and if you really want it to go for the whole 2 rounds, just order them in the actual draft order yourself. St-Laurent, like everyone past this point, hasn't player a single game in the majors. But, I'm ranking him above the rest of them, for what could have been. He developped well in the VHLM, but then stagnated at the VHLM starter level, up until he prematurely retired. Afterword Well, this was.. something? If the Season 58 Re-Draft was underwhelming, this one was even worse. No offense to Smarch or diamond_ace, but their players are far from being superstars despite their high TPE totals. They still got 4 years to grow into better players, however, so I'm not throwing the towel on them, and I'm going to blame their slow starts on the team surrounding them for the most part. Both got drafted by teams that dominated in the last couple of seasons, meaning their 500+ TPE made them mere depth pieces on championship-winning teams. But, with seasons going by, players leaving for retirement and some change of sceneries, they both could blossom into the stars of their team. Where this draft really lacks though, is after the 3rd best talent in the draft, which would be Lespineau-Lebrunette. Hood and Tribuncovs are career depth pieces on bad teams and the other 11 players drafted combine for 0 games played in the VHL. Hopefully, the Season 60 is better in terms of star quality and, most of all, depth. Until next season. Thanks again, Beavs, for the idea. McWolf out. --- Word count; 1,9k Will claim in weeks ending on Oct. 21, Oct. 28 and Nov. 4
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    My thoughts about S63 draft.

    *Hi* The season is about to begin somewhere in next week and I'm still waiting for the HoF induction ceremony. I swear, if Fredinamijs Krīgars won't be inducted this year... Anyways, let's talk about the last draft. It's going to be fun reviewing S61-63 drafts after all of these players will retire, but the S63 draft in particular. This was a truly hyped event since we pretty much had full three rounds of members who are more or less updating their players. The older members will name even better drafts (cause these likely happened in first seasons), but I never saw that deep draft like this. So I'm going to risk here with naming potential steals and busts. However, it may be fun to got back to this article after some time and see if I was right. I'm also going to mentioned couple of other things to reach 500 words. SURPRISE OF THE DRAFT 4. D - SIDNEY CROSBY @Tagger already mentioned about his wild comeup from being overlooked by every single VHLM GM. But even he was putting Sidney into the end of the first round at best. But Quik got other plans and instead of more safe player in Tzyuu he decided to pick a first gen. Actually, almost every draftee being picked by the Titan's GM was a first gen youngster. The only veteran from this draft was Boom with his Odinsson. As about Sidney, I was not sure about his future since he is not very vocal on the boards and even thought he may go inactive right before the draft. But here he is, updating his player and putting up work quietly. Is being a high pick going to put a pressure on this member? Seems like he doesn't cares much and that may be a good thing. MID SEASON ARRIVALS BEING PICKED AFTER EACH OTHER 12. RW - RYLAN PEACE 13. D - JESSE WILSON These both members only created their guys in mid-season and it wasn't certain they would even crack the second round. Anyways, their work didn't go unnoticed as they rapidly were climbing up in draft rankings and I'm sure a couple of GM's started to pay more attention to them. At the end of the day, they went #12 and #13. I took Rylan because once again I was more a fan of forward players. Quik also did his homework and took Wilson a pick after which could be huge for his team in future. An interesting fact - Peace created his account 4 years ago, but never made a post. Sometimes, sending mass PM's to these type of members is really working. POTENTIAL STEALS 21. RW - WLODZIMIERZ ZAJACZKOWSKI 22. G - RHETT STOFFIDAY Predicting potential steals in this deep draft is like Vasteras winning the championship. But I'll try. There are a couple of sleeper picks, but I feel like Zajaczkowski has more chances in becoming a VHL player. He's consistently claiming welfare + PF and sometimes he can even do more than that. He's also a bit more vocal on boards than Fitzgerald or Boucher. Although I wouldn't be surprised if these last two also will make their appearance in the VHL league as active players. The another honorable mention would be Chace Trepanier from Toronto (#19 OV). As about Stoffiday, it wasn't that surprising that he fell off to the third round knowing the goalie market right now. But if we're comparing his early days (a welfare player at most) and these days, we can see a big difference. Right now, he's a Davos prospect and he has a lot of chances to become their #1 goalie in the future. POTENTIAL BUSTS (or players who just may not live up to their expectations) 6. C - SCOTT SHAWINGANEN 14. G - COLE MERTZ Let's be more controversial and try to predict busts. At this point, I'm really not sure about two players. First of them is Scott Shawinganen. The member was starting off hot and soon enough he jumped into the TOP 5 in draft rankings. He was keeping this up for a long time, but lately he's not being so active like he used to be. I believe he just burnt out at some point so he decided to claim welfare to not completely lose a potential. And maybe he will come back to his form to shut my prediction down. After all, I was thinking that Crosby would go inactive as well and then he jumped into the #4 OV. So we shall see. The second one is Cole Mertz. And the reason of him slowing down is actually a sad one. I've heard he has a tough situation IRL, including losing a family member so that just took his attention from this league. The question is - will he come back to his previous activity? I'm not sure. We already had one member (Flipachev is his player) who had a red hot start, but then his father got a heart stroke and he was forced to leave this league. Cole could be another member who may not live up to our expectations, but will he give a damn if he goes inactive? Giving his current IRL situation - the answer would be likely no. IS RANDOMS A STEAL? 24. LW - RANDOMS In TPE wise, maybe. But I don't think Beaviss would get much from this player due a specific build which won't give flashy stats. But having 74 in checking may convince him to not trade this player next off-season (although I still think he will) and put him in the fourth line as the power forward. That's going to be interesting to see Randoms' future in the big league. IS THERE A DRAFTEE I FORGOT? 26. LW - KING GOW Yes, there's another draftee that still has a chance to become a sleeper pick and he was picked in the fourth round. Eaglesfan is a very well known member who had his glory moments with Calgary in S40's. Right now, he's not that active like he was back then. However, he's still claiming welfare and PF points and he has more than 70 TPE like the portal is suggesting. So perhaps his glory days are over, but he may become a valuable peace for Toronto (was traded from NY to Devise) is he keeps going like he's doing now. And just like that, my thoughts about this draft is over. Feel free to come back into this thread and bash me in case if Scott and Cole will be on the way to HoF. That's it and I'm out. 6x2=12 TPE to Kallis 08.10 - 14.10 15.10 - 21.10 Members who are mentioned in this thread: @SidTheKid87 @monkeywrench15 @Cornflakers @ColeMrtz21 @Stoffiday @nicolas01 @eaglesfan036 @Beaviss @Quik @ChaceT @JohnnyT_77 @joeyboucher1 @BOOM™ @Peace
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    S62 Off-Season Schedule

    Sorry guys ci tinues to be a pain. Wasn’t able to sim yesterday for various reasons. Will sim the remainder of the round robin at lunch today and will do the quarter AND semi finals tonight so GM’s you will be doing your lines very quickly going into the medal round of possible.
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    As the regular season looms over the horizon, VHL players are reporting to their respective training camps. For most, this is business as usual- just another season under their belts, and another chance at the coveted Continental Cup. For some, however, this is the first time they’ve ever stepped foot in a brand new city. Among these is new Titans goalie Alexander Pepper. Pepper joins the Helsinki roster as the hopeful franchise goaltender moving forward, and already boasts an impressive resume as the VHLM’s most recent Benoit Devereux Trophy winner. He joins fellow draft picks Julian Borwinn, Sidney Crosby, and Vaydar Odinsson (among a few other core pieces) at camp for the first time, eager to get his start in goal for the upcoming season. Pepper says that he’s optimistic about the opportunity he’s been given in goal, and excited for the future of Helsinki. “We’ve got a lot of good, young talent here,” he told us after his first official practice as a Titan. “Don’t expect us to start dominating immediately, but given a few years, I think a cup is definitely within our reach.” The clock is ticking to the start of the VHL season. What do the newly built Titans have in store for the league this year? We’ll find out in just a few days.
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    1. What are your thoughts on the moves made by Helsinki prior to the draft? Do you think it was a risk in moving their top S64 pick? I think it was a smart move. It helped load up the team and gives us an opportunity to be very competitive for the next few seasons. 2a. For new draftees, what is your first impression of your first VHL organization? So far it has been awesome! It has been an very active first week from the whole team and it looks like we are going to have some good chemistry. 3. Which player(s) are you most excited to play with this upcoming season? Im very excited to play alongside the man, the myth, the legend, @BarzalGoat . He gave me a chance to start my career and it is going to be fun playing with him now. 4. Do you have any personal goals for the upcoming season, and would you care to share them? My goal for this season is to give Kastelic a run for his money for ROY. 5. What is the first big purchase you made after signing your first VHL contract? tbh i havent even looked at the store yet 6. In which city, other than Helsinki, would you like the titans to hold training camp, and why? Las Vegas baby. It seems like a breeding group for hockey talent as of late.
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    S63 Group 10 Fantasy Draft

    1. @Reives 2. @Symmetrik 3. @jRuutu 4. @Victor 5. @AdamEss 6. @Cornflakers The list after the randomizer is done, it is a snake draft so it'll be starting with @Reives 12 hour time limits per pick @Reives F - Podrick Cast F - Sebastian Ironside F - Jake Davis D - Colton Rayne D - Casey Jones G - Ismond Kingfisher @Symmetrik F - Matt Thompson F - Leph Twinger F - Constantin Mulligan D - Maxim Kovalchuk D - Adam Warlock G - Shawn Brodeur @jRuutu F - Gabriel McAllister F - Beau Louth F - Veran Dragomir D - Samuel Gate D - Shawn Glade G - Tristan Iseult @Victor F - Keaton Louth F - Sergei Komarov F - Sergei Kovalev D - Mats Johnsson D - Joseph Bassolino G - Roger Sterling @AdamEss F - Vyacheslav Smirnov F - Jack Shephard F - Ay Ay Ron D - Robert Malenko D - Dragon McDragon G - Norris Stopko @Cornflakers F - Edwin Preencarnacion F - Jasper Canmore F - Vaydar Odinsson D - Sidney Crosby D - Alvaro Jokinen G - Kallis Kriketers
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    1st annual All-VHL

    Congratulations to all players selected to the All-VHL and All-Rookie teams for S62! As a reminder anyone voted onto the 1st team shall receive 2 TPE and the 2nd Team / Rookie team shall receive 1 TPE. The All-VHLM teams shall be selected soon by the @VHLM Commissioner So, without any further adieu, here are your All-VHL teams for S62! 1st team: F - Podrick Cast @Victor F - Matt Thompson @Beketov F - Keaton Louth @Beaviss D - Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock D - Mats Johnsson @Quik G - Norris Stopko @Bushito 2nd team: F - Jasper Canmore @Bushito F - Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock F - Edwin Preencarnacion @Tagger D - Colton Rayne @Spade18 D - Dragon McDragon @JardyB10 G - Tristan Iseult @Arthur All-Rookie team: F - Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock F - Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream F - Sergei Kovalev @Laflamme D - Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock D - Robert Malenko @pennypenny G - Johnny Havenk Carison @Donno100
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    Crosby [1/2]

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    Bark [1/2]

    +12 for Kronos
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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

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    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    VIKINGS Brand Announces Contract Offers! As the new CEO of VIKINGs, your trusted source for the hottest, toughest most badass equipment, we are pleased to announce our contract offers for the following players: $3,000,000 x 3 years - Beau Louth @Beaviss $2,000,000 x 3 years - Vyacheslav Smirnov @Banackock $1,500,000 x 3 years - Marvin Harding @.sniffuM $1,250,000 x 3 years - Robert Malenko @pennypenny $1,250,000 x 3 years - Roger Sterling @Will $1,000,000 x 1 year - Ko Kane @BluObieZ $1,000,000 x 3 years - Vaydar Odinsson @BOOM™ $750,000 x 3 years - Rylan Peace @Peace $750,000 x 3 years - Shawn Glade @ShawnGlade $750,000 x 3 years - Dylan Nguyen @Dtayl $500,000 x 3 years - Chace Trepanier @ChaceT $500,000 x 3 years - Gucci Garrop @JG10 $500,000 x 3 years - Nathan N @NathanN $250,000 x 2 years - JB Rift @Devise $250,000 x 1 year - Kronos Bailey @Quik $0 x 1 year Sergei Komarov @Gooningitup $0 x 1 year Keaton Louth @Beaviss
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    Apparently a sophomore season of 150 points isn’t worthy of any endorsement offers... well, don’t I feel loved.
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    S63 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    lol, I think it's a little dumb that if they're not here, they get auto-picked, give them the participation tpe if you want, but even if the other 4 teams are stacked, they've still gotta compete with eachother for top spot. but that's just my take... I'll go with Colton Rayne @oilmandan
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    Pepper [1/2]

    Holy shit, this is SICK! Thank you so much!!!
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The VHLM Draft has now concluded, which team do you believe had the best draft? I think Oslo had a good draft. Not biased at all. 2) Of the players that were selected, who do you think has the potential to be the biggest surprise? I think Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski will be great, the name alone is just awesome. 3) With the VHLM rosters starting to take shape heading into the start of the season, who do you think will be the best team this season (You can view the teams HERE) I think Ottawa will be up there, but I think we'll surprise some people. 4) What are your thoughts on your new General Manager (If you also have a VHL team, you can use this to talk about your VHL GM) Well he's good because he signed me 😉. 5) How did you find out about the VHL? I saw it on Youtube, thought it looked good so i decided to join. 6) If there was one thing in particular you would like explaining about how the VHL works, what would it be? I'd like to know more about the simulation.
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    S62 Prediction Points

    3 people earned 0 points and I was one of them god dammit
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    Donation Options

    Donating in the VHL can be done once per season and offers the following rewards: $5: Pick One $10: Pick Two $15: Pick Three $20: Pick Four, can double any of the non-cash options (maximum of one option can be doubled) With the options to choose from being: Free Week (12 TPE Capped) $1M Player Store Cash (If you are selecting this option, tag @Reives with your player name(s)) 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week
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