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    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Alright, in case anyone was curious, I ran some initial tests. Again, sorry for having such shitty indexes but we can't quite figure that out. A few points to make here before I post these: 1. This is based off of last season's database, set up as a new season. So rosters might not be exactly the same but at least they stand the same between the two tests. 2. Obviously these contain no line changes or anything else of the sort. 3. This initial test involved changing absolutely no sliders or any other settings other than switching from V1 to V2. Sliders will be adjusted in fewer tests. Now then, let's get to the indexes. V1 Index V2 Index A few things of note here. Well first, it's a shame for me that we didn't have Shepherd on the Bears the entire season, holy shit I played well. Anyway, moving on from that. Obviously scoring is completely off the rails in V2. The V1 test had ridiculously high scoring but still was within relatively regular levels. However even with that high scoring it wasn't even close to V2 scoring. The 213 point scoring lead under V1 would have been 27th (675 led the league) in V2 scoring. The highest scoring team in V1 was the Bears with 358 Goals For (League average 234). In V2 the wranglers led the league with a mind-boggling 1333 (League average 687). So yeah, not that anyone figured we'd be able to do this with just changing the version but clearly V2 has some major scoring issues with our current league set up. So, let's change some sliders shall we? Slider changes I made were reducing goals to minimum and cutting the shots in half. V2 Index - New Sliders Okay, so definitely better but still very high scoring. 422 points led the league and V1's leader would have been 14th. The wranglers once again led the league with 916 GF (League average 472) which is still a good chunk above double the highest scoring team under V1. I don't have time right now to mess with attributes but it's definitely not something that can be handled with Sliders alone. The main problem being that scoring numbers are simply FAR too high with league leaders scoring on over 50% of their shots in V2.
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    Palo for Cast-level season.
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    @Joubo To be claimed as future media spot
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    A Breakdown of Jolt Juice

    Calgary - JoltJuice is one of the biggest energy drink producers, and its no wonder why the decided to sponsor the VHL along with many other brands that include Viking, True North Gear, NETFLEX, and Haterade. Brands were rushing at the opportunity when the VHL announced they were finaly open to allowing sponsors. The VHL also went further to support sponsors by having the Sponsors Shield, a battle royale tournament alternating every year with the World Cup. The VHL announced they would only allow 6 brands, but many brands applied and the VHL left it to a fan vote. The 6 brands chosen were: Haterade, Jolt Juice, NETFLEX, True North Gear, Ubuyalot Games, and VIKING. These are some of the biggest hockey brands in the world, and as they recruited players some favourites emerged and some not so favourites emerged. With the rosters being finalised I've decided to do a personal breakdown of my personal favourite, Jolt Juice. Jolt Juice, the most electrifying drink also brings one of the most electrifying teams. You know what they say, "defense wins championships", and Jolt Juice executive Rhett Stoffiday followed this method to a tee. Signing some of the top defense including first and second picks in the S63 VHL Entry Draft Kastelic and Wolf, and the 4th pick Sidney Crosby, there is no doubt this team is stacked on defense. Jolt Juice is also one of the youngest teams signing multiple rookies in the VHL and VHLM including Elias Dahlberg, Joel Ylonen, and Crosby, Wolf, and Kastelic. Even though the team is stacked on defense don't overlook their offense who includes Charm, Mulligan, Davis, and Pajari. Charm and Davis seem to be the two who will drive the offense, Charm putting up 90 points and Davis with 70 in the VHL. They are projected to play together but executive Stoffiday may scramble the lines a bit to spread out the offense. Some overlooked players who could be great together are Dahlberg and Ylonen. Two of the top 10 projected picks in S64 could both be on a line together and could be the dark horse of the Sponsors Shield. If the 2 prospects keep developing and training over the VHL season they could definitely help out a lot in Jolt Juice's Shield run. Backstopping the team are goaltenders Stoffiday and Pepper. Stoffiday the 22nd pick in the S63 draft is another VHL rookie on Jolt Juice, coming off a not so good season on the rebuilding Yukon Rush with 16 wins in 70 games, a 0.849 SV%, and a 3.60 GAA he is looking to improve these numbers next season. With multiple picks in the first 2 rounds of the VHLM draft Yukon looks to be a solid team and Stoffiday could improve those numbers with some hard training and a solid team in front of him. With the stacked defense Jolt Juice has Stoffiday could have an easier time in the Sponsors Shield then the VHLM, but he is facing the best of the best. Pepper is the second goalie and probably the starter for Jolt Juice, another rookie on the team he was picked 10th by Helsinki. Posting a solid 50 wins, a .896 SV%, a 1.99 GAA, and 10 shutouts he had an amazing season on the Aces. He is definitely the favourite starter for Jolt Juice, and playing in Helsinki this season he will get a taste of the tougher competition. Some tough training and practice in the VHL could really help him backstop Jolt Juice to the championship. Jolt Juice has some good offense, great goaltending, and even better defense. They are definitely my favourite to win, followed by Haterade to win the Shield. 616 words, for week ending 21/10
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    If you've already answered enough questions in other press conferences to reach 2 TPE for this week, then you do not need to answer these questions (These questions here do NOT grant an additional 2 TPE on top of the 2 TPE you've already earned from asking/answering questions in other conferences). 1) Out of the players brought in through free agency/waivers post-draft (John Madden, Bobby Power, Brick Wahl, Mark Gebauer, Evgeni Komarov, Divaani Sohva, Finn Davison, Jonathon Hill, Kyson Blake), who do you think will go on to have the best career? 2) What are your thoughts on the player management section of the portal? Anything you'd like to see added to it? 3) Who is the one member in the league who you would like to play on the same team as? 4) If the VHL or VHLM were to ever expand, what cities would you like to see represented? 5) Who do you think will be in the top four picks in the Season 64 Draft Class? 6) What would you say is the best graphic that you've seen on the VHL?
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    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Actually wait, I don't see any problems here
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    What makes you think he's Italian??? Fabio, "Bobbida boopy?" Fabio!!! Nooooo... okay secret's out... he's Italian. Does he get at least get free red wine while watching games from the press box?
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    Welcome Fabio Lucera, he's a big defenseman that will shut down your scoring chances. He uses his defensive awareness to pick off passes or puts a big check on opponents to get the puck. For a big guy he can skate very well and makes great passes to get it into the offensive zone. Look to add this stud to your roster!
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    GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    Edwin-Pod - we back, and we ready to do it all over again.
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    GM 3: Helsinki Titans vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    @Jubo07 First goal! First of many to come
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    Fabio Lucera

    $1.5mil to join Vegas
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    GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    -2 with no points 🙃 great first career VHL game
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    GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    This is an acceptable amount of goals!
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    Fuck, that's a nice start. @Dangles13 @CowboyinAmerica Good "Welcome home!" reflects the off-season changes. I've also added in FA V Waiver claim player. @Reives Welcome to Seattle. @pennypenny You're on pace for 288 points. The rest played great too Minus Kovalchuk. Expected more from him! SHUT OUT for Sterling EHH.
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    GM 6: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute

    9 hits for the ole Marvinator
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    Well... that's underwhelming
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    DAV/TOR: S62 off-season

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    From Riches to Rags [1/2]

    Hi Diamond_Ace Pros- Your Biography was riveting, and I'm not just saying that because you are my teammate. I liked how you gave your player an a-typical background for a hockey player and you certainly have a flare for humor in your writing. Cons- 1023 words may make the player profile requirements but i was sad when I finished reading the article, it was just too good. I look forward to reading more from you in the future 10/10
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