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    S63 Team Canada WJC - Roster

    Congrats everyone, we defended gold! Roctrion King with he huge OT winner to clinch it. Huge props to Asia and who should be the easy choice for tournament MVP; Alexander Pepper. Brick Wahl stops 21 of 22 shots in the victory. Canada remains on top of the hockey world!!! @Romaris @Cornflakers @oilmandan @Symmetrik @Quik @Peace @monkeywrench15 @LordTony @ChaceT @JohnnyT_77 @RyanZabby @Toast @joeyboucher1 @Lefty @BladeMaiden
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    #Learntodrive&stopusingchopsticks #eurofrustration
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    Good show boys. Looks like Pepper stands between us and defending Gold.
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    S63 Theme Week

    Hello VHL @Members , I’m back with another announcement, and this is one that pertains to all VHL Members! With the Trade Deadline announced, we have come to that time of the season, once again, where we will be bringing back the VHL’s Themed Point Task Week! For the week of November 19th-25th, any point task that follows this season’s theme of the Sponsor’s Shield Tournament will be eligible for extra TPE! How much, you may ask? Well, my good friends, if you look to the criteria below, you will see exactly what the rewards are for participating in Theme Week! Media Spots Must focus on VHL Brands and/or Sponsor's Shield Tournament; can be specific players, or have a broader focus Min. 500 words; if over 1000, only first week counts as themed PT Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) Graphics Must focus on VHL Brands and/or Sponsor's Shield Tournament May be a signature, poster, or re-design logo set (min. 2 logos) Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) Podcasts Must focus on VHL Brands and/or Sponsor's Shield Tournament; can be about specific players, or have a broader focus Min. 10 minutes Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) **If you have submitted a multi-week Media Spot that includes a claim for the week ending November 25th, you may postpone claiming by one week in order to participate in Theme Week. VHL.com Articles/Podcasts/Graphics Must focus on VHL Brands and/or Sponsor's Shield Tournament; can be specific players, or have a broader focus Min. 200 words / 5 minutes for VHL.com Articles and Podcasts Worth 3 TPE (2 Capped / 1 Uncapped) for Articles and Graphics; 4 TPE for Podcasts (3 Capped / 1 Uncapped) That’s right, this season, there is even a bonus for making a VHL.com submission that is on theme! As this theme is more broad than last season’s on other members, there will be no sign-up necessary to participate. All one must do is submit their point task, on theme, and claim all the TPE that they are eligible to collect. Now go forth, and prepare for Theme Week!
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    @Jubo07 looking to complete his third straight gold as GM of Canada in International play.
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    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    Halifax officially offers you a spot on our second line. You'd on the PP and be playing along side some skilled players
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    Congrats both teams and Europe on Bronze!
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    S63 WJC Index

    Excellent tournament once again everyone. Congrats to all the teams and players on another successful WJC campaign. We're appreciative of everyone's efforts, time and participation each and every season. Stay tuned for Awards and the updating of all-time lists, history and all that fan jazz.
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    Wahl of Gold

    This is going right into my signature rotation. Thank-you for commemorating my gold metal win, this graphic is simply stunning!
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    Wahl of Gold

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    S63 Theme Week

    Yes, theme week will be worth up to an additional 7 Uncapped tpe vs a regular week
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    Asia On Improbable Run Thanks To Pepper

    It's been an interesting World Junior Championship tournament this season, with a lively round robin that saw plenty of goals, and several upsets. But as is the case with most single elimination tournaments, anything and everything can happen in the medal rounds. All it takes is one bad game to change the fates for a team. A major story-line in this seasons tournament has been the play of Helsinki Titans and Team Asia goaltender, Alexander Pepper. Asia were underdogs entering the tournament, with pretty much less depth, star power scoring, or defensive acumen as the majority of the other teams in the tournament. However they did have a very highly touted VHL rookie who figures to be one of the better netminders of this generation at the pace he's been playing. Pepper has propelled Asia to a true cinderella story, as they upset Europe in the semi-finals despite being outshot 50-38. It was Kisshan Shan scoring a magical game winning goal, on the hat trick no less, that stunned Europe and sends Asia on to the Gold Medal game against Canada. Pepper had a godly .960 save percentage that game, and was obviously a huge difference maker. Interesting enough Pepper had an up and down round robin that saw Asia's offense needing to propel them forward for 3rd place in the standings. If not for the struggles of Team USA, Asia may have found themselves having to play in the Quarter Finals, and up against hot ranked Canada. Still, Pepper has backstopped Asia to an upset of Canada in the round robin. Game 17, where Asia won 4-2 despite being outshot 41-31. Kisshan Shan, also scored a hat trick that game. Sound familiar? It's clear Team Asia has found a recipe for success, play your heart out and wait for Kisshan Shan to send in the hats. Can they repeat that for the Gold Medal game, and stun the International hockey fans?
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    WJC Bonus +1
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    Now I Have To Do These Again

    Good...I miss your sweet voice.
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    S63 WJC Semi-Finals: Asia vs Europe

    Good work boys lets get this thing!
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    Pod Cast Press Conference (PCPC)

    1. What's the one thing that would stop Riga winning the Continental Cup in S63? 2. 356 points through 2 2/3 seasons, how high on the all-time points leaderboard can Cast finish? 3. Do you think Cast's success would have a positive or negative impact on Preencarnacion's HOF chances? 4. Given that Riga have already had problems in having "too many players" this season, what do you think Riga should do with their S64 picks 5. How many of the Season 61 Draft Class do you think will end up in the HOF? 6. If you were to pick any player who you were surprised to see how high (or low) his stats were this season, who would it be?
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    S63 WJC Game 6: USA vs Canada

    Least you noticed
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    (S59 Class) Theo Axelsson

    credit to solas RW - Theo Axelsson Birthplace: Västerås, Sweden Height: 6'2" Weight: 220 lbs Jersey Number: 25 Drafted: S50 2nd Overall Pick (Calgary) Username: @solas Awards Season 48 Gold Medal with Team Scandinavia Season 49 Prime Minister's Cup Winner with Brampton Blades Season 49 Matt Bentz Trophy Winner as Top Two Way Forward Season 51 Victory Cup Winner with Calgary Wranglers Season 54 Continental Cup Winner with Helsinki Titans Season 54 Terence Fong Trophy Winner with Helsinki Titans Season 54 Scott Boulet Trophy Winner as Top Two Way Forward Season 54 Bronze Medal with Team Scandinavia Season 55 Continental Cup Winner with Helsinki Titans Season 55 Victory Cup Winner with Helsinki Titans Season 55 Terence Fong Trophy Winner with Helsinki Titans Season 55 Daisuke Kanou Trophy winner as Playoff MVP Season 56 Scott Boulet Trophy Winner as Top Two Way Forward Season 57 Scott Boulet Trophy Winner as Top Two Way Forward When you look at the amount of awards that Theo Axelsson has won, he has won at every level that he has played at. When you look at the World level, he has won a Gold Medal and Bronze Medal with that team. When you look at the VHLM, he has won the Prime Minister's Cup with the Brampton Blades in Season 49. He also took home the Matt Bentz Trophy as the Top Two Way Forward in the VHLM. He came onto the scene in Season 50 with the Calgary Wranglers. He then won the Victory Cup in Season 51 as well as winning the Victory Cup again in Season 55 with the Helsinki Titans. He was not a stranger to the Scott Boulet trophy as he took that trophy home 3 times during his career. He has a lot of gold and winnings and definitely lived up to the hype of being the second overall pick in the Season 50 draft. Season 48 - Saskatoon Wild | Scandinavia Season 48 Regular Season S48 VHLM - SSK - 26 GP | 16 G | 17 A | 33 P | +13 | 16 PIM | 64 H | 146 SH | 10 SB Season 48 Playoffs S48 VHLM - SSK - 9 GP | 10 G | 4 A | 14 P | +5 | 12 PIM | 11 H | 88 SH | 8 SB Season 48 World Cup S48 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 1 G | 3 A | 4 P | +3 | 2 PIM | 14 H | 10 SH | 1 SB Season 48 World Cup Playoffs S48 WC - SCA - 3 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P | +1 | 0 PIM | 2 H | 1 SH | 1 SB In the Season 48 campaign, Axelsson was brought on as a waiver addition to the Saskatoon Wild because he joined after the trade deadline. He played in 26 games that season for the Wild accomplishing 33 points and a +13 during that time. The Wild went on to have a fantastic season as they finished 7 points back of the Ottawa Lynx who led the NA Conference. During the playoffs, the Wild matched up with the team that would end up drafting him the following season, the Brampton Blades. The Wild ended up sweeping the Blades in quick manner as they would go on to play that team that was just above them in the standings, the Ottawa Lynx. The Wild fell victim to the Lynx, but for Axelsson, it was a successful playoffs. You look at the fact that this waiver wire addition netted 14 points including 10 goals in 9 games for this team while also having 8 shots blocked and a +5, there was a lot to be excited about. At this time, everyone knew that this guy was going to be a star. Axelsson was noticed by just about everyone as he was named to the World Cup roster for Scandinavia which was something that was unheard of for someone that was just in their first season. Once again, Axelsson made the most of his opportunities. He played in 10 games, notching 4 points while staying at a +3. Scandinavia would end up losing winning the gold medal in surprising fashion as they were able to take down Team Mercenaries in the quarterfinals as well as Team Canada in the semi-finals before beating Team Europe in the finals. Going into the draft as a VHLM player, he has already made his mark, I know General Managers were watching, I mean, how could you not watch what was happening here. Season 49 - Brampton Blades Season 49 Regular Season S49 VHLM - BRM - 72 GP | 65 G | 64 A | 129 P | +46 | 114 PIM | 309 H | 547 SH | 23 SB Season 49 Playoffs S49 VHLM - BRM - 6 GP | 6 G | 4 A | 10 P | -1 | 14 PIM | 27 H | 33 SH | 1 SB Axelsson would be taken with the 8th overall pick in the VHLM Draft. He would end up teaming up with a girl that was picked only 5 picks before him, Diana Maxwell. During his season, the two would combine for a lot of points which would lead the Blades to being first in the entire VHLM with 110 points and 54 wins. During the season, Axelsson played 72 games while notching an average of almost 2 points per game. He was averaging almost a goal and an assist per game as he had 129 points in the 72 games that he played. What was even more incredible was the fact that he had a +46 while also performing in the physical game with 309 hits as well as amounting 23 shots blocked. You can see that this guy was a positive impact to his entire team in all 3 phases of the game. Because of their fantastic season, the Blades would meet up with the Yukon Rush in the semi-finals after getting a buy. To the surprise of many, the Blades were taken down by the Yukon Rush in 6 games. During the playoffs, Axelsson had 10 points in those 6 games including 6 goals and 4 assists, so it certainly was not because of him. It was known that Axelsson was going to be limited by the defense of the Yukon Rush, so this was something they were going to focus on. Despite that, Axelsson would have the huge next step ahead, being drafted into the VHL. Season 50 - Calgary Wranglers | Scandinavia Season 50 Regular Season S50 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 27 G | 31 A | 58 P | +5 | 96 PIM | 324 H | 359 SH | 38 SB Season 50 Playoffs S50 VHL - CGY - 4 GP | 3 G | 1 A | 4 P | -2 | 8 PIM | 15 H | 23 SH | 1 SB Season 50 World Cup S50 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 1 G | 0 A | 1 P | -6 | 24 PIM | 45 H | 29 SH | 3 SB Season 50 World Cup Playoffs S50 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 1 G | 0 A | 1 P | -4 | 2 PIM | 8 H | 6 SH | 0 SB Axelsson was drafted with the 2nd Overall Pick in the Season 50 Draft. The Calgary Wranglers had a plan with Axelsson, and they knew just where to put him. At the end of the season, the Wranglers had him on the top line with Travis Gowecny and Ted Doughty. During this season, Axelsson had 58 points and a +5 with his 27 goals and 31 assists. He also had 324 hits and 38 shots blocked to show that, again, he would have an impact everywhere he went. Among rookies, Axelsson would be 3rd in the league behind Thor Odinsson and Shayne Gow of the Helsinki Titans. Odinsson had 89 points while Gow had 60 points. Axelsson was just above his fellow rookie on the Calgary Wranglers and linemate, Travis Gowecny. Despite everything, The Wranglers ended up making the playoffs in the 3rd spot in the North American conference as they had a record of 33-29-10. Those 76 points was 14 more than the team below them. The Playoffs went a little less desirable for the Wranglers as they were swept in 4 games by the Quebec Meute. Axelsson continued his struggle to get on the scoresheet as he had only 4 points in the 4 games. One trend that he would like to definitely change was the fact that he had -2 during that time. His three goals were something to build off, that was something he would end up taking into the World Cup as he made the roster again with Team Scandinavia. Similar to his season, Team Scandinavia placed in 5th during this season's World Cup, but this was only 5 points back of Team Europe which had 19 points. Team Scandinavia would need to play a tough Team USA team, a feat in which they could not overcome as they ended up taking the 7-4 loss. After a huge last World Cup, they were out after only playing 1 game in the Playoffs. The former Gold Medalists had more to desire from this, but they would just have to give another go in the next time. Axelsson again did have a less than ideal experience as in that game, he had a -4, he did score and have 6 shots, but that -4 was a game to forget. Season 51 - Calgary Wranglers Season 51 Regular Season S51 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 28 G | 37 A | 65 P | +54 | 84 PIM | 253 H | 391 SH | 11 SB Season 51 Playoffs S51 VHL - CGY - 5 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P | -2 | 14 PIM | 15 H | 22 SH | 2 SB The Calgary Wranglers had one of the best seasons that a team could have. In 72 games, the Wranglers only lost 8 times, 4 of those came in Overtime. They had an incredible +187 goal differential as they only gave up 96 goals during the season. Now, for Axelsson, he was placed on the 2nd line for the Wranglers with Ted Doughty. On the top line, Aleksi Koponen, Travis Gowecny, and Tyson Kohler would get the not. However, Axelsson would end up averaging over 21 minutes per game during this season. In the 72 games, Axelsson had 65 points with his 28 goals and 37 assists. One number that he wanted to improve on was that +/- which he ended with a +54. When you look at the team, there were only 4 players on Calgary that had a negative +/-, but that does not make this feat any less impressive. With the first line outshining him as well as defenseman Black Velvet, Axelsson still had a great year. What a season for the entire team, Axelsson wanted a little bit more, but that is still impressive. During the playoffs, they were surprised by the Toronto Legion in the 2nd round of playoffs. In fact, they lost to the Legion who ended up losing to the Riga Reign in the finals. The Legion upsetted the Calgary Wranglers who looked unbeatable at times during the regular season. Axelsson who was very effective during the season had only 1 point in the five games against the Legion. He could not find a way to stay out of the penalty box, it looks like they really limited his effectiveness during this playoff series. The Wranglers would want to come back and avenge the loss after having a record breaking season where they only lost 8 times. Season 52 - Calgary Wranglers | Scandinavia Season 52 Regular Season S52 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 38 G | 42 A | 80 P | +60 | 136 PIM | 381 H | 421 SH | 23 SB Season 52 Playoffs S52 VHL - CGY - 7 GP | 5 G | 5 A | 10 P | +1 | 14 PIM | 41 H | 24 SH | 0 SB Season 52 World Cup S52 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 3 G | 3 A | 6 P | -5 | 16 PIM | 46 H | 55 SH | 5 SB Season 52 World Cup Playoffs S52 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P | -1 | 2 PIM | 4 H | 6 SH | 0 SB In Season 52, Axelsson found himself on the first line, something that he had not done since his rookie year. He found himself on the right wing with Kohler and Koponen. In this season, he did exactly what he wanted to do and having a season to remember. During this season, he ended up with 80 points including his 38 goals and 42 assists. His +60 was also a number that he wanted to keep moving in the right direction. He had 381 hits which put him in 1st place in the entire VHL and 23 shots blocked. Also, his 136 penalty minutes would net him in 3rd place in the entire league. Out of his 38 goals, 11 of those were power play goals which put him in 3rd place in that category as well. This season would end up pretty successful for the Calgary Wranglers as they ended with a 50-16-6 record which put them 3rd in the North American Conference, only 4 points back of the second place Americans. The Wranglers would end up having to play the Americans in the VHL playoffs, a series that was so well matched that it ended up going to a 7th game, a game in which the Wranglers would have to play away from home. In the playoffs, Axelsson had a pretty successful campaign despite the Wranglers losing to the Americans in Game 7. The Americans would go on to win the Championship. Axelsson had 5 goals, 5 assists, as well as 41 hits and 24 shots. Again, he averaged about a penalty a game which is something that he wanted to cut back a little bit. He was also +1 during the playoffs, it was a good playoffs, but they were just outmatched by a team that proved to be a big challenge. Season 52 had the World Cup as well in which Axelsson was given the call. They played 10 games and fell to 6th place in the World Cup with only 9 points. Axelsson had 3 goals and 3 assists, but he could not find a way to keep the puck out of his own net while he was on the ice, he had a -5. The Scandinavians faced Team USA in the quarterfinals as again the World Cup for his team would be ended way quicker than they wanted as they lost 5-1 during that game. That was a season that really was a breakout season for Axelsson despite falling short in the Playoffs as well as the World Cup. This was an eye opening season for everyone who was watching Axelsson, as there was absolutely another team watching. Season 53 - Helsinki Titans Season 53 Regular Season S53 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 45 G | 46 A | 91 P | +36 | 162 PIM | 402 H | 432 SH | 28 SB Season 53 Playoffs S53 VHL - HSK - 13 GP | 11 G | 6 A | 17 P | -1 | 38 PIM | 73 H | 95 SH | 8 SB The Season 53 campaign started with an absolute shock to the entire VHL. The season started with a trade that would have Axelsson heading from Calgary across the water to Helsinki. The Helsinki Titans traded Jacob for Theo Axelsson, Black Velvet, and a Season 54 1st Round Pick. Jacob was a young Goaltender from the Island in the South Pacific Ocean. He came from a very popular agent, so that is likely why they made that decision. Jacob would end up with 1,030 TPE. In Jacob's lifetime as a player, he has amounted a record of 203-156-25 with 2.31 GAA and a save percentage of .923. He retired in Helsinki after the Season 60 season. This season proved to be a continuation of his breakout season. He continued to do exactly what he did previously in Calgary. He had a total of 91 points including 45 goals and 46 assists to accompany a +36 plus/minus number. He also had 402 hits which put him 1st in the league. This season was really a notice of what was to come for Helsinki and the reason why they made this trade for this guy. In the playoffs, the Titans ended up beating the Express in 7 games in the first round before falling to the Vikings in the second round in 6 games. During the playoffs, Axelsson continued to do more of exactly what he did in the regular season. He had 17 points in 13 games including 11 goals which almost put him at a goal per game and 2nd in the playoffs. What was more incredible was he also led the playoffs in hits with 402 and was 4th in the playoffs in shots with 95. Even though they fell short, it was not because of Axelsson. Calgary knew exactly what he was, bringing an impact to all 3 zones of the game, this was shown again here as he was a positive impact in all areas. Helsinki is loving what they have seen and it looks like the trip over the pond has really worked out well for the Swedish winger. Season 54 - Helsinki Titans | Scandinavia Season 54 Regular Season S54 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 52 G | 46 A | 98 P | +67 | 165 PIM | 363 H | 455 SH | 16 SB Season 54 Playoffs S54 VHL - HSK - 17 GP | 12 G | 11 A | 23 P | +7 | 24 PIM | 100 H | 109 SH | 5 SB Season 54 World Cup S54 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 8 G | 7 A | 15 P | +1 | 22 PIM | 39 H | 69 SH | 8 SB Season 54 World Cup Playoffs S54 WC - SCA - 3 GP | 4 G | 1 A | 5 P | +3 | 6 PIM | 13 H | 23 SH | 2 SB Season 54 was more of the same for Axelsson as he had another fantastic season with his 98 points in his 72 games for the Titans. The Titans would end up with the 4th best record in the league with 49-13-10 and 108 points. His 52 goals would put him in 4th place in the entire league with his shot percentage of 11.43% also placing 4th in the entire VHL. He would end up with 165 penalty minutes which put him 4th, 3rd in hits with 363, and was 1st in the league with 4 hat tricks. Overall, this is exactly what you wanted from this guy. You gave up a future #1 goaltender for this guy, this is what you expect. His +67 was absolutely phenomenal as he settled in with his linemates Sami Zayn and Franchise Cornerstone. Axelsson led his team in points and goals as well as penalty minutes. This is what he wanted, this is really where his accomplishments were finally realized. Axelsson would go home with the Scott Boulet Trophy as the Top Two Way Forward in the VHL. In the playoffs, the Titans would line up with the Riga Reign in the first round. In 5 games, the Titans would end up with a 4-1 series victory. This would lead them to facing the Vikings that had a bye in the first round. In 6 games, the Titans would take care of the Vikings to propel them to the finals to take on the second best team in the regular season after the Titans took care of the top team in the entire league. The Titans would take down the Meute in 6 games! Axelsson would finally be able to lift the cup high in the air, something he has not done since Season 51. This time, he had a huge impact in the playoffs in the 17 games in which his team played. He had 23 points including 12 goals and 11 assists with a +7. When you see a top line winger that can do this, this is what you need to see. Again, Axelsson would get the call after winning the Championship to head to the World Cup. The Scandinavians would end up in the 5th spot in the Cup with 13 points, 4 points behind the 4th ranked team. During the Round Robin play, he had 15 points with 8 goals and 7 assists and a +1. This just continued on from his season which he was a nightmare for opposing teams. He continued doing this during the World Cup. During the playoffs, the Scandinavians would end up playing the Mercenaries in the first round in which they would end up winning in a 5-3 game. This would bring the Scandinavians to the semifinal game in which they would face off against the United States. In a close game, the Scandinavians would end up losing 1-0 which would push the team to the Bronze Medal game. In that game. they would end up facing the World Team. Axelsson scored 2 goals in the Bronze Medal game on a 3-1 victory to lead his team to yet another medal. This was not the medal that the Scandinavians wanted, but it was better than nothing. Season 55 - Helsinki Titans Season 55 Regular Season S55 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 44 G | 60 A | 104 P | +56 | 82 PIM | 245 H | 558 SH | 19 SB Season 56 Playoffs S55 VHL - HSK - 12 GP | 7 G | 6 A | 13 P | +6 | 18 PIM | 34 H | 77 SH | 5 SB In Season 54, he came up 2 points short of the 100 point plateau, but in Season 55, he was not going to miss this one. In this season, Axelsson ended up having 44 goals and 60 assists to lead his team to the best record in the entire league. The Titans would end up having a 58-12-2 record for 118 points, 1 point ahead of the Vikings. His 44 goals were 9th in the league and his 60 assists were 6th in the league. How many players do you see that is top 10 in goals, assists, as well as hits. He was 8th in hits. He also amassed 19 shots blocked which is not one of the top in the league, but it was definitely impressive for a forward. This season continues on his tear as one of the top forwards in the entire league. In the playoffs, the Titans would end up with a 1st round bye before taking on the winner of the HC Dynamo and Vikings series which went 7 games. The Dynamo ended up upsetting the Vikings to go on and face the Titans in the second round. The Titans would take the series in 5 games to bring them closer to the Championship. With the Meute defeating the Americans in the other conference, the Titans would be facing the Meute in the Championship game. This series would go 7 games before the Titans would take the series in that game. Axelsson was the hero. He was the overtime hero as he scored the goal in Overtime to give the Titans the Victory Cup. Axelsson was again a Champion. There needs to be so much credit given to Axelsson in the playoffs as he averaged a point per game. He had 7 goals and 6 assists for a total of 13 points. There was no doubt that he should be named the Daisuke Kanou Trophy Winner as the Playoff MVP. Not only did he have the game winning goal, but he was an impactful player for the Titans throughout the playoffs. He was a Champion for the 2nd time in his career. Season 56 - Helsinki Titans | Scandinavia Season 56 Regular Season S56 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 47 G | 63 A | 110 P | +66 | 144 PIM | 352 H | 535 SH | 37 SB Season 56 Playoffs S56 VHL - HSK - 7 GP | 2 G | 4 A | 6 P | 0 | 12 PIM | 37 H | 38 SH | 2 SB  Season 56 World Cup S56 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 6 G | 4 A | 10 P | -2 | 37 PIM | 52 H | 81 SH | 6 SB Season 56 World Cup Playoffs S56 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P | 4 PIM | 8 H | 5 SH | 0 SB The Titans had a little bit of a hangover from the Victory Cup victory, but they still definitely made the playoffs. The Titans would end up with a record of 44-25-3 and 91 points which put them by far in the playoffs as the Express were not even close to them in the European Conference. During this season, again Axelsson wanted that 100 point plateau which he crushed by a good margin. In fact, his 47 goals and 63 points would put him at 110 points for the season. In addition, his +66 was very impressive. His team would not lead the league, but again, he takes home the hardware that he deserved, the Scott Boulet Trophy as the Top Two Way Forward. He had 352 hits as well which definitely cements the fact that this trophy should be his. The Titans would have to travel to the team that placed above them in the European Conference, the HC Dynamo. This game would end up going 7 games, but in the end, the HC Dynamo would be too powerful for the Titans as they would out the Titans in those 7 games. During the Playoffs, Axelsson ended up having 6 points in 7 games with 2 goals and 4 assists. It was not exactly the Playoff performance from last season, but it was something that was still very solid. It would end way too soon as the HC Dynamo ended up losing in the Victory Cup to the Quebec Meute. Once again, his country would be calling as Team Scandinavia wanted him to play in the last World Cup of his career. Scandinavia would fall to last place, but it was certainly not because of Axelsson. He averaged a point per game with 10 points in 10 games including the 6 goals. He tried to do everything he can, but it was not enough as he was just not enough to get it done. The Scandinavians would be outed short of where they wanted to be as they played Team World in the quarterfinal. They would end up losing 3-1 in that game, so that would be the end of his Career in the World Cup. He had a couple medals, but other than that, it was pretty disappointing for this Swedish forward. He only had 4 penalty minutes and 8 hits in that game. Season 57 - Helsinki Titans Season 57 Regular Season S57 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 50 G | 63 A | 113 P | +76 | 120 PIM | 409 H | 573 SH | 22 SB Season 57 Playoffs S57 VHL - HSK - 9 GP | 6 G | 9 A | 15 P | +11 | 26 PIM | 47 H | 70 SH | 3 SB With Axelsson announcing that Season 57 would be the last season for him, he wanted to make this the best season of his career, and he delivered on that promise. He had 50 goals and 63 assists for a total of 113 points. He also had +76 which is something that is incredible. He also put up 409 hits, something that he has been consistent with throughout his career. His 50 goals would put him 6th in the league as well as his hits would put him 3rd in the entire league. In his last season, Axelsson led his team to a record of 49-20-3 with 101 points, 2nd in the European Conference. Once again to the surprise of no one, he came home with the Scott Boulet Trophy. The Titans would host the Express in the first round of the playoffs, something that the Titans would sweep. However, the second round went less than ideally for them. They would end up losing to the Reign in 5 games which would end the career of Axelsson. He had 15 points throughout the playoffs including 6 goals and 9 assists. This playoff was one to remember for him, but he wished he would have come up with more hardware. Career Stats Career Regular Season S48 VHLM - SSK - 26 GP | 16 G | 17 A | 33 P | +13 | 16 PIM | 64 H | 146 SH | 10 SB S49 VHLM - BRM - 72 GP | 65 G | 64 A | 129 P | +46 | 114 PIM | 309 H | 547 SH | 23 SB S50 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 27 G | 31 A | 58 P | +5 | 96 PIM | 324 H | 359 SH | 38 SB S51 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 28 G | 37 A | 65 P | +54 | 84 PIM | 253 H | 391 SH | 11 SB S52 VHL - CGY - 72 GP | 38 G | 42 A | 80 P | +60 | 136 PIM | 381 H | 421 SH | 23 SB S53 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 45 G | 46 A | 91 P | +36 | 162 PIM | 402 H | 432 SH | 28 SB S54 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 52 G | 46 A | 98 P | +67 | 165 PIM | 363 H | 455 SH | 16 SB S55 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 44 G | 60 A | 104 P | +56 | 82 PIM | 245 H | 558 SH | 19 SB S56 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 47 G | 63 A | 110 P | +66 | 144 PIM | 352 H | 535 SH | 37 SB S57 VHL - HSK - 72 GP | 50 G | 63 A | 113 P | +76 | 120 PIM | 409 H | 573 SH | 22 SB Career VHLM: 98 GP | 81 G | 81 A | 162 P | +59 | 130 PIM | 373 H | 693 SH | 33 SB Career VHL: 576 GP | 331 G | 388 A | 719 P | +420 | 989 PIM | 2729 H | 3724 SH | 194 SB Career Playoffs S48 VHLM - SSK - 9 GP | 10 G | 4 A | 14 P | +5 | 12 PIM | 11 H | 88 SH | 8 SB S49 VHLM - BRM - 6 GP | 6 G | 4 A | 10 P | -1 | 14 PIM | 7 H | 33 SH | 1 SB S50 VHL - CGY - 4 GP | 3 G | 1 A | 4 P | -2 | 8 PIM | 15 H | 23 SH | 1 SB S51 VHL - CGY - 5 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P | -2 | 14 PIM | 15 H | 22 SH | 2 SB S52 VHL - CGY - 7 GP | 5 G | 5 A | 10 P | +1 | 14 PIM | 41 H | 24 SH | 0 SB S53 VHL - HSK - 13 GP | 11 G | 6 A | 17 P | -1 | 38 PIM | 73 H | 95 SH | 8 SB S54 VHL - HSK - 17 GP | 12 G | 11 A | 23 P | +7 | 24 PIM | 100 H | 109 SH | 5 SB S55 VHL - HSK - 12 GP | 7 G | 6 A | 13 P | +6 | 18 PIM | 34 H | 77 SH | 5 SB S56 VHL - HSK - 7 GP | 2 G | 4 A | 6 P | 0 | 12 PIM | 37 H | 38 SH | 2 SB S57 VHL - HSK - 9 GP | 6 G | 9 A | 15 P | +11 | 26 PIM | 47 H | 70 SH | 3 SB Career VHLM: 15 GP | 16 G | 8 A | 24 P | +4 | 26 PIM | 18 H | 121 SH | 9 SB Career VHL: 74 GP | 46 G | 43 A | 89 P | +20 | 154 PIM | 362 H | 458 SH | 26 SB Career World Cup S48 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 1 G | 3 A | 4 P | +3 | 2 PIM | 14 H | 10 SH | 1 SB S50 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 1 G | 0 A | 1 P | -6 | 24 PIM | 45 H | 29 SH | 3 SB S52 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 3 G | 3 A | 6 P | -5 | 16 PIM | 46 H | 55 SH | 5 SB S54 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 8 G | 7 A | 15 P | +1 | 22 PIM | 39 H | 69 SH | 8 SB S56 WC - SCA - 10 GP | 6 G | 4 A | 10 P | -2 | 37 PIM | 52 H | 81 SH | 6 SB Career WC: 50 GP | 19 G | 17 A | 36 P | -9 | 101 PIM | 196 H | 244 SH | 23 SB Career World Cup Playoffs S48 WC - SCA - 3 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 P | +1 | 0 PIM | 2 H | 1 SH | 1 SB S50 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 1 G | 0 A | 1 P | -4 | 2 PIM | 8 H | 6 SH | 0 SB S52 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P | -1 | 2 PIM | 4 H | 6 SH | 0 SB S54 WC - SCA - 3 GP | 4 G | 1 A | 5 P | +3 | 6 PIM | 13 H | 23 SH | 2 SB S56 WC - SCA - 1 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P | -1 | 4 PIM | 8 H | 5 SH | 0 SB Career WC: 9 GP | 5 G | 2 A | 7 P | -2 | 14 PIM | 35 H | 41 SH | 3 SB
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    Canada vs World

    I haven't been following the WJS at all but did just take a look at the recent game. Now there were a few standouts on team Canada and I thought a few on team world as well. Now I'd like to focus on a player from each team that had great games for their perspective clubs. For team World once again, I'm going to talk about my Seattle team mate Mountain Thunder fist. @AdamEss This guy is a beast and I believe he's only going to get better at his game as long as he applies himself. For team Canada my focus is on Dan Wilinsky, @oilmandan an underrated RW for NY. The Bears Thunder fist played a strong game despite his club getting out shot 51 to 24 against a tough offensive team in the Canucks. He still managed an assist and was one of the few players to not be in the negatives when it came to the +/- stat. Mountain was on top of his game once again, dishing out a game leading six hits and blocking eight shots during the match. He led all players in those stats. That should tell you how valuable he is to this WJ team and the Bears. Canada's Wilinsky played a solid but quiet game out there in the clubs victory. No three stars selection but he managed to notch three helpers, was a + 2 in the +/- department and was third on the team/game in shots with seven. On New York he's third in scoring with 22g and 19a in 52 games, on a young club that lacks any depth. But while these two guys' take a back seat to their higher profile team mates, they none the less are both an underrated yet integral part of their clubs success this year, regardless where they are in the standings. 2 + 1 = 3 TPE for the Kiaskov
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    The Quebec City Meute and the curious case of underachieving teams There have been relatively few surprises thus far in the S63 VHL regular season. The top four spots are occupied by the four cup favourites and it's not yet clear who will have home ice advantage in the playoffs, while the lottery teams are about as mediocre to bad as expected. Minor upsets were caused by the Toronto Legion, who continue to give some hope of a wildcard round upset, but they are also relativ ely in line with expectation – the big surprise was that GM Ryan Power chose to build a team in this way in the first place. Instead, perhaps the most unexpected development has been the curious drifting of last year's finalists, the Quebec City Meute. No longer a young and up and coming team, this was expected to be the season the Meute really made a name for themselves. With, on paper, the best defensive pairing in the league in Casey Jones and Colton Rayne, the Meute have certainly kept it tight at the back and Tristan Iseult has benefited as the Shaw and Clegane Trophy favourite given the odd struggles of Norris Stopko. But in terms of goals, there has been a dearth of those, and Quebec finds itself staring at the prospect of a wildcard round to start the playoffs. Only 1 player, Veran Dragomir, is scoring above a point-per-game mark, with 55 in 51 games, despite being the 4th highest forward in TPA league-wide. This is not a new development, as even in high-scoring S62, only one Quebec player (Rayne with 101) cracked the 100-point mark. It's also far from a new development in the VHL in general, with the Meute having a large amount of historic examples to look at with both hope and dread. S42 Cologne Express When I look at the current Meute, the S42 Express is the first team that comes to my mind. Three seasons on from coming away with the top two picks in the highly stacked S40 draft, Cologne appeared in the same state of mediocrity. Their top scorer was Thomas O'Malley, with 78 points by some distance the lowest of his career (he'd end up being one of the few 900-pointers in VHL history). They had 85 points, some way behind the three favourites New York, Quebec, and Helsinki. Then lo and behold, the Express turned up the style in the playoffs, won the franchise's only championship, and shook off the offensive shackles going forward. In S43 and S44, they became the VHL's most entertaining team, O'Malley twice leading the league with 50+ goals and 130+ points, and a host of other forwards from Bismarck Koenig to Christoph Klose to Xin Xie Xiao all benefiting. They lost two straight finals, but overall are definitely an example of how things can still turn around for Quebec. S41-S42 Helsinki Titans At the same time as Cologne found a way out of their strange mire, their European rivals in Helsinki provide a cautionary tale of how things might never get better. A much hyped team which accumulated highly rated young players like James Faraday, Don Draper, and Jake Wylde never really got going, despite high TPE levels. In Season 41, the Titans won a playoff series but went out to Riga in the conference finals, after a very mediocre regular season where their top scorer, Faraday, only had 73 points. Things improved in S41 when Helsinki got a first-round bye and Faraday got up to 98 points, followed closely by Naomi Young on 95, but this more promising regular season was followed by another conference final defeat. The Titans then blew things up and although that rebuild ended with back-to-back cups in S45 and S46, that was little consolation for the players who put the effort into a couple very disappointing runs. S61-S62 HC Davos Dynamo Of course, Quebec doesn't have to look that far back for examples of a similar situation. The recent version of Davos broke an uncharacteristically long cup drought but was still an odd team. They never really excelled in the regular season and lived life on the edge in the playoffs, despite getting over the line in S61. The Dynamo were led by Gabriel McAllister, his generation's finest player, but he didn't crack the 100-point mark during his time in Switzerland, again despite a very high-scoring S62 league-wide. Now back in Seattle, McAllister is back to his best, cementing his first ballot Hall of Fame career with likely another Scotty Campbell Trophy. Similarly, Joseph Bassolino, probably Davos' second best player, struggled to make an impact on the league in his Dynamo days, but a move to Riga (and defence) puts him currently second in league scoring, 86 points through 51 games already being a career best. It may be that Quebec still manage to pull off a Continental Cup win in the next season or two, but for guys like Dragomir, Beau Louth, and Samuel Gate, perhaps their best chances of individual success lie elsewhere. So which will it be? Will the Meute go the Cologne route of it all coming together suddenly and gloriously or will this be the modern day Helsinki – good on paper, but underachieving on the ice? Or perhaps they'll go for the middle route – the team succeeds but the players do better when they move on. It could still go any way.
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    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

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    @BOOM™ You already have your glorious sigs, but I wanted to do a thing.
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    Thanks daad. I appreciate the thought. I will set up a rotator for my sigs and will definitely include it.
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    Semi-Live S64 VHLM Draft Rankings

    This was discussed, but it’s tough to say you cannot create a position you want to when people do go inactive, sometimes when you never thought they would. Cole Mertz was someone that earned like crazy last season then dropped off completely. Had someone like Stoffiday been told he couldn’t create a goalie because there’s too many, he wouldn’t be getting a chance in Davos to be their starter next season. The only thing we can do is make them aware of the situation, and that they have a month from creation to switch to being a skater.
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    Live S64 VHL Draft Rankings

    Fixed, I think. Thanks again! You're hurting yourself, now. Let him go. :( Thanks, @Tyler. Trying to be some sort of @Tagger 2.0, with a shittier accent but a bit more free time.
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    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    Tagging Halifax' GM @ShawnGlade Maybe we can sign a center? Welcome to the VHL @Goalieguy you would probably play on the 2nd line in Halifax but I'm not the one making lines.
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    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    Honestly, I'll throw him on 2nd right away if he's ok with me sliding him to wing temporarily. Could even double him up - 2nd wing and 3rd C. Anyway, offer is sent.
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    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    About to send shortly, if he hasn't picked - Fridays aren't a day where I'm generally going to be able to do much after about 8-9 am (when I go to sleep), unless I happen to catch it during the time I'm getting ready for work (and then when I'm at work, after 7 pm, I'm usually able to do things again depending on patient flow). I'm at work now, we have an ambulance pending and we're short staffed, but I'll send one when I can.
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    (S64) C - Carter Donald, TPE: 30

    Saskatoon can offer you fourth line minutes with the ability to move up our roster, and we’re in a healthy playoff position! Tagging @Dtayl, he’s SSK GM.
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    S62 All-VHLM Teams

    Sorry about how late this is, Bana and I forgot about posting it. Here's the first ever All-VHLM teams, for season 62! First Team - May claim 2 TPE Uncapped F - Karl Von Moltke @alecbama F - Shawn Shawinganen @Cornflakers F - Julian Borwinn @Jubo07 D - Shawn Glade @ShawnGlade D - Lando Baxter @Elhandon G - Alexander Pepper @Sonnet Second Team - May claim 1 TPE Uncapped F - Jose Gonzalez @Jose Gonzalez F - Dan Willinsky @oilmandan F - Chace Trepanier @ChaceT D - Burnt Toast @Toast D - Tzuyu @tfong G - Kallis Kriketers @hedgehog337
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    S63 WJC Gold Medal Game: Asia vs Canada

    Obviously more
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    Riga Reign and Team Europe forward Mikka Pajari recently spoke to the media following a heart breaking overtime loss to Team Asia that will send Team Europe into the Bronze Medal game against Team World in the World Junior Championship. He had the following to say. The top six of Europe controlled much of the play during the game as Europe demonstrated far more of a complete team game. Elias Dahlberg, Pajari and Vaydar Odinsson combined for 27 shots on net during the game. But it was the timely and clutch goal scoring of Kisshan Shan, who led all players with 13 shots on net during the game. However nobody on Asia had more than 5 shots otherwise, as it was the Kisshan Shan show. As Europe resets, the top six looks to not get upset again by another underdog Team World in the Bronze Medal game.
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    S63 WJC Semi-Finals: Asia vs Europe

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