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    Brick Wheels

    v2 rework Shit went off the rails here. Still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. CnC @BladeMaiden
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    The VHL's close community

    As Carles Puigdemont is planning on entering the league and receiving his first contract offers, he has already received some texts from GMs and players welcoming him to the league, and it’s no secret that the VHL does this regularly. The truth is that the VHL is a very close league, players and GMs stick for each other and have been doing that for years, and that’s why it’s such a successful league that attracts many players yearly and has been going on for 11 years. Puigdemont, coming from the Spanish Ice Hockey League, has been extremely surprised with this, as the hockey community in Spain is nowhere near as big as the VHL’s community and not as tight either. Quoting him “I didn’t expect the welcoming that I’m getting here, it is definitely my favorite thing about taking the next step and joining the VHL”. The community combined with the excellent pay that players can earn here in the VHL makes it a top destination for players all over the world, and many kids dream that one day they will get to be playing in the big stadiums in the VHL, or even in the VHLM.
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    Mock Draft

    Alrighty I’m gonna do a quick mock draft. (First 6 Picks Dont hate me this is my opinion. 1. Ryan Sullivan Jr. @Advantage D |6’6”|220lb|YUK Almost a no brainer at this point Ryan Sullivan Jr. is going 1st overal. He’s been leading the draft class since I’ve joined (and probably earlier) and there was not many close to him. He’s a big kid weighing 220lb at 6’6”. He’s a forced to be reckoned with on the ice. He has 80 skating already which is absurd. He has excellent passing and amazing defensive abilities. Top of my list no doubt. ACTUAL RANKING: 1 2. Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax LW|6’3”|196lb|OTT Damn this can f*cking shoot. He’s top of the league in goals for a reason. Other than that he is also second in points. He’s speedy, tough, and has a great defensive ability. You could probably not go wrong picking him at 1st but we have him here at 2nd. ACTUAL RANKING: 6 3. Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 C|6’1”|187lb|LVA Call me biased since he’s my teammate but he’s one heck of a player. Good skating, great passing, decent shot, and good defensive ability. Put him up this high due to activity. Other people in his position seem to only be claiming welfare or either quite away down when comparing TPE. Solid pick at 3rd. ACTUAL RANKING: 7 4. Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby C|6’8”|140lb|YUK Ignoring the fact this guy is a f*cking twig,(Jesus 240lb at 6’8”) he is a solid center. He is racking up points like there’s no tomorrow. He’s fast, good scoring, good play making, and a great defensive ability. He has dropped down the rankings due to only claiming a little tpe in the last few weeks compared to others expected to go in the first round of the draft. ACTUAL RANKING: 3 5. Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden G|6’7”|247lb|SSK One heck of a goalie. Definitely best goalie in this draft. Wahl has proven he is an absolute tank and a snipers worst nightmare. Only reason they have dropped so far down is due to their position. ACTUAL RANKING: 2 6. Piotr Jerwa @majesiu D|6’3”|218lb|SSK A solid defenceman who is an offensive threat. This kid can absolutely rip the puck aswell as send a beauty of a pass. Not only that he has probably one of the best defensive abilities in this defensively packed draft class. Reason for the drop in ranking is inactivity and not claiming TPE very actively compared to other players. ACTUAL RANKING: 4 Again please no hate this is my opinion on who I would pick in which order. Obviously teams who pick in certain positions have different needs. This is just my opinion. If you would like to rearrange this to away you think is better, please feel free to!
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    Mock Draft

    Dahlberg is a steal at second
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    So there have been a lot of articles recently where people have gone through the roster of the brand they're on, which is fine but limited in its scope as it's only ever going to highlight one team. It's an easy enough article to do of course, but it's not covering a lot of guys, and if certain brands do this type of article more than others, it ends up that a bunch of guys aren't covered. To an extent, this is offset by the articles that talk about a few players from each team, but when that's been done, it's been the top 5 earners usually, unless there's a $0 player of note. The combination of both these types of articles lead to a minor blind spot over the players who are some of the stronger ones in their brand, but signed for a lower contract for the sake of the team (unless, again, they've signed for $0 and that's been noted in someone's article). Let's fill the blind spot, shall we? 1. True North There are two categories I'll primarily be looking at for this article: those with $0 contracts and those with small money contracts. True North only has one $0 contract on the books at the moment, which is Karl Von Moltke of the Calgary Wranglers. Moltke certainly isn't the best $0 player in the entire competition, of course (that would likely be Gabriel McAllister, who will be covered later) but he's still a pretty hefty steal at $0. Any player at $0 is a steal by definition, so even though Moltke is the lowest in terms of points out of the people selected here, he still qualifies as a steal by virtue of the contract. This team is getting a guy who has put up 36 points in 59 games for free. The best small money contract on True North, value-wise, is almost certainly Moltke's linemate, Evan R. Lawson. At $250k, Lawson is just under a point per game pace (a pace he reached last season) and contributes about 500 practice hours to the team. This is a young team and there aren't a lot of high TPE vets, so Lawson ends up being the pick. 2 Ubuyalot Games This team's contributions to the underappreciated player list are some of the biggest members and best players in the league. The best $0 player on Ubuyalot Games is Gabriel McAllister who was discussed earlier, and is one of the most decorated VHL players of all time, with a trophy cabinet that rivals some entire franchises. McAllister is one of the best players in the league (currently leading the league in points with 107) and could have commanded any price he asked for, but he signed for $0 to help this brand out. Among contracted players, the one that stands out the most is Mats Johnsson, one of the top defensemen in the league, for $750k. Johnsson seems like he takes home at least one award per season and so far this season he's put up 84 points, second highest defenseman in the league behind Joseph Bassolino but Johnsson has a more well rounded game. Still, when you have the opportunity to nitpick between the 3rd highest scorer in the league and the 6th, I don't think anyone's really about to complain either way. 3. Netflex We go from the team with Gabriel McAllister at $0 to the team without a single player at $0. Netflex has yet to find anyone to play for them without compensation, which might actually be fine as they do meet the positional minimums just from their paid spots, but it's interesting that the whole bottom section of their roster is blank. Now that's not to say the team is bad, far from it (none of the brand teams are bad since we're stuffing 14 teams into 6) but just that the $0 spots are blank. As for money spots, it seems like the biggest steal is probably Samuel Gate at $750k, although Sebastian Ironside at $1m certainly puts up a case. Ironside far outranks Gate in terms of points, putting up 82 as compared to 41 (exactly double) but Ironside is a forward so it's more expected of him, and Gate has a decent contribution in other areas, plus he's still one spot cheaper than Ironside. Both are pretty strong steals compared to their money, however. I'll count this as Ironside for the totals at the bottom. 4. Viking The next best $0 player is found on Viking, where Keaton Louth has provided his services for free in order to lock up some money for Beau to play on the same team. With 84 points so far, Louth is one of the best players in the league, and were it not for McAllister, Louth would have easily locked up the best player on $0. Viking actually has a lot of depth at $0, as Jack Shephard and Sergei Komarov are also rather impressive players to land at that price (or lack thereof). As for paid steals, it has to be Vaydar Odinsson, at his $1m price tag. A man with the type of name you'd expect from a Viking endorsement, Odinsson is performing strongly in his rookie season, 71 points in 59 games, good for 12th in the league and tied with Julian Borwinn for best rookie point total. Considering there was a debate at the beginning of the season as to whether Odinsson would promote or stay down with Ottawa another year, it seems as though promoting him was the right choice. 5. Haterade Haterade has two players on $0, and it's not particularly difficult to decide which is the bigger steal. With no disrespect intended to Cole Mertz, he may not play much in the tournament, as Tristan Iseult will be the starter and Mertz will have to battle with Finn Davison for backup minutes. Adam Warlock, on the other hand, is just over a point per game (with 60 points in 59 games) and is another unexpectedly good player to be on a free deal. This is a strong defensive team all around (Colton Rayne and Joseph Bassolino share the blue line with Warlock) so it's good for them to be able to lock up Warlock for free and add to a position of strength. Similarly to Netflex, Haterade actually has a debate as far as the biggest steal. Jeff Gow is a possibility, but we'll go with Otto Axelsson here. Axelsson has slightly fewer points (49 to Gow's 55) but is signed to slightly cheaper ($500k to $750k) and is locked up for two seasons rather than one. Fortunately, the difference between Gow and Axelsson won't change their spot in the final paragraph, so it doesn't hurt them to go with the slightly lower points guy here. 6. Jolt Juice Jolt Juice has an obvious choice at $0, as there's only one player on the roster at that price, Lando Baxter. Baxter is a good player, probably somewhere around the level of Moltke for True North, but obviously isn't on the same level as McAllister or Louth. Still, anyone that plays for $0 is bound to be a steal for their team, and Baxter's 32 points in 59 games point to an adjustment period after promoting to the VHL but still finding ways to contribute. Their steal among paid players is also an obvious choice. The Charm on a $500k contract pretty clearly outweighs the others in this regard. Perhaps an argument could be made for Sergei Kovalev, a good player in his own right, but The Charm has 66 points to Kovalev's 59 and since both are forwards, a more direct comparison such as this can be made. Kovalev is admittedly pretty strong at two way play as well, but he doesn't have much of a gap on The Charm in that sense, certainly not enough to overcome both the points gap and the difference in contract. These teams are listed in no particular order, this isn't a ranking at all just a list of the biggest free steals and paid steals for each team, and how they compare to other teams' free and paid steals. Now that the list is complete, it could be more easily analyzed as far as a ranking is concerned. Ubuyalot Games almost certainly would be the top team in this particular aspect, with McAllister and Johnsson, two of the top six in points in the league. Viking would be next with Louth and Odinsson, 5th and 12th. Then there's a good gap after these two to Haterade at third, with Warlock at 21st and Axelsson at 36th. Jolt Juice is next with Charm at 18th and Baxter at 56th, and just by default I'll put True North ahead of Netflex solely by virtue of having a representative in both spots. True North is in 34th and 51st with Lawson and Moltke, and if we use Ironside for Netflex rather than Gate, we get 8th which is a pretty great showing for one guy, but they're at the bottom by default as there are no $0 players on their roster. 1529 words, 3 weeks of claim
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    True North Ad - John Madden [1/2]

    Hey guys. Sorry if this isn't up to par. I did this over three times but the first time I forgot to save and the second time it got corrupted. I didn't have time to put the additional effort in the last time and rushed a little bit. Hopefully it's still enough to claim for doubles week.
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    Halifax 21st Press Conference

    1. It doesn’t really really matter to me. 2. Right now I don’t really have one. 3. A great goal scorer. 4. It allows me to get ready for the pros. 5. I haven’t been drafted yet 6. Nobody is expecting much of you. 7. Not really 8. Las Vegas 9. It is a very cool and unique name 10. To get 10 points and 5 goals
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    Brand Podcast

    Covering two issues that I think could be looked at with the brands. It's a bit of rambling given that I'm spending most of the time focusing on the road haha. Also, just got embedded mate
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    Brand Podcast

    This definitely gave me a couple thoughts of things we can do, going forward, to help keep brands relevant. Regarding some of the issues you brought up: Plan going forward is to hire a member to oversee everything. I've already got templates set up for fairly easy maintenance whenever that is done. Players are able to move around, and that might cause some fun when brands have openings to potentially poach players from other brands Roster sizes will be interesting, because while there's not many openings, there still are a fair amount. What I've been thinking might happen is that the unpaid slots are removed, and up to 4 more paid slots get added, giving new members a chance to sign as well. We'd have to see some serious recruitment to surpass the currently available slots, and it will take a bit before the numbers catch up and force an expansion in the Sponsor's Shield.
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    Starting in the VHL podcast

    Hey guys, I thought that making a podcast about my first impressions and also what it is like to join the VHL right now would be kind of interesting, so here it is. Not a native speaker so forgive my mistakes and sorry about the pauses:) https://soundcloud.com/eudaldkp/vhl-podcast/s-aswXR
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    The VHL's close community

    let it be known that Carlos is a product of being a Madrid Thunder fan way back yonder year and always dreamed of making it to the VHL
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    Netflex 💪 [1/2]

    Review: Not a bad edit, but I feel like it's kind of overedited. The effects may be a tad bit too much although I have to say that the blending off the logo with the shirt was well done and it looks good. Overall, I'd say that if you lowered the effects a little bit and maybe made the letters of "Diljodh" smaller it would be a great image.
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    ad [1/2]

    Review: Awesome ad, there isn't much more to say except that it is amazing. Really well done, looks like a real ad. The effects that you put on the image are very well fitting and the font and logo just look professional. The blending of the team's logo with the shirt is super well done. Really great job.
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    Diljodh [1/2]

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    Motivation Over the past year or so, @Fire Hakstol has been constantly asking me why I don't update my player. The truth was, I had no motivation to do so. I know doing welfare and updating takes maybe 20 minutes a week, but if I don't care to check the game threads to see how my player or team is doing, what is the point? I haven't followed the VHL much at all over the past 10 seasons, and have no idea who has been good over the past few seasons, other than knowing that Calgary finally broke its cup drought. The league went through a rough patch over the past 2 years, with every member of blue team taking turns disappearing for 3 months, the removal of the stupid 2 player system, and the VHL shifting from 10 to 8 teams, in a clear sign of a downward slope. The league was so inactive at one point that I held on for seasons as Calgary's GM openly looking to step down, only to be temporarily replaced by Kesler before taking reigns of the team again after being pissed at Kesler's stupid trades that crippled the franchise. On top of that, I felt as though there was nothing exciting going on in the league, and figured why should I bother to continue putting effort into a dying fake hockey league. I am happy to see that the VHL is once again on the upswing, thanks to some great moves made by the league's leadership. I haven't been following things too closely and I am probably missing a lot of important contributors. @Will and anyone else who helped have done an outstanding job modernizing the VHL with the league portal, as updates are so much less of a pain than before, and doing everything else like signing contracts and trades on the portal helps expedite all league moves and puts less of a burden on the commissioners. Additionally, the league desperately needed some new members to step up with many of the old guard hanging on for years, and @Beaviss has gotten the job done with some outstanding recruitment drives on reddit along with being a great VHLM commish, so hats off to him as well. Like I said, I am probably missing many other key contributors, but I am happy to see the league has a ton of active new members, with drafts being historically deep and changing the entire GM game from how it was for me 20 to 30 seasons ago. There is once again competition and excitement to be a VHLM or VHL GM, rather than a lack of candidates like before, which is great to see. I used to be that guy, as in someone who was super active and helped the VHL grow. I was a very active VHLM commish for 2 years and implemented a lot of new changes to help league activity. I was also one of the most active VHLM and VHL GMs for a number of years, creating some really fun teams to play on in Yukon and Calgary. I also was a member of the Board of Governors, and did lots of little things to help the league grow, like creating the new member guide, and organizing ads for the VHL on reddit, twitter, and elsewhere. I hope I get the motivation back to turn into that guy again, because it was a lot of fun, and I hope I was a helpful cog in the league's growth. P.S. @diamond_ace was the only @VHLM GM to give me a contract offer, so I now have motivation to make the rest of you pay come playoff time.
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    I actually thought that was a joke too...traditional 3rd line centers are typically seen as "gritty" players.
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    If I had my expansion team, I would have offered you a spot!
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    Brick Wheels

    This is like an acid trip gone right! I love it @.sniffuM and thanks for your hard work, you have some serious skills
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    Welcome Eudaldkp!

    Welcome to the VHL, Eudaldkp! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player and get you started. We also highly recommend joining the VHL Discord where there is a channel dedicated to helping new members with any questions that they may have about the league or improving their player. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in touch with you about joining their teams. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you have here or in your create-a-player thread. We're happy to have you in the community and we hope you stick around!
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    Mock Draft

    If people won't stop talking about my inactivity I might very well go that route 🙃
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    You what know. 5 teams. It's staying 5 because fuck you Ubuyalot. (It's actually because im incompetent at making graphics and due to things, it stays how it is.)
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    Brick Wheels

    Might be the drugs talking, but I love this @.sniffuM
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    Official Drunk/High Thread

    Also, @CowboyinAmerica I thought that was your hand for a second and wondered what the fuck.... but then I remembered you got engaged last winter and felt happy for you! Congrats again man!
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    Fun fact: I added ONE point to penalty shots before this game. I like to think that made the difference @Quik 😉
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    Shawn Glade Press Conference

    1. Prolly 3: regular season champs, conference champs, and CONTINENTAL CUP CHAMPS BABY 2. The competition. I can't skate circles around everyone anymore and it's harder to be good 3. Dunno, I hope so 4. Hard to say but I have confidence and some tricks up my sleeve so we'll see 5. Ryan Kastelic. He's just so good and really easygoing guy 6. I'm better than their whole team. Play me 1v5 and I'll still win 4-0
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    Americans officially eliminated from playoff contention. See y'all next season, Titans. That'll be a fun rivalry in the future!
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    JJuice Ylonen Card

    I don't know who let you on the ice but get back to the bench
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    JJuice Ylonen Card

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    Live S64 VHL Draft Rankings

    Proud to be on the VHL rankings baby 🔥
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    A podcast about brands (not Pod Cast)

    https://www86.zippyshare.com/v/TGHVKsne/file.html 3+1 TPE
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    Mark Gebauer heading to UB Games

    As of today young German center, Mark Gebauer has signed a contract with UB Games to be part of their team and represent the Brand. This was overshadowed by him also moving from Ottawa to Saskatoon but we are going to focus on UB games first and what that moves means for the upcoming prospect. First of all Mark can be happy to be receiving any kind of endorsement money since he was unsigned so far but it is bittersweet since he is one of the lowest paid players in the Team as well as the league in general even though he has been putting up numbers in Ottawa and has proven himself to be one of the top prospects and future draft picks. Playing on UB games allows Mark Gebauer to play side to side with some of the leagues biggest talents such as Gabriel McAlister, Jaspar Canmore and Edwin Preencarnation, these 3 are the most stacked line in the entire sponsorship shield tournament and will for sure be making a lot of noise the question only is if there is enough depth in the other lines to keep up with the opponents and let these three players be the force that wins the game. Norris Stopko one of the best if goalies the league has will be sharing the net with Brick Wahl the goalie with an attitude who is also part of Marks new team in Saskatoon, and for sure is a welcome face to see back in the net making his incredible saves, this gives UB incredible strength at the goalie position which might enable them to win close games by just having their incredible goalies stop some normally guaranteed goals which will allow them to edge out the win. All in all Mark can be happy to be playing for UB since he will have a chance to learn from the best and mingle with the starts and his low salary should not be the main focus when evaluating what he is getting out of this deal but rather the fun times and the experience he will gather along the way. He has already expressed that he is happy about this opportunity and he sees it as a step in a process to become a better more well-rounded player in the future and that he is happy to share the ice with legendary Gabriel McAllister before he retires. The other move that has had people talking is Mark Gebauer leaving Ottawa. Ottawa sadly won't be a real contender in the playoffs this year as they are just lacking veteran players at the moment but since they got Mark without spending anything on him it was incredible what they were able to get out of having found this prospect and maybe even though mark won't be wearing their jersey anymore he might be responsible for ushering in a new era in Ottawa by allowing them to become a dominant force through the next draft. We talked to Mark after the trade was made public and hew as very sad that he had to leave behind Ottawa and all the great friends that he has there but he is also more than happy to be heading into his future and hopes to continue scoring.
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    I’ll be honest – I haven’t paid a lick of attention to the Sponsor’s Shield tournament. A lot of it is probably because my player is due to retire at the end of this season, making multi-year contracts and money completely and utterly worthless. It’s also because I’m extraordinarily bad at multi-tasking, and when the VHL season is in full swing, I don’t focus on much else. But with the darkness comes the dawn: I’m probably the single best person to give an unbiased power rankings, because I literally haven’t looked at the completed rosters before today. I also have looked at them for precisely 10 seconds a piece, so I am able to give roughly the same level of analysis that you’ll find on your local Bleacher Report blog. And with that in mind, here’s my initial thoughts on how the tournament will break down. If even one of these selections ends up being accurate, I’ll consider myself lucky. 1. Haterade At this particular point in the VHL season, the top five MVP contenders are likely forwards Gabriel McAllister, Podrick Cast and Matt Thompson, defenseman Joseph Bassolino, and goalie Tristan Iseult. The Haterade squad has four of those five, and the one they don’t have is the retiring old man. That doesn’t seem very fair, but it’s the nature of the beast – add in excellent players like Dragomir, Rayne and Bailey, and this one could very well be over before it starts. 2. Viking A good combination of younger and older players gives Viking some well-rounded depth that should be able to be the Seattle to Haterade’s Riga. I always start with who’s in goal in these sorts of tournaments, and featuring Roger Sterling gives Viking a way to compete right off the bat. Malenko and Kane might very well be the top defensive pairing in the tournament, as does having young offensive stars like Smirnov and Odinsson. Add in both Louths, and there’s a lot to like here. 3. Netflex How far can defensive ability take you? If I were to have a power rankings within a power rankings, I would put the order of importance as goalies, scoring then defense for what you want with a tournament like this. Netflex seems to be going all for keeping the puck out of the net through, with stars like Kiaskov and Malenko manning the blue line, and even its first line forwards containing a converted defenseman in Ironside. A lot is going to depend on Kriketers here – he’s going to have to do much better than his season .915 save percentage for the team to have a legit title chance. 4. Ubuyalot The opposite of depth, this team has the four highest TPE players in the league… and I’m not even sure two full lines. I’m absolutely biased here, but I do think coming off a potential MVP season, Gabriel McAllister can solve a lot of problems. So can Norris Stropko, who I refuse to believe is as bad as his .916 save percentage this season. All in all, I see a scenario where the first line of Canmore, McAllister and Preencarnacion has each of the three near the top of round robin individual points, but the lack of depth means an early playoff exit. 5. Jolt Juice This is the young “if everything comes together” team. Players like Crosby, Davis, McWolf and Pepper have the raw ability to be stars in the VHL in the next season or two, but they haven’t yet had their time to break out. Could this tournament be it? There usually is one or two players that use these offseason tournaments to put everything together, and if the young players get going, Jolt Juice could surprise a few people. But for now, I think they’re a year or two away. 6. True North The bad part about power rankings is that somebody has to be last, but I certainly don’t think this team can’t compete. On the contrary, I think Shawn Brodeur is better than his current save percentage, that Arroyo can carry a team on his own when not a part of the Calgary machine, and that Wilson and Kovalchuk can be one of the top defensive pairings in this tournament in a season or two. But all of that also requires playing up to a potential that hasn’t been seen in practice, and especially this season, it may be asking a lot of the young players.
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    Live S64 VHL Draft Rankings

    TPE changes since last update (Nov. 16) @TMI +18 - the 16th player to reach the 100 TPE threshold, making it 2 full rounds of 100-TPE players @Nykonax +8 @Rocketman04 +8 @kayfabe +8 @caltroit_red_flames +6 @Poptart +5 @Sohva +4 @Sova +3 @StamkosFan +2
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    @ShawnGlade i thought that was a joke lol
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