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    S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Pre-Draft HYPE! TONIGHT at 8 PM EST. Use thread to discuss S64 VHLM Draft or talk the draft up on our league discord: HERE! @Members
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    You haven't paid attention in like 10 seasons.
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    The Ottawa Lynx got the steal of the draft when they selected Gritty the greatest mascot in the history of the world in the third round of the VHLM Dispersal Draft. Considering the current low tpe and past few players flaming out from the eaglesfan agency, it is understandable to see why Gritty fell so far. However, there is always potential for Gritty to do great things, as I was a super active member once upon a time. My very first player was selected by the Ottawa Lynx in the 3rd round 7 years ago, so perhaps this is a repeat of history. After surprisingly making it to the VHLM Finals thanks to the spirit of Gritty, the overmatched on paper Lynx just couldn't close things out in the finals. Things will be different this year, as Gritty will have had a ton of time to earn tpe by the time the season starts, and he is excited to help lead the Lynx to another cup final, making them continue to be the greatest VHLM franchise.
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    My Retirement

    Collecting 18 TPE over the course of a season unfortunately does not translate to much of a position in a teams depth chart. Gotta work for what you want. Good luck with the eSports venture.
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    Player Cards

    Yeah, I’ve already started a template. Don’t think there’ll be bios, probably just biometrics and vhl stats on the “back” but they should be solid as HOF images
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    A reminder, VHLM draft at 8 PM EST tonight!
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    VHL Draft Preview [1/2]

    With the New York Americans winning the draft lottery, they now hold the #1 and #3 overall picks in the upcoming draft. What prospects will be taken in this years draft? What do certain teams need? Lets take a look at what the New York Americans can use with their first overall pick: 1- Ryan Sullivan Jr. Not really a big surprise here. He is the overwhelming TPE leader, with a grand total of 298 TPE, compared to the second highest total at 256. The Americans would have to be foolish to not take him, and in this situation I would have them passing on Dahlberg. Sullivan is too good to pass up on. 2- Elias Dahlberg Even though Brick Wahl has more TPE than Dahlberg, Dahlberg was just far too good this season in the VHLM, and he carried his squad all the way to the finals with some help from their goaltender Finn Davidson. HC Davos Dynamo are in serious need of absolutely anything they can get if they want to be good anytime soon. With this pick I can also see them potentially taking Brick Wahl. However, they have three goalies already, and it's not like they have good players and just a weak pair of goalies. They are weak all around with the exception of The Charm, so I expect Dahlberg to become the new face of their franchise. 3- Brick Wahl If I were the GM of the New York Americans, I would trade down a pick or two. The next two prospects are elite goaltenders, but the Americans already have Ismond Kingfisher, a strong goaltender on his own. However, the gap between Brick Wahl and the next available player that isn't a goalie (Piotr Jerwa) is too large of a difference to reach for with the third pick. If I were New York, I would package this pick for the seventh pick, and then maybe Calgary can add in a player like Karl Von Moltke to complete the deal. 4- Piotr Jerwa I said that New York didn't really need a goalie that badly with their pick, and that same logic applies to Toronto as well, only much more seriously. Toronto has three goalies, and their backup goalie has a whopping 510 TPE. They really don't need a goalie, and should pass on Finn Davidson with this pick, even though he was incredible in the VHLM Playoffs. The difference between Jerwa and Davidson is only 5 TPE anyways, unlike the difference between Wahl and Jerwa, which was more like 40. Toronto has a solid core of defenseman, but could certainly use another talented player to beef up the D-Core. 5- Joel Ylonen Once again, Finn Davidson falls victim to the fact that most teams are already set and stone when it comes to goaltending. Ylonen has 214 TPE compared to Davidsons 221, so taking Ylonen over Davidson is definitely reasonable. Quebec City only has one center on their roster, so picking up Ylonen will add a center to their lineup that features guys such as Veran Dragomir and Beau Louth. That is my quick projection of the top five. I will probably have an article on why I think Finn Davidson will fall down the draft board a little. If I had to pick one player that will make the biggest contribution, it will be Elias Dahlberg. Not just as of now, since HC Davos Dynamo is terrible, but for years to come, Dahlberg will be a force in the VHL in my opinion.
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    Continental Cups, by player and member

    In the absence of my junior historian, a S63 update is available in the OP. Riga's cup puts myself and @Smarch clear at the top - hey turns out @Beketov that both our last championships had come in S46 before this season. I should have been making a bigger deal out of it. Also recent moves into the double digits by @Tyler and @Green. Only active players with more than 1 cup are Bassolino and Johnsson. So all to play for, along with the fact a lot more new names are already appearing on the list than in the entirety of the 50s.
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    Yukon Rush - Assistant to the GM

    I'd like to be considered. I've started as goalie for Yukon for two seasons and helped to lead us to the playoffs. I love Yukon and all that it is becoming. I'm also the brand exec for Jolt Juice.
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    S64 WJC Commissioners

    @BladeMaiden and I updated the All-Time Stats spreadsheet already. I think there's the GM spreadsheet that would still need to be updated. Sorry to leave you, Bana. But thanks for the opportunity. It really was a fun first job experience and is what led me to try and get more responsabilities!
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    @Quik One thing that has been missing from the Off-Season schedule for some reason since S60 is the VHLM TPE Cut-Off. I remember dealing with guys in the lead up to the draft last season and there was a lot of confusion as to when they could start earning TPE again if they wanted to stay in the VHLM by being below cut-off so it might be worth adding such a date to the schedule.
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    Vegas Welcomes Their Draftees

    The season 64 draft has come and gone. Vegas stepped up to the podium and selected eight players throughout the various rounds. However, prior to the draft; Vegas completed a deal with the Yukon Rush bringing in a highly talented winger. Dan Baillie spent season 63 in Yukon putting up 22 points but has quickly honed his skills becoming a threat this coming season. Going back to Yukon was veteran winger Jessy Thomas and Vegas' 2nd round pick in season 65. Vegas also received Yukon's 6th rounder in season 65. With the 3rd overall selection, Vegas welcomed highly anticipated right winger Matthew Materazo. Materazo comes to Vegas fresh off of winning the Founder's cup in Saskatoon. The young forward put up 2 goals and a +2 in 9 games last season. Look for Materazo to start on Vegas' top line. With the 11th pick, Vegas brought back one of its own in Connor McDavid. McDavid will be looked upon as the Aces top centreman and should have a breakthrough season. With the 15th selection, Vegas welcomed left winger Nico Sulerzyski; a player who has quickly caught the eye of several teams and should climb the ranks as the season progresses. Vegas had two picks in the 4th and 5th rounds respectively selecting depth players; D-Mitch Matthews (22nd overall), LW-Austen Fourier (24th overall), D-Basaraba Moose (25th overall) and G-Joe Nixon (27th overall). Each of their selections were made strategically to strengthen their roster in hopes that they land a breakthrough talent. Joe Nixon looks to backup returning netminder Kevin Weekes and should move into the starting role next season and could even battle for the starting role as the season ages. With their final pick of the draft Vegas selected centre Cal Davidson at 33rd overall. Again, a depth selection, with potential to lock down the 2nd line centre role. Vegas should certainly be a team on everyone's radar in season 64. @wcats @Brolaski @Rocketman04 @ETCanucklehead @Matt_O @speck1447 @Antone10 @Toasty @Bonzaijoe
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    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    We've got a pretty big influx of youth arriving in Helsinki next year, what's your best piece of advice for the new guys? Remain active and join the ride. This team is on a quick rise and it could last several years with many pleyers in place long term. Welcome aboard. What's your favorite story about a teammate that took place over the course of the season? Pepper taking Asia to the gold medal game in the world juniors. Without him they likely finished bottom two of the tourney. Who on the team deserves a pat on the back for their efforts this year? Sidney Crosby. The guy blocked shots like his life depended on it. We spent a large budget on chiropractic therapy. The VHL and VHLM Finals are both currently 3-0; do you think it's possible we see a reverse sweep come back in either - if not, did you think the series would both be so dominated? Answered this too late. The finals were alright I guess. Ottawa making it all the way in the VHLM was hard to watch but the sim does what the sim wants. It was a fun season regardless of the outcomes. If you were to go into a death match fight, and can only bring one weapon or defensive item, what would it be? Rubber chicken. Annoy the opponent until they give up and walk away. What's your favourite show currently still in production? Shameless followed by Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Billions.
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    @Dtayl @ShawnGlade We did it guys! We did what we couldn't do in Hali!
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    Welcome Dvich86!

    Welcome to the VHL, Dvich86! We're happy to have you. You should have received a PM with some more detailed information, but to get started quickly you will want to head over to the "How to Create a Player" topic. That topic will offer you detailed information about how to use the VHL Portal to create your player and get you started. We also highly recommend joining the VHL Discord where there is a channel dedicated to helping new members with any questions that they may have about the league or improving their player. Once your player is made VHLM General Managers will be in touch with you about joining their teams. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you have here or in your create-a-player thread. We're happy to have you in the community and we hope you stick around!
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    1. We've got a pretty big influx of youth arriving in Helsinki next year, what's your best piece of advice for the new guys?  Well I'm not sure what advice to give to myself, yes I'm one of the new guy! Just have fun when your on the ice, play your game and don't try to do too much. 2. What's your favorite story about a teammate that took place over the course of the season? We were at a hotel in Saskatoon and Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15 was stuck naked outside of the room and he had to go to the lobby to ask for a new key. 3. Who on the team deserves a pat on the back for their efforts this year? Julian Borwinn @Jubo07 because he's already over 500 TPE so he must have put a lof of efforts in training 4.The VHL and VHLM Finals are both currently 3-0; do you think it's possible we see a reverse sweep come back in either - if not, did you think the series would both be so dominated? Well I don't understand why Ottawa beat Yukon and considering that Saskatoon beat us (Halifax), I'm not surprised if they sweeps Ottawa. I have no idea about the VHL finals. 5. If you were to go into a death match fight, and can only bring one weapon or defensive item, what would it be? Running shoes. Because I'd run away! I like hitting everyone on the ice, but I don't like fighting to death. 6. What's your favourite show currently still in production?  Maybe Hawaii 5-0, it's the only one that I still watch. Idk why, tv has been really boring lately.
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    [S63] Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    This is this season's voting for the most outstanding player in the VHL - not to be confused with the most valuable player which is the Scotty Campbell Trophy and voted on by the awards committee. The lines can be blurred between the two tbh. Anyway, vote! @Members
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    VHLM Off-season Announcements

    Reminds me of the selfie @pennypenny sent us @Beaviss @Reives @Dtayl @BladeMaiden @pennypenny in the flesh
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    S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    7. OSLO STORM : D - Dallas Jones 8. YUKON RUSH (from Ottawa Lynx): RW - Katie Warren 9. OTTAWA LYNX (from Las Vegas Aces): C - Roll Fizzlebeef
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    VHLM Draft Time!

    VHLM Draft Time!
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    Player Cards

    Let's bring these back like these ones here
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    S64 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    +2 TPE!
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    Player Cards

    @Quik Charge whatever Boubabi used to, for his "special projects" Cha Ching
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    Trying Something New

    Been toying with signatures lately, might as well claim for some TPE
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    S63 Sponsors Shield Tournament Index

    Always good to have someone on the team who already has the client for something else
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    The Big Red Machine [1/2]

    Review: Very funny sig, but also a great one. Both fonts are perfect for the russian style and the Vladimir fade is killing me. Really well done
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    Dahlberg Pre Draft Card

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    thats where its more of a free for all
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    Josh Harris’ New Life

    Josh Harris is a very young player in the best hockey league in the world. He joined Halifax this VHLM season but did not get ice time. He is not mad though because he is only sixteen and they made a run in the playoffs. Josh knows that now hockey is not as easy as it was before and that he is going to have to work hard. Josh is up for the challenge though and he knows that he is a great player who is going to end up being a star in the VHL and end up in the Hall of Fame. Josh is making his family proud and is trusting in God that it is his will for him to be a great player. Josh is probably going to be moving teams because of the drafts that are going on. Josh has a lot of faith in God that the team he is going to is going to really help him in his career and make him a great player. Josh is hoping to make good money and help his family and help his team win a championship and win many MVP awards.
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    Welp it was an underwhelming opening season for JB Rift. It was more of a test the waters rookie VHLM season, as he was playing back up and wound up not getting that many starts. Rift, the GM goalie future for the Toronto Legion franchise will spend another season in the VHLM as he still works on trying to improve and progress his game. Thankfully he'll get plenty of opportunity to do that, as Finn Davison is set to go up to the main roster and Rift will be scheduled to take over full starter duties for Ottawa in Season 64. Ottawa's GM @diamond_ace feels that by having an underrated veteran goalie that he'll be able to get an edge, and do more than just be an underdog in S64. Ottawa is looking to compete and compete hard, so time will tell if Rift can be the backstop Ottawa needs in Season 64.
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    S63 Sponsors Shield Tournament Index

    @Devise Sent 'em off to you
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    Team Success - In New York there was little succes to be found, this takes a toll on total profit but helps around draft season as people get excited for prospects, as we get closer to the draft the amount of people trying to buy season tickets or get player jerseys spikes as local fans get excited. Location - The location in New York is phenomenal with enough people in the city to fill the stadium whether winning or losing, although the team may not sell out due to poor performance the stadium will often get almost completely packed as people love hockey in New York. Venue - Madison Square Garden is the most iconic stadium in North America and due to this the stadium, again, will almost sell out or sell out no matter who is playing, this helps increase the value as the team sells. New York is also in a very good location for hockey as they aren’t far from many other big cities and are rather close to the Canadian border which also brings in a few fans a year. American Economy - With the roaring American economy and the value of the dollar the New York Americans have a huge advantage financially over Canadian and European teams. The American Economy is steamrolling forward due to economic deregulation from president Trump. This economy and rising stock prices helps out the Americans a lot compared to other VHL teams. Player Value - The New York Americans having one of the smaller rosters do have some big names on the roster such as the great defenseman WcWolf. McWolf himself is a huge fan favorite across the league and himself brings in a large amount of money, also when the team uses shirt giveaways or bobblehrsd giveaways using his name, the stadium is a guarantee sell out, McWolf is loved in New York and a definite solid best player for sales. Goalie KingFisher is also a liked player and as well brings in a solid amount of money however it does not come near McWolfs numbers. Summary - The New York Americans are one of the more valuable teams in the league with a total value of 650 million USD a year. If this team was a winning team they could possibly break the 1B mark. Great team financially now they need to translate it on to the Ice. The team also has players that sell, and are working in a strong economy for them, this strong economy brings in so much for the team and helps the team take such a high team value. The teams profts mainly come from jersey sales home game ticket sales and tv pay from companies to broadcast the games. If this team was able to win and charge broadcasters more and bring in more they could easily be the most valued team In the vhl. Estimated Team Value - 650 Million USD Estimated Yearly Profit - 74 Million USD If you have any questions about the evaluation feel free to reply coming next is either Davos or an evaluation of Vancouver, however if you would like to see something else please reply leaving suggestions. If you liked it our have anything to say it about it, again, please leave a reply.
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    S64 WJC Commissioners

    I’m more than willing to take the reigns this year, just need to make sure I have access to all the google docs if your taking me back. I had a lot if fun doing the WJC last year with @McWolf and I’m sorry to hear he won’t be returning! But with this league we always have a lot of awesome active people to help out, I’ll be interested in your final decision.
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    Official Drunk/High Thread

    Stalock went to the same high school in St. Paul as one of the people I was with. Pretty sure he hated us calling his name by the end of the night.
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    Review: Nice article detailing the life of Szita. I know you mentioned that Szita wanted to be the best Hungarian player of all time...who is the current best Hungarian player? It's a shame that Szita was typecast into a specific role while he was younger, but luckily he was able to show his talent as a true player. Szita should have an advantage over some of his peers, as he's played against men in the Erste Liga. Good luck with the rest of your career, and nice start to your VHL career! @FamishedBlanket
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    Carles Puigdemont bio [2/2]

    Review: Ah, the one skater ahead of Smitty Werbenmanjensen in the S65 Draft Rankings 😛 . What a surprise that Carles has been considering "leaving Spain". Love the commentary on essential oils. Overall, I really enjoyed this biography. The story was unique and didn't follow the traditional "he was really good since he was 7 and is now joining the VHL(M)". Congrats on the Founder's Cup win with Saksatoon, and good luck next year and in the draft!
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    Interview with Mark Gebauer [1/2]

    Review: Congrats on winning the Founder's Cup, even if it was against my Ottawa Lynx! I like your quote at the end about how you don't think you're ready for the VHL and most draftees who say they are ready are lying. Keep up the good work, and good luck in the VHL next year.
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    Player Cards

    He was the GOAT of an era and everyone liked him
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    I was thinking about it this morning. I don't get paid enough for this. One Slobo voting coming right up.
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    VHL Bot

    OSL/OTT: S64

    Oslo receives: S64 OTT 1st Ottawa receives: S64 SSK 1st S64 OSL 4th This trade has been accepted by both parties.
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    Time to bomb my draft stock

    right here buddy
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    Time to bomb my draft stock

    bet you a few gms still don't read this or remember come draft day
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    WJC Championship & Award History

    Awards S62 Awards Most Valuable Player: Jake Davis @Reives Top Forward: Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream Top Defenceman: Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock Top Goaltender: Ismond KingFisher @Spade18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S63 MVP & WJC All Star Team MVP - Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet Forwards – Kisshan Shan (ASA) @Kisshan, Dan Wilinsky (CAN) @oilmandan & Roctrion King (CAN) @Romaris Defenseman - Dylan Nguyen (ASA) @Dtayl, Paolo Nano (EUR) @leafsman Goaltender – Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S64 MVP & WJC All Star Team MVP - F- Joey Boucher (CAN) @joeyboucher1 F- Joey Boucher (CAN) @joeyboucher1 F- Matthew Materazo (WOR) @Matt_O F- Gritty (USA) @eaglesfan036 D- Lando Baxter (EUR) @Elhandon D- Dylan Ngyuen (ASA) @Dtayl G- Brick Wahl (CAN) @BladeMaiden
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    IMO Gritty is enough for a reason to have a team in Philly
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    @diamond_ace flexing on Gow’s grade 3 education. Love it!
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    TOR/CGY: S63 off-season

    The underrated part of this deal. A big reason I was willing to move on from such a good pick tbh.
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    Day after Christmas, we're right back at it. I like it. When is the VHLM draft scheduled for, or is that up to the VHLM commissioners?
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