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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    You haven't paid attention in like 10 seasons.
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    VHL Draft Preview [1/2]

    With the New York Americans winning the draft lottery, they now hold the #1 and #3 overall picks in the upcoming draft. What prospects will be taken in this years draft? What do certain teams need? Lets take a look at what the New York Americans can use with their first overall pick: 1- Ryan Sullivan Jr. Not really a big surprise here. He is the overwhelming TPE leader, with a grand total of 298 TPE, compared to the second highest total at 256. The Americans would have to be foolish to not take him, and in this situation I would have them passing on Dahlberg. Sullivan is too good to pass up on. 2- Elias Dahlberg Even though Brick Wahl has more TPE than Dahlberg, Dahlberg was just far too good this season in the VHLM, and he carried his squad all the way to the finals with some help from their goaltender Finn Davidson. HC Davos Dynamo are in serious need of absolutely anything they can get if they want to be good anytime soon. With this pick I can also see them potentially taking Brick Wahl. However, they have three goalies already, and it's not like they have good players and just a weak pair of goalies. They are weak all around with the exception of The Charm, so I expect Dahlberg to become the new face of their franchise. 3- Brick Wahl If I were the GM of the New York Americans, I would trade down a pick or two. The next two prospects are elite goaltenders, but the Americans already have Ismond Kingfisher, a strong goaltender on his own. However, the gap between Brick Wahl and the next available player that isn't a goalie (Piotr Jerwa) is too large of a difference to reach for with the third pick. If I were New York, I would package this pick for the seventh pick, and then maybe Calgary can add in a player like Karl Von Moltke to complete the deal. 4- Piotr Jerwa I said that New York didn't really need a goalie that badly with their pick, and that same logic applies to Toronto as well, only much more seriously. Toronto has three goalies, and their backup goalie has a whopping 510 TPE. They really don't need a goalie, and should pass on Finn Davidson with this pick, even though he was incredible in the VHLM Playoffs. The difference between Jerwa and Davidson is only 5 TPE anyways, unlike the difference between Wahl and Jerwa, which was more like 40. Toronto has a solid core of defenseman, but could certainly use another talented player to beef up the D-Core. 5- Joel Ylonen Once again, Finn Davidson falls victim to the fact that most teams are already set and stone when it comes to goaltending. Ylonen has 214 TPE compared to Davidsons 221, so taking Ylonen over Davidson is definitely reasonable. Quebec City only has one center on their roster, so picking up Ylonen will add a center to their lineup that features guys such as Veran Dragomir and Beau Louth. That is my quick projection of the top five. I will probably have an article on why I think Finn Davidson will fall down the draft board a little. If I had to pick one player that will make the biggest contribution, it will be Elias Dahlberg. Not just as of now, since HC Davos Dynamo is terrible, but for years to come, Dahlberg will be a force in the VHL in my opinion.
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    Continental Cups, by player and member

    In the absence of my junior historian, a S63 update is available in the OP. Riga's cup puts myself and @Smarch clear at the top - hey turns out @Beketov that both our last championships had come in S46 before this season. I should have been making a bigger deal out of it. Also recent moves into the double digits by @Tyler and @Green. Only active players with more than 1 cup are Bassolino and Johnsson. So all to play for, along with the fact a lot more new names are already appearing on the list than in the entirety of the 50s.
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    Yukon Rush - Assistant to the GM

    I'd like to be considered. I've started as goalie for Yukon for two seasons and helped to lead us to the playoffs. I love Yukon and all that it is becoming. I'm also the brand exec for Jolt Juice.
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    S64 WJC Commissioners

    @BladeMaiden and I updated the All-Time Stats spreadsheet already. I think there's the GM spreadsheet that would still need to be updated. Sorry to leave you, Bana. But thanks for the opportunity. It really was a fun first job experience and is what led me to try and get more responsabilities!
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    @Quik One thing that has been missing from the Off-Season schedule for some reason since S60 is the VHLM TPE Cut-Off. I remember dealing with guys in the lead up to the draft last season and there was a lot of confusion as to when they could start earning TPE again if they wanted to stay in the VHLM by being below cut-off so it might be worth adding such a date to the schedule.
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    [S63] Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    This is this season's voting for the most outstanding player in the VHL - not to be confused with the most valuable player which is the Scotty Campbell Trophy and voted on by the awards committee. The lines can be blurred between the two tbh. Anyway, vote! @Members
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    Player Cards

    Let's bring these back like these ones here
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    first try [1/2]

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    Official Drunk/High Thread

    Stalock went to the same high school in St. Paul as one of the people I was with. Pretty sure he hated us calling his name by the end of the night.
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    Review: Nice article detailing the life of Szita. I know you mentioned that Szita wanted to be the best Hungarian player of all time...who is the current best Hungarian player? It's a shame that Szita was typecast into a specific role while he was younger, but luckily he was able to show his talent as a true player. Szita should have an advantage over some of his peers, as he's played against men in the Erste Liga. Good luck with the rest of your career, and nice start to your VHL career! @FamishedBlanket
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    Carles Puigdemont bio [2/2]

    Review: Ah, the one skater ahead of Smitty Werbenmanjensen in the S65 Draft Rankings 😛 . What a surprise that Carles has been considering "leaving Spain". Love the commentary on essential oils. Overall, I really enjoyed this biography. The story was unique and didn't follow the traditional "he was really good since he was 7 and is now joining the VHL(M)". Congrats on the Founder's Cup win with Saksatoon, and good luck next year and in the draft!
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    Interview with Mark Gebauer [1/2]

    Review: Congrats on winning the Founder's Cup, even if it was against my Ottawa Lynx! I like your quote at the end about how you don't think you're ready for the VHL and most draftees who say they are ready are lying. Keep up the good work, and good luck in the VHL next year.
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    Player Cards

    He was the GOAT of an era and everyone liked him
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    S63 Off-Season Schedule

    I was thinking about it this morning. I don't get paid enough for this. One Slobo voting coming right up.
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    VHL Bot

    OSL/OTT: S64

    Oslo receives: S64 OTT 1st Ottawa receives: S64 SSK 1st S64 OSL 4th This trade has been accepted by both parties.
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    Time to bomb my draft stock

    right here buddy
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    WJC Championship & Award History

    Awards S62 Awards Most Valuable Player: Jake Davis @Reives Top Forward: Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream Top Defenceman: Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock Top Goaltender: Ismond KingFisher @Spade18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S63 MVP & WJC All Star Team MVP - Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet Forwards – Kisshan Shan (ASA) @Kisshan, Dan Wilinsky (CAN) @oilmandan & Roctrion King (CAN) @Romaris Defenseman - Dylan Nguyen (ASA) @Dtayl, Paolo Nano (EUR) @leafsman Goaltender – Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet
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    IMO Gritty is enough for a reason to have a team in Philly
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    @diamond_ace flexing on Gow’s grade 3 education. Love it!
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    TOR/CGY: S63 off-season

    The underrated part of this deal. A big reason I was willing to move on from such a good pick tbh.
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    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Alright, so before we get into our claims, I wanted to reiterate that it's important to follow the format posted in the OP to make this easier on whoever's compiling the list. The first sentence of the post reads "You must list your player name and position or else I will not be counting your tpe for you." I don't want to have to start enforcing this in the future. Anyways, hall monitor-time is over, let's give out some TPE! @Devise - 10 TPE @Rocketman04 - 10 TPE @BladeMaiden - 20 TPE @Poptart - 10 TPE @Thranduil - 14 TPE @Quik -16 TPE @Esso2264 - 17 TPE @joeyboucher1 - 11 TPE @nicolas01 - 16 TPE @Nykonax -18 TPE @DilIsPickle - 10 TPE @CurtisG93 - 10 TPE @Eparker24 - 13 TPE @Advantage - 17 TPE @Peace - 14 TPE @TMI - 10 TPE @StamkosFan - 10 TPE @hedgehog337 - 16 TPE @Sova - 12 TPE @Kisshan - 12 TPE @JohnnyT_77 - 18 TPE @Philliefan - 10 TPE @Matt_O - 10 TPE @wcats - 10 TPE @monkeywrench15 - 20 TPE @JG10 - 13 TPE @Stoffiday - 20 TPE @Gooningitup - 15 TPE @Joubo - 17 TPE @Sohva - 10 TPE @majesiu - 20 TPE @RyanZabby - 13 TPE @TacticalHammer - ineligible to claim as a S65 prospect Enjoy!
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