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    It's Spelled "McAllister"

    Now that Ubuyalot has been knocked out of the Sponsor's Shield, I guess it's time for this. I went into McAllister's career figuring that I would make a pure scorer, stay on one team his entire career, and get solid TPE but not break my neck over it. So naturally, I broke the all-time single season hits record, got moved twice directly following playoff runs, and finished with an ungodly amount of TPE due to the cap raising from 9 to 12. Sounds about right. It was a lot of fun though. I'd like to thank my two GMs @Banackock and @Tyler, the large number of people McAllister's been teammates with over the past eight seasons, and the VHL community at large for continuing to make this fun. I'm not as huge of a hockey fan as a lot of people here, but I enjoy the game and the community so much that I keep coming back. And whether it's a player like McAllister who rakes up awards or someone like Olsen who doesn't accomplish too much, I continue to have fun all the same. I'll be gone for a bit before I create a new player - a full-time job, a part-time master's program, a fiancee in med school, and a wedding to plan in May will do that to you. But I figure I'll be back eventually. A happy holidays to all, and see you soon
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    Evan R. Lawson, former CFO of Hank Med, must now add one more former to his title: former LW/C of the Calgary Wranglers. Traded to the Toronto Legion, he will be leaving the franchise he's called home for 5 seasons and that his agent has called home for 30 plus. It's a bittersweet trade, and the bitter side is the more immediately obvious, as Calgary is home (I've never personally been in Calgary but between GMing and player, I've become pretty synonymous with the franchise). From the first draft in S20, where @JardyB10 traded down from the 2nd pick to the 4th pick to get Lars Intranquilo despite the fact that there were 2 players largely considered to be far and away the best in the class (Japinder Singh and Kevyn Hesje, one of which worked out significantly better than the other - plus it meant I got to troll @Sandro for a while about taking Cam Merrill at 3 when I ended my career with 3x the TPE - he needed a forward so it fit the need and looked much more logical at the time than it did in hindsight, but it was fun to bring up). Then 6 seasons later, Intranquilo was nearing the end and I'd proven myself GMing Ottawa (another thing I'm generally known for) so Jardy promoted me to GMing Calgary, which went until S41, seeing Clark Marcellin go down with the ship and Martin Brookside on Cologne for one season at the end after I'd handed the franchise off. Then the mediocre Kerkko Hyvarinen, despite me not being a GM player anymore, was drafted to Calgary by @eaglesfan036because it was the pick that made the most sense at the time. I actually made a 590 after that draft called Coming Home, talking about how happy I was to be back to "my" team, and I'm pretty sure I linked the youtube video to that I'm Coming Home song in there too. For a while, Hyvarinen was on Toronto and I believe was on one of the Threepeat teams, but he'd started off back in Calgary. Then I left for a while while Vaclav Hrdina was in the minors, and Hrdina only played one season in the bigs with Hrdina, with @STZ in New York where we had an interesting experiment that Hrdina would be on the team, but not in the lines, so that when the sim might have been inclined to put in NYA C it would put in Hrdina instead (Hrdina at that point was essentially a throwaway player, and I only kept him to see if I was truly back before wasting the beginning of Lawson). Because of that experiment and how little icetime Hrdina got because of it, I briefly led the league in P/20 and I think I ended up top 10, not bothering to go back and check it. So when Lawson was in the draft, it was only natural that @Bushito drafted me back home. The sweet part is a little more complex, but also shorter to type - if Calgary is home, then I want the best thing that can happen to Calgary to be the thing that happens. Given the direction the team is heading, the best thing for Calgary is if I'm not on it. As tempting as it might have been, I wasn't going to @PensFan101/Vasteras my way into insisting I had to stay on Calgary, because it wasn't best for Calgary. I'm on Toronto now. I hope Toronto knows (and I'm certain @Devise does) that even when I'm on Toronto I'll always be with Calgary in some capacity, even if it's just a support role, but with Calgary out of the playoff picture that essentially means the same thing as loyalty to Toronto at the moment. So to end my tagfest, half of whom aren't even here anymore:
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    Be careful what you wish for.
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    Rookie Sensations

    @Sonnet @BOOM™ ( @Jubo07 & @SidTheKid87, yours are coming next week!)
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    I may not have been Calgary's 1st pick but I beat everyone to the locker room! See you all when you finally get here @Sova, @Ty343 and @Fowll I have finally found my spot "It is the singular location in space around which revolves my entire universe." - Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory A big thank you to all my VHLM GMs ( @Jubo07 , @Peace and @Dtayl) for helping me get here! Also want to thank all the GMs who offered me a place in their organization, it was a a pleasure talking with you all and I sincerely thank you for your consideration. Lastly, thanks to @Bushito for taking a chance on me. I will do my best to exceed your expectations.
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    Depends on what it is that you're not seeing. Is it the 9 active forwards? The guy who is having to scrape by just to stay down, and for some reason you let me get him in the 4th? The 4 deep defense? Or the only established goalie in the league that didn't need to be redrafted? Which of these aren't you seeing? EDIT: As I said in the LR (which you wouldn't have seen) I think this roster is BETTER right now than my S62 one was right after the draft. You know what happened in S62. Do you really want to question the roster knowledge of the guy who's been doing it this long?
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    Quick Review of the VHL Draft

    Now that the VHL draft is officially done with, lets take a quick look at some notable picks and which teams did well. New York Americans To nobody's surprise, Sullivan went first overall to the New York Americans. Despite Elias Dahlberg's incredible talent, Ryan Sullivan Jr. was the best player in this draft, and the Americans picked up a big time defenseman for the squad. With their third pick, they also took Joel Ylonen, who I projected to go fifth. They reached a little bit, but they decided they didn't need a goalie, and didn't bother with drafting Brick Wahl, who had the second highest TPE total. With their tenth pick, they got Ryan Zabby, which was another great addition to their center depth. How did Goalies do? Despite having the second highest TPE total, Brick Wahl dropped to the 12th overall selection in this draft. He was taken by the Calgary Wranglers, who were definitely in need of a goalie. In my draft preview, I mentioned that Calgary may trade up for the third pick with New York to try to take Wahl, and while they didn't trade up, they did end up taking him in the second round. Still, Wahl dropped from where he was projected to land. Finn Davidson dropped even more, although this was understandable. The lack of a need for goalies hurt his draft stock, and caused him to drop to pick #17, despite having the fourth highest TPE total. Davidson has a bright future and HC Davos Dynamo has themselves a really good goalie prospect. HC Davos Dynamo This season was definitely a sad one for the HC Davos Dynamo. Despite finishing in last place, they didn't get the first pick. However, they picked themselves up an elite Elias Dahlberg, fresh off of a finals run while carrying his mediocre team on his back. They also got Piotr Jerwa with the ninth pick, which was a great pickup. He has a total of over 250 TPE and has tremendous upside as well. They got Finn Davidson in net with their third round pick. They also picked up John Madden with their sixth pick, who is a solid winger. All in all, HC Davos Dynamo had a strong draft. Why this draft teaches us a lesson This draft taught us many things if you paid attention to it. For one, it shows that goalies aren't in demand almost at all, and that perhaps expansion to reach 10 teams may be a potential idea. That would let more people reach the VHL and allow more goalies to become starters rather than just backups or even third string goalies. One thing it definitely taught us is that consistently getting nice TPE hauls every week will get you places. I have 99 TPE myself, and was drafted before guys such as Dan Baillie, who has 155 TPE. If you want to succeed in the VHL, you have to at least stay somewhat active and do your point tasks. What player in this draft will surprise us? I'm taking somewhat of a shot in the dark by saying Evgeni Komarov will become really good, if he stays active. He currently sits at 156 TPE and is only 16 years old. He could be really good. I obviously am tempted to say myself, but I think Komarov will emerge as the steal of the draft.
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    Missing someone?
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    [TC] S64 - HC Davos Dynamo

    @Banackock already had a long talk with Thranduil about that. Claiming stuff late to circumvent any kind of cutoff is against the rules and he would be forced into the VHL if he claimed it late.
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    I very much didn't want New York to win any cups after the Tordahl trade, despite managing to swap that pick for a Jardy and getting us to 3 more finals. Not a good time. But then Bentley basically replaced Tordahl (or replaced Low who replaced Tordahl) and it all worked out in the end. Except that playoff series against Quebec. Fuck Waldron. @Hybrid1486
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    Reign Draft VHLM Champion

    It’s official, with the 16th overall pick in the season 64 VHL draft the Riga Reign have selected center Curtis Gary. Playing his first season for the Saskatoon Wild, of the VHLM, Gary recorded 41 points in 72 games (12 goals 29 assists) and led all VHLM players in both goals (8) and points (17) in the playoffs on route to winning his first championship. Expectations are for Gary to stay down in the minors this season as he looks to gain some more experience in order to break onto the scene in season 65. Riga Reign GM @hedgehog337 had this to say about picking Curtis Gary 16th overall, “The first reason is his position. I was eyeing center in this draft too and was hoping he would go to us for that reason . Secondly, he’s looking to do more to gain experience (tpe), which helped his draft stock go up”. When we got a chance to stop Gary amongst all the chaos and celebration, he had this to say, “This is the greatest day of my life, up to this point, to be able to have an incredible year with a championship team in the minors and now to be drafted by the defending VHL champs, it’s huge I’m just so happy and excited for the future.” A long road lies ahead for Curtis Gary and he knows it. “I know I need time to grow some more and I feel being drafted has given me a lot of motivation to gain as much experience this season as I can. The last thing I want to do is let the city, the owner, GM, teammates, and the fans down.” 281 Dec. 17–23
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    This Week in VHL

    With the VHL playoffs coming to an end, many names have shown why they are on top while others have shown why they should be. Let’s take a look back at these games and see what’s been happening across the league. (These stats were taken from Games: 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 29, and 31 of the S63 Playoffs.) Three Stars of the Week: ✯ – Norris Stopko (CGY) – Sporting a .934 Save percentage with 225 shots saved out of 241 over the span of six games, Stopko is unstoppable. This six-season veteran is the main reason why the Calgary Wranglers even got to the finals in the first place. Not much more can be said of this Canadian giant. He’s proven time and time again that he deserves a spot in the VHL Hall of Fame, and I think no one is going to object when his name is thrown into the ballot. As retirement for this gifted goaltender looms overhead and with a young defensive core proving to be their downfall, will we see the Wranglers to give their star player some extra support in the upcoming draft, or look for a new heir to the throne? ✯✯ – Ryuu Crimson (RIG) – Behind every great goal scorer there’s a better playmaker, and that’s exactly what Ryuu Crimson is to Riga’s Edwin Preencarnacion. What a steal this kid has been for Riga, dropping all the way to the start of the second round of the S62 VHL Entry Draft. Registering 5 assists with 1 goal for a Plus/Minus of +2 in only 4 games, Ryuu is here to stay. This winger has it all; The dekes, the shot, and even the body, there isn’t much to improve on for this up and comer. One minor problem is the penalty minutes. Sitting five minutes in the box gave Mister Crimson the fourth most penalty minutes on his team in those four games. Adding 6 more penalty minutes to the rest of his playoff games gives Ryuu a total of 11 Penalty minutes in the playoff, good for third on the Riga Reign. Considering the upside of this kid, though, I feel that five penalty minutes in four games is worth 6 points. ✯✯✯ – Ryan Kastelic – It was a tough choice between Jeff Gow, Evan Lawson, and Ryan Kastelic, but in the end, I feel that Kastelic rose above the competition. Sporting 1 goal and a total of 5 points in four games, Ryan Kastelic finished the week with a +/- of 0. The Reign most likely wouldn’t have gotten to the finals if it wasn’t for players like Kastelic. With this young talent’s prolific offense, most would forget that Kastelic’s first job is that of a defender. A top penalty-killer, Kastelic blocked five shots in his four games. With a great defensive core led by Ryan Kastelic, expect the Reign to focus on offense in the upcoming draft. Notable Mentions: Jeff Gow – Posting up 3 goals and a total of 4 points in 4 games isn’t an easy task, but you wouldn’t think that when watching Gow. Posting a week-leading 27 shots on goal in just four games, this sniper makes sure the puck gets on net. With leaders like Gow and Shepard coming to the end of their career, the Riga Reign will have some offensive shoes that they will need to fill. Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette – A big name in the Meute community, Lespineau-Lebrunette let his team down in their last game against the Riga Reign. Spending 8 minutes in the sin bin is not something Quebec would like to see one of their star defenders doing. As disciplined teams like the Reign push for cup contention, brawler teams like the Meute are falling further and further down the standings. With rumors swirling of a possible trade, the question stands; Will the Quebec City Meute stick to their guns, or jump on a new wave of VHL hockey? Jasper Canmore – Registering 3 points in his 6 games, Canmore is a steady point-scorer. The major problem with his play is his discipline. It might just be the “Finals Jitters” getting ahold of him but registering 22 Penalty Minutes in Calgary’s last 2 games is abysmal. With so much riding on the Wrangler’s star center, you need to stay calm and lead your team from the ice, not the box. Many fingers will be pointed at the 6’8 center when asked about the outcomes of the Calgary’s last two losses, but it’s up to the General Manager, Bushito, to decide the outcome. With Jasper’s lucrative $5,500,000 contract coming to an end this season, many will question whether the grinder deserves another big contract. With big names like Keaton Louth, Mats Johnsson, and Norris Stopko becoming an unrestricted free agent next year, the Calgary will be looking to dump some salary. Is Canmore the answer? Notable Team Stats: Team GP PP PP% PK PK% Calgary Wranglers 6 2/21 9.5% 20/25 80% Riga Reign 4 6/18 33.3% 11/12 91.7% Seattle Bears 3 1/12 8.3% 10/11 90.9% Quebec City Meute 1 0/2 0% 3/5 60% Ups and Downs: Calgary Wranglers – Anyone would be proud of getting to the semi-finals and the Wranglers are no exception. With a solid tender between the sticks, and a veteran offensive core, the Calgary Wranglers have the building blocks to create a dynasty. With 5 contracts coming to a close, though, the Wranglers have some decisions to make. Norris Stopko, the uncontested Goalie of the Year, is going to be looking for a final one-year contract before retiring, so expect the Wranglers to pay a steep price for his services. With their top defensemen looking to retire next year as well, Calgary will have to look for some star blueliners in the upcoming entry draft. Riga Reign – I expect to see the Reign making a push for the cup for years to come. The Reign have one of the best lineups the VHL have seen in the past couple of seasons, with a great defensive core to back up a fast and powerful offense. The largest problem for them is the upcoming retirement of two key players in Riga’s lineup. With Jeff Gow and Jack Shephard leaving next year, the Reign will have to give some of their prospects a trial by fire. Look to see many new faces coming into the picture after the draft as the Riga Reign look stocked, with one first rounder pick, one second, two thirds, and three fourth round picks. Seattle Bears – Getting knocked out of the playoffs in the quarters likely wasn’t the bears hopes, with a solid offense and a veteran defense. It seems that the Seattle Bears went for a playoff push this year, and it didn’t pan out for them. With a second and fourth round draft pick next year, and only one prospect in their farm team, the Seattle Bears will probably look to the free agent pool to fill up their organization. A retiring Gabriel McAllister will free up more of the $7.75 million cap space the Seattle Bears have. With big names like Keaton Louth and Joseph Bassolino entering free agency, we can look for big payouts from the Bears. Quebec City Meute – A team with most contracts locked down, the Quebec City Meute seem to be in decent shape for the upcoming years. The retirement of Sergei Komarov will most likely see that the Meute bring up some young blood (Look for Jorgon Weyed and Theodore Gauthier to be making debuts next season). $4.75 million in cap space could see the Meute make a push for a big-name defender, one to compliment the brash nature of Luc Pierre Lespineau Lebrunette. The Meute will need to practice discipline and penalty-killing to stay in cup contention. With a penalty kill percentage of 60% in their last game, expect some more intensive training during camp. Closing Statements: This final week of VHL Playoff Hockey proved that the league is moving in the right direction. A fast-paced offensive game is where the league is moving, with shots in a game reaching as high as 50 to 60 shots by a single side in a single game. The talent this league is providing is top tier as well, as players are stating to come straight out of the minors to play in the big league. You have to wonder, with the recent influx of talent, if the league will begin expansion talks again. I know the fans would love to see some more teams coming into the league, but with a global audience the location has to be right. With many Oriental players finding their way to the VHL, could we expect to see an Asian team surface? There are so many opportunities and directions that the commissioner can take this league, and I feel that whichever way they decide to take it, the fans will back him up. The Victory Hockey League has shown that they are here, and they are here to stay. 1500 words, using for PT weeks: Dec 10-16, Dec 17-23, Dec 24-30
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    Charm begins life out of Davos

    The Charm has won a cup in Davos and has been the teams best player in the last season. For the first time this season however as we get ready to drop the puck on another VHL season he will be in another city, in another continent. He has been moved to the Seattle Bears for a first round pick and a second round pick. He is a one season rental but he should do at least a part in alleviating the loss of league MVP Gabriel McCalister. It may be a bit too much pressure on him as he depreciates, but hopefully he will be able to at least keep pace. He is joining a team with championship hopes. With players like the two Russians and Matt Thompson hitting their primes, it could be a team that puts up a real shot at dethroning Riga. The wildcard may be Roger Sterling the goalie, as the team is probably going to need him to steal some games against Riga.
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    S63 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    1. @Jubo07 - 1364.96 - 6 TPE 2. @BarzalGoat - 1261.53 - 5 TPE 3. @Joubo - 1185.53 - 4 TPE 4. @omgitshim - 1136.19 - 3 TPE 5. @Sova - 1131.63 - 2 TPE 6. @BOOM™ - 1108.36 - 1 TPE
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    S63 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    1. @Quik - 1275.33 - 6 TPE 2. @Bushito - 1259.33 - Autodraft 3. @Bushito - 1176.76 - Autodraft 4. @oilmandan - 1085.39 - 3 TPE 5. @DucksFan64 - 1068.36 - 2 TPE 6. @Romaris - 935.63 - 1 TPE
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    S63 Group 2 Fantasy Draft

    @Beaviss 👀
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    (S65) D - Hadrian Melborn, TPE: 30

    @oilmandan the fuck are you laughing at? look at your roster, look at my roster
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    S63 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    1. @Bushito - 1380.53 - Autodrafted 2. @majesiu - 1188.93 - 5 TPE 3. @nicolas01 - 1166.83 - 4 TPE 4. @Arthur - 1164.96 - 3 TPE 5. @hedgehog337 - 1117.99 - 2 TPE 6. @Banackock - 1087.96 - 1 TPE
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    @Quik told me to post this in here because I was having issues declining my PO. He had to manually do it for me so this is a reminder to the GM's that Ko Kane is a Free Agent. Please submit pitches via PM, if no pitch received I will not even consider offers. @Banackock @Devise @hedgehog337 @Beaviss @Spade18 @ShawnGlade @Bushito
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    [TC] S64 - HC Davos Dynamo

    +10 pour moi s’il vous plaît (that’s how it’s done in Davos)
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    HSK/QUE: S63 off-season

    This is going down as a 3 way deal in the trade tracker, fuck you all.
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    HSK/QUE: S63 off-season

    So quebec had 2 enforcers, Evgeni and LPLL and realized it then traded the older goon.
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    HSK/TOR: S63 off-season

    Toronto Legion General Manager: Devise Roster Player Stats Finances Draft Picks Transactions Awards Season 65 S65 TOR 4th Season 66 S66 TOR 4th Yeah that looks about right. Devise has become a parody of himself.
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    @Jose Gonzalez You can miss a season or two and still make a decent player in this league - see my last player, Jeff Gow. I started off strong but missed 1.5-2 seasons of development.
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    (S65) D - Hadrian Melborn, TPE: 30

    Vegas can offer 3rd pairing to start, with reasonable opportunity to move up the lineup. We are a favourite this year alonside Oslo for a run at the Founders Cup. Our management (myself and @oilmandan) are here to help with whatever you would need getting started and look forward to your decision. We’ll send an offer through the portal.
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    Welcome Bear!

    Happy to be here!
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    (S65) D - Hadrian Melborn, TPE: 30

    Welcome! I'm Ottawa AGM and we would like to offer you a contract on our team. We can give you 2nd pairing time. We are a contender this season and hope for a deep run. @diamond_ace
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    I told you in the end to make the decision that was best for Davos and that regardless of what went down I would make the best of it. On the plus side i just need to edit the names on a few images I already did and I have stuff for @Stoffiday and @Poptart 💖
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    VHL Quick Draft Review

    I'm on it
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    Jerwa seen packing

    Sorry, maj. I was harsh with you, you're better than a welfare player and if I was a GM in the VHL, there's no way you would have dropped out of the 1st round.
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    S63 Sponsors Shield Tournament Index

    I haven’t looked at them on desktop. On mobile they are complete trash haha
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    S63 Sponsors Shield Tournament Index

    I blame @Devise sim output. While we were entranced by the fancy new game reports, other teams were scoring on us
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    It's not goodbye afterall!

    SASKATOON, SESKATCHEWAN - As the holidays draw closer, and the VHL season nears, Rylan Peace finds himself in a unique position - as a player he is departing his second home, the place he won a championship and met some quality individuals. As a GM, however, Peace returns to Saskatoon ocassionally to tend to his duties as the assistant manager of the hockey club. Ironically, Peace also joins Saskatoon's General Manager Dylan Nguyen in Riga. When he's not manning his assistant (or acting) general manager office chair, he's donning the skates as Riga's newest second line right winger behind an all-star cast of players that also won the championship. It would be a joke to say Peace isn't excited for the opportunity to help Riga achieve a repeat, and potentially even a three-peat, but we know just how difficult that really is. Riga defeated Calgary in a best of seven series, winning the finals four games to two (4-2). This result engaged Calgary's rebuild mode, but also put Riga as serious contenders in the upcoming season. Quebec City is - most likely - their most troublesome competition, but Peace believes that Riga has the developing depth to emerge victorious. Oh, and not to mention the core of Riga was uneffected by cap restrictions for now. But despite being promoted to the big boy league, Peace's jersey has been returned to the equipment manager and their staff. Peace's 'C' is painfully stripped from his jersey and onto the next, a still unrevealed name now proudly donning the Wild Captaincy. It's the closing of an era in Saskatoon, even if it was just for a season, but it was a season the S63 Saskatoon Wild will remember fondly throughout their careers. A season of skill and resilience for the hockey team. The Saskatoon Wild found themselves trailing in the semi-finals against the Halifax 21sts (after a first round bye) three games to one (3-1), and after a quick decision to consistently rotate Carles Puigdemont number to keep goaltender Brick Wahl focused and 'in the zone', the Saskatoon Wild came back to win the remaining three games. Carles and Brick developed an affection for one another during the regular season, and when the series begun Brick seemed to be suffering from lust every time Carles was on the ice or in eye sight on the bench. Brick struggled the first game, but at one point it looked like it was a sure-fire win for the Wild. They were up 7-1 midway through the second period before a monumental collapse found them loosing the game 8-7. Game two was a stellar performance, where Wahl was a wall, shutting down the Halifax offense. The next two games, however, saw a Saskatoon lead blown once again and back to back defeats allowed Halifax to control the series 3-1. Peace changed tactics, playing a game of musical jerseys with Carles, and it worked. Saskatoon won seven games in a row on their way to a championship in what became just another inside joke. Peace even told the equipment staff to increase their efforts after Dahlberg begun telling Wahl what jersey number Carles was wearing. There really should be a rule for that, eh? But back in the office - although the chair might be empty and the desk collecting dust - Peace and the majority of the S63 Saskatoon Wild aren't ready to say goodbye. The club today officially announced that the following players were added to the Wild Alumni, giving them permanent access to the Wild's arena and most of the interior, including the ice surface if they ever need to practice. Although it's doubtful they'll often be seen back in Saskatoon, we suspect - like Rylan Peace is currently taking advantage of - during the offseason this tight group of friends will skate together again on the ice they celebrated a championship on, despite winning game four in Ottawa. WILD ALUMNI (LW) Chace Trepanier (LW) Kyson Blake (C) Anthony Dabarno (C) Mark Gebauer (C) Carles Puidgedemont (RW) Rylan Peace (RW) Matt Materazo (D) Toby Fitzgerald (D) Piotr Jerwa (G) Brick Wahl Any other former Wild members are urged to contact GM Dylan Nguyen or AGM Rylan Peace to be added to the list. AGM Note: Good luck in your new teams, guys, and thoes of you making your leap to the big leagues... I'll see you on the ice. Have fun and enjoy it. Peace out.
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    GM 26: Jolt Juice vs VIKING

    @Sonnet 👀
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    VHL Quick Draft Review

    Expansion may be on the table in the future but we mistakenly rushed into it once and don’t plan on doing that again. The goalie market is cyclical, always has been. We can’t expand for the sake of goalies and then leave half the league with barely any roster. If recruitment and retention remain high though an expansion could be on the horizon sometime.
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    (Not a) surprise!

    I left that in because I thought it was funny.
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    Quick Review of the VHL Draft

    I think that Axelsson guy drafted in the third or fourth round will be pretty good if he comes out of retirement
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    First off, never apologize to me. I like to stir the pot and find it enjoyable to rile people up a bit because it gives the league talking points and helps with activity. While I do maintain that people should not be AGM of a team they are not on, I also have kept in contact with Blade throughout and always did plan on drafting her. I don't even know what you said so I doubt you'll hear any backlash from it, lol.
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    QUE/HSK: S63 off-season

    Didn’t have time to say welcome when the trade went down, but super excited to add you! Was even gonna mention being the first GM to draft you all those moons ago, welcome home bb ❤️
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    The disrespect for Finn Davison is real. Some VHL team is about to be a happy camper tonight, unless I am undrafted.
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    This Week in VHL

    Great article man! Loved it! Thanks for the kind words and advice! (Seemed really professional btw so keep it up 😄)
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    Bring back old VHL Bring back @gorlab
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    wilson ready to go

    Jesse wilson is excited to join his brother in helsinki for the upcoming season. wilson feels that the teammates he has in helsinki are hilarious and very talented. he is pretty happy with the way they interact and pump each others tires in the media. just this past week @nicolas01 released to the media that they found jesse wilson in the lobby of the hotel naked without a room key. usually that might be too much information but it is apparent that these guys find it funny and it's funny seeing a tam come together through their own harmless stupidity. just don't let the helsinki general manager know about the silly antics going on between all his players. next is team training camp where the boys will all have to work together to get the job done and impress the coaching staff. not only that they will have to attempt at making sure each is accountable for mistakes and they improve as one team.
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    @Eudaldkp here you go
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    Jerwa seen packing

    After the draft that saw him drop to the second round after various smear articles branded him as Glorified Welfare, the Polish player disrespect continued from the side of the management of the team that decided to draft him offering scraps on his rookie deal, much less than 2nd Overall Pick Elias Dahlberg was offered . "If teams don't want me in the VHL I get that and I can find other teams willing to take chance on me in other leagues" - these were the only comment reporters could get from 9th Overall Pick when he was boarding the plane headed back to his home country. While players like Ryan Sullivan Jr or Elias Dahlberg were surefire bets at the top of the class, even arguably Joel Ylonen, Mark Gebauer and Pat Svoboda were better players than Jerwa, it was quite shocking to see three more wingers, in the draft full of them, taken ahead of the second-best defenceman, neither John Madden, Diljodh or Kyson Blake seemed to be better fits or picks. To fell down like this outside the first round, which was the aim of Jerwa hard training ever since coming back to the league, might be a final blow to his activity and career. Other rumours also said he wasn't even team's first choice at 9th, as they would have taken Brick Wahl if that player wasn't so adamant about playing for Calgary.
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    Jerwa seen packing

    Kyson Blake at 8th also made sense for Riga, as if they had drafted a 200+ player like yourself you’d unfortunately have no choice but to play on the third defensive pairing. Going to HC Davos allows you to achieve ice time and grow with a rebuilding team as a member of the core. Rookie salaries are are determined by how much TPE a drafted player has and not so much what they demand.
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    The Newcomer

    Probably my most anticipated addition to the Helsinki roster this year, @monkeywrench15. Welcome to the big stage!
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