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    Hi Elasmobranch, welcome to The Cold Truth. Is it true that you had never step in the ice before today? Hi, Victoria, happy to be here. Regarding your question, yes, it's true. I was born in Spain, but I have lived in Australia since I was 2 years old, until yestesterday. I had seen the snow before, of course, but not in these amounts. The bodies of water would not get frozen there either. And how have you ended with the Halifax if you had never skated before? To be completely honest wiht you, pure luck. I came on holidays with my family the other day and, walking through the city, I slid on the ice on the sidewalk. I made all kinds of movements to try to keep my balance and surprisingly I got it. @McWolf, who happened to be passing by saw everything and approached me to tell me that he had never seen such balance and that he was interested in adding me to his project. That he would teach me how to not completely suck. That I was a natural talent... My father still thinks he's a con man trying to get the money out of us. That's... an interesting story. We'll follow your adventure. Thanks for comming. The pleasure is mine
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    Helsinki Titans Season 64 Leadership

    As with most members, I am extremely excited for the start of the upcoming season. With the moves made this past off-season, Season 64 looks to be a return to contention for the historically proud Helsinki Titans. With the season finally coming upon us, I had a vote for which players would represent the Titans this season, and the team spoke. Before announcing the captains, I'd like to thank @BarzalGoat for his 2 seasons as Captain. When I took the reins of Helsinki in August, he was the lone active player, and he had the option to leave for greener pastures. He stuck with me, believing in my vision, and soldiering through a tank season, where the only two veterans on the team were traded. Last season, he improved on his rookie season, to lead the team in scoring with over 50 assists, and 85 points on the season. He has been a fantastic solider for the Titans, and I hope to soon reward his faith with a Continental Cup Championship! Now, to announce our Captain and Alternates, we will start with our first Alternate Captain. This member embodies the ultimate team player. Since joining the team, he has done quite a bit to help boost team morale, including weaving some very entertaining stories about his teammates. His position on the team is as the backbone, tending goal for the Titans. The first Alternate Captain of the Helsinki Titans in Season 64 is none other than Alexander Pepper @Sonnet! The second Alternate Captain is a player joining the Titans for his first, and subsequently last, season in Helsinki. After winning the Season 62 Continental Cup, he looks to cement his legacy, and, potentially, join the VHL's elite ranks as a future member of the Hall of Fame. The second Alternate Captain for your S64 Helsinki Titans is Free Agent signee, Keaton Louth @Beaviss! Before getting to our Captain for this season, there is a third Alternate to announce. While Pepper will be a big part of the Titans leadership group, goalies are precluded from wearing letters when on the ice. So, as the team's second player to have an A adorned on their sweater will be the VHL's reigning Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy winner, Julian Borwinn @Jubo07! Now, for the Titans' S64 Captain, it will be a player who has experience wearing the C. As the Captain of the Calgary Wranglers for S58, and again in S61-63, he lead the Albertan team to its first Continental Cup in 18 seasons. Re-joined by Keaton Louth, this year's Captain will be Mats Johnsson, @Quik, who will look to lead the team from a non-playoff finish in Season 63 to a Continental Cup Victory in Season 64! And there it is, your S64 Titans Captains C - Mats Johnsson A - Alex Pepper A - Keaton Louth A - Julian Borwinn
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    S64 Regular Season Index

    😮 need games
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    Couldn't skate a day ago and he's our 2nd best dman already. What a world we live in!
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    McWolf's mock draft forecasted Swedish right winger Pat Svoboda getting snapped up by the New York Americans, and the Scandinavian forward all but said he would be pleased with this outcome. But the day of the draft came, and in spite of Svoboda's high TPE count, it was center Joel Ylonen who was taken at pick #3. Perhaps New York wanted a center, or perhaps it is just that folks in VHL administrations are unaware of his agent's ventures in the SHL and other leagues. As Ylonen walked to the podium, Svoboda was visibly distraught, wringing his hands and whispered with agitation to his family. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. Pick #4 came, pick #4 went with another center, Mark Gebauer, being taken off the table. Svoboda had hinted that he wanted to play for a rebuilding team so he could compete during his prime; but the three rebuilding teams had come and went. QuĂ©bec, a team with cap struggles that planned to make one final run at the Cup, called his name. The Swede, being a bona fide linguist, muttered in the general direction of the cameras, for good measure in French, "Pourquoi est-ce arrivĂ©?" (Why did this happen?) He walked to the stand regardless, and donned the jersey with a strained smile. He already lived in Canada, he wouldn't have to move far; surely the initial discontent would breeze over. Some began to say it looked like a good fit after all when he strolled over to the Canadian media and took a press conference in French, insisting to the QuĂ©bĂ©cois reporters that he was "heureux d'ĂȘtre ici" (happy to be here). He talked about the potential for winning the Cup this year, and expressed his love for the province. But when Svoboda went to speak with his general manager about signing his entry contract and getting started with the team, he was unpleasantly surprised to be offered the absolute minimum (1.25) salary for a player of his caliber. Meanwhile, he saw players such as Elias Dahlberg making 4 million out of the game, and Ylonen was making 3 million first year. The Swede demanded a pay raise, but initially the GM refused to budge, insisting that he would sign it or enjoy the press box. Svoboda said that he would ride the press box on a matter of principle, and that he was insulted by the offer. "This offer is a slap in the face and impugns the quality of my play. Watching the William Nylander saga, I never thought that would be me, but here we are and here I'll stay. I'll wait for arbitration, and this has definitely squashed any chance of me staying past the 3 years I'm forced to be here. I deserve a fair deal; I didn't ask to be lowballed because of cap issues, nor did I ever give any indicators that I would be willing to take a pay cut. In fact, I was never even talked to before the draft by the QuĂ©bec management. Total breakdown of communication," said Pat Svoboda. Holdouts are rare in the VHL, so the public standoff garnered attention in VHL Sportsnet, with the outlet labeling the story "Big Oof". Many encouraged Svoboda to work something out with his team rather than burn bridges, but the Swede was adamant on his demands. He lobbied QuĂ©bec's assistant GM to reason with the general manager, and consulted fellow rookies for advice on fair value. He would be okay with sitting out for a year to prove a point; however, he would burn a precious year before regression. With VHL careers being so short, QuĂ©bec knew that he could not afford to skip a season. The Svoboda camp pushed fervently for a trade, reportedly reaching out to HC Davos and New York asking them to trade for him, or a 2 million dollar pay day; only half of what Dahlberg was making. But he "realized he had no better options" when QuĂ©bec gave him a meager raise to $1.5 first year, and then gave him a raise second year (2.2) and third year (3) instead. The Swede is reportedly very unhappy with the deal, and statements he made to the media after signing seem to corroborate this. "I feel as though I was forced to sign this; as an RFA, I have no leverage. This is not how you should treat a 5th overall pick. I feel as though I've been treated like dirt, and I haven't seen any other prospect signings handle this way," said Pat Svoboda. "It's not about the money, it's about showing me that I'm valued and that the team will try to make me happy. And so far, I'm quite the opposite. I hate to be a complainer, but my discontent is skyrocketing more and more with each passing day." And so, much like William Nylander, Svoboda barely received more than he was initially given, and the drama ended with wounded feelings and tempers flaring. If falling on the draft board wasn't enough to demoralize the Swede, this series certainly should do the trick. A player previously excited to play in the VHL is now bemoaning his feet and dragging his feet on the ice; a shame to see half of his career spiraling into disarray over a few hundred thousand bucks. "Three years is a long time; there's nothing I can do right now. It seems all my hard work was for nought; if I hadn't made that last minute push, I wouldn't be in this situation right now. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, ain't that the truth? This experience was quite unpleasant and disappointing," said Pat Svoboda. "If only I had been more vocal about going to a rebuilding team, I'd have the money and the ice time. And then I could make a run at the Cup in the future, when I have fully developed as a player." 1005 Words, 2x Point Tasks (Claiming 1 for Week of 12/30, 1 for Week of 1/6)
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    Elias Dahlberg, the 2nd overall pick of the recent VHL draft, and the Mitch Higgins, Andrew Chershenko, and Ethan Osborne trophy winner was arrested late wednesday night at a strip club in Los Angeles. LAPD was at the scene last night when reported calls came in about a 20 year old male seen using drugs and alcohol. With the legal age of entering a strip club and drinking alcohol at 21 Dahlberg was promptly arrested for underage drinking, possession of an illegal substance, and having a fake ID. Dahlberg could be facing fines, community service, and maybe even jail time. We asked HC Davos' GM Shawn Glade about what he thinks of the situation, and what he's going to do about it. "Kid is good at hockey, but he's fucking stupid. We're gonna be keeping him on a tight leash for a few weeks."
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    Matteo Sig

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    S65 Pre Season Recruitment Drive

    @nick_716 @Bear @Jad @Slappy1039 @tunedtorock @Aero @Bucky___lastard an easy 2 uncapped TPE for you guys
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    done, but now I need to go shower. I can't believe I went on boston, ottawa and buffalo reddits just for some tpe
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    Elasmobranch Fish Rookie Profile

    ELASMOBRANCH FISH Age: 16 Place of Birth: Sugarloaf Bay, Australia Height: 6’8” Weight: 220 Lbs. Team: Halifax 21st Pos: Defender The young player born on the Spanish coast but raised on Australian beaches presents an interesting combination of talent, determination and coachability. In spite of its flagrant defects, the scout team is convinced that it can be an interesting project for the future and that it could become a great player if he is capable of maintaining concentration and is assigned an adequate team of coaches. STRENGTHS BALANCE Elasmobranch Fish may or may not be a mutant kid. It seems that his sense of balance is above average due to an evolution in several of his senses. The boy has a lateral line on each side of his body that allows him to detect pressure changes and electric fields, which allows him to react quickly to certain circumstances. He is also associated with a rare ocular condition that greatly improves his vision in low light conditions. We believe that the team could take advantage of this circumstance in its favor occasionally. DETERMINATION. The first reports about Fish highlight their incredible violence and persistence in the fight for the puck. His reputation as an insatiable and unscrupulous defender has earned him the nickname among the young people of "Requiem", for his resemblance to the French word for shark, "rĂ©quin" and the fact that rival players and fans associate him with death. LEARNING CAPACITY Fish has demonstrated ability to learn different disciplines during his growth, and is expected to continue on this path in his professional stage. He has successfully overcome any challenge he has faced, regardless of the time or effort required. We consider this a virtue of great importance that should not be underestimated. WEAKNESSES TIME ON THE ICE Coming from warm places the player has no experience in hockey or any other sport on ice. It can present an extremely serious problem if he is not able to quickly learn the mechanics of displacement. After today's training he adds 4 hours on the ice in all his life. KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME Another serious obstacle when it comes to establishing himself in the team and as a professional player. Ice hockey is not a sport followed in his place of habitual residence and he has openly acknowledged to ignore its rules and basic elements. DOMAIN OF THE STICK Again the lack of experience presents a problem that in another player would be insurmountable. He has never taken a stick, having focused during his childhood on water sports. We rely on his natural talent to catch up with his teammates quickly. In summary this player represents a challenge due to its technical qualities, today very poor. Despite this we strongly consider that it is a risk that is worthwhile to run, since we can guess talent in him and he could learn very fast. We believe that a correct training regime by the team would make his talent flourish in a short time.
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    Elasmobranch Fish Press Conference

    A sixth Q to get you the whole 2 TPE 6. What are your objectives for this first season with the 21st?
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    Elasmobranch Fish Rookie Profile

    Victory Curling League affiliation confirmed. @Esso2264 👀
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    Elasmobranch Fish Press Conference

    1. Welcome to the league, bud. First timer? Make sure to keep your head on a swivel. 2. Making heavy progress on that TPE. Any point (goals, assists) predictions for this upcoming season? 3. Halifax 21st. Why? 4. Going forward, what kind of role do you see yourself playing with Halifax? 5. As one of the many new guys on 21st, what separates you from the rest of the recruits?
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    Remove the Auto 99 Endurance Stat

    No thanks. That is way too low. Maybe if some research and testing was done for 75-80 and it didn't completely ruin things, that would be fine. If we did that, just keep goalies to the 99 endurance. They already have to split time and lose out on 8 games as it is so they would be fine. With catering to the 6F/4D/1G roster, it's going to be hard to tell someone who don't have the time or patience to update their endurance that they can't play in a certain spot they deserve because their endurance is low. Again not 100% disagreeing but would like to see some stats on a 75 or 80 for endurance for skaters and leave goalies at 99.
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    Damn, I wish you would have reached out to Calgary @StamkosFan
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    Biggest ego too.
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    Remove the Auto 99 Endurance Stat

    No. The entire framework of the VHL is built on smaller roster sizes (I.E. 6F/4D/1G) and one of the main points is that in the VHL, everyone gets a large amount of playing time. I dont believe it is a positive to force members into less playing time and/or less productive playing time just to have another stat to update.
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    Remove the Auto 99 Endurance Stat

    I can't really give an opinion on this until we properly researched the effect that endurance has to the sim, which obviously requires testing. For example, one concern I have from what I've looked up about the issue is that for goalies, loss of fatigue is in relation to the amount of shots that a goalie faces, so does that mean that (usually young) goalies on rebuilding teams that face 40/50 shots per game are going to play like complete ass? That doesn't sound fun.
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    Remove the Auto 99 Endurance Stat

    %age of total tpe earned goes into the stat automatically for current players
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    You won't ever be In Elias Dahlberg's caliber.... It's too high for you.
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    Helsinki Titans Season 64 Leadership

    Glad to see a captaincy announcements, ever since* GM roster submissions stopped in the GM forum the all-time list has been in disarray: https://vhlforum.com/topic/1061-vhl-all-time-captains/ *one season of hell
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    VHL/SBA/EFL Cross Recruitment Drive

    @Sharkstrong, you can claim that since you came from the SBA
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    Wahl PC

    Oh well, lol
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    (S65) C - Josh Wilson, TPE: 30

    Saw a post about this on r/FranchiseHockey, and it peaked my interest.
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    Brady Stropko Jr -> OTT

    LMFAO nice joke
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    VHL Bot

    Brady Stropko Jr -> OTT

    Brady Stropko Jr has signed a 1 year contract with Ottawa
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    John Madden sig

    @ShawnGlade Thanks buddy. Sorry I didn't see the post until now. You supposed to tag me lol.
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    The goal is to make Putin-Pop proud
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    The VHLM season opener is just around of corner and you can feel the excitement in locker rooms around the league. I was able to sit down with Viktor Kozlov from Halifax to ask about his thoughts on the upcoming season. “I am excited for my first season over in North America. It will be my first time playing away from the home land, but from what I have seen from Halifax so far it feels like home. When it comes to the team, I think we have a good shot at competing for a championship. I feel that we have all the pieces here we just need to gel and become closer off the ice. But that being said if we are not in a position to win a cup I want to be traded. My goal is to bring as many different championships back home to Russia.” (- Viktor Kozlov through a translator.) He seems to have high hopes for Halifax and really thinks they have a shot for a cup. But he is more interested in his career and wants to win that cup even if it means he does not finish the season with Halifax. For the most part he seemed like he is going to show up everyday to do his best to win.
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    Live S65 VHL Draft Rankings

    S66 window opens at the deadline. Unless I'm way hungover on Christmas spirit. But I'm pretty sure that's how it should be.
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    The Youngster's View: First Practice

    We sat down once again with Vegas Aces Goalie Joe Nixon, fresh out the VHLM draft coming from Pittsburgh to do our weekly segment in which we've been dubbing "The Youngster's View"! Today, I wanted to get some insight on what it's like for a new player to walk out onto that practice ice with the team for the first time and how they feel overall about how they're performing with those early-practice jitters. "It was weird at first, for sure" Nixon told me on Tuesday evening, "Sometimes I had felt nervous, even just in practice, because obviously I'm trying to make a good impression on the coaches and everyone. It's a lot of pressure for a young guy but I like to think that I handled it well." I asked Nixon how he felt now that he's got a few more practices under his belt and they're looking forward to some of the games starting up soon. Nixon told me, "I feel better, I'm in the rhythm, I've met my teammates and started the whole team bonding process, I'm comfortable." Nixon assured, "The team has good chemistry and we're able to execute plays exactly how we should!" Nixon looks forward to the upcoming season a lot, saying "The team looks good! I feel good, and I'm confident I could get some icetime! All in all, I'm just excited. I want to play games for real and get out on the ice in this beautiful jersey in front of that crowd. It'll be an amazing atmosphere." Thanks to Joe Nixon for sitting down with us again! Looking forward to talking to him again next week! We here at VHL.com share the same excitement in looking forward to the season!
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    S64 Trivia Week 1 - A New Dawn

    he will make a post with the answers and who got it right
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    Stropko PC

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    Brady Stropko Jr -> OTT

    Yeah I figured it gave me the best shot for this year and I won't be back next season, should pass 200 in a couple weeks. Besides that D_A is my Calgary BFF
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    Brady Stropko Jr -> OTT

    Nice to have you aboard @Bushito Congratulations on your Founder's Cup victory!
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    Live S65 VHL Draft Rankings

    TPE Changes since before Christmas @BluObieZ +52 (welcome aboard, intergalactic God of hockey or something) @Bushito +45 (like Hakstol said, now I'm scared for my dman winning awards in the future) @Kuch9 +25 (Kozlov jumps up 5 spots, into the top 10) @Trifecta +20 (IS THIS THE ONE?) @Brolaski +16 (Sulerzyski keeps it up, but barely stays in the top 10 because of Slade and Kozlov jumps) @xsjack +16 (another good update for the first gen) @Fire Hakstol +14 (he's fired, you can change your name to Jimothy or something now) @Antone10 +14 (another victim of the big jumps ahead, Matthews actually dropped despite the 14-pt update) @Bear +14 (a newcomer in these rankings, with a big first update) @Anthony Matthews +13 (another newcomer, with another solid first update. Keep it up, you two!) @Infernal +10 @FBR +10 @WhiteMocha +10 (Cole enters the ranking in the 25th spot with this 10-pt update) @eaglesfan036 +8 @Bonzaijoe +8 @speck1447 +8 @Eudaldkp +6 @Kazuzu +6 (Kaz Uzu jumps straight to the 26th spot. Still no team, though. Where are you signing, Kaz?) @Luke Allman +2 @nick_716 +2 (our last newcomer, he actually joined a couple hours ago, welcome aboard Dick Rash lel)
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    (S65) D - Elasmobranch Fish, TPE: 30

    Ayyyy welcome @Sharkstrong! If you’re half as good at making a hockey player as you are at football players, you’ll tear it up in no time!
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    Welcome Sharkstrong!

    Oh SHIT, welcome Sharkstrong, you'll like it here, good community and the longest lasting sim league ever.
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    Thanks, but I don't like the habs.
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    Tune in to Cup of Stoffy! Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Jan. 1st. Only on VSN!
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    Either this kid is a stud or Halifax is ass
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    Svoboda's "Nylander Saga" Comes to a Close

    Dahlberg biggest bust in vhl history?
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    Come join me in Ottawa. You know you want to
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