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    VHLM Newsletter- 18th Edition

    Hello, and welcome to Sonnet's first take on a VHLM newsletter! Hey everyone, and welcome to a long overdue edition of the VHLM Newsletter! It's been a while since one of these has gone out, and it certainly wasn't posted by me, so I suppose I should start out with a short introduction. I'm Sonnet, the newest member of the VHL's recruitment team, so I'll be a familiar face to most of you guys from here on out. I've been on the site now for almost half a year I think, and have taken pretty quickly to learning the ropes of the site, and now I'm taking up the task of spreading some of that knowledge on to you guys. That being said, if you have any questions about the site in general, you're more than welcome to shoot me a PM here or a DM on Discord, or even just tag me in the server. Speaking of, I would highly recommend connecting to our Discord server! It's the fastest way to get in contact with other members of the league, and the fastest way to get answers to any questions you may have. The link to our server is right here! I know these newsletters have been infrequent of late, but I'm making it a personal goal of mine to get them out some time between Monday and Wednesday of every week (depending on when trivia goes up), so you guys have plenty of time to check the newsletter and turn in your answers for some free TPE. With all of the introductions and announcements out of the way, let's get right down to business! As per usual, this newsletter will be broken down into different sections. Those being: 1) Uncapped TPE Opportunities- Any time an opportunity for some TPE arises, we'll make note of it here. Everything in this section can be claimed apart from your weekly 12 capped TPE, so if you're looking to push your player to greater heights, this section will be of high interest to you. 2) League Recap- Each week, we'll take a look at the shape of the VHLM and talk about some of the outstanding news and performances from around the league. 3) TPE Earning Guide- If you're new to the site, this will really help you get into the swing of things. We have a detailed guide on how earning and claiming TPE works, which will be provided toward the bottom of the newsletter every week. 4) Trivia Help- To help you guys learn how to navigate the site, the very bottom of the newsletter will contain some hints on where to find answers for each week's trivia questions! This can be turned in every week for 2 capped TPE, and will also be worth some extra uncapped TPE in the offseason! Now then, let's get started! For the convenience of any returning readers, I'll mark anything that's brand new with a flashy *NEW* to help you out. 1) Uncapped TPE Opportunities Weekly Reddit Threads *NEW* Replacing the old "advertise on another website for TPE" is the new "upvote this Reddit thread for TPE" activity. Reddit is one of the most important recruiting tools we have, and that's largely in part to our users getting some upvotes in on our posts. In order to properly thank you guys for helping us bring in new members, we're offering 1 Uncapped TPE for simply upvoting the provided post and replying as per the given instructions. For full details, you can click the link here and get started on earning 1 free uncapped TPE per week! Practice Facility Every week, players in the VHLM are granted 2 free TPE every week for simply posting in the practice facility thread. If you haven't already, go post your player name and "+2" here. The VHL Fantasy Zone Every week, players are given the chance to guess the results of upcoming VHL games. This comes in two different forms- the weekly Pick 'Em's (which are worth 2 uncapped TPE for getting all of them correct), and the weekly Score Prediction (which is worth 3 uncapped TPE for getting correct). Even if you don't get it right, it's worth a shot to take a look at the games and give it your best guess! If you want, you can even cheat and copy the guesses of a member that's already posted. This week's results are already up, so be sure to watch the threads next week to get your guesses in! The VHLM Fantasy Zone The VHL Fantasy Zone's younger brother allows you to earn even more uncapped TPE for guessing the correct winners and scores. However, these predictions are only available to players within the VHLM, so make use of them while you can! The VHLM Fantasy Zone differs in its TPE rewards, in that the weekly Pick 'Em's are only worth 2 uncapped TPE, but guessing the correct score is worth 4! This week's results are also already up, so keep watch for next week's post to get your predictions in early! The VHL Lottery Every week, you can vote on a poll to submit an entry for a weekly VHL lottery drawing. Simply vote on the poll in the thread and you're entered to win both a weekly prize of 3 uncapped TPE, as well as a variety of monthly prizes! You can cast your vote at the link provided here for this week's lottery. The First Generation Bonus As a thank you to the newer members for sticking around and participating in the league, we're offering 10 free uncapped TPE for your first player, once they cross the 100 TPE milestone! If you've passed that mark, or are about to pass that mark, make a post in this thread and use it to submit an update. To make the job of the updaters easier, please select "Other" when applying the update and fill out the box as seen below: 2) League Recap Things are getting interesting as teams are starting to line out, and really show where they belong in the standings. Currently, the Las Vegas Aces are in first, trailed by the Halifax 21st and the Oslo Storm, in that order. The Storm, with their incredibly strong presence in this year's dispersal draft, were projected to be frontrunners for the Founder's Cup this year. However, Las Vegas and Halifax seem to have found success in their waiver signings and returning players from S64. Right now, Diljodh, a returning S64 player for the Oslo Storm, is leading the league in points with 43. Anton Edvin, a new addition to the Halifax 21st via a trade, is the leader in goals with 21 (fittingly enough). Jagger Philliefan is leading the league in assists with 28. Three players have currently surpassed the 100 hit mark- those being Evgeni Komarov (with 118), Viktor Kozlov (with 103), and Bolt Vanderhuge (with 101). Two of these three, Kozlov and Vanderhuge, are part of the 2nd place Halifax 21st. Notably, Kozlov is the only forward in the top 3 hits leaders so far this season, and sits a comfortable 19 hits ahead from the next highest forward. In the race for the Deveraux trophy, Tyler Smith (HFX), Kevin Weekes (LVA), and Divaani Sohva (OSL) are all within reach of the prestigious title of top goaltender. Rightfully so- all three goaltenders have played in the VHLM in previous seasons, NONE of them are rookies. None of the three goalies seems to be a clear frontrunner, since their stat lines are so similar, but it looks like Tyler Smith of the Halifax 21st might have a slight edge over the other two. It's too early to tell, though, so we'll have to keep an eye on this race to see where they all end up. 3) TPE Earning Guide Each week, you can earn up to 12 capped TPE for submitting Point Tasks, or PTs. The following guide should help you learn what to do in terms of creating, submitting, and claiming a PT! Personally, this is my favorite part of the newsletter, because it's the same copy+paste every week I've included everything in a spoiler box here to reduce some of the clutter, so if this part of the newsletter is relevant to you, jut open the spoiler below! 4) Trivia Help *NEW* And of course, one of the main attractions of the newsletter- weekly trivia help! As you know, trivia is worth 2 uncapped TPE per week, and is also eligible for uncapped rewards at the end of the year. This week's trivia can be found here. 1) Which member has won the most individual awards with their players? This one is pretty easy to find, because a spreadsheet exists with all of the relevant information. Just open it up and look for all of your answer choices, and pick the one with the most awards. 2) Which of these players did NOT win a Continental Cup with Davos? So this one requires the use of two different resources: the Continental Cups by Player and Member spreadsheet, and the Hall of Fame page on the portal that shows all of the past Continental Cup Champions, and their respective rosters. This will take some more time, since you'll need to look up each answer choice in the spreadsheet, check which seasons they won a cup, and head over to the Hall of Fame entry to see which team won the cup in each season. The answer will be the player that won a cup in a season where Davos didn't. And that concludes my first ever VHLM Newsletter! It's safe to say that I'm pretty exhausted, but I'll be back at it again early next week to make sure you guys get a better jump on some of the weekly TPE tasks. Feel free to let me know how I did, what I can add, and even what I could improve on. Until then, feel free to approach me if you need any help navigating the site and such! @Recruitment Crew
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    Magnus Pederson Rookie Profile

    Magnus Pederson Position: LW Age: 17 Height: 6'2" Weight: 204 lbs Birthplace: Bergen, Norway Current Team: Oslo Storm Magnus Pederson has been playing hockey in Norway for the better half of his life with various Norwegian teams and a few Finnish teams here and there. A natural-born scorer, Pederson can find the back of the net like it's no problem at all. Not the biggest skater on the ice, but is usually the most ferocious. Never shying away from using his body to lay a few people out. In his first VHLM game he recorded 6 hits in 16:00. + Shooting/Scoring As previously stated, Pederson has a rocket of a shot. He can also place anywhere he wants in the net. He hopes that his new league's goaltenders will have just as much of a problem stopping his shot as the previous opponents did. Although he knows his shot is his strong-suit, he doesn't let it get the best of him. He takes smart shots. Pederson knows when to pass and when to try and score. Which makes him all the more lethal when he's on a power play or even. Hockey IQ If there's anything in Magnus' game that can be compared to his shot, it's his knowledge of the game. He knows where his teammates are at all times and can hit them with passes that look effortless. His shot selection is unmatched and he's been an on-ice play creator since he was an adolescent. Add to this great vision and passing ability and Pederson is the type of player who can and will make any of his line-mates better immediately. Going even further than knowing where his own teammates will be on the ice, he can predict with uncanny effectiveness what the opposing defense is going to do, making it even easier for Magnus to open up the ice. Selfless At the end of the day, Pederson is a winner. He's been a winner at every level he's played for. He's been outstanding at every single level. Not once has he been recognized as an MVP or top-scorer, and he hasn't complained one bit. Magnus can best be compared to a hungry dog, but no amount of winning will sate his hunger, which makes him dangerous. He's not afraid to pass the puck and without a doubt will lay his body on the line if it means his team will have a better chance of winning. Leadership Magnus has been a captain for almost every single team he's played for, so joining the VHLM without the 'C' on his sweater will be a change, but it won't stop Pederson from being a leader in that locker room. He's always vocal, and knows when things need to be serious. Pederson is always a team-first guy and will make sure that all of his teammates know that when he walks in that room. - Defense Pederson's biggest weakness is his defense, it's not that he doesn't care enough to play it. He's just not good at it. He'll lay the body on opposing players and block as many shots as the next guy but his footwork and stick work on defense just isn't up to par with the rest of his skill-set. He's been working on it for years and while there has been progress it's to no ones surprise that he's still sup-par. He hopes that the better play of his opponents will warrant a bigger need for defense. Fighting Magnus Pederson is one of the few players in Norwegian Hockey history to go 14 years in high-level ice hockey and not accumulate one fighting major. He isn't scared or timid. Much like his defense, he just can't do it. Pederson has said numerous times that he could learn how to fight, but it's "not in his game", so he chooses not to. Stamina/Fatigue Ever since he was a child Magnus has never been able to play long shifts, he can play top-line minutes, but he tires very fast. This is usually the reason behind his lack of defense, because he's too tired to give 110% on offense and 110% on defense. He tries his best to spread out his efforts but to no avail. In no way is Magnus out of shape, maybe there is an underlying medical problem prohibiting him from being able to go long periods sustained energy exertion?
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    Matteo Sig v2 [1/2]

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    Keaton Louth Rule

    As most around here know, there is a rule in place in the VHL that all teams must start a 2nd goalie for a minimum of 8 games. Until very recently, the league's simmers have taken it upon themselves to enforce that teams adhere to this rule, however, it is not on @Will, or any other simmer, to do so. Going forward, it will be a GM's full responsibility to ensure their team has 8 starts from a 2nd goalie. The punishment for failing to start a 2nd goaltender the minimum 8 games, is at the discretion of the league's Commissioners. This punishment can involve loss of draft picks and/or cap space in following seasons, as well as potentially having to start a backup goaltender in the playoffs, for games missed in the regular season. Should an offending team be managed, or contain a player created, by a VHL Commissioner, an alternate will take their place in determining the level of punishment levied for failing to start a back-up goaltender the minimum required number of games. @VHL GM
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    The league is changing, and thanks to the efforts of Beaviss and the recruitment team - supported by the stats that have surfaced displaying a huge jump in page clicks and registrations - the league is growing once again. I'm aware of analytics and how they work, but I believe it is time for the VHL to grow with the user base. It's time for the VHL to 'go with the flow', adapt and overcome what I believe will be serious blockages. Blockages the VHLM is already experiencing. The VHLM is simply not built to support Beaviss's vision currently and we've had to halt an advertisement and future recruitment drives until the season is over so the league can expand to support those ambitions. With it, the VHL down the road will also experience the same roadblocks unless they too adapt. One team in particular comes to mind, and that is my own. It is a clogged team (and although they have consequences for that in CAP space) with players who have left because they weren't happy being stuck with limited ice time. There are many changes in this, and I'd like to formerly apologise for how disorganised it seems. The following changes are targeting three things: Retention, growth and security. The league is changing... it's time for us to change with it. I'm not implying we're not, I think everyone has done a fantastic job with this league. The portal is leagues above anything anyone else is offering and the VHL has probably one of the least toxic communities around - all things considered. It's time to adapt to the growing number of individuals by allowing them to enjoy their time here on leagues that can support them, rather than clutter them on the fourth line of a team for two minutes a game. Retention is important, right? Each change is broken down into categories - or sections - with examples and experiences below. Some of them are exclusively VHLM, while others are both, and likewise for VHL exclusive suggestions. I hope the website likes these suggestions as I enjoyed writing them. Both on paper and then reformed as I got access to a laptop momentarily. SECTION I - ROSTER LIMITS It's no secret that the VHL in its current format supports six forwards, four defenders and a goaltender. After that problems arise, so these limits are to help grow the VHL and are all connected one way or another. Beyond the top lines, the sim becomes less and less enjoyable for each individual experiencing the displeasure of playing so little. As a result, we lose retention when they leave because they are frustrated. SEC I.a - From here-on in, each team is limited to a maximum roster size of seven forwards, five defenders and two goaltenders. SEC I.b - No team is allowed to pass the cap from free agency or waiver wire (VHL); they are allowed to pass the cap from internal drafting and trades while pushing for a championship. SEC I.c: A VHLM team is allowed to pass the cap if replacing inactive members of their team prior to the official release. An inactive player is defined as someone who has not applied TPA to their character in two weeks without notifying the general manager they need to take a leave of absence. SEC I.d: In the event the majority of VHLM teams have full rosters, and the lack of effort from other GMs to fill their vacancies, teams are allowed to pass the cap so newer players can still participate in the sim; however, if a team is at the roster cap and other teams not at the roster cap are actively pursuing free agents, those at the cap are unable to make roster signings. An inactive GM is defined as a GM who has not offered a new player a contract within a reasonable time on the player page, which by default (for this proposal) is twenty four hours: GMs are still expected to help and assist new players. SEC I.e: The VHLM can currently support - after the expansion next off season - 40 wingers, 20 centres (60 forwards), 40 defenders, 10 starting goaltenders and 10 backup goaltenders. SEC I.f: All teams who have a backup goaltender are expected to play their back up twice every ten games, no exception. SECTION II - TPE cap and restrictions: SEC II.a: VHLM Player TPE cap is raised from 200 to 300 TPA to support an expanding league, to make the VHLM more competitive consistently, spread the development of prospects for VHL clubs and avoid VHL teams from being clogged. It is the responsibility of a GM to make sure each team fits the roster spaces available. For VHL teams, prospects do NOT count towards the roster space available. SEC II.b: World Junior Tournament TPE limit is removed. Teams are selected based on the 6 forward, 4 defender and 1 goalie roster. Players are selected from the VHLM, or any free agent still able to play in the VHLM. SEC II.c: VHL teams cannot call a prospect up to their club unless they have passed 250 TPE (prospects below 250 TPA are ineligible for VHL play). SEC II.d: The window for prospects to be called up and down is between 250 and 299 TPA, or three days worth of sims. After a player passed 300 TPA or three sim days, they are forced to play in the VHL and are no longer eligible for VHLM play. SECTION III - Expansion and regression. SEC III.a: Expansion automatically occurs if a league exceeds the threshold of players they can support. If teams can no longer support the amount of players participating in a league, the league expands. SEC III.b: Regression automatically occurs if twenty five percent or more of the leagues available roster spots (sorted by position and taken into an overall decision) are empty. The league isn't generating enough players to support the teams, the teams are consolidated. SEC III.c: Decisions to expand and consolidate are, obviously, maintained in the BoG and debated between everyone. I would like GMs to be added to these discussions as we're doing the day to day management of the teams used on the website. SECTION IV - The "AGM" role and replacing it with a real job available to all teams. SEC IV.a: If this proposal is approved, or at least parts of it, I'd love to see the 'Acting General Manager / Assistant General Manager' role officially removed from the sim and discord. In its place arrives the 'Head Coach' role, a role the AGM rank is technically filling. Assistant General Managers are there to learn about the sim, how to submit and adjust lines and tactics, how to manage a team full of real people and help the GM do their jobs. An AGM is NOT supposed to do a GMs job for them, be it offering contracts on player pages or filling in for a GM in an absence unless approved by the league. SEC IV.b: The 'Head Coach' role grants one capped TPE per week as an official job, and the duties of the Head Coach are to maintain communication (alongside the GM) with their team and help them develop. The VHLM is a developmental league and we need people who can influence a person great enough they want to keep coming back for some more. The Head Coach's responsibility also includes submitting lines in the absence or inability of the general manager. SEC IV.c: General Managers retain the right to submit their own lines, but are encouraged to seek the opinion from the head coach. This is a learning role, and GMs are expected to help someone who wants to be a GM one day to realise their potential. SEC IV.d: Needs to be said, but Head Coaches have no management rights whatsoever. They are unable to offer positions on player pages, however they can help their GM by introducing themselves as the head coach of a team and expressing their interest in their player while tagging their GM. It's teamwork, and while it may sound similar, Head Coaches cannot officially offer a position. There is a difference between saying 'I'd love to have you on my first line!' and "We can offer you first line minutes." SEC IV.e: If a head coach submits lines, please include that information in the topic title. Example: SSK HC LINES so the simmers know if it was a GM or Head Coach sending the lines. To avoid confusion, communicate with your GM whether or not you can send lines in prior to sending them in. SECTION V - Expansion Draft SEC V.a: VHL teams can protect the following: A) 3 forwards, 1 defender and 1 goaltender. B) 4 skaters of any kind. C) 3 skaters and a pick. D) 1 skater and and two pick. SEC V.b: VHLM teams can protect the following: A) 2 forwards, a defender and a goaltender. B) 2 skaters of any kind. C) A skater and a pick. D) Two picks. SEC V.c: No first round pick from any team is eligible to be drafted from them VIA expansion draft. SEC V.d: No GM player is eligible to be drafted from a team and is automatically protected by the club. In order to avoid abusing this system, the GM player counts a claim in any category despite position. For example, if your GM player is a goaltender, you can claim him as a forward and still protect two forwards, a defender and another goaltender on your roster should you wish. SEC V.e: Teams are authorised to trade picks to the expansion team(s) in return for leaving an unprotected player with the team. Each individual is valued separately, so a team can't say 'don't pick these guys here for a first rounder'. You'd have to go 'don't pick this guy for a first rounder'. SEC V.f: An expansion draft is ten picks overall. A team must select three forwards, two defenders and a goaltender at minimum. Prospects who are unsigned are ineligible, prospects below 275 TPE are ineligible. If an expansion team cannot complete their draft, they proceed with the players selected. If there were no players available to full fill the requirements, they may continue as if they had selected them. SECTION VI - Player Career (and related). SEC VI.a: Player career increased from eight seasons max to ten. SEC VI.b: Depreciation begins at season eight instead of six. SEC VI.c: Sims speed increased from two 'game days' to three per sim. Seasons are concluded faster and a career should last a full year (roughly). SEC VI.d: Recreate TPE increased from 75 to 100, new players increased from 30 to 45 to accommodate a longer stay in the VHLM. What do you guys think? Sorry for the novel. Can I claim this as TPE?
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    Is there any tpe point tasks I can do that I haven’t done this week?
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    VHLM Newsletter- 18th Edition

    Fantastic first foray into the recruitment team @Sonnet
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    VHLM Newsletter- 18th Edition

    Good work Sonnet!
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    S64 Trivia Week 3

    I got last week's answers without indexes. Playoff MVP stats!
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    S64 Trivia Week 3

    I, for one, enjoy the new trivia. No waiting for a PM response to get questions, no weird variance in everyone's questions each week, and an easier multiple choice format for those questions you're not entirely sure of based off of the resource alone.
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    Bread Sandwich, Parts III, IV, & V

    With this description, I was entirely ready for this to be Dill
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    So to start, I'd like to thank you for writing a thoughtful, well-written list of ideas. Bringing up, discussing, and being open to change is always a good thing. With that said, I am now going to disagree with basically every single idea that you just proposed. Section 1 - Roster Limits VHL - The salary cap and brackets are in place to place an artificial soft limit on roster sizes. Riga's large roster (and I don't believe there are any others currently in the VHL, but I have not actually checked) are the extreme exception and not the norm. I cannot remember a team, competitive or re-building, that had as many skaters as they currently do. If rosters start getting to large, then there is a problem with the salary cap and/or brackets. No to any sort of soft cap or salary cap extension. At the end of the day, the VHL is a sim league and not our jobs, and some simplicity is needed in the structure of the league. VHLM - The waiver cap should always be able to be adjusted based on recruitment. It was only put in place to make sure that team's don't become too strong just due to new players, specifically trade deadline re-creates. Inactive GMs (and I don't mean your 24 hour rule) should be removed. Regarding 24 hours...people are going to be off this site for over a day from time to time. Again, VHL is a sim league hobby, not a job. Section 2 - TPE Limits VHLM Cap to 300 - No, no no no no no. I am one of the biggest proponents of the VHLM there is. Hell, there was a serious argument at one point to completely remove the VHLM, which needed protection at that time. With that said, the goal of the VHLM is to develop and retain members for the VHL. The VHLM is and always should be the secondary league. With only 8 seasons in your career, you really shouldn't want to spend extra time in the minors, because at the end...the results don't exactly matter. Yes, it's fun when you're there, but at the end of a player's career, no one really cares how many Founder's Cups. Don't know enough about World Juniors to comment. VHL call ups - again, VHL is the primary league. If a member does not want to play in the VHLM or if their VHL team needs them, then they should not be forced to play in the minors. Section 3 - Expansion/Regression I disagree that hard rules are needed here. This is something that comes down to the BoG and respective Blue/Green teams, and I don't believe team numbers should be changing too often. Section 4 - AGMs/Head Coaches I don't see the point in this. AGMs can still learn from GMs. Anyone can send in lines the GM can't. It happens all the time. If VHLM GMs want to give some of their pay to their AGM since there's more daily activity in the VHLM than the VHL, sure, whatever. In my mind, the AGM is there to learn GMing and the VHLM rules, and to also be able to send offers to players in the event the GM can't. This role is not needed in the VHL. Section 5 - Expansion Draft All I have is that I think your protections are about 1 skater too short on all of them. Other than that, whatever we did before worked pretty well I think. Section 6 - Player Career No to extended careers. One of the positives (in my opinion) of the VHL is the high turnover in players. This doesn't allow a single player or a single member to dominate the league for an extended period of time and keeps the leagues/rosters fresh. Player careers are already a little over a year long if you go the full 8 seasons. Changing the sim speed drastically changes how much TPE is earned in a season, and changes what the VHL is balanced around. You're also putting even more stress on an already stressful job. And damn...I want to claim this as a media spot too.
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    Hall of Fame Player Nationality Count

    Here it is, the incredible random return of a thread that I suspect everyone except for me has forgotten about! So there's been nine hall of fame inductions since I last updated this thread, most while I was in a daze of either semi-activity or complete inactivity (and two of them including my own players but who's counting). The OP is updated, and here's a year-by-year breakdown for what's happened from S55-S63. S55 - Defenseman Phil Hamilton, from Steven Gerrards Cross, is the only player to be inducted. That's nine for England now, three of which are @Phil 's players. S56 - Canada reasserts its dominance in this count, in case anybody ever doubted it. Unassisted and Black Velvet make up the duo of players who have names that technically aren't real names, and also bring the nation's total to 24. @STZ and @Higgins both have their third players inducted into the Hall of Fame. S57 - The second Hamilton brother is inducted - making England the fourth country to hit double-digit hall of fame players (and doubling the number of hall of famers from Gerrards Cross, for those keeping track). That's @sterling's fifth player to make the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, @Green becomes yet another to join the three-players-in-HOF club in this period with the Romanian forward Pietro Maximoff, who is the first ever Romanian to make the hall of fame. S58 - Diana Maxwell becomes the first of the S50 crop, the first female player, and the 14th American to make the hall of fame. This also marks 26 seasons since the induction of Benjamin Glover in S32, @street's only other player to be inducted. (I feel like that's some kind of record but I suspect that's another topic for another time). The last American to be inducted was Mason Richardson in Season 50. Tom Lincoln, meanwhile, is YET ANOTHER CANADIAN. He's also @Kesler 's second hall of fame player after Bruno Wolf, an American. Imagine telling someone in, like, S35 that Kesler was going to have two hall of fame players. S59 - We appear to have a Nordic-themed induction this season. Theo Axelsson is inducted after narrowly missing in S58. Axelsson is Sweden's fourth representative in the hall of fame, the first Swede since Alexander Valiq in S42. Aleksi Koponen, meanwhile, brings Finland's total up to five and puts them back into the lead among Nordic countries with five. This is also good enough to tie Germany for inductions (T-3rd among European countries and T-5th overall at this time). Koponen is also @Will's first hall of fame player. Surprising that Draper never made it. S60 - Rhett DeGrath is inducted, marking 4 hall of fame players for STZ and 25 players for Canada. At this point, Canada is over 10 ahead of America, the nearest country. We also have back-to-back Finns! Fabio Jokinen is now the sixth Finnish player to join the hall of fame, and becomes @jRuutu 's first hall of fame player. Jokinen is also the first Finnish defenseman to make it - the others are all a combination of forwards and Tuomas Tukio. S61 - Another three-time Hall of Famer this year, as Franchise Cornerstone becomes Boubabi's third player to make it in. Cornerstone is also the first-ever Mongolian player to be in the hall of fame, continuing the trend he started with Lord Karnage (the HOF's only-ever Somalian player). We also have John Locke, the 15th American and Draper/Will's second player (only two seasons after his first, Aleksi Koponen). S62 - Fredinamijs Krigars is inducted, marking Latvia's first-ever player in the hall of fame. Probably a long time coming considering 1) we have a team in Latvia and 2) we used to have a decent contingent of Latvian members in the past, as I remember it. It's also back-to-back American players, as Apollo Skye brings the United States' total up to 16. Also, we have for the second time in this post a year with both players being a member's first ever hall of fame induction - Krigars being @hedgehog337 and Skye being @Velevra. S63 - Markus King becomes the third goaltender to be inducted in this time frame, and also @Kendrick's fourth player overall. King also puts the total at 26 Canadians. Lukas Müller is also inducted, bringing Germany's total up to six, which once again ties them with Finland at 6 apiece.
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    No. 300 tpe is too much, especially when playing against 100 tpe players. You saw how pepper dominated in the WJC because he was playing against even 200 tpe players. Well with the other rule the WJC tourney cap would effectively be 300. So this is useless. GM players should just be automatically protected without needing a spot, just like how they are automatically drafted to their team.
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    S63 VHL Hall of Fame Induction

    Just came back to see Müller made the HoF! A bit of a late comment but thanks to everyone who voted for me ❤️
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    When does @boubabi get his HoF article?
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    Bread Sandwich, Part II

    Previous Entries As Marvin Harding stood there, eyes slighted at the realization that Pennypenny was in fact the culprit in the mess, the world stirred, light giving way to darkness and the floor crumbling beneath the muffin shop. Muffin man’s tears dissipated to polychromatic pixels strewn away from his body before he, too, faded away in a similar fashion. Eventually the only ground left to stand on was that under Harding’s feet, the rest of the world engulfed in nothingness, wind swirling in every direction. “Show yourself!” Harding shouted to the ether. “If it is I you truly seek,” a harrowing voice boomed back to the hockey player. “then you must run to every end of this mortal plane, to procure the ultimate truth in the face of my unending presence!” “Fuck you dude!” Marvin responded before the ground underneath his feet gave way. At this point it was only the gusts that influenced his position, as he fell for what felt like an eternity, no discernable difference in where he was or what was surrounding him. Finally, a rift appeared through the nothing, shining brighter than anything ever seen before. It appeared as if Marvin would fall beside the rift, until one more powerful blow changed his course to enter the portal. Through the rip, Harding fell at mach speed until he realized he was back in the world as he knew it, on a collision course with flat, barren ground. His impact was so great it created a crater the size of New Hampshire. There, an unconscious Marvin Harding rested, looking lifeless. “Hello?” an inquisitive figure beckoned, poking at the crumpled man that lay before him.
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    I'm Pink Now!

    Whale Cum to the team
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    literal spam

    this is the kind of research that makes the world go round.
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    Another shutout for @BladeMaiden
  22. 1 point

    S63 All-VHLM Teams

    Not to knock my own team's player, but given that Matthews is inactive, I feel like maybe Peace should have gotten the 1st team spot?
  23. 1 point

    S63 All-VHLM Teams

    Congratulations everyone! @Peace and @BladeMaiden should be on the 1st tho:)
  24. 1 point

    Rookies Combine in GM15 [1/2]

    Jeez all this poor kid was create a graphic to show his excitement for scoring and now he has to look at the mess you've all made on his thread lol.
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    S64 Trivia Week 3

    On the bright side, it actually gets done on time now.
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