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    The Oslo Storm has made a couple of mid season signings in the previous week in an effort to boost their forward depth. David Harrison and Magnus Pederson made their VHLM and scoresheet debut on Wednesday when Pederson connected with Harrison who found the back of the net for the first time in his career. Tonight we talk with David Harrison to get his thoughts on making it to the VHLM. Good evening David, how are you doing tonight? I’m doing good thanks for having me on. Why do you tell me a little about yourself, what led to being a professional hockey player? You know, growing up I was always a fan of sports in general. Dad made sure of that. We used to watch every game of every local team together. For some reason, hockey just drew me in more. I found myself more exciting for the next hockey game than anything else. I played other sports too, but that first time I played hockey it was like a new addiction had formed. If you weren’t playing hockey what would you do instead? Baseball? I was a very athletic kid. It’s hard for me to see a life in which I’m not involved with any sport. So David, how does it feel to be a part of the VHLM? It really feels like dream come true, Its every kid’s dream to make it to the VHL and this is a big step in that direction for me. What was going through your mind when you were going through your offers? Why did you choose Oslo as your new home? Yeah, it was a little overwhelming at first, but I chose Oslo because I liked what I saw with the team. People from the team reached out to me and were very welcoming and they gave me a clear path to moving up within the team. Plus “Storm” is just a really cool team name! Oslo was projected to be leading the the league this season but they have faced a bit of adversity with losing some key players. Do you feel pressure to perform up to expectations of you to help give the team that extra push they need? I try no to think about those kind of things. When you get caught up in “expectations” all you think about is “am I good enough?” and overthink everything you do. I’m just here to play my game, and learn from the coach and the guys, and win the cup. I’m on the third line right now. I will prove that I deserve second line minutes through my play on the ice and I play better without self imposed pressures. Thanks David it was nice talking to you, good luck in your career, I look forward to seeing you in the future. Thank you, this was fun. We should definitely do it again sometime. David Harrison is a third line Center for the Oslo Storm. He is a very motivated person and it’s only a matter of time before he makes a big splash. With his first goal already under his belt, what does the future hold for this star in the making?
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    Feeling the Itch to GM Again

    Back when I was actually active, I GMd the Yukon Rush to back to back Founders Cups, and that success led me to become the GM of the Calgary Wranglers. After winning a Continental Cup early in my GM career, the rest of my career was just plain frustrating. I made it back to 2 other cups with Calgary and lost both to Helsinki. After that Calgary rebuilt but it was only an okay rebuild and we were stuck in mediocrity for a while before I stepped down. I haven't been active on here for a while, but now that I think I am back, I hope to GM again someday. If the VHL(M) ever gets a team in Philadelphia, I would absolutely love to GM that team. If not, I think it would be fun to go and be a VHL GM somewhere. Before that happens though, I need to keep working on my player and prove that I'm back for good.
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    Quik's Signature Emporium

    Sharp as fuck @Quik
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    A sniper who was once hyped as potential hall of fame player, winger Jeff Gow completed his final season with the Riga Reign in Season 63, calling it quits a year early due to his failing body unable to keep up with the rigors of a VHL season and playoffs. Privately, the @flyersfan1453 player agency knew this was "the last of the Gows". All new players would no longer bear that last name. With that in mind, the agency did its best to go out with a bang, putting individual success ahead of team success for the first time in the player agency's history. The goal was cups, both Continental and Founder's. With that in mind, Jeff's career was overall successful, but still leaves us thinking "what could have been". VHLM (S55-S56) - Jeff joined an already stacked Saskatoon Wild team during the middle of S55. He was able to carve out a niche role on the team, playing primarily 3rd line LW and 2nd PP minutes. As a newer member of the team with limited talent compared to his teammates, Jeff was essentially tasked with "don't screw up", something he was sort of able to accomplish. In 21 regular season games, he put up 2 goals and 4 assists for 6 points, but earned a -5. The team was able to capture a Founder's Cup, and Jeff was less of a passenger during the playoffs than he was during the regular season. In 10 playoff games, he registered 2 goals and 6 assists for 8 points. In S56, Jeff was selected 2nd overall in the VHLM Dispersal Draft by the Ottawa Lynx, continuing the tradition of @flyersfan1453 players playing in Ottawa. I don't quite remember where in the playoffs we lost and can't be bothered to look it up at this point, but just going off memory, I think we were upset by someone in the semi-finals. In what should have been the first set of red flags, Jeff had a good, but not great season. In 72 games, he put up 34 goals and 30 assists for 64 points, not even a point per game. In 11 playoff games, he scored 4 goals and assisted on 3 others for 7 points. For someone who was supposed to help lead his team to the Founder's Cup, his play fell short of expectations. Early Davos (S57-S59) - In the S57 VHL Entry Draft, Jeff was selected 5th overall by HC Davos Dynamo, a club that this player agency had limited experience with. In retrospect, this was a fair point in the draft for this player to be selected. The only player with a worse career selected above Jeff was Boner, and there were multiple players selected after Jeff who had similar or possibly slightly better careers. From a strictly statistical perspective, there's not much to say about this time period other than the team was building to become a contender and the team lost a lot. The team wasn't very good, and Jeff fit right in. In three seasons (216 games), Jeff scored 63 goals, had 61 assists, totaling 124 points, but also accumulated a -129. More importantly to the story, Jeff started to slow down his training in S58, and basically stopped showing up until the very end of S59. It was at this point that he faced a crossroads in his career. Failing to live up to his own expectations, he seriously considered retiring in shame. It was only after his manager @Tyler convinced him across multiple conversations to stick around that he did. Jeff would have to reinvent himself as a secondary scoring piece, but he could still fit in on championship caliber teams. Late Davos (S60-S61) - It was in S60 that things started to turn around for both the Dynamo and Jeff. From an individual standpoint, Jeff finally made the jump to becoming a solid contributor to the team, scoring 27 goals and 38 assists for 65 points, splitting time between being a focus point on the 2nd line and a complimentary piece on the 1st line. More importantly, HC Davos made the playoffs this season, earning a spot in the wildcard playoff game. Unfortunately, the team was swept in three games, but they started to show that they belonged. Everything came together in S61. With improvements to the team, Jeff slotted in to a second line and second PP role, where he put up 29 goals and 30 assists. More importantly, the team not only made the playoffs, but won the Continental Cup, defeating the Calgary Wranglers in 7 games. Jeff contributed 7 goals and 3 assists in 14 games. This was the end of the line for Jeff's time in Davos. With the team under a cap crunch, the now veteran winger saw the writing on the wall. The team had younger, cheaper players that could replace him. This would lead to an odd time in Jeff's career. New York/Quebec (S62) - / You'll notice that this section title includes New York. During the S61 off-season, Jeff was shipped me off to New York for a 3rd round draft pick. This trade was very confusing for the winger, as he knew New York was rebuilding and had next to no players currently on their roster. He was in the process of packing his bags and coming up with a list of questions for the NY general manager when he received a phone call from him, telling him that he had been traded to the Quebec City Meute for 4 players. Jeff was excited about this trade, as he knew that the Meute were serious contenders for the Continental Cup. He once again split the season between the 1st and 2nd lines, but he had his most successful season. In 72 games, he put up 72 points - 35 goals and 37 assists. More importantly, the team made the playoffs and Jeff once again faced the Calgary Wranglers in the finals. This time though, luck wasn't on his side, and the team lost a tightly fought 7 game series. Jeff performed slightly below expectation, putting up only 5 points in 14 playoff games. At the end of the season, Jeff once again found himself as a cap casualty. At the beginning of the season, he had informed management that he was going to become a free agent, but would be open to returning to the team. However, the team did not have room for him, so he became an unrestricted free agent. Riga (S63) - After being courted by multiple teams, Jeff ultimately decided that the Riga Reign gave him the best shot at earning a Continental Cup in his final season. Father Time had begun to take it's toll on Jeff's body, and he no longer felt like the player he had in previous seasons. Jeff was part of a crowded group of forwards that featured almost 3 full lines of players. With less playing time, he put up 32 goals and 34 assists. More importantly, the team made the playoffs and the Continental Cup. Yet again, in his third straight finals appearance, Jeff faced a familiar foe, the Calgary Wranglers. The Reign were able to defeat the Wranglers in 6 games, with Jeff contributing 3 goals and 6 assists in 11 games played. Jeff was able to go out how he wanted - as a champion once again. Conclusion Overall, Jeff didn't have the individual statistics or accolades that I was hoping for, but the Continental Cups more than made up for it. I was able to build another solid player on par with Shayne Gow, but not quite as good as Robin. He was a player I ended up enjoying much more than I thought I would after I went inactive, and should be a reminder to all those who feel that they need to retire their players early because their early career doesn't live up to what they thought their player should be. There are a bunch of people I'd like to thank along the way, and I'm sorry if I forget any of you. @Tyler - Thank you for drafting me, and more importantly, thank you for convincing me not to retire Jeff extremely early. I enjoyed playing with you in Davos, and now that you're no longer GM, maybe we'll cross paths down the line. @Beaviss - Unfortunately it didn't work out in Quebec for either of us, but we came close. Like I said at the time, no hard feelings that you didn't have any room for me. I don't know how much longer you're thinking of staying on as GM, but we'll see what the future holds for both of us. @hedgehog337 - With no disrespect to the previous teams I was on, but you provided the best locker room of my career. I had fun in Riga and am glad we were able to win a cup together. @Spade18 - Thank you for shipping me off to Quebec! Too bad you GM a team from New York though. Founder's Cup - Season 55 Continental Cups - S61 , S63 Regular Season: GP: 504 G: 186 A: 200 P: 386 +/-: -40 GWG: 33 Playoffs: GP: 42 G: 16 A: 12 P: 28 +/-: 0 GWG: 4 1,533 words - to be used for 3 weeks of PT.
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    Gritty's Reviewing Log

    1 TPE @eaglesfan036
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    Arthur 12/01

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    VSN - Mock Draft #1

    I definitely won't go after Trifecta in the draft
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    VSN - Mock Draft #1

    Canmore is Bush's GM player.
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    Quik's Signature Emporium

    holy shit this is dope! Thanks @Quik!
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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    pennypenny wud like to couch team canadya.
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    Quik's Signature Emporium

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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Hey! I'd like to apply for GMing whatever team is available. I'm really active around here and I would love to get a shot at a job like this. Really excited for the tournament!
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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Not applying but if any noob GM wants some help just ping me.
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    S64 Regular Season Index

    Some incoming later tonight then I'll give GM's till tomorrow to do a double to catch us up. Ignore index for now at least the most recent results as an error occurred and they will be resimmed. All game threads posted up till now are good though.
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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Applying for the mercenary (world) team asia team! Im new but active ! tl;dr : im dumb, japan is clearly asia
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    why can't we only play calgary.... only games we score in
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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    No prior GM experience but I wouldn’t mind trying if you need someone!
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    Leave of Absence Pension

    I don't even think that small enough would be worth it and if it were higher, you'd have members leaving and joining under a new name tbh. See the point of the idea, don't think it should really be adapted to the league imo.
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    I knew it was bad karma to talk crap about Quebec.
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    Hiring S64 WJC GMs

    Applying as Canada’s GM to make a run at my 4th consecutive gold!
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    S62 Founder's Cup champions \o/
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    Like most rumors that pertain to Dahlbergs prowess as a ladies man, it is undoubtedly false. Dahlberg hasn't been able to score much on the ice, i doubt he is scoring much off it either...
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    There it is boys- good game, all across the board.
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    Shouldn’t you be too busy running what should have been a winning team into the ground? 5-5 is terrible record for all the draft picks you had. I mean i get why Dills would rather put wrangler gear on, we are supposed to tank this year but you were supposed to be amazing.
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