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    VSN - Updaters on Thin Ice

    VHL Updaters are on thin ice after a recent discovery by @DilIsPickle. VHL Netminder Chase has been stealing tpe from right under our noses. https://vhlportal.com/players/goaliefocus/1395 as you can see in his update log he has double claimed many things, and claimed things that shouldnt even be allowed to claim. Lets break this thief's stealings down by week. Week 1 Chase's first week in the league, he instantly goes off and claims, but he doesn't do any illegal claiming, not while McWolf is on the watch this time. Week 2 Chase immediatley gets to work, he claims press conference 3 times. 2 1 tpe claims for questions, and another 2 tpe for answering questions. What's even better is that he answered his own questions in MY press conference thread. Week 3 Chase, a VHLM goalie, somehow makes a claim in the Legion's Training Camp and it gets accepted. THATS A HUGE STEAL OF 10 UNCAPPED. He claims the normal press conference and practice facility though, not wanting to go too far with his thievery. Week 4 On Eno's watch, this burglar is able to claim practice facility twice! Even more undeserved tpe that has snuck past the updaters. Week 5 Now this week, his most recent heist has been claiming welfare and graphic in the same week! Thats free uncapped tpe, that us law abiding vhlers work hard for. We can't let this thievery go on! Updaters need to be trained, anyone could do this and inflate the TPE economy. In this situation memes have come out making fun of the updaters. This needs to be stopped. Someone has to do something before this goes too far.... Memes: Courtesy of Dil and I
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    He's on the war path.
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    My team rankings #3

    It's been a month since I wrote the last article here. Two articles, to be more precise. And here I am with another one. For some of you this format is familliar. I did these rankings two times and this is going to be a third time. Let's see if something has changed since the last time. I'm too lazy to find the second edition of this but I believe I know teams placements there. 8. The first two teams are pretty much easy to rank since I never had any interraction with them. Maybe except for trade talks. No hate, it's just I don't know this and next team well to rank them higher. Last time I was mentioning the S47 NA finals as the reason why this team is low, but right now this is old news. I guess they could get up if some of my players ends up here, but not now. 7. The only reason I put them higher than NY is I had fun watching boubs going off against the whole league. Maybe because I was just a spectator there. And Helsinki has ex-Riga player Paolo Nano. Other than that, there are no difference between this team and the Americans. 6. Nothing changes here as well. I know that Seattle was #6 team last time and looks like they are lock number six for some time. It's just appeared that I like to beat this team. Good news, this team isn't going lower that this spot unless either Helsinki or NY gets my player. After all, I was playing for them for some time. 5. I think this team was higher in previous occasions. But there are no reasons why Calgary should be higher than #5. Yes, S47 and thing. But again, this is old news and after that I never had any experience with this team. I'm pretty neutral on this team at this moment. 4. This is the first time Quebec is out of TOP 3. I'm still fine with this team, but there is one team that is constantly climbing up in my rankings. And the fact I never was playing there more than season and a half with any of my players drags QC down too. I just never had a long term experience with them. But other than that, nothing bad can be said about this team. 3. Davos is the team that is climbing up in my rankings all the time. I could bring up the S56 EU finals when Davos threw my Riga out of playoffs, but that loss wasn't painful tbh. I had a positive relationship with the Dynamo most of times and also Randoms is playing there. So they are #3 here and may stay here for a while...if they won't hand us a painful loss in playoffs. 2. This team is #2 cause of multiple reasons. Last two seasons of Zeptenbergs when he took a part of building a team that eventually became the three peat team. Guntis Petenis also was playing there. Without a success, but at least he was there. Their current GM, Devise is also playing for Riga with Pajari. It remains to be seen if this team will hold the #2 spot in my heart, but it may be a while. The only reason why Toronto could slip up if I won't have any interraction with them in next 10-15 seasons. That might cool my feelings down towards this team. But until then, no changes here. 1. No comments/you don't say. That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Kallis.
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    S64 Indexes

    Round Robin Index Medal Round Index For reference and because it's an easier tag for me. Team Canada- @Jubo07 Team USA- @Bonzaijoe Team Europe- @Esso2264 Team Asia- @Galdoblame Team World- @Eudaldkp As a note to GM's, please do not PM me your lines. You need to send me a line file, if you need instructions on how to do that ask a fellow GM or I'm sure Bana etc can help you out. All line submissions should be attached and sent via email to: rpower22@gmail.com The schedule has been made as well so you should be free to set your back up goalies in games you wish to. I have double checked rosters and all players appear to be fine, but if you notice a problem with your roster please tag me in this thread. *Tournament Schedule* Round Robin - January 21st to January 23d Medal Round: Quarterfinals - January 24th Medal Round: Semi-Finals - January 25th Medal Round: Finals - January 26th Updated: *Medal Round Index has been added.* Thanks and let's have a great World Juniors!
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    Just ignore that title. @Thranduil
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    S64 Trivia Week 4 - Results

    A pretty easy one this week, not gonna lie. 1. What VHLM team did Gabriel McAllister play for? (1 uncapped TPE to @Enorama for providing the question) Saskatoon is the team the recently retired legend played for before hitting the VHL. 2. Which of the following trophies, past or present, was not named after a Hall of Famer? Jake Wylde is a HOF defenceman, known for his defensive game hence the trophy. Mikka Virkkunen was a prolific scorer who put up very few PIM, so the now defunct most sportsmanlike trophy was named after him. The two now-defunct conference championships were named after members who spent a long time with that conference's team - for instance, Devon Marlow-Marta was a HOFer who spent his whole career in Calgary, then his next played Devon De La Soul split time between NY and Seattle, before Biggie Shakur played for Toronto and Calgary. Terence Fong played for Avangard and Riga, then Ginzou Fujiwara played in Vasteras and Helsinki, but it was only with Daisuke Kanou that Fong got his first Hall of Famer, so the right answer is the Terence Fong Trophy. Kanou spent his whole career in Davos, then Ying Qin in Davos and Helsinki, so it wasn't until Fong's second Hall of Famer, Xin Xie Xiao, that he actually moved to North America, after 30 seasons in Europe. 2 capped TPE goes to: @Jubo07 @Peace @Kisshan @hedgehog337 @Smarch @Sonnet @Josh. @diamond_ace @SidTheKid87 @Lightningyamasha @joeyboucher1 @SlapshotDragon @DollarAndADream @oilmandan @CurtisG93 @Velevra @Nykonax @Thranduil @Anthony Matthews @Bonzaijoe @BladeMaiden @Quik @Enorama @wcats @Eudaldkp @Rocketman04 @Philliefan @Hybrid1486 @Ahma @Arthur @leafsman @Stoffiday @Bucky___lastard @Tagger @Poptart @StamkosFan @Sogarn @Antone10 @DilIsPickle @SpartanGibbles @McWolf @Toasty @Kuch9 @flyersfan1453 @BOOM™ @WhiteMocha @kayfabe @Sharkstrong @TMI @Devise @majesiu @nick_716 @omgitshim @jRuutu 1 capped TPE goes to: @xsjack @Esso2264 Week 5 opens tomorrow! Good night VHL.
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    wasnt our worst one!
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    S64 Final Rematch (Calgary Wranglers vs Riga Reign) The Riga Reign this season: 29 wins - 10 regulation losses - 3 overtime losses The Calgary Wranglers this season: 14 wins - 22 regulation losses - 6 overtime losses -Team Scoring Leaders- Riga Reign Goals: Podrick Cast (27) Points: Edwin Preencarnacion (58) -------------------------------------------------------- Calgary Wranglers Goals: Jasper Canmore (22) Points: Jasper Canmore (41) Us: The Riga Reign were against last-place team HC Davos Dynamo, the Dynamo only having 7 wins. The 1st period was quiet, nobody scoring a goal. But then 8:16 into the period, Edwin Preencarnacion scored to make it 1 to nothing for Riga. Then, later, at 16:44 into the second, Ryuu Crimson scored, ending the scoring for the second period. In the third period, Edwin Preencarnacion scored a goal 6:56 into the third, making it 3 to nothing for Riga. But then, Randoms of the HC Davos Dynamo scored at 8:15, getting the only goal for HC Davos Dynamo. Ryuu Crimson would then pot his second goal of the game at 14:25, helping Riga win 4 to 1. Them: The Calgary Wranglers were against the Toronto Legion, the Legion in 3rd place in the standings. Karl van Moltke got a penalty 23 seconds into the game, giving the Legion an early power play, in which Sebastian Ironside scored at 1:36. The Wranglers, though, came back during the second period, with a goal from Aksel McKnight. Then, the third period was filled with scoring. In the third, Calgary took the league with a goal 2:56 into the period from Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski, who has what is probably the hardest name to spell in this league. The Palindrome Paladin, Oyorra Arroyo scored at 14:28. After, Lando Baxter would put the Calgary Wranglers right back on top during a power play, at 17:20. But then Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette (jeez, so many hard names) would score 15 seconds later (17:35 for those who can’t do the math) to tie it up for the Legion. And then in overtime, less than a minute into it, Evan R. Lawson scored at 0:56 to win it for Toronto. This, That & The Other: This: Riga is in first place in the league with 61 points. The second place Seattle Bears are hot on their tail with 59 points That: In Riga’s 4-1 ass whooping against the last place HC Davos Dynamo, all three stars were from Riga. The third star was Leph Twinger, who got an assist on the goal from Edwin Preencarnacion, who was the second star with 2 goals. Ryuu Crimson was declared the first star, despite having 2 goals like Edwin Preencarnacion and nothing else. The Other: The Calgary Wranglers are in 6th place, with 98 points. They have only 14 wins, which is the second least amount of wins in the league, second to the aforementioned HC Davos Dynamo. Players to watch: Riga: Of course, Edwin Preencarnacion who scored 2 goals last game and is leading Riga in both Goal Scoring and Points. He will be electric like always. Calgary: Jasper Canmore who is leading the Calgary Wranglers in both Goals and Points.
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    Josh Harris will be playing for team USA in the WJC. He is very happy that he got the opportunity to represent the United States. The team he wants to beat the most is Canada. Hockey is most popular sport there but the US is still better in his opinion. Josh is a little nervous because if he makes a mistake that costs them a match, hundreds of millions of people will be made at him. Josh is happy that the GM chose him to be part of this team and it has always been a goal for Josh to play in this tournament. Josh’s knows that this tournament is a stepping stone to the VHL. Josh wants to be in the big leagues and this tournament is going to get him some huge publicity. Josh is ready to play some hockey for the US and will represent them to the best of his abilities. Watch out for the United States during the World Juniors tournament. We want to end Canada’s reign of winning this tournament and he wants to help them do that.
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    Recently an article came out placing Bonzaijoe's USA squad at 3 in the power rankings for this season's WJC. While Joe seemed happy with the assessment of his team, he expressed his opinion, saying "Do I think we've been underranked? Maybe. These guys have been working great together and I have a great squad in front of me. Our early practices have been so good and our chemistry is coming together. I think this is a great team of players ready to hit that ice and work hard as hell to do the best they can." Joe said that he's excited for games to start, saying "I've submitted my lines for the first game. It's gonna be fun, I'm excited, and I'm ready. These lines look good and I think they'll work well together. If they don't? I'll switch em up for the next game, nothing wrong with that." WJC games start tomorrow, and each team is looking to compete for that gold. Bonzaijoe's team thinks they have what it takes to end Team Canada's gold streak, but there's a lot of young and hungry players ready to take a bite out of this new competition. With a lot on the table, each team looks to play as well as they can and showcase their young talent to the world!
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    whos Smitty Warbenjagermanjensen. I only know of Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
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    Ill tell ya what we need...free TPE (1-2) uncapped per week if members send pics of their alcohol in hand on either Beerday, Zambukaday or Rumday! 🍻🍹🍷🍺🍸
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    VSN - Updaters on Thin Ice

    Yeah I thought about telling some staff. I thought I would try PMing this guy first to tell him but he didn't respond to my messages. At the time I didn't realize that he had multiple weeks of double-claiming, just noticed the welfare / graphic one and thought it a minor issue. If I see something like this again I'll be sure to let someone know.
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    The Orville > Star Trek Discovery. There I said it.
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    GM 163: Riga Reign vs. Helsinki Titans

    Woo big come back win
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    Pepper Render

    Made a new jersey swap render for Pepper- if someone could put this in a sweet looking sig, I would be forever grateful ❤️
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    Big game from @BOOM™!!!
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    Starload WJC

    if this gets successfully claimed....
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    Simming addiction

    Honestly I’ve always enjoyed having daily sims in the VHL far more than having PbP. That’s kinda always been the case for me. I find in football sims and whatnot I don’t have the time in my day to sit down and read the entire thing anyway so it adds a ton of work for something that personally I don’t read which just means fewer sims. That’s why I like daily sims. Allows me to see usually 2 games per day for my player and I can check it quickly. Part of what has worked in the VHL’s favour for longevity is that our sims take basically no time. I think adding to that workload is setting ourselves up for failure. FWIW as much as I don’t care about them, STHS does provide full PbP in a sense at the bottom of the full game thread. We use prettier looking portal ones but you can get to the full ones and see the full thing if you wanted or we wanted to use them. To me it just isn’t worth it.
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    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    You bet. I'll be on all evening
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    The off-season has enough fun stuff going on with drafts trades and free agency. I don't think we need a tournament to supplement that as well, but the world cup has been a long time staple so I'm down with that
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    Gucci Garrop takes questions

    1. Are you ok with losing a season like you're doing now? 2. Do you hope to make a proper debut next season? 3. But why didn't you sign with Seattle? weren't you ok with being a 7th forward? 4. Are you afraid this would take a hit to your activity here? 5. Is Gucci your fav brand? 6. Excited for WJC? 7. do you think Canada is the favorites? 8. Is Leafs your fav NHL team? 9. Is there any meaning behind your last name? 10. do you tape your stick by yourself?
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