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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    Here is the TPE rewards from the WJC fantasy predictions. For the record there were 65 of you who guessed right! You can thank @Jubo07 and the Canadian team for your extra TPE this week! +1 TPE Uncapped @Beaviss @Enorama @Peace @Philliefan @ShawnGlade @Spade18 @Jubo07 @Quik @Hybrid1486 @FBR @SidTheKid87 @CurtisG93 @.sniffuM @Bushito @Eudaldkp @BladeMaiden @oilmandan @eaglesfan036 @xsjack @TacticalHammer @wcats @Sogarn @Arthur @Sonnet @Exlaxchronicles @McWolf @Esso2264 @Velevra @Beketov @Matt_O @monkeywrench15 @Kisshan @NathanN @DilIsPickle @DollarAndADream @leafsman @hedgehog337 @Romaris @JG10 @joeyboucher1 @BOOM™ @WhiteMocha @Sharkstrong @TMI @Benson @Anthony Matthews @Rocketman04 @SlapshotDragon @Advantage @Antone10 @omgitshim @Bucky___lastard @Galdoblame (this was cryptic, I almost didn't give it to you) @Toasty @Sova @Chase Klein @Ahma @Joubo @Josh. @SwagSloth @Dangles13 @majesiu @FacePuncher @Luke Allman @GRZ
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    The league is growing! 1/2

    S63 \o/
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    Change To Carryover

    Everybody on this list, as well as @TheLastOlympian07 has received their TPE.
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    (In Davos) Ryuu: Hey there! Ryuu here. My good friend from the VSN has asked me to follow Rhett Stoffiday around the town and try to catch him being bad, naughty, or rebellious. The whole league think he's one of the most nicest and respectful players out there. I like him, but I hope to prove them wrong. I get paid more if I do. Oh, here he comes now. Time to take a page out of his book and hide in the garbage can. I proceeded to hide in the garbage can just as Stoffiday walked by. I changed into my disguise and began to follow him around. We arrived at the rink. Ryuu: Ah. Practice. Let's see if I can figure anything out. While he was talking, I sneaked in and avoided security. I then put up cameras to spy on them. Then, I went out of the locker room. As I walked in the halls, I saw him. Rhett: Hey Ryuu! Crap! My disguise didn't work! Ryuu: Hey man! How's life? Now, I know you won't care about our conversation. We just talked about everyday stuff. After, he went in. I watched them using the cameras. I saw him take some kind of powder. Ryuu: No! Are those drugs? After they left, I snuck in and examined the powder he consumed. There was no wrapper. So I decided to try it. Ryuu: Hopefully this doesn't kill me. I consumed it and I heard popping. These weren't drugs! This was popping candy! At least they were orange flavoured. I walked out of there and decided to watch from the stands. After the practice, I snuck into his car. He left it unlocked while talking to his friends. He went in and drove away. He parked and I noticed him drinking some drink from a glass bottle. He drinks and drives? Oh boy, this is shocking. Man, I like him, but this is bad. I'll just record this. I took the camera and recorded him drinking it. Then I zoomed in. That wasn't alcohol! That was sparkling orange juice! He started to drive away. I cursed quietly and watched but nothing happened. Rhett: Ah, finally here. We were at a bar. He went out, and while he wasn't looking, I went out and somehow got away. I walk in after him. I go to the bathroom and quickly change into a better disguise. I walk in and follow him while trying to look casual and not like I was following him. He sat down and I sat down 2 seats away. I didn't buy a drink, I just watched him. He was drinking some beer from a bottle. Rhett was drunk for sure. Wait a second. This doesn't feel right. I tried to look closer but he got up and went to his car. I rushed following him, trying to hide. He went in the car and talked on his phone. He was actually gonna do it! Rhett was finally gonna drink and drive! I recorded everything. While I celebrated in my head, I noticed something. Oh no. I made a mistake. That wasn't a beer bottle. That was some sparkling orange juice. Ryuu: Fuck! Rhett noticed and stopped the car. He looked at my hiding spot. Rhett: Ryuu?! What the frick dude?! Ryuu: It's not what it looks like. Rhett: Oh boy, I know why you're here! He pulled out a case. RHETT WAS GONNA SHOOT ME! I freaked out internally as he pulled out the case with the gun in it. He opened it and pulled out the weapon out. I scream inside my head. This is how it ends! Then I look at it. It was a banjo. I mistook a fucking banjo for a gun. Rhett: You came to hear me sing! He ended up singing. When I heard him that moment, I had wished that earlier he pulled out a gun instead.
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    Change To Carryover

    No, I'm Papa Quik. @DollarAndADream is Daad
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    The league is growing! 2/2

    One of the most fun things with expansion is unveiling new teams. One of the most stressful things about expansion is...unveiling new teams! To anyone who was here before Season 60, you'll know that most of our current logos, for both the VHL and VHLM, were designed by a member who is, well, no longer a part of our community. Even if you weren't around, you've probably heard of him, and perused a certain thread where he appeared quite often. Well, with that member gone, finding new logos was a bit of a challenge, as seen with the issues that came when it was time to add Halifax to the fold. Fortunately, work done by @Banackock and @Beaviss lead to us finding logos that we are all extremely happy with, and a source to return to when the time comes to add new teams to the picture. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the way the process turned out, and, as @Victor can attest, I absolutely love the Menace logo!
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    quote me HHH and mars will be on the team thats enough of a wagon
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    Change To Carryover

    @Members This is to announce that, retroactive to last week, all re-creates for the S66 Draft, and onward, will follow a new set of carryover rules. We have decided to separate starting TPE from Carryover TPE, while also creating a standard carryover percentage that will apply to ALL players, who retire with at least 50 TPE. Going forward, members who retire a player with 50+ TPE will earn a 4% carryover, to a maximum carryover of 50 TPE, which will be added to the initial 30 TPE that all players begin with, meaning a starting maximum of 80 TPE for all re-creates. If you re-created a player last week, please post in this thread, and we will adjust your player's TPE to the correct starting amount. Thank you, @Commissioner
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    S64 Theme Week

    Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick) @Members As some may recall with the trade deadline announcement, I was supposed to announce this season's theme week yesterday. Obviously, that did not happen, as I was still reeling from my portal mishap from the other day. With that said, this season's theme week will run for this week, ending February 3rd! If you have already submitted a point task (unless by some luck it was already on theme), you may submit a point task for theme week this week, and claim it for the week ending February 10th (must be submitted by February 3rd to claim the Theme Week bonus). Now for the good stuff: this season's theme week will be based on League Expansion. If you submit a point task pertaining to the expansion/relocation of any of the 5 teams involved in Friday's announcement, you will be eligible for the following bonuses: Media Spots Must focus on VHL/VHLM Expansion franchises, or the two relocated franchises, or either of the upcoming expansion drafts Min. 500 words; if over 1000, only first week counts as themed PT Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) Graphics Must focus on VHL/VHLM Expansion franchises, or the two relocated franchises Normal expectations of effort still apply Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) Podcasts Must focus on VHL/VHLM Expansion franchises, or the two relocated franchises Min. 10 minutes Worth 12 TPE (6 Capped / 6 Uncapped) **If you have submitted a multi-week Media Spot that includes a claim for the week ending February 3rd, you may postpone claiming by one week in order to participate in Theme Week. VHL.com Articles/Podcasts/Graphics Must focus on VHL/VHLM Expansion franchises, or the two relocated franchises Min. 200 words / 5 minutes for VHL.com Articles and Podcasts Worth 3 TPE (2 Capped / 1 Uncapped) for Articles and Graphics; 4 TPE for Podcasts (3 Capped / 1 Uncapped) So there it is, please have fun with this season's theme, and enjoy your extra TPE (up to 7 Uncapped), as we prepare for the final stretch in both leagues' regular season and the playoffs!
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    If I am @Victor, I see 3 different reasons to select a player in the expansion draft. I am doing this based on the assumption that it's very unlikely Moscow wins a cup in their first few seasons. Also, for the sake of my sanity, I am going to assume everyone remains with their current teams, and no one becomes a free agent. I am also going to pretend I am every team's GM and protect 7 players 1) They are a young player with potential to help the team's long term success 2) They are an old player with a lot of tpe who I can swing for draft picks or other assets 3) A team trades me draft picks in exchange for not pilfering one of their good players and taking an inactive scrub instead. Calgary Wranglers Protect: Wahl, Diljodh, Zajaczkowski, Revchenko, Gebauer, Baxter, Canmore, Saint Available: Vihjalmsson (S60, 294 tpe) and Karl Von Moltke (S62, 266 tpe) +3rd round pick for having no active available Both available players are inactives under 300 tpe, so clearly Calgary doesn't have much to offer an expansion team. I would take Von Moltke even though he has less tpe because he is two years younger, and I actually like his build as a pass-first well-rounded player. Victor could keep him as a depth player for a few seasons, or traded him for an ok draft pick at the deadline for a team looking for cheap depth player. Quebec City Meute / Vancouver Protect: Nathan N, Iseult, Palo, Harding, Weyed, Davis, Louth, Gate Available: Mulligan (S62, 460 tpe), Fitzgerald (S63, 244 tpe) Quebec will have a difficult decision t o make in either protecting Gate, who is a not really active defesemen with 605 tpe, or Mulligan, who is active but I personally think has a horrible player build (most of his tpe is in hitting and discipline) if your goal is to win games. Quebec is losing some defensemen to retirement, so I have them protecting Gate. This gives Moscow their first active player, and he is young enough that perhaps he stays with Moscow his whole career. He is also young enough to be of a good amount of value in a trade. HC Davos Dynamo Protect: Madden, Davison, Jerwa, Jokinen, Randoms, Svoboda, Dahlberg, Warren Available: Connor McDavid (S64, 194 tpe), Dan Baille (S64, 236 tpe), Dimiro JR (S58, 151 tpe), Gonzalez (S63, 257 tpe) Of this group, Gonzalez used to be active but now appears inactive, and Dimiro is an inactive scrub. Baille and McDavid are actually very similar players from the same draft class who both do welfare a a little more, but aren't huge earners. Baille looks like he does a little bit more to earn tpe, so I have Moscow taking him. Helsinki Titans Protect: Pepper, Crosby, Wilson, Slipher, Charm, Borwinn, Odinsson, Bailey Available: Scrub prospects, Nano (S62, 348 tpe), Montgomery (S62, 459 tpe), Boucher (S63, 258 tpe), Helsinki will have a difficult decision to make in who to protect, as they have to let some pretty solid players become available. If this is who Moscow has to chose from, I would select Montgomery. All three players are pretty similar in being welfare-ish tpe earners who do a little more, so in that case I'm taking the person with the most guaranteed tpe so far in Montgomery. New York Americans (Booooo!) Protect: Materezo, Kingfisher, Sullivan, McWolf, Zabby, King, Ylonen, Wilinsky Available: Edvin (S64, 136 tpe), Parker (S64, 206 tpe), Hitz (S64, 160 tpe) New York also has a kind of difficult decision in who to protect, as outside of Materezo their prospects are decent but not franchise players, so I am protecting my guaranteed tpe over potential. All three of these guys are similar in being semi-active welfare guys, and Hitz is making a goon, so I would go with @Eparker24 Seattle Bears I'm going to save myself some writing and you some reading. I would be shocked if Evgeni Komarov (S64, 218 tpe) does not join Moscow, as he has stated his desire to be their enforcer. @Gooningitup will get his wish. Riga Reign Protect: Kriketers, Glade, Kastelic, Crimson, Peace, Cast, Twinger, Preencarnacion Available: Scrub prospects, Blake (S64, 277 tpe), Gary (S64, 215 tpe), Vanderhuuge (S64, 165 tpe), Moose (S64, 110 tpe), Nguyen (S62, 325 tpe), Pajari (S61, 440 tpe), Shan (S63, 346 tpe), Dabarno (S63, 215 tpe) Holy wow, how did Riga get so many players, was the rest of the league trying? While it will be difficult for Riga to figure out who to protect, they can easily afford to lose one of these guys. Of all these guys, if I am Riga I am taking Shan because he has the right combination of current tpe, youth, and growth potential compared to everyone else on this list. @Kisshan Toronto Legion Protect: Rift, Carison, Tzuyu, Ironside, Arroyo, Lawson, Trepanier, Lebrunette Available: Bronstein (S61, 279 tpe), Ball (S58, 222 tpe), Warlock (S58, 346 tpe) Of these three, Bronstein is the only one who is maybe active, as he has updated and done some stuff recently. Combined with being younger and having a decent amount of tpe, and he is the pick here. @troy Moscow's Expansion Draft: LW - Karl von Moltke (S62, 266 tpe) + 3rd round pick @alecbama LW - Konstantin Mulligan (S62, 467 tpe) @Pandar LW - Dan Baille (S64, 236 tpe) @wcats C - Dan Montgomery (S62, 461 tpe) @BarzalGoat D - Eric Parker (S64, 206 tpe) @Eparker24 D - Evgeni Komarov (S64, 218 tpe) @Gooningitup RW - Kisshan Shan (S63, 364 tpe) @Kisshan D - Lew Bronstein (S61, 280 tpe) @troy So let me know what you guys think. Am I crazy in these predictions? GMs, are my protection lists looking pretty accurate, or is there someone I missed who you think I will protect. I personally think I will have a pretty good success rate here, as I am a genius and Victor is almost as smart as me. I don't think any of these guys are pending free agents but if they are let me know. Also, based on this methinks Moscow would need to get themselves a goalie, which it appears shouldn't be a huge problem as we have tons of goalies in the VHL.
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    MOSCOW, Russia - It's business as usual in the bustling metropolis that is the Russian capital, from the tourist-heavy Red Square and the central Moscow area to the modern business hub that is Moscow-City further out. Underneath the everyday mundane surface, enthusiasm is bubbling and ready to spill over. “Muscovites have been starved of top level hockey for years now,” says Ilya Popov, a 26-year IT technician. “I will be surprised if the arena isn't sold out for the entirety of Season 65, regardless of how badly the Menace do.” The right signals have been sent out by the new VHL franchise's management and Russian fans are ready to support the team through a trying first few seasons to get to where they want to later on in the process. “As long as we don't finish ninth next season, we'll be happy I think,” Popov continues. “But even if do finish ninth, we've all Googled who Victor Alfredsson is and I think no one's going to call for his head after one or two bad seasons. We're really lucky to start off with someone with so many contacts all over the VHL.” Higher up in the Russian social circles, the powers that be in Moscow are equally impressed with Alfredsson and the new franchise. “There's a lot of goodwill towards the new franchise at the moment,” says diplomat Kirill Nababkin, a man with many ties with the Russian government. “Russia wants to send out a positive signal to the world whenever it can, like we saw with the [2018 football] World Cup, or the [2014 Sochi Winter] Olympics. Having a franchise in an international league with a large North American presence is a massive opportunity and the management has sent out a good first impression. We'll see what happens.”
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    Philly Team Billboard

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    Philly Team Billboard

    Saw this on 76 while I was going to the Flyers game tonight!
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    Philliefan plays for Las Vegas.

    Therefore he will never win the cup @Philliefan
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    Spade's Recruits

    This man here recruited me TODAY give him that bread right @Spade18
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    Please keep your reviewing logs in one thread; @DollarAndADream will come in every week and confirm your pay and then you can start a new post. Just link to your actual post instead of the topic when you make your claims.Here’s my old one if you’d like an example.
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    I love how turned the notorious HHH into a hockey superstar. The backstory with small ties to hockey and then transitioning was well done. He's a little older than your average player but it's kind of funny to see a 49 year old rip it up in a league with a bunch of young guns. I really like this idea and you did a good job @Beaviss
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    S64 Achievement Tracker

    Justin Cole Goalie That's all I have to do as a goalie right? I'll redo it if I missed something.
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    Enthusiasm starting to grow in Moscow

    You know it’s been a long day when I read the title as euthanasia...😳
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    The same submission plus a filter this time Thinking emoji @DollarAndADream
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    Favorites by a long shot
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    The league is growing! 1/2

    This post was approved by S63 gang
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    what did i just read? i love it
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    Change To Carryover

    Ok papa.
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    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    You have $5M from the Holiday Giveaway still.
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    You cut me deep
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    Made this game my bitch
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    Ironside needs more love imo
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    Hell I'll triple it if it means i won't have to tag 65 people lol
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    Next season double rewardsfor those who bet against Canada. Think that will cut down on my list next season?
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    Ill pick them next year but im raising hell at this comment if you are wrong
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    First Philadelphia Reaper

    Reapers are looking sexy as F*! Thanks @Toasty for your awesome render
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    This is amazing! I really like how you tied in him getting into hockey. This was perhaps the most entertaining bio I've read in a while. 10/10 Beav!!
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    Why Expansion feels better this time.

    I’ve been around a long time; I don’t exactly hide that fact from anyone. So I have seen the league grow from 8 original teams to 8 plus a handful of VHLM teams (I can never really keep track of how many) to 10. After that of course back down to 8 and now we’re going to 9. It’s been a lot of change over the years as our recruitment has warranted different amounts of teams; at least we thought it did. Honestly, back in S30 when we expanded to 10 teams initially it was a bad idea. People were excited of course, after all a lot of members had been asking for more teams since the league first began and 30 seasons seemed like a long time at that point. But really, it wasn’t good. We didn’t have nearly the amount of players to support 10 teams and recruitment efforts were, less than stellar. Honestly @Kendrick (RIP) was pretty good for it and others such as @Green could be counted on with the right incentives but most drafts consisted of maybe 1 good round and that was basically all re-creates. When @Will and I decided to contract the league a few seasons ago it was honestly for the survival of the league and I believe that. Teams were spread way too thin and we were dying because of it. Jump ahead a few years and we have the 9th VHL team entering the fray. Honestly when it was first proposed I thought people were crazy. We basically just contracted, why expand now? But honestly, I’ve turned around on it. The numbers don’t lie and ultimately our recruiting efforts are going so well with so many new first gens (huge kudos @Recruitment Crew ) that it’s a good time to bring in another expansion. Not 2 of course, we made that mistake, but I think 1 will work out well. Plus that logo is sexy as hell. People are excited as they were last time, obviously since expansion is exciting, but this time at least I think that there’s valid reason to be; just as there was valid reason to expand. We didn’t expand for fun because everyone kept asking for it. We expanded because the league is thriving and needs the space. That’s the best reason we could hope for and I’ll gladly expand more if the trend continues.
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    S64 WJC Awards

    It's been another exciting year with the S64 WJC finally coming to a close. For the 3rd year in a row, Team Canada edged out the competition to claim yet another gold medal under the guidance of @Jubo07. Congrats to him, and all of Team Canada for showing their resilience form atop the pedestal. Team Europe came close this year, but that patented Canada clutch factor was just a little too much once again. Interestingly enough, even though Canada has seemed unstoppable these last three seasons, all of their victories ended up being by only one goal apiece. Anyway, without further, adieu, I'd like to present the official pedestal one last time... First Place: Team Canada Second Place: Team Europe Third Place: Team World 🌎 And of course, our award recipients in terms of individual skill...the All-WJC team! F- Joey Boucher (CAN) @joeyboucher1 F- Matthew Materazo (WOR) @Matt_O F- Gritty (USA) @eaglesfan036 D- Lando Baxter (EUR) @Elhandon D- Dylan Ngyuen (ASA) @Dtayl G- Brick Wahl (CAN) @BladeMaiden And lastly, the overall MVP of the tournament. This was a hard choice, but the winner of this award goes to the man who carried Canada through his consistency and clutch factor when it mattered most. Canada squeaked by in both their semifinal and final matchups of the tournament, scoring only 6 goals in two 3-2 victories, and this man accounted for four of those points. In the gold medal game, he held the primary assists for both the goal to tie the game, and the goal to win the game with an incredible comeback against a strong European team. For stepping up in the team's time of need, this year's MVP award goes to... F- Joey Boucher (CAN) @joeyboucher1 Congrats to this year's winners, and here's hoping that next season, we can finally dethrone the monolith that is Team Canada! Those losers are probably partying in the locker room with their bagged milk, or something like that...
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    Vancouver Wolves

    Freaking gorgeous
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    Cast, Thompson, Ironside for me!
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    How come I keep gettin tagged? I thought I picked three. If not then K Louth, Thompson and Ironside
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    Sebastian Ironside
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    Where is Oyorra Arroyo
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    S64 All-Star General Manager Vote

    For my All star GM selection gotta go with new acquisition to the team who has just been killing it, one half of the dynamic duo Oyorra Arroyo! @omgitshim @Beaviss
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    S64 All-Star General Manager Vote

    General Managers please choose your All-Star Representative from your team. Please post below with your choices. @hedgehog337 : LW - Ryuu Crimson @SlapshotDragon @Banackock : D - Robert Malenko @pennypenny @Quik : G - Alexander Pepper @Sonnet @Devise : LW - Oyorra Arroyo @omgitshim @Beaviss : C - Rauno Palo @jRuutu @Spade18 : D - Joseph Mcwolf @McWolf @Bushito : G - Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden @ShawnGlade : LW - Randoms @hedgehog337 (sorry for the multiple tags it wont let me do them all at once)
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    VHL/VHLM All-Star games

    I live stream the games and i record them but iv been too baked when I post them and it screws up sometimes.
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    (S66) LW - Valeri Morozov, TPE: 47

    Now that is an attractive LW, too bad the Reapers can’t grab you now but I’ll have my eyes on ya in the draft. I mean you have dangles in ur username, you must be good lol
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    S64 WJC Fantasy Rewards Claim

    I do.
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