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    We Clinched

    In my first year in the league, our team has clinched first place in the VHLM! Our team, the Las Vegas Aces, have really done an excellent job in a tough league. For a while there we were well ahead of the pack but recently Halifax and Ottawa have stormed up the standings are are right there. It should be a really fun playoffs and run for the Aces. For my player, I am very happy with how well he has done in his first season. Just outside the top 10 in scoring for d-men is something I was hooping to achieve but didn’t think my player would achieve that so I’m very impressed with his offence. Defensively, I am very impressed and was hoping to be a top d-men in this league. Mitch has been able to be 4th best in plus- minus through 70 games as well as sitting 8th in hits. I am very happy with his defensive play as I wanted him to be a defensive defence man with an offensive touch. For improvements, I am hoping to improve on Mitch’s penalties. He took more penalties that I would have wanted but am happy with his intensity and physical play so we just have to work on finding a balance here. For now we are focusing on finishing up the last two games and going on a Long playoff run to win the championship. Congrats to our GM @Jubo07. Congrats to all my teammates. Let’s win the championship! @wcats @NathanN @BluObieZ @CurtisG93 @Rocketman04 @DaftRaincloud @Anthony Matthews @Matt_O @Ty343 @SwagSloth @jacobaa19 @Eparker24 @nymets5 @Antone10 @Goonie @Lefty @oilmandan @Philliefan @TheLastOlympian07 @SpartanGibbles @Bonzaijoe
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    You are a glorified back-up with an inferiority complex trying to prove she can keep up with the big boys. Call me when you are actually able to throw down little girl. I'm busy with people who actually matter. Only thing i get compensated for is being the Wrangler's starting goalie, nothing to be ashamed of there.
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    that's what @BladeMaiden's mama said last night
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    I guess it is easy to make wild assumptions when you haven't seen the real deal. I'm the whole package baby and everything is proportionate. Once he gets to the VHL he'll drop you like your glove hand with a puck!
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    I was saying that Kandee dropped her standards...
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    When your side Ho @SlashACM gets jelly of your main hoe they and lower their expectations and go for a VHLMer @cpetrella
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    Sounds like a keeper.
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    Kandee Cain is looking to score

    *gives sloppy kiss on the lips* i love you my googly bear
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    Can't wait for playoffs.
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    Better get your ass in gear if you want it to be checked out! No one wants to look at back-up ass...
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    The only thing Kandee is jealous of is the fact that the boys can check out her ass 😘
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    S64 All-Star Game

    I'm definitely down to do it. I won't stream it, but I'll record the entire thing. If d_a and Bana are down, I'll get on it asap. @Beketov
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    S64 All-Star Game

    Honestly we used to do a top prospects game (so no one in their later seasons, just draftees) for the VHLM so if the @VHLM Commissioners want to select some teams (I don’t think it’s worth the full voting process) for it and you wanted to do one you could.
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    S64 All-Star Game

    Aren't you proud of me, dad?
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    GM 207: Halifax 21st vs. Saskatoon Wild

    @Spade18 with the goal
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    Promises good things for playoffs!
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    S64 All-Star Game

    Forwards: Ryuu Crimson Randoms Oyorra Arroyo Rauno Palo Matt Thompson Podrick Cast Sebastian Ironside Beau Louth Edwin Preencarnacion Keaton Louth Jasper Canmore Julian Borwinn Defence: Robert Malenko Joseph Mcwolf Ryan Kastelic Tzuyu Mats Johnsson Ryan Sullivan Jr Joseph Bassolino David Kiaskov Goalies: Alexander Pepper Brick Wahl Kallis Kriketers Norris Stopko
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    S64 All-Star Defence Vote

    Ryan Kastelic (RIG) @Enorama Tzuyu (TOR) @tfong Mats Johnsson (HSK) @Quik Ryan Sullivan Jr (NYA) @Advantage Joseph Bassolino (RIG) @Smarch David Kiaskov (SEA) @Exlaxchronicles Congrats on being selected for the All-Star game!
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    I'm not going to say you because that's too easy. It was @Squinty but he hasn't been here in forever. I don't actually talk to too many people on the site anymore outside of the "yay team" stuff, but @Smarch and @Victor are always cool dudes. Hm...I don't really have one. There are a couple people who have different personalities and ways of thinking than me, but that doesn't mean they're bad guys. @Devise and @Banackock are always gung hoe about changing things up and I'm always like "no way, the way we've been doing it forever works fine", but I don't dislike either of them. The site needs people like them to put ideas forward and needs people like me to tell them to slow down. Obviously I'm happy to get a team in Philly, but I just wish the team name made more sense and tied in to the city. I feel like we found logos and tried to make them fit instead of coming up with team names and then finding logos. Obviously the latter takes more time and effort and admittedly it's not something I have interest in doing or would be good at. I know there was talk about putting the Houston team in Dallas or just Texas so I'm glad I brought up Houston and the old Aeros, because Houston makes much more sense than those other locations...even Austin, TX would have been better. Moscow is pretty good if we have to have a European Conference...:p
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    VHL Games

    GM 195: Ottawa Lynx vs. Oslo Storm

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    Gucci Garrop takes questions

    1. Now that your in the lineup, are you going to continue adding the to help your game in the playoffs? 2. What personal goals do you hope to accomplish with Gucci? 3. Do you play hockey in real life? 4. Where did you hear about this game and do you plan on sticking around for awhile? 5. Gretzky or Lemieux and why?
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    Possible Icelandic Expansion?

    It's interesting that the portal correctly shows Oskar Ingolfsson, who would be retired if the member behind him (Meg) had still been around for the full 8 seasons rather than going inactive, but you missed both of Vilhjalmsson's brothers, Jonas and Jakub (who would definitely still be under 8 seasons) because no one ever bothered to fix them after the portal made everyone Canadian. They're also Icelandic. @Shaka @Týr and @MWHazard created at the same time and made triplets, but MWHazard was the only one to earn enough to make it into the bigs.
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    Semi-Live S65 VHLM Draft Rankings

    Yeah no chance I’ll play in the VHLM again
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    VHLM: Scoped - Segment Three

    VHLM: Scoped Jan 14 - Jan 23 Games 92 - 154 Nyko's Message Third segment of this terrible series amazing series. Would've had it out on Sunday/Monday but I got some exams and stuff so its a little delayed but I'm sure you guys don't mind cause no one reads this. Anyways ton of big trades as Oslo tries to rebuild for the third season in a row. So I guess I'll talk about that and it'll be pretty cool. So keep reading because if you don't @DilIsPickle will whip me. Trade Center This week was an active week of trades, with lots of players and picks exchanging hands. With the trade deadline coming trading has certainly picked up as teams realize what they need for the playoffs, and what they can lose to make it happen. As with last times segment I'll go over each of the trades, and give my opinion on who I think won the deal. Las Vegas receives: Josh Harris Rocky LaGarza S65 OSL 5th Oslo receives: S66 LVA 1st This trade was the start of Oslo's selling, which saw numerous stars change locations. Oslo once again tries to rebuild, and they start off with selling Harris, LaGarza, and a 5th to Vegas for a 1st round pick in S66. Harris is an active earning right winger who has 22 points on the season. He's sent with fellow Vegas player Rocky LaGarza, another semi active earner who mainly claims welfare. LaGarza has 31 points this season. In return Vegas sends a 1st for these players and the 5th that Trifecta used to sweeten the deal. In my opinion Vegas won the trade. They received two depth players that will help boost them into the playoffs (which they've already clinched). Oslo receives: Matthew Kai S65 SSK 2nd S66 OTT 1st Ottawa receives: Carles Puigdemont Dallas Jones A huge trade here from Trifecta, that sends the first VHLM pick and his own player to Ottawa, in exchange for Matthew Kai, a 1st, and a 2nd. Matthew Kai has 18 points this season and is a decent earner claiming the +5 welfare among with other things. On the other side of the trade is Carles Puigdemont. Carles is a top prospect this VHL draft, and a VHLM all star. He has 64 points this season and is a +33. Ottawa also bolsters their blueline by acquiring Dallas Jones. Jones had 34 points this season, with 27 of those being assists. He excels in the hitting department though, having 87 this season. Overall I think Ottawa won this trade. They need to push for the Founder's Cup and beat out Vegas, who is top of the league right now. Oslo didn't get short changed though, they received a valuable first and a good 2nd round pick in exchange for the players. Oslo receives: S65 HFX 1st S65 HFX 3rd Halifax receives: Diljodh S65 OSL 6th Halifax didn't want to be left out of @Trifecta's garage sale, and with another top player in the VHL @DilIsPickle still being on the team, Halifax wanted him. Halifax sent a 1st and a 3rd for Dil, who has 79 points in 54 games. Not much exchanged in this trade except a player and some picks, but in my opinion Halifax lost this trade. They acquired a single player who will be there for a season, in exchange for this a 1st and 3rd, which can be very good picks. Halifax did need something to boost them though, with Vegas and Ottawa also acquiring players they needed to too. Over the rest of the season we will see how this trade plays out, and if Dil will become very valuable to Halifax. Las Vegas receives: Jagger Philliefan S65 SSK 6th S65 OSL 7th Oslo receives: James Lombardi S65 SSK 3rd S65 OTT 4th Vegas once again wanting to do business with Oslo, after seeing some more left over players. They send James Lombardi, an inactive with 35 points this season, and a 3rd and 4th for Jagger Philliefan. Philliefan is a point per game defensemen, with 54 points in 52 games, 47 of those points being apples. He also plays a good defensive game, blocking shots whenever he needs to. They also received two late round picks. I believe that Vegas won this trade. A point per game defenseman is very valuable in the VHLM, and only needing to give up an inactive and a 3rd and 4th for one is a great deal. Las Vegas receives: S65 OSL 6th Halifax receives: Basaraba Moose The final trade of this week, and shockingly not one involving Oslo is a small one. Vegas trades Basaraba Moose, an active player who has 7 points this season for a 6th round pick. Not a huge trade in any sense but is Basaraba keeps active this could be a very nice trade for Halifax. Milestones Milestones are recognized throughout sports, when a rookie scores his first goal he keeps the puck. Players are celebrated when they hit 100 goals, 1,000 games, 50 shutouts. Just like nhl.com's milestone watch, I'm going to be do something similar, where I take the players and show how close they are to hitting a special VHLM milestone. Points 1. @NathanN just hit 150! 2. @Philliefan 4 from 100! 3. @Rocketman04 5 from 100! Goals 1. @Thranduil just hit 50! 2. @wcats 6 from 50! 3. @caltroit_red_flames 14 from 50! Assists 1. @Eparker24 just hit 100! 2. @kayfabe just hit 50! 3. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 7 from 50! Wins/Shutouts 1. @DrHexDex 1 win from 50! 2. @Devise 8 wins from 50! 3. @Bonzaijoe 8 wins from 25! Games of the Week The VHLM is full of many interesting, exciting, and just plain out weird games. Some games are blowouts, some are high scoring, and some games are very tight. This part of the segment will highlight the 3 games which I think were the best games during the whole week. If you disagree with me, post your top 3 games in the comment section. Game 120 - SSK vs LVA Saskatoon shouldn't even be a team after this game. They just decided to play make a wish kids all game or something, and got murdered 10-0. They had a whopping 8 shots compared to Vegas' 52. In the first period Vegas holds Sask. shotless while Baillie scores 22 seconds into the period. Parker follows up and scores one after, before the game goes into the brutal second period. The floodgates open 2 minutes into the period as Matthews scores his 4th of the season. 40 seconds later Sask goes to the box and Vegas notches one on the powerplay. Saskatchewan can't stay out of the box and Vegas keeps scoring on the powerplay, with the other 4 goals of the period coming on the man advantage. The third period begins and Vegas keeps on scoring, putting up 3 the last 3 goals in that period, with another one on the powerplay. @Eparker24 has a whopping 4 goals and 1 assist for 5 points, and @NathanN has a huge 6 point night. Game 94- YUK vs LVA Another day another team slaughtered by Vegas. An intense 7 minutes of hockey passes before Vegas is able to start scoring. Baillie is able to notch his 22nd, while Matthews follows with 2 more goals. Materazo grabs his 15th on the powerplay. Nathan N then scores the only goal of the second, assisted by Parker and Baillie, which seems to be a line that is clicking on all cylinders. In the third Materazo gets his 2nd of the game, and scores the final goal of the match, leading Vegas to an easy 6-0 win and another easy shutout for Joe Nixon Game 104 SSK vs OTT Now not a blowout like the other two, but this one was a close and hardfought game. Saskatoon gets the first 2 goals inthe first, Kachur scoring his 6th of the season on the PP, and LaVey finds the second with 4 minutes left in the first. Ottawa ties up the game in the 2nd, with Roll Fizzlebeef scoring 9:13 into the period, and with 2 minutes left Gritty gets a break on the penalty kill and finds the back of the net. The third period is silent as this game goes to overtime. A boring overtime is finally over and a shootout follows. @Peace doesn't know how to set shootout lines so a saskatoon bot shoots first, and misses. Kyson Blake follows that up with a miss, and the next two shooters are also stopped. The third saskatoon shooter Kip Baier misses the net, and that allows Gritty to win the game for Ottawa, which he does. Players of the Week 1. Nathan N @NathanN Nathan N had some huge games this week, with the primary one being his 6 point night vs. SSK. The VHLM leading scorer has 81 points in 52 games, with 36 of those points being goals. He's been a major key to Vegas' success. He's a +45 and has 92 hits this season. 2. Diljodh Starload @DilIsPickle Diljodh is second place in VHLM scoring, he has 79 points and is 2 points behind Nathan N. Dil scored back to back hatricks after being traded to Halifax in games 146 and 149. In those games he had 9 points combined, and has clearly shown that he can be a key to Halifax's comeback in the standings. 3. Eric Parker Parker is a high scoring defensemen this season. He has 56 assists and 18 goals for a total of 74 points in 52 games. He's been driving the Vegas' offence from the blue line. He had the huge 4 goal night and has been playing a solid defensive game with 70 hits and 67 shots blocked. He's a +45 this season and is going to be a major key in Vegas' success. Power Rankings Last Week 1. Las Vegas Aces 2. Ottawa Lynx  3. Halifax 21st 4. Saskatoon Wild 5. Oslo Storm 6. Yukon Rush This Week 1. Las Vegas Aces 2. Ottawa Lynx  3. Halifax 21st 4. Saskatoon Wild 5. Oslo Storm 6. Yukon Rush Standings 1. Las Vegas Aces (X) 2. Halifax 21st 3. Ottawa Lynx 4. Oslo Storm 5. Saskatoon Wild  6. Yukon Rush   1725 words claiming 2/17, 2/24, 3/3
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